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Civil War in the West

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The state name will give a map showing the battlefield locations by county.


   When                            Union                                                 Confederate
                      Men                           Activity                 Men                             Activity

Sept. 1861                                                                  Zollicoffer at Cumberland Gap

Sept. 1861                                                                  Zollicoffer wins Battle of Barbourville, KY

October 1861         Thomas  wins Battle of Camp Wildcat, Laurel county Kentucky

November 1861        Buell takes command of the Army of Ohio

Jan. 19, 1862                                       Mill Springs            Polk at Columbus, Ky.

                     Grant                          Capture of Ft.          Johnson at Bowling Green and Nashville      
                                                    Henry and 
                                                    Donelson Feb. 6-16

                                                    Feb. 25
Winter '62                                          Nashville Falls

Spring '62           Grant and Buell                Battle of Shiloh        Johnson killed at Shiloh
                                                    April 7 

                                                    New Orleans falls                                        July 4-28
                                                    to Farragut April 28                                     Morgan's 1st Ky. Raid

Summer '62           Buell in Alabama               Memphis falls to        Bragg at Tupelo, Mississippi
                                                    Union Navy June 6
                                                                                                             Bragg and Kirby Smith
                                                                                                             invade Kentucky      

                                                                            Kirby Smith wins Battle of Richmond, Ky. Aug. 29-30.
                                                                            Bragg wins battle of Munfordville, KY Sept. 14-17.

Fall '62             Rosecrans succeeds Buell       October 8 Buell         Bragg at Murfreesboro, Tenn.
                                                    defeats Bragg at 
                                                    Perryville, Ky.

Winter '63                                          Jan. 3 - Rosecrans                                       Morgan's Christmas raid
                                                    defeats Bragg at                                         into Ky. Dec. 21-Jan. 5

Spring '63                                          June - Rosecrans assumes offensive against Bragg 

                                                    Vicksburg falls to      Pemberton at Vicksburg
                                                    Grant July 4

Summer '63           Burnside commands Army of                                                               July 2 - July 26
                     Ohio March-December                                                                     Morgan captured in Ohio

                                                                                                             Sept. 19-20 Battle of 
                                                                                                             Chickamauga Creek

                     Rosecrans commands Army                                Bragg                            Bragg and Longstreet
                     of Cumberland at Chattanooga                                                            defeat Rosecrans

Fall '63                                            Grant, Thomas, and 
                                                    Sherman defeat Bragg

                     Thomas succeeds Rosecrans      Battle of Lookout                                        November 27
                     November 24                    Mountain Nov. 24-25                                      Morgan escapes

Winter '64                                          Burnside - siege of     Longstreet in East Tenn.
                                                    Knoxville Nov. 17-29
                                                    with Wolford

Spring '64           Sherman at Chattanooga                                 Johnson at Atlanta

                                                                                                             June 2-20
Summer '64                                                                  July 17 Hood succeeds Johnson    Morgan's Last
                                                                                                             Kentucky Raid

                     Sherman                        Sherman takes Atlanta   Forrest under Hood
                                                    September 2

                                                                            Hood at Spring Hill, TN Nov. 29
Fall '64             Thomas                         Thomas defeats Hood at  Hood at Franklin, Tenn. Nov. 30 
                                                    Battle of Nashville
                                                    December 15-16

Some officers in the Civil War

  1. Col. Frank Wolford - 1st Kentucky Cavalry - USA
  2. Col. John Hunt Morgan - 2nd Kentucky Cavalry - CSA
  3. Col. Benjamin Helm Bristow - 8th Kentucky Cavalry - USA

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