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Family and Friends

of Duane and Eva Bristow

A page for email received from our family and friends and for pictures, family trees, and history.

We received an email from Gene Harlan who has been gone from this area and in the U. S. Air Force for 20 years. Gene was nice enough to write us a long message about some of the things that have been happening in his life and about some of his thoughts about life. We decided to create this web page to encourage other family members and friends to send us similiar emails. We think that as the internet comes into more widespread use and becomes more familiar to more people we may get more emails of this type and this page will slowly grow and become very valuable to some friends and family members. Maybe its just another way for people to stay in touch over the years.

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We would appreciate you emailing us with memories, pictures, genelogical information about your family, and updating us and others who read this page about where you are, what you are doing and how things are going with you. Check back to this page occasionally as we will be putting any new information we receive here. We don't know whether the page will grow fast or slowly but we do think it will grow as more people use the internet.

Note: The family information on this web site is from our SFHR database. It is incomplete. We hope that the people reading this will send us information to help us to fill in some of the blanks. If the database says one child or no children that does not mean that the person had that number of children. It means that there is only that number in our database. Also please help us to correct any errors you find in the information we do have.

An Outline of the Page


Harlan Family

Descendents of Arthur Harlan and Annie Ewing

                        The Book of Family Trees of
                        Harlan, Arthur
                        and his Ancestors
       1 Harlan, Arthur 1905 [1]
       2 Harlan, John Thomas ---- [2]
       3 Griffin, Ada Ermon (Harlan) 1886 [3]
       4 Harlan, George Washington ---- [4]
       5 Bowman, Martha (Harlan) ---- [5]
       6 Griffin, John H. 1850 [6]
       7 Lee, Mary (Griffin) 1851 [7]
     Harlan, Arthur,  1905/09/13 to 1983/05/05  male  [1] 7 Children
         Farmer in Clinton County, Kentucky
         Died:  Albany, Ky.-Clinton Co. Hosp.
     Harlan, John Thomas,  ----/--/-- to 1954/01/29  male  [2] 7 Children
     Griffin, Ada Ermon (Harlan),  1886/03/01 to 1968/05/02  female  [3] 7 Children
     Harlan, George Washington,  ----/--/-- to ----/--/--  male  [4] One child
     Bowman, Martha (Harlan),  ----/--/-- to ----/--/--  female  [5] One child
     Griffin, John H.,  1850/06/25 to 1922/02/01  male  [6] One child
     Lee, Mary (Griffin),  1851/12/05 to 1917/06/22  female  [7] One child
    from the SFHR database of Duane Bristow
                       The Book of Family Trees of
                        Ewing, Annie (Harlan)
                        and her Ancestors
       1 Ewing, Annie (Harlan) 1908 [1]
       2 Ewing, Robert Matthew 1895 [2]
       3 Bagby, Mary (Ewing) "Molly" 1861 [3]
       4 Ewing, Jesse 1820 [4]
       5 Wood, Mariba (Ewing) 1820 [5]
       6 Bagby, John ---- [6]
       7 Smith, Sophia (Bagby) ---- [7]
       8 Ewing, Matthew ---- [8]
       9 Holin, Eliza Ann (Ewing) ---- [9]
      10 Wood, Thomas 1779 [10]
      11 Bayless, Mary (Wood) ---- [11]
      12 Bagby, Rodrick ---- [12]
      13 Wood, Virginia (Bagby) ---- [13]
      14 Wood, William ---- [20]
      15 Coleman, Mary (Wood) ---- [21]
      16 Wood, Samuel 1737 [40]
     Ewing, Annie (Harlan),  1908/03/11 to 1966/07/26  female  [1] 7 Children
         Housewife in Clinton County Kentucky
