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Education in Rural Kentucky

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When my son was in the 7th grade and the KERA (Kentucky Education Reform Act) had just passed the state legislature, I realized that he was getting a less than adequate education. As a result I spent most of my spare time in the next two years applying my systems analysis skills to analyzing the local school system. I produced about 75 pages of reports. I gave copies of many of these reports to local school officials, parents, and citizens. I mailed copies of the entire set to each member of the State School Board and to the office of the Kentucky Education Commissioner. I got very little response locally and no response at the state level. I am making the entire set of papers available here.

Table of Contents

  1. Who am I?
  2. What's my problem?
  3. What did I do about my problem?
  4. What are my conclusions?
  5. My observations and recommendations!
  6. A Disclaimer and a discussion of National Educational critics.
  7. Comments I have received & discussion.

Attached Papers

  1. Observations about the school system October 14, 1990
  2. Further Observations December 19, 1990
  3. Clinton County School Board Meeting Jan. 22, 1991
  4. Clinton County School Board Meeting Feb. 11, 1991
  5. Preliminary Conclusions Feb. 21, 1991
  6. Clinton County School Board Meeting Mar. 21, 1991
  7. Clinton County School Board Meeting Apr. 9, 1991
  8. Agenda for meeting of Parents Monitoring Education May 14, 1991
  9. Clinton County School Board Meeting May 13, 1991
  10. Thoughts on Educational Systems July 9, 1991
  11. Thoughts on the school budget Aug. 15, 1991
  12. An open letter to the CCHS PTSA Sept. 21, 1991
  13. Further Observations Sept. 25, 1991
  14. A letter to my School Board Member Feb. 21, 1992
  15. Conclusions for my School Board Member Mar. 13, 1992
  16. Improvement of the High School Experience July 17, 1987
  17. Observations about the Clinton County High School June 1, 1994
  18. Observations about the Clinton County School System October 16, 1995
  19. Computer Literacy, Computer Skills, and Computer Use in Schools and Small Businesses. - 1997

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