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Duane's Download Page

The files on this page are mostly updated program files for my accounting system and other programs for my computer customers. They generally will not work on computers on which I have not installed the program packages to which they belong. They are here to give my computer customers an easy way to obtain updated software for their computer packages.

Users should click on the program they need below and download the program to the appropriate subdirectory on their hard disk drive. Be sure I have instructed you to do this before downloading the file. Otherwise you may get a version of the program that will not work properly with the other programs you already have.

A Bookkeeping and Accounting Primer

Click above for a program description

Recently changed programs

Medical Accounting System

Click above for a program description

Recently changed programs

  1. Retire - Calculate savings per month needed for retirement.
  2. Diamond Mine - See the description of this game here. - (27k) MSDOS exe file.
  3. Shuffle - A program to shuffle the lines in an ASCII text file. (70k) See Computer Questions page.
  4. Time Card - A program to figure total time worked by times input from a time card. Useful for bookkeepers doing payroll calculations. (71k) See Computer Questions page.
  5. Read File - A program to read all ASCII or alpha numeric characters from a binary computer file. Useful to see what's really in some of these files. Output to printer or text file. (71k) See Computer Questions page.
  6. Binary - A program to help you learn about binary numbers. (61k)
  7. BMI - Body Mass Index - A program to help you learn the ideal weight for your height. (24k)
  8. XMASTREE - Christmas Tree - A DOS graphic program of a Christmas Tree with rotating colored ornaments. (81k zipped)
  9. LIFEB - an improved simulation of Conway's game of Life. See the description. This is a 63K MSDOS exe file.
  10. Canasta - A first draft of a Canasta card game (79k)

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Last revised July 25, 2005.

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