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Thoughts on the value and uses of Computers

Duane and Eva's Old Kentucky Book Store
We've selected books about computers and the internet that we think will appeal to our visitors.

Recent Internet Stories from CNN News.

Computer Taglines - a little computer humor
  1. Computer and Internet Questions answered here.
  2. Essays on Computer values and uses.
  3. Computer programs and systems I have written
    with a few you can download.
  4. An Accounting and Bookkeeping Primer.
  5. Windows 95 wallpaper - a free download - new wallpaper available every week.
  6. Windows 95 Links to other sites on the Internet
  7. War of the Minds - Computer Questions
  8. Duane's Download Page - programs for download by my computer customers only.
  9. The College of the Mind

Thoughts on Computer Uses and Values

Computer Literacy, Computer Skills, and Computer Use in Schools and Small Businesses. - 1997
Services provided by a Computer Consultant and VAR. - 1997
Look at a computer system. - 1991
How do I use this thing anyway? - 1991
What are some computer applications? - 1991
What is a computer? - 1991
Look at a diagram of a computer system. - 1991
Read about Input/Output Devices. - 1991
Read an outline of computer information. - 1991
How does a computer store information? - 1991
How do computers do those things? - 1991
Some Thoughts on the Development of Personal Computers. - 1991
What about the Windows OS I've heard about? - 1991

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Computer Programs I Have Written

I have been engaged in computer consulting since 1979 including systems analysis, program design, programming and training. I find that I have written well over one hundred programs and that is counting some program packages, like one to run a hospital, that include up to 14 separate programs as one program. These have been mostly business programs with some for personal use and some utilities. They are all written for MSDOS systems and will run in 512k or much less usually requiring only 256K free memory.

Most of these programs are described here and some of them will be available for download as freeware or, in some cases, shareware. Probably, eventually, those titles written in BOLDFACE will be available for download. Please let me know if you want a particular boldface program. That may encourage me to get it on the site sooner.

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Business Programs

Medical Programs

Accounting Programs

Garment Factory Programs

Forestry Programs

Crude Oil Programs

Other Business Programs

Special Programs

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Personal Programs

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Windows 95/98 Wallpaper

Here's a new Windows startup screen. Click on this link for a 57k zipped file of a logo.sys for the root directory in your C: or startup drive. First save the logo.sys file already there and replace it with this one. See whether you prefer Bill Gates' clouds or my fractal startup image.

Give your Windows '95/98 desktop a new look!


Check back here often for a new download of wallpaper for Windows '95.
To download a BMP file click on the image above and store the wallpaper in your Windows directory.
(You may need to shift click to get the image to download as a file rather than displaying on your screen.)
On your Windows '95 screen right click on any empty area on the desk top and then choose properties. Click on "background" and then choose "cloud7" as your wallpaper. Be sure the "tile" radio box is clicked.
This wallpaper will work best if you have used the "settings" tab to set your screen to 800 X 600 or larger and to set the number of colors to more than 256. It was designed on a 1024 X 768 windows with 16M colors.

Windows and Computer Links

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