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Curator of Digital Afterlife

In the past when a person died his most precious possessions such as pictures, letters, writings, diaries, videos, recordings, life stories, etc. were divided up among his surviving family members and thus passed to future generations. In today's world many of these items will exist only in digital form and may very well be destroyed on the death of the person.

This means that such memorabilia, not having a physical form, can be more fragile if no provisions are made for their preservation. However, it also means that, if a curator of such data files is procured, they can be copied for everyone interested and made available on the web for future generations and historians.

It is essential that such a curator be an institution likely to survive for the future with the ability, not only to store this information and make it available, but to convert its format to be compatible with whatever future technologies develop.

Curators of Legacies

A perpetual institution with the purpose of being the curators of the legacies in digital form of those deceased and making these available to interested parties such as descendants and historians both on the internet and by providing digital copies and to convert its format to be compatible with whatever future technologies develop.

To create this institution we need:

For examples of this type of thing see:

Probably financing would be by a one time payment by those desiring to preserve a legacy and the preservation would be in the form of an extended life book linked to a social and genealogical database such as SFHR. All digital items would be listed and sorted by the following information:

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