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Education in Rural Kentucky

Who am I?

My name is Duane Bristow. I grew up on a farm in Clinton County Kentucky. I attended the Clinton County School System until I graduated from High School in 1964. I then attended the University of Kentucky for two years and graduated from the University of Georgia School of Forestry with a bachelor's degree in 1968. I graduated with a 3.86 GPA, the highest in the Forestry School. I specialized in Forest Recreation studies and as a result I lacked only one class having a minor in Sociology. My wife graduated from Clinton County High School at the same time I did and was Salutatorian of our class.

I worked for the State of Kentucky, Department of Natural Resources, Division of Forestry in Southeastern Kentucky for eleven years. Much of this time was in supervisory and administrative positions and public relations work. I supervised 30 to 200 employees in a ten county district at various times. I was sent by the state to a special school on Natural Resource Educational methods and I used the material learned there to teach a one week course for teachers at Cumberland College at Williamsburg, Kentucky. I taught this course once a year for ten years. I also set up Smokey Bear instructional programs used at the 4th and 5th grade level by most of the schools in the ten county area for a number of years and worked with a number of elementary, high schools, and colleges in the area on various educational projects during my time there.

I returned to Clinton County in 1979. My oldest son attended Whitley County schools for three years and Clinton County Schools for nine years before graduating from Clinton County High School in 1988. My youngest son is presently a Sophomore at Clinton County High School. I now work as a consulting forester, computer consultant and farmer in the Clinton County Area. I have worked both for the State of Kentucky and for a number of private businesses in various projects which involved systems analysis. In other words, it has been my job to set up systems with personnel, bookkeeping, and other resources to most efficiently accomplish various objectives. I feel that I am good at this. I have no relatives working for the Clinton County School System. My sister is a counselor for a school system near Mission, Texas though.

My oldest son was a Governor's Scholar and received scholarship offers from both Georgetown college, and Centre College at Danville as well as various other schools. He chose Centre College, is a veteran of the Gulf War, and graduated from Centre College last year. He is now placement director for a business college in Danville. My youngest son is a straight A student at Clinton County High School.

I have been awarded the following honors over the years:
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