Booher, John Paul, - M 1946/05/19

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History of: Booher, John Paul
Family and Social Relationships of: Booher, John Paul
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Paternal Grandfather: Booher, George Washington - M 1860/08/18
Paternal Grandmother: Choate, Frelia Clementine - F 1868/05/30
Father: Booher, Wellington Virgil - M 1898/03/10
Mother: Ewing, Mary (Booher) - F 1905/11/06
Maternal Grandfather: Ewing, Robert Matthew - M 1859/09/14
Maternal Grandmother: Bagby, Mary (Ewing) "Mollie" - F 1861/--/--
Date of birth: 1946/05/19
Place of birth: Milan, Ripley, Ind Born in Whitlatch Clinic, Milan, Indiana. Clinic was operated by Dr. Hunter
Spouse: Sullivan, Patricia Lynn - F 1951/02/28 - 1970/05/02 to --00/--/-- -

Children: 2


Grandchildren: 2


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 Brother Ralph gave John their Uncle John Booher's dog tags from the First  
World War. Makes sense because their name was the same.  A lawyer in Albany  KY 
had stored them for several years in his desk drawer, ever since he had  
handled Della Booher's estate.  He turned them over to Ralph when Ralph &  
Cheryl went to him to handle part of her father's estate.
Born in Whitlatch Clinic, Milan, Indiana.  Clinic was operated by Dr. Hunter    
who delivered John.  John was named for his uncle John Ewing and his uncle    
Paul Booher, by his 2 sisters, Evangeline & Leah

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History of: Booher, John Paul

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