     Ewing, Robert Matthew,  1895/--/-- to 1911/04/03  male  [2] 12 Children
         Married:  1890/10/21 
     Bagby, Mary (Ewing) "Molly",  1861/--/-- to 1916/10/01  female  [3] 12 Children
     Ewing, Jesse,  1820/03/02 to 1896/04/25  male  [4] One child
     Wood, Mariba (Ewing),  1820/08/22 to 1910/03/15  female  [5] One child
     Bagby, John,  ----/--/-- to ----/--/--  male  [6] One child
     Smith, Sophia (Bagby),  ----/--/-- to ----/--/--  female  [7] One child
     Ewing, Matthew,  ----/--/-- to ----/--/--  male  [8] One child
     Holin, Eliza Ann (Ewing),  ----/--/-- to ----/--/--  female  [9] One child
     Wood, Thomas,  1779/--/-- to 1834/--/--  male  [10] One child
     Bayless, Mary (Wood),  ----/--/-- to ----/--/--  female  [11] One child
     Bagby, Rodrick,  ----/--/-- to ----/--/--  male  [12] One child
     Wood, Virginia (Bagby),  ----/--/-- to ----/--/--  female  [13] One child
     Wood, William,  ----/--/-- to ----/--/--  male  [20] One child
     Coleman, Mary (Wood),  ----/--/-- to ----/--/--  female  [21] One child
     Wood, Samuel,  1737/--/-- to 1800/--/--  male  [40] One child
                    The Book of Family Trees of
                    Harlan, Arthur
                    and his Descendents
   1 Harlan, Arthur 1905
   2 Harlan, Arthur David 1926 [Descendent generation 2]
   3 Harlan, John Howard 1928 [Descendent generation 2]
   4 Harlan, Baylos 1934 [Descendent generation 2]
   5 Harlan, Norman Ewing 1937 [Descendent generation 2]
   6 Harlan, Mary Ermon (Flowers) 1942 [Descendent generation 2]
   7 Harlan, Eva Pearl (Bristow) 1946 [Descendent generation 2]
   8 Harlan, Ruth Ann (Meeks) 1953 [Descendent generation 2]
   9 Harlan, Chad ---- [Descendent generation 3]
  10 Harlan, Janice (Cooksey) ---- [Descendent generation 3]
  11 Harlan, Lisa ---- [Descendent generation 3]
  12 Harlan, Norman Dale ---- [Descendent generation 3]
  13 Harlan, Ronald Lee ---- [Descendent generation 3]
  14 Harlan, Ronald Eugene "Gene" ---- [Descendent generation 3]
  15 Harlan, Teresa (Wooding) ---- [Descendent generation 3]
  16 Harlan, Betty Josephine (Neal) 1948 [Descendent generation 3]
  17 Harlan, Wendell Howard 1950 [Descendent generation 3]
  18 Harlan, James David 1951 [Descendent generation 3]
  19 Harlan, Roy Earl 1951 [Descendent generation 3]
  20 Harlan, John Randall 1955 [Descendent generation 3]
  21 Harlan, Barbara Sue 1956 [Descendent generation 3]
  22 Harlan, Wilma Diane (Ginther) 1957 [Descendent generation 3]
  23 Flowers, Russell 1967 [Descendent generation 3]
  24 Bristow, David Jesse 1970 [Descendent generation 3]
  25 Meeks, Jenny 1976 [Descendent generation 3]
  26 Meeks, Steve 1977 [Descendent generation 3]
  27 Bristow, Christopher Michael 1977 [Descendent generation 3]
  28 Harlan, Bethany Lee ---- [Descendent generation 4]
  29 Harlan, Casey ---- [Descendent generation 4]
  30 Harlan, Chris ---- [Descendent generation 4]
  31 Harlan, Darrell ---- [Descendent generation 4]
  32 Harlan, Jessica ---- [Descendent generation 4]
  33 Harlan, Leah Beth ---- [Descendent generation 4]
  34 Wooding, Evan Drake ---- [Descendent generation 4]
  35 Neal, Rebecca Lynn 1972 [Descendent generation 4]
  36 Harlan, Joshua David 1974 [Descendent generation 4]
  37 Harlan, Sheldon 1975 [Descendent generation 4]
  38 Harlan, Jeremy Dean 1975 [Descendent generation 4]
  39 Harlan, Jeffery Daniel 1977 [Descendent generation 4]
  40 Harlan, Jason 1978 [Descendent generation 4]
  41 Harlan, James Matthew 1984 [Descendent generation 4]
  42 Ginther, Rhonda Elizabeth 1986 [Descendent generation 4]
  43 Bristow, Eva Victoria 1994 [Descendent generation 4]
  44 Bristow, Maria Caroline 1995 [Descendent generation 4]
  45 Harlan, Micah Wesley 1997 [Descendent generation 4]
    from the SFHR database of Duane Bristow

An Email from Gene Harlan - Wed, 29 Sep 1999

Note: email me to get Gene's email address.

