Bristow, James Clawson, - M 1835/--/--

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History of: Bristow, James Clawson
Family and Social Relationships of: Bristow, James Clawson
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Paternal Grandfather: Bristow, William - M 1771/02/05
Paternal Grandmother: Beck, Martha Sallie (Bristow) - F 1776/12/16
Father: Bristow, Peyton - M 1801/07/07
Mother: Owens, Annie (Bristow) - F ----/--/--
Date of birth: 1835/--/--
Place of birth: Bedford, Lawrence County, Indiana
Date of death: 1921/--/--
Cause of death:
Place of death:
Place interred: Middle Verde, Yavapi County, AZ
Spouse: Smith, Luranda Caroline (Schmidt, Bristow) - F ----/--/-- - ----/--/-- to ----/--/-- - Polk County, MO

Primary profession or occupation:

Wrote a history of the Bristows in 1908

        HISTORY         (Written in 1908 on his 73rd birthday)

                I was born in Indiana in the year of 1835 in Bedford 
        county.  Bedford was the county seat.  See father's history.  My 
        first recollection after father got back to Ky. to the old ranch 
        I remember seeing the tree that fell on Granpap and Uncle Ben.  
        Though it is a little off history, Mr. Reader I will leave 
        Gramna's house and go up on the top of the great Poplar 
        monuntain and talk a little as I go.  As I leave the house and 
        less than ten steps on my way there on my right is a fine spring 
        with a house built over it and a large mulberry tree standing by 
        the door and there on my left is a large apple orchard.  There 
        too is that June apple tree that I often climbed to get apples.  
        As I go a little further along there on my right is an old sage 
        field that has been turned out (?).  I now reach the foot of the 
        great Poplar Mountain and now we are in the trail and me and 
        father is climbing the mountain, but now I am riding a horse and 
        he is walking.  We are up about half way and we stop to rest.  
        Well now we are on top of the mountain.  Well here we find a 
        little log cabin and two women living.  There is a medical 
        spring and father's second wife and another woman are there for 
        their health.  The mountain is flat on top and a solid rock and 
        but a few hundred yards across there is some high cliffs on the 
        side.  I walk out a few hundred yards east on a narrow ridge and 
        there is a small peak that raises above the mountain.  It is 
        called the Huckle berry peak.  Now I gather some huckleberries.  
        And now I go down to the old ranch where on each side of the 
        trail large poplar and chestnut trees and many other kinds are.  
        And now we look down on the old ranch upon the great scene where 
        the youthful wonders of my father were displayed.  And over 
        there is the graveyard where the bones of Granpap and Uncle Ben 
        do lay.  And there on my right is a large sugar (?) orchard and 
        between it and the house lies what was called the poplar field.  
        I remember lying down on my back one day in that field.  I 
        looked west and I wondered what was far away in the west.  I did 
        not know then but I understand it all now.  And now as I go to 
        the house and as I pass through the cow pasture there on my left 
        is a house called the Uncle Leve Bristow house.  And there is 
        the scene where the history of poor little Lucy is laid and 
        where the tears of brave Ky. boys were shed.

                I will return back to the history.  In about two years 
        after father got back to the place he married a woman by the 
        name of Sheeks.  She had three soms whose history I will sketch 
        later on.  This made eight children in my father's family.  But 
        the oldest sister soon married.  And father moved about 5 miles 
        from where Granma lived to a place called Perige (?) (Pea Ridge) 
        And I think that it had the right name as it was so poor that it 
        would hardly sprout blackeyed peas.  After living there about 
        two years he moved to southwest Missouri.

                    THE HISTORY OF GRANPAP BRISTOW (William)

                By J.C. Bristow, son of Peyton Bristow 
                1908 on his 73rd birthday.  He was a minister.

                He lived in Clinton county at the foot of the great 
        Poplar mountain and about six miles from Albyna and on the west 
        side of the Poplar mountain and I believe that he had been 
        living there a long time.  A tree fell on him and Uncle Ben and 
        killed them both.  He was old.  He must have been near 80.  I 
        judge this from granny's age.  I saw her soon after granpap was 
        killed.  Granpap had one brother living there.  His name was 
        Leven Bristow.  Granma were a Beck before she married.  She had 
        one brother that I have see, Uncle Peyton Beck as father called 
        him.  He was my father's uncle.  His oldest son was the first 
        man to settle Santa Fe, New Mexico.  He was very rich, and owned 
        the country for 40 miles around.  Him and a Mexican fought with 
        butcher knives and were both killed.  This is as far back as I 
        can trace Granpap's history.  I believe that they were Irish.  
        As to granma's death see further along.

