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Significant Events

The millennium is ending. So is the century. And I, in passing 50 years, have probably entered the last half of my life. I've now seen half a century. That is sobering. I notice that the news people are now making lists of the most significant events and/or people of the century and/or the millenium. All such lists are, of course, subjective and therefore controversial.

So, to hold up my end of the controversy, I decided to make my own list. But, for me, a century or a millennia is an artificial time period. What is not artificial and does have meaning to me is my own lifetime from about the end of the Second World War to the end of the twentieth century. Although, not as old as my great aunt who was born in 1913, I think I have seen events of immense significance in human history.

I grew up in a rural area of Kentucky in the 1950s. At that time we did not have television or telephones and had just gotten electricity. There was no Internet or computers or space travel or supersonic plane or microwave or VCR or, at our house, indoor plumbing. There was no tupperware or wet wipes or pampers or TV dinners or McDonalds. In spite of what today's young people may think though, it was possible to survive and grow and thrive. We ate lots of soup beans and cornbread and garden vegetables and chicken and beef and pork and drank milk and buttermilk straight from the cow in the barn.

Here then are a few of my ideas. As with everything else on this internet site you are encouraged to send me by email your thoughts on this subject and, if they are substantive and well presented, I will make them available here.

Psychology and Social Science
Medicine and biology
Physics and Chemistry

Comments received from our visitors

Sender: Deaconj43@aol.com

my family is from Kentucky, and i think you have done a great job with this webb page. the invention of the VCR has alimited the excuse for people to say home from church, to watch a tv show or movie, or a ball game, they can just record it now and go to church, and watch it when they get home, just once less excuse, of course now they will come up with new ones.

Sender: Kid Kabbo

a.. Genocide in Cambodia and Rwanda and Bosnia and Kosovo.

I am enjoying your site, however, why no mention of the Holocaust when you list genocide? Wasn't the systematic and deliberate murder of six million Jews as a ends unto itself by a technologically sophisticated and effectively organized society worthy of at least a mention? I am sure you have a reason, just curious.

Reply from Duane:

Actually the Holocaust would have been worth much more than just a mention if I hadn't defined the page in the first two paragraphs as the most significant events of my lifetime which was defined as the last 50 years.

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