Computers are great aren't they? I was searching a Department of Defense Link, FAMNET Crossroads doing some research and found a locator menu with a switchboard menu/US white pages. For grins and giggles I typed in Mike & Janices' info and Tim & Lisas' info and, ala peanut butter sandwiches, it listed their addresses and phone numbers. I knew that you did computer work, so I typed in your info and was immediately amazed and impressed. Great web page!!!!!!!! Sounds like you, yours and other family members are doing okay. Haven't had time to go through all of the site yet but I will eventually. Especially enjoyed the philosophy. I've found that life is a great teacher, but unfortunately many people fail to learn the lessons and then capatilize on them.

Where to start and what to say next????? Hard to believe I've been in the Air Force and gone from home a little over 20 years now. Where do the years go? Flown by so fast it's kind of a blur for me. Did basic training and technical school for security police/forces at Lackland Air Force Base (AFB) in San Antonio, Texas (Apr 79 - Jul 79); spent 4 years (Aug 79 -Dec 83) at Howard Air Force Base, in Panama; 6 years (Jan 84 - Apr 90) at Carswell AFB, in Fort Worth, Texas; 1 year (May 90 - May 91) at Osan Air Base in Korea; 4 years (Jun 91 - Apr 95) at Tinker AFB, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; another year (May 95 - May 96) at Osan Air Base in Korea; 1 year (Jun 96 - Sept 97) at Kirtland AFB, Albuquerque, New Mexico; got to Lackland AFB, San Antonio, Texas in Oct 97 and still here.

What have I done? Spent the first 17 years at basic unit level, worked lots of long hours (usually 12 to 16 hour shifts for four days) with few days (usually two) off, froze some body parts in subzero temperatures -scorched others with extreme heat in some places I hope never to see again (yes, the Air Force security police/forces are kinda like a combination Army MP and Basic Infantryman). We're usually with the first ones in and last out on any deployment operation the Air Force is involved in and perform joint operations with the Army, Navy and Marines.

What am I doing now? The past 3 years I have been assigned to Headquarters Air Force Security Forces Center. Started with them in New Mexico and the unit relocated to San Antonio, Texas in Oct 97. The long sophisticated job title they gave me is Headquarters Air Force Security Forces Center, Action Officer, Nuclear Security Branch - in short that means I push a lot of paper. It is an important job, even though the title says Nuclear Security the section I work in handles all Department of the Air Force physical security issues and writes the physical security requirements for all Air Force weapons systems. My piece of the pie, write and update the Air Force basic physical security regulation, the nuclear security regulation, and provide Air Force inputs to the Department of Defense on a joint services physical security regulation. In addition, I'm involved with testing and procuring sensor systems the Air Force installs at Air Force bases worldwide. Anytime an Air Force unit anywhere in the world has a problem with physical security we get the call and provide the answer or fix the problem.

Have loved almost every minute of those 20 years even though I've had to make a lot of sacrifices and it's given me gray hair and high blood pressure. Blood pressure's under control - take my little pink pill every morning and exercise five days a week. I never in my wildest dreams (and believe me, I've had some pretty scarey ones) expected to end up where I'm at doing what I'm doing. Don't think I've done too bad for a farm kid from south central Kentucky with a High School Education. I have managed to complete over 120 semester hours of college, but only have an Associate Degree. Problem - bounced around so much I was never able to complete enough hours with the same school to qualify for the Bachelors.

