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24 hrs. of democracy

24 Hours of Democracy

Blunting the CDA


Management by Objectives

By Duane Bristow

Dave Winer's 24 Hours of Democracy project with almost 1000 essays about the meaning of the Internet and Freedom and Democracy linked in a chain is a great idea. It helps to make a neighborhood of the Internet and gets some publicity for the net and has many other positive benefits. To the extent that its objective is to make a netwide and worldwide statement about freedom it was and is very successful.

However, it is and was and must be less than successful if the objective is to seriously blunt the CDA and other attacks on the net. This is mainly because that the 24 hours project exists only on the net and the attacks come from mis or uninformed politicians and public opinion of the great majority who are not Netizens. There are millions of Netizens. There must be many members of the media with influence on newspapers, magazines and TV stations who are also on the Net. There are nearly 1000 essays now and the potential to create more. I maintain that if the objective is to prevent attacks on the net the way to do this is to inform the public and policy makers exactly what the net is.

My essay was written with this in mind. I have not had time to read very many of the essays but I suspect that others either would lend themselves to this use or contain ideas useful in this context. These ideas must be instructive, not confrontational.

I ask that someone connected with the media set up a tour of 24 hours essays and/or other essays written with the objective of fighting media sensationalism with net facts. I would like anyone in the news media to have available a resource on the net so that for every story about hackers breaking into a bank's computers, or pedophiles chatting with young girls, or teen age boys on the hunt for nude photos, there will be another story about how the real people on the net have made the world a better place.

Some may say that the public is only interested in the Net if it is connected with sex or illegal activity. I think that the public is very curious about the Net as a whole and would welcome factual stories about what is actually going on even if it does not involve sex or violence.

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