Booher, Doris Evangeline, - F 1933/04/02

Social, Family, and Historical Relationships


History of: Booher, Doris Evangeline
Family and Social Relationships of: Booher, Doris Evangeline
Ancestor and descendent family tree of: Booher, Doris Evangeline

Paternal Grandfather: Booher, George Washington - M 1860/08/18
Paternal Grandmother: Choate, Frelia Clementine - F 1868/05/30
Father: Booher, Wellington Virgil - M 1898/03/10
Mother: Ewing, Mary (Booher) - F 1905/11/06
Maternal Grandfather: Ewing, Robert Matthew - M 1859/09/14
Maternal Grandmother: Bagby, Mary (Ewing) "Mollie" - F 1861/--/--
Date of birth: 1933/04/02
Place of birth: Lancaster, Garrard, Kentucky
Spouse: Benson, Roy Lee - M 1932/09/22 - 1957/06/15 to --00/--/-- -

Children: 3


Grandchildren: 5


Primary profession or occupation:


Important dates:


 Nickname (Vangie)  Vangie was injured by a anesthetist during a knee surgery.  
he lifted her chin to put a tube down her throat and cracked the cervical  
spine & did damage to the brain stem.  This was on Nov. 19, 1990 and she  was 
in a wheelchair from that date on.

Physical Characteristics:


Pictures and videos:

1950 - 17 years old

Vangie and Vorees about 1937

Vangie Booher - 1951 - 18 years old.


History of: Booher, Doris Evangeline

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