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The College of the Mind

The College of the Mind will offer the following subjects:
  1. Forestry
  2. Computer Proficiency
  3. Philosophy

Each subject will be offered at the age levels of primary, secondary, and adult making a total of nine classes (3 age levels in each of three subjects).

The idea is to assign a number of at home projects and research papers which are to be reported to me by email. Usually there will be about ten assignments per class but might be more. Help in completing assignments will be available by email.

When all assignments in a class are completed satisfactorily the student will be emailed a certificate of graduation from the College of the Mind. The names of all the graduates, their email addresses, and some of their work will be posted here.

If enough people show interest by email, the assignments will be put up here to start. If it becomes too time consuming donations may be requested. If no one is interested, then we won't start the College of the Mind.

A few sample assignments: Each assignment will be much more detailed than above with discussion of how to approach the assignment, research sources, and details of what is expected in terms of reporting results.

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