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Preface to Duane's Home Page

With the Internet it is now possible for Everyman to Publish.
But why would one want to do so?

For me the answer has to do with Life.

Life is the common denominator of us all.
Both the pauper and the rich man face death alike.
Death is the Great Equalizer.
At the end of the game the pawn and the King go into the same bag.
Life is the most precious thing we can possess, that and love.

Therefore the most important thing is how we choose to live our life. In the end, on my deathbed, I hope I can say to myself that it was a life well lived. What a tragedy in that situation to realize that the only life one will ever have has been a waste or misused.

To be able to say to oneself, "Well done!", one must have defined a purpose to his life. It behooves us to find what we feel is the purpose of existence. To me one of the most important purposes is to have created something to leave as a legacy.

Publishing enables me to come to grips with the question of purpose through discussions with others. It allows me to not only create, but distribute my ideas and thoughts and to leave as a legacy some record of my existence and my accomplishments.

Be aware that a life well lived does not imply a perfect life. Each person must realize and accept the fact that perfection, by definition, is impossible. Each of us tends to feel guilt because we are imperfect. We are taught this as children when we have to be taught to behave as an adult. The fact that adults are adults and we start out doing things wrong in their eyes leads us to always feel that others are more perfect than ourselves. Many people spend their entire lives trying to live up to an ideal of perfection that has never existed except in their own minds. That has to do with the Christian ideas of guilt, original sin, and divine forgiveness.

It is necessary though to have played as well as one can the hand that he is dealt. "You got to know when to hold 'em and know when to fold 'em." "You are a child of the universe no less than the trees and the stars and you have a right to be here."

Please note that if this preface seems a little heavy, I also publish just because it is fun and the above may very well be just a bunch of bull.

On this site you will find original material created by Duane or Eva Bristow and their family. We hope that those interested enough to explore the site will help us to make it better by sending us comments and suggestions and by participating in a few interactive online projects which we hope to have time to develop.

Please send comments to: Duane Bristow (oldky@kyphilom.com)

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My legacy - what will I leave behind?

Purpose of life - is it:

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