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Surfing the Net with Duane

Choose a subject below:

Each subject is limited to the best sites, but most sites contain links to other good sites, so when you leave here you are likely to keep going. Please don't forget to come back.

Also see Keeping Current on the Net - Links to continually changing News, Magazines, Internet search and indexes and Entertainment and A Good Start - a homepage for their browser for my computer customers.
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Duane's Picks - Top 20 Cool Web Sites
Duane's Picture Picks - Top 20 Cool Picture Web Sites
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Surfing - We find that there are around 2500 links to other sites on the net somewhere on the more than 500 pages we have on this web site so we have created a linking page that you can load if you want. It has links to all these broken down by the page on this site where you can find a better description. Be careful though. The linking page is about 219K and will be slow to load. If you find that any of these links have moved or no longer exist, we would appreciate it if you would let us know.
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Duane's Picks - Top 20

  1. Marylaine Block: Writer, Internet Trainer - Cool essays
  2. Book Bytes - Cool Book lists
  3. The Gulf War Cool Interviews
  4. Islamic Architecture in Isfahan Cool Tour
  5. Engines for Education Cool Presentation of Materials
  6. A Rational Life - Leon Felkins - Cool common sense philosophy
  7. Papa - A granddaughter's moving tribute to her grandfather
  8. NomadNet Cool Discussion of Aid to Northern Africa
  9. Julien Clinton Sprott Cool Physics
  10. Fourmilab: Science, Science Fiction, Images, Computers
  11. The English Server A world of most interesting text files
  12. The Fifties - Cool music
  13. The Wanderer - Real Audio Oldies Music
  14. Tree of Life - Cool Biology
  15. Dave Slaven's Home Page! - Cool Physics and Cosmology
  16. Best Information on the Net
  17. PBS History Web Site.
  18. Bell's Crossroads - A history of a North Carolina Town in the early part of the 20th century.
  19. Frank Sinatra Tribute
  20. Ambit - The Web Waystation

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Duane's Picture Picks - Top 20

  1. Space Telescope's Public Pictures Cool photos from space HST
  2. Web Travel including Travels with Samantha Cool Travels
  3. Autumn in Oak Creek Canyon
  4. Photos from China
  5. Mythago - Cool photo art of the human form
  6. Northern Images - Photography of Minnesota
  7. The Mountain Gallery
  1. Net in Arcadia Contemporary Classicism - Cool Art
  2. CJFA- Carol Jackson's Fine Art- A Virtual Art Museum
  3. VietNam Picture Archive
  4. Sistine Chapel
  1. Charley Parker's Argon Zark - Cool Comics Art
  2. The Non Stick Looney Pages, Pictures and sounds - Cool Cartoons
  3. The Road Runner Home Page Cool Cartoons
  4. Calvin and Hobbes at Martijn's Cool Cartoons
  5. Doonesbury
  1. Karlsruhe, Germany - raytraces by Florian Maushart
  2. PovRay Hall of Fame Ray Traces
  3. Fractals

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General surfing

  1. Yahoo - Tops in Links
  2. Britannica Internet Guide
  3. Look Smart - from Reader's Digest
  4. BIG EYE PAGE #1
  5. Suite101.com: Table of Contents
  6. Open Directory Project
  7. Snap! HOME
  8. Tradewave Galaxy Directory
  9. Amdahl's Internet Page
  10. Net Magazine List
  11. Nerd World - List of Sites
  12. Best Information on the Net
  13. Pathfinder Network Guide
  14. Welcome to Voyeur
  15. RingWorld -- The Webring Directory
  16. Liszt, the mailing list directory

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Search the Net

  1. FAST Search: All the Web, All the Time
  2. Alta Vista - The Best Web and Usenet Search
    Search and Display the Results
  3. Infoseek
    [Infoseek Guide]

    Infoseek Guide

    The best way to find what you want on the Net. Type in words and phrases
    to find information about:
    in   (Search tips)

    or try the new Infoseek Ultra
  4. Yahoo Search - Type in words or phrases to search Yahoo!
  5. Lycos
  6. WebCrawler Searching
  7. Excite
  8. Hot Bot
  9. Direct Hit
  10. The Electric Monk - Search Engine
  11. Dogpile, Multi-Engine Search Tool
  12. C/Net's Search Com
  13. Searchable index of Webcom Sites
  14. Search the Net Newsgroups
  15. FAQs by Category
  16. FAQ Finder: Your Guide to Finding Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
  17. McKinley Internet Directory
  18. EINet Galaxy
  19. Four 11 - Internet White Pages and InfoSpace
  20. Switchboard - Find people on the net and 555-1212.com
  21. Internet Address Finder - Find email addresses and Who Where
  22. Business Directory
  23. ProFusion
  24. MetaFind Your Search Spot on the Net
  25. searchthe.net - WWW Search
  26. Google! Search Engine
  27. CataList, the official catalog of LISTSERV lists
  28. Publicly Accessible Mailing Lists