                Pardon me Mister Reader for running off the track and 
        for giving some of the history of the Becks.  The only reason 
        for believing that Granpap and Granma were religious is the 
        first sermon that I ever heard preached I remember one night 
        that a man by the name of Billie Cooper preached in Granma's 
        house.  The only word that I can remember he said that thunder 
        rolled from pole to pole.  It was raining and thundering.

                       THE HISTORY OF GRANPAP'S OLDEST SON


                He was born in 181?.  This history cannot give the exact 
        place, but we believe that he was born on the old ranch.  He was 
        married to a woman by the name of Ashinhurst.  And he moved to 
        Missouri a few years before father did.  He first settled in St. 
        Clair county, and he then moved to Cedar county about 5 miles 
        further west and settled on what is called Tucketts(?) Branch.  
        This was in the forties.  They had ten children, 5 brothers and 
        5 sisters.  And in about the year 55 she died.  He lived to be 
        80 or more years old.  He died and was buried in Cedar county, 
        Missouri.  He was a low heavy set fleshy man.  And he had some 
        knowledge of law and was justice of the peace and was called 
        Squire Bristow.  Also he was a Hatter.  He was a Christian.  He 
        told me his experience of grace.  He heard a man preach and the 
        man's text was "Adam where art thou?"  This brought a burden to 
        his heart and he labored long and hard before he found relief.  
        He said that he went out one evening to pray and he told the 
        Lord that it was the last time that he was going to pray and 
        that time he found relief.  He had come to the end of his 
        strength and that gave the Lord a chance to do something.  And 
        that is where everyone has to come to before he is saved.  Mr. 
        Reader I will try and not run off the track any more.


                He was born in 18? on the old farm and when a young man 
        he went to Indiana in the early settling of that country.  He 
        settled on White River.  When a young man he married a woman 
        named Annie Owens.  To them were born 5 children, two brothers 
        and three sisters.  Mother died.  And not long afterwards word 
        came to him that a tree had fallen on Grandpap and Uncle Ben and 
        killed them and for him to come and take care of Granma as there 
        was no one but Negro Jo and Uncle John and he was a foolish man 
        to look after her.  So father with us five children moved back 
        to the old ranch.

        This was about the year 1837.  He lived with Granma a year or 
        two and at this time he married a woman by the name of Sheeks.  
        She was a widow with three sons.  And not long afterwards he 
        moved to another ranch about 5 miles away and in the year of 
        1842 or 43 Grandma died.  And in the year 1845 father started to 
        move to southwestk Missouri and settled in St. Clair county.  
        Uncle Ed Bristow and my oldest sister were there when father 
        moved out.  At this time there were but 7 children in the 
        family.  His step-children still in the family.  Father settled 
        on Brush Creek.  He only made one move after settled.  He moved 
        further down the creek 3 or 4 miles and there died in the latter 
        part of the summer in the year 60.  He was a tall man with black 
        eyes and black hair.  He was not a fleshy man.  He was a 
        Christian.  Pardon me, for saying that I believe that he was the 
        greatest man that I ever walked by the side of.  He was a man 
        that possessed strong will power.


                His name was Tom.  He lived in Clinton, Ky., Clinton 
        County.  About 5 miles from where Granpap lived.  I have been at 
        his house and seen his family tho I was only about 6 years old 
        at that time.  They might have had more that 3 children but that 
        is all that I can remember.  Two brothers and one sister.  Uncle 
        Tom died in the year 1840.  The date of death cannot be given 
        here nor the date or birth.  The youngest son were named Tom.  
        He died at home and I think it was before his father died.  The 
        oldest son was named Vess.  In about the year 1858 he went to 
        Carrol County, Missouri, to where his Uncle Levin Bristow lived 
        and while there he died.  He was a grown man, but single.  His 
        brother Tom that we mentioned above died when he was about 15.  
        As to the daughter I remember seeing her.  She was about grown 
        at that time.  This is a far as we can trace Uncle Tom's family.


                All we know about him we hear him spoken of as living in 
        Indiana.  The impression made upon my mind is that he had a 
        family but we cannot trace his history any further.


                He was a foolish man.  Whether he was born in that 
        condition I cannot tell.  I have seen him many times, but I was 
        so young at the time I cannot remember much about him.  As to 
        his age I cannot say how old he was.  He died before my father 
        moved to Missouri.  Him and Granma died near the same time and 
        were buried on the old farm where Granpap was buried.