Future plans - have no idea at this point. The job I've had for the past 3 years has given me qualifications and items to put in a resume that few enlisted folks in the Air Force can match. I was considering options on getting out at 20 years and finding that 50K plus annual salary job with a normal life as I hit the 20 year mark in April of this year. Then they (the Air Force) surprised me in March and told me that I had been selected for promotion to E-8/Senior Master Sergeant. Implications - have to stay in for two years after the promotion to get the retirement pay for the rank -took off my shoes - did the quick math - figured out that by accepting the promotion and staying two more years my retirement pay jumps from $1200.00 a month to somewhere around $2000.00 a month (before taxes of course/government still has their hands in everybodys back pocket) - did the projections for 20 years after retirement and quickly realized that I'll be in for at least the next two years - Mom & Dad didn't raise any foolish children that I'm aware of.

Planned on just saying hello and ended up writing War & Peace, Volume 2. Better close and get back to shuffling papers. Again, I love the website, brought back a lot of special memories. Tell all the in-laws & out-laws (especially Aunt Ruth, Aunt Mary, & Uncle Norman) I'm still alive and breathing (happy with that considering the alternatives) and that I said hello.

    Best Wishes & God Bless
    Your Nephew
    SMSgt Ron (Gene) Harlan
    HQ Air Force Security Focrces Center
    HQ Action Officer
    Nuclear Security Branch
    Lackland AFB, San Antonio, Tx

An Email from Gene Harlan - Thu, 30 Sep 1999

Gene forwarded us the stories below. We liked them and we think you will too.
Click here for Five Great Lessons

An Email from Norman D. Harlan - Mon, 11 Oct 1999

Gene's Letter

      Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial,
      because when he has stood the test, he will
      receive the crown of life that God has promised
      to those who love him.      James 1:12

Dear Uncle and Aunt,

Chad forward your E-Mail about Gene's letter on your web site. It was good to hear about his life and also career in the Air Force. I will have to write him sometime like I use to when him and I were in high school. I use to spend the nights with Gene when we were down on vacation.

I also liked the Harlan Family Tree.

Here are some years of birth just to keep you updated: Norman Dale 1960, Teresa Mae 1962, Ronnie Lee 1964, Chad Glen 1974, Leah Beth 1990, Evan Drake 1991, Bethany Lee 1992, Kaitlyn Irene 1997. Teresa also has a second son named: Tate Austin, but I will have to talk to Teresa to find out his YOB. I'm getting forgetful in my older years!!! HA! Well I guess I had better go for now, It sure was good to hear from Y'all.

God Bless, Love Ya,
Norm, Janet, Leah and Bethany

An Email from Maryann Booher Anderson - April 2, 2002

Duane and Eva (though I will always think of you as Pearl)

I am at work but obviously am not busy so I was surfing the web. A search of "Ralph Booher" led me to your site. I have thoroughly enjoyed ambling through the pages looking at the recipes, the flowers, the humorous stories, the old (and not so old) pictures, etc. I got a kick out of the responses you have given to telemarketers. I usually have trouble thinking of a proper comeback and I just hang up. I was pleased to see that one of my favorite poems (The Cremation of Sam McGee) was also one of yours and I am anxious to try some of the recipes. What an interesting site! I would love to see the site where you have the genealogy. I did a search on the Booher side of my family but I have never searched the Ewing side. I will try to update you on my life when I am not at work and have more time.

I very much enjoyed visiting this site!!


Lafever Family

Descendents of Luke Gilliam Lafever and America Goff

                          The Book of Family Trees of
                          Lafever, Luke Gilliam
                          and his Descendents
              from the SFHR database of Duane Bristow 10-02-1999
         1 Lafever, Luke Gilliam 1885
         2 Lafever, Ada (Dilldine) ---- [Descendent generation 2]
         3 Lafever, Betty Cleo (Cass, McDonald) ---- [Descendent generation 2]
         4 Lafever, Beecher ---- [Descendent generation 2]
         5 Lafever, Charlie ---- [Descendent generation 2]
         6 Lafever, Herschel ---- [Descendent generation 2]
         7 Lafever, Kenneth ---- [Descendent generation 2]
         8 Lafever, Lorene (Allison) ---- [Descendent generation 2]
         9 Lafever, Myrtle (Love) ---- [Descendent generation 2]
        10 Lafever, Oscar ---- [Descendent generation 2]
        11 Lafever, Treva (Goodwin) ---- [Descendent generation 2]
        12 Lafever, Dora (Sweet) 1922 [Descendent generation 2]
        13 Lafever, Nora Linnie (Bristow) 1922 [Descendent generation 2]
        14 Bristow, Roy Duane 1947 [Descendent generation 3]
        15 Bristow, Karen Sue (Steele) 1950 [Descendent generation 3]
        16 Allison, Donald Wayne 1954 [Descendent generation 3]
        17 Allison, Denise Gale (Moore) 1957 [Descendent generation 3]
        18 Bristow, David Jesse 1970 [Descendent generation 4]
        19 Bristow, Christopher Michael 1977 [Descendent generation 4]
        20 Moore, Christopher Shane 1982 [Descendent generation 4]
        21 Allison, Ryan Patrick 1983 [Descendent generation 4]
        22 Bristow, Eva Victoria 1994 [Descendent generation 5]
        23 Bristow, Maria Caroline 1995 [Descendent generation 5]