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Information Please Logo infoplease.com
Search for in
  1. Information Please Home Page
  2. World Wide Web Virtual Library
  3. Internet Public Library
  4. Internet FAQ Consortium
  5. Expert Central - Consult the experts
  6. Abuzz! - Questions answered
  7. TipWorld: Free Daily Tips, Expert Advice, E-Mail News
  8. Congressional Research Service Reports
  9. Search Names Files From 1990 Census
  10. U.S. Census Bureau Subjects A to Z
  11. CIA World Factbook 1998
  12. U. S. Naval Observatory Time Service
  13. Smithsonian Institution Research Information System
  14. Merriam-Webster's dictionary and thesaurus
  15. Funk & Wagnalls Online Multimedia Encyclopedia
  16. OneLook look up words in many dictionaries at one site
  17. Wordsmyth:
  18. AltaVista Translations
  19. Roget's Thesaurus
  20. Bartlett's Quotations and The Quotations Page
  21. Online Writing Lab - at Purdue University
  22. Space Imaging - Earth Information
  23. Encyclopedia Britannica
  24. The official U.S. time
  25. Grolier Encyclopedia
  26. Encyclopedia.com from Electric Library
  27. Usenet FAQs
  28. Map Quest and Yahoo Maps and Map related Web Sites
  29. Tiger Mapping Service--US Census Bureau and TerraServer
  30. SPOT Images main page and SPOT Satellite Images
  31. Color Landform Atlas of the United States
  32. Maps On Us: A Map, Route and Yellow Pages Service
  33. Global Views - The Living Earth
  34. Savetz's Public Domain Index
  35. The Virtual Reference Desk
  36. Medical Matrix - A Guide to Internet Clinical Medicine Resources
  37. Dave's Math Tables
  38. Units of Measurement
  39. Seniors-Site for adults 50+ (senior citizens)
  40. Dictionary.com
  41. 50 States and Capitals
  42. Encyclopedia Smithsonian: The Smithsonian from A to Z
  43. The Economist - Style Guide
  44. One World - Nations Online. The most fascinating sites.
  45. Infonation: Compare statistics among countries

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News, Weather, Sports

  1. Comments on and links to current issues in the news
  2. World of Interest - News Blend
  3. Ecola Newsstand
  4. Yahoo! - Full Coverage: Top Stories
  5. The Economist
  6. Christian Science Monitor
  7. - TIME - Magazine
  8. Newsweek Magazine
  9. San Jose Mercury News
  10. News Link
  11. CNN
  12. USA Today
  13. U. S. News and World Report
  14. New York Times
  15. Los Angeles Times
  16. Latest Science Research News - from American Association for the Advancement of Science
  17. stateline.org: your source for news on state policy innovations
  18. Web Weather
  19. The Weather Channel
  20. ESPN on the Web

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Law on the Net

  1. Nolo Press - Self Help Law Center
  2. Locate a Lawyer with lawyers.com!
  3. Court TV
  4. Nolo's Legal Encyclopedia
  5. Katsuey Kat's Legal Links - A Legal Research Mega-Site For Attorneys and Law Firms
  6. Criminal Justice Links
  7. U.S. Federal Courts Finder - federal court opinions
  8. Find Law - law resources on the Net
  9. FindLaw Constitutional Law Center
  10. Legal Bytes - Legal Issues in the field of Computer Law and FindLaw - Legal Minds
  11. Eye on the Courts and Big Ear - from Cornell's Legal Information Institute
  12. Human Rights Library
  13. ABA Network Lawyer Locator
  14. Lawguru.com - Legal Questions,Answers and Research from Attorneys.Eslamboly & Barlavi,Attorneys,Lawyers,Law,Legal Advice,
  15. Southern Poverty Law Center

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The Internet

  1. A Good Start - a homepage for their browser for my computer customers.
  2. Beginners' Central, a Users Guide to the Internet
  3. EFF's Extended Guide to the Internet
  4. Understanding the Internet
  5. Finding Information on the Internet: A Tutorial
  6. Internet Information Center
  7. Life on the Internet - from PBS
  8. Web Reference
  9. Electronic Learning in a Digital World
  10. Internet Tutorials
  11. eBLAST : Encyclopedia Britannica's Internet Guide
  12. ICYouSee - Guide to the World Wide Web
  13. Getting Started on the Internet
  14. The World Wide Web for the Clueless

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Other Net Information Resources

  1. The Brookings Institution - America's Oldest Policy Think Tank
  2. The University of Michigan Government Documents center

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