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College of the Mind - Philosophy

Adult Version

Lesson 3 - Knowing

Comment 1 - from: Shana Thomas ThomaSh@parl.gc.ca


Answer the following questions by writing a complete sentence for each answer. Each sentence must start with either "I know" or "I believe" or "I don't know" or "I don't believe".
  1. What color is grass?
  2. What is Bugs Bunny's favorite food?
  3. Did a man ever walk on the moon?
  4. Did O. J. Simpson kill anyone?
  5. Is Mel Gibson more handsome than Bob Dole?
  6. I am 5' 11"? Are you taller than me?
  7. Does God exist?
  8. Is the moon made of green cheese?
  9. Exactly what time is it?
  10. Exactly where are you?
  11. Are you good?
  12. When did you stop beating your dog?
  13. Can God do anything?
  14. Can God make a stone so large that he can't roll it?

I believe that it is just as possible to know or to not know of something. What my concern is is between what I do and do not believe. I answered all of the questions with either I do or do not believe... . The question I ask you is should one not be more concerned, not with the truth and validity of knowledge, but of the grounds upon which that knowledged is built which allows one the capacity to accept or reject knowledge - is this not what it means to believe? Is one not simply build upon the foundations of the other? this may seem like wasteful thoughts - but I think them none the less. thanks for your time.

College of the Mind

Knowing - Lesson 3

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