Emails from Howard Lafever - Spring 2007

Sender: Howard Lafever - HNLAFEVER@aol.com

Dear Duane:
I enjoyed reading your almanac, especially since I am a Lafever interested 
in finding genealogies of my ancestors and relatives.  Your comments each year 
about your farming, cruising, computer consulting and other undertakings 
fascinate me as I also have varied interests.    You mentioned an uncle 
Herschel in one year; saying that he passed away..I am wondering if this is 
the same Herschel who was a boyhood friend of my fathers.  They never got into 
genealogy, but thought they were related in some distant way.  Herschel had 2 
children as I recall; a boy and a girl I believe.  However, I cannot recall 
their names.    I also wonder if you have ever heard of a brother and sister 
named Oscar and Nora Lafever?  They came to live with us for a short time in 
the early 1940's in Wayne Co. Indiana (near Hagerstown).    

I have been researching the Lafever family name for several years, but have 
run into a so-called brick wall involving an ancestor named Abraham Lafever of 
Wayne Co. Ky.  I don't have the other geneological info with me right now to 
give you as I am spending the winter in Florida and left that paperwork back 
home in Indiana.   

Please contact me if possible as I would like to ask you a few more 
questions about the Lafever family.  My dad and mom came from White and 
DeKalb Co. Tennessee to Wayne Co., Indiana in the 1920's.  I was born in 
Hagerstown, Indiana, not far from your aunt in Straughn.  I currently live in 
W. Lafayette, IN but spend the winters at my home here in New Port Richey, FL. 

I am also interested in learning more about the Lafever reunion in 
Burgess?? Park, Tennessee.  Where is that located?  Is it still being held??   

Drop me a line if possible and we can engage in some information exchange.   

Howard Lafever  

>Howard, I am glad to hear from you.  Nora Lafever was my mother.  Uncle Oscar 
was killed when his ship was sunk in World War II. I guess, after living with 
you, my mother got a job housekeeping for a school teacher named Madge Reid.  
Later during the war she married my father and while he served in the Pacific 
for four years she worked in factories in Richmond.  She had a brother, 
Kenneth, who also moved to Richmond and a twin sister, Dora, who lived in 
Cambridge City and then in Indianapolis. There were 13 kids in her family 
including two sets of twins.  My parents moved to Kentucky in 1950 after my 
dad returned from the war. 

>My mother and Uncle Herschel and Uncle Beecher all died in 1994.

>I am unfamiliar with any Lafevers in Wayne County KY.

>The Lafever reunion at Burgess Park, Tennessee was just a one time thing that 
a bunch of us cousins had after the deaths of so many of my mother's 
generation.  The only sibling of my mother there was my Aunt Lorene.  Only 
three of that generation are still alive; Lorene, Kenneth, and Ada. 