        II F.   As to Uncle Ben all that I know of him is a tree fell on 
                him and Granpap and killed them both.  (6th Son)


        II G.   The date and place of birth cannot be given in this 
        history.  He moved to Missouri and settled in Carrol County, 
        near Carrolton, the county seat of Carrol county in what is 
        called the northern part.  Whether he moved there before father 
        moved to Southwest Missouri we cannot tell.  In the year 1857 or 
        58 we visited him twice.  These visits were not but a few months 
        a part.  On my first visit I traded a horse and had to leave him 
        there.  And then went back after him.  It was an hundred and 
        fifty miles north from where my father lived.  He died somewhere 
        in the 1860's and was buried in Carrolton.
                The only reason for believing that Granpap had more that 
        seven sons is that Uncle Ed Bristow related a rime about the 
        boys as they would go out to work.  An in this rime he had the 
        name Moses, Paul and slow Jo.  But this name we think had 
        reference to Negro Jo.


        III A.  His name is Bob.  As to the place and time of his birth 
        we cannot give.  He went to Oregon in the latter part of the 
        sixties.  The impression is that he lived in Portland.  He was a 
        public man, but I cannot say what office he filled, But I 
        believe that he was a judge of the court and some few years ago 
        he died, leaving a wife and two or three children which are 
        living there at this time.


        III B.  His name was Jim.  He moved down to Cedar county where I 
        lived in the latter part of the 60s, but stayed but a short time 
        and went back and then moved to Oregon and left a wife and three 
        children.  They are still living.  The date of his birth and 
        death cannot be given in this history.


        III C.  He died when a young man.  The implression on my mind is 
        that he was hardly grown.  I remember seeing him.  His name was 
        Sam.  He was buried in Carrolton where his father was buried.  
        See his father's history.


                She was married to a man by the name of Acre.  She died 
        somewhere near the 1840s.  Her burial was the first that I was 
        at that I can remember.  The time of birth and death exactly 
        cannot be given in theis history.  Her name cannot be given 
        here.  She left one son behind.  His name was William

                OLDEST DAUGHTER

                Acre married another woman.  Here name I cannot 
        remember.  In the 1850s Acre moved to Southwest Missouri where 
        father lived and William Acre came with him.  He was about grown 
        at that time.  But in a few years later he died.  This is a far 
        as we can trace the history of Granpap's oldest daughter.

                I forgot to give the history of Uncle Leven Bristow's 
        daughter.  Her name is Martha.  She was married to a man by the 
        name of Vinson.  We cannot give the date of their marriage.  
        they were married in Carrol County, Missouri.  She and Husband 
        moved down where I lived and stayed there 2 or 3 years and then 
        moved to Oregon where they now live.  She is 51 years old and 
        still living in Oregon.  They have 8 or 9 children.  Most of 
        them are married.  The youngest son is living with them at this 
        time.  His name is Luther.  This is as far as we can trace 
        Cousin Marthy and her family.


                She was married to a man by the name of Holsapple,.  
        William was his name.  I remember being at their house.  They 
        lived about 5 miles from where Granpap lived.  They had 
        children, but I can't give the number.  One of the boys wrote to 
        me after I was married.  We passed a few letters and the 
        correspondence stopt.  We cannot trace the family any further.
                I never knew a Bristow that was ever brought before the 
        court for any act of misdemeanor.  I never knew a Bristow whose 
        veracity was ever seriously called in question.  I never knew a 
        Bristow that was a drunkard.  I never knew a Bristow to be so 
        rich as to forget his Maker's name or so poor as to suffer with 
        hunger.        THE END 

                I copied the history exactly, except for a couple of 
        obvious typographical errors.  I didn't try to correct grammer, 
        spelling, punctuation or incomplete sentences.
                There might have been pages missing from my original 
        copy.  The history of the J.C. Bristow family ends rather 
        abruptly without giving the history of his children or 
        grandchildren as he does for his cousins.  He says that he will 
        give a history of his wife's family (The Smiths) but they are 
        mentioned only briefly in the pages I had.  J.C. Bristow also 
        frequently refers to a map(of St. Clair and Cedar Co., Missouri) 
        but unfortunately it is also missing.
                As I read over this, my heart was touched for the love 
        that J.C. Bristow had for his family and his concern for their 

              Anna Goodman

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History of: Bristow, James Clawson

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