Small World!!!
I remember your mother and uncle Oscar quite well although I would have been 
only about 4 or 5 when he went off to the Navy?  Yes, I remember hearing that 
he had died when his ship was sunk.  I was quite devastated as he was my 
special friend.  My parents said he probably got eaten by a shark and that 
just about sent me into a frenzy! 
Strange, but I don't remember your uncle Kenneth.  I do remember hearing about 
Dora, but Nora is the one my parents went to see often when she lived in 
Richmond.  However, I don't remember hearing of them seeing her after she left 
Richmond.  I'm surprised you knew Madge Reid--perhaps she kept in touch with 
your mother.  I do remember Madge and have a story about her---she had a 
daughter who was somewhat of a wall flower, I guess.  Anyway, when her 
daughter was a Senior at Richmond, Madge called my mom and asked if my brother 
and I would take the daughter and her friend to the Prom.  We agreed after 
much pleading by my mom.  We were to meet the two girls a few nights before 
the prom to get acquainted and we spent the evening watching the Keefauver 
hearings!!  Actually, the Prom was nice, but neither my brother nor I ever saw 
the girls again.  I wasn't old enough to drive yet at that time. 

>As I remember my mother said that Madge Reid had a girl named Ruth and a boy 
named Howard that they called Buzz.  But my memory is faulty and that may not 
be right.  I think she said that when she first went to Indiana that she 
worked for some people named Weaver. 
I have a few questions I will ask:
Why did you stop writing the almanac in 2002?  Also, what is your age? (I am 
68, but feel like 40.) 

>I stopped doing much on my web pages for lack of time and, I guess,  because 
I did not get much feedback like your emails.  I will be 60 in August. 

Do you know Herschel's children's ages?  Do you know them?  Where do they 
live?  What were their names? (Jimmy?) 

>Jim Lafever is my Uncle Charlie's son.  Herschel had a set of twins, Margie 
and Michael.  Michael lived in or near Indianapolis and I think died of heart 
problems a few years ago.  Margie lived in Oregon and, I heard, had cancer.  
I'm not sure if she is still alive or not.  Jim Lafever lives in Putnam or 
White County Tennessee.  Jim's phone number is 931 858-5654.   Jim can tell 
you much more about the Lafevers than I can. 

A couple of other items and I will stop for now:
I was googling for info on Lafevers when a list of lost seamen showed up with 
Oscar's name on it---it did not show the name of the ship or any details 
except the year which I believe was 1944 or possibly 1943. 

>I don't know the name of the ship but my mother said it was sunk off the 
coast of North Africa in the Atlantic. 

Also, while fishing I found a list of draft registrees for Randolph Co. 
Indiana with Hershel's name on it listed as a resident of Rt. 1, Losantville.  
I didn't recall him living with my parents.  (My uncle Walter Lafever also 
lived at Rt. 1, Losantville so it is possible Herschel lived with them.) 

>Herschel did live in Indiana for a while.  He met his first wife, Martha, 
there I think. 
Can you give me the name of any of your ancestors, starting with your mothers 
parents and paternal grandparents, etc.?  Just thought I might see if they 
hook up with any names I know.  I will have to wait until I return to Indiana 
to follow up on that.  I assume Nora's famiy came from White or DeKalb Co. 

>Her mother and father were Gilliam Lafever and America Goff.  They lived at 
Baxter which is, I think, in Putnam county near White County. 

>Burgess Falls in on the river which is the county line.

>Gilliam Lafever's father and mother were Asher Lafever and Casada Smith.  I 
don't know the names of their parents. 

>America Goff's father and mother were Jimmy Goff and Betty Bozart.  I don't 
know the names of their parents either. 

I had a few minutes this evening to check my files on the Lafever family tree 
and found perhaps your ancestor.  The only problem seems to me to be a matter 
of time....My great great grandfather Eli (born 1802 or 1803) had a brother 
named Asher, born in 1812.  Eli also had brothers and sisters named Zachariah 
(1797), John (1799), America (1805), Catherine (1809), Andrew (1814) and James 
(1816).  I am wondering if this Asher could be your great grandfather?  At the 
moment I don't have any other info. on the names you gave me.  Interesting 
that your grandmother's name was America.  I am wondering if that wasn't a 
popular name about that time. 
I will keep digging and let you know if I make any further progress.  
Unfortunately, summer is coming and I tend to spend most of my time outdoors 
rather than on geneology, but I have promised myself I will continue to do 
some geneology, the first being to contact your cousin Jim since you gave me 
his phone number. 
I had a funny revelation the other day---I kept thinking that Burgess Falls 
sounded familiar, but having only been to Tennessee about three times as a 
child and teenager I really don't know much about the area.  All at once I 
recalled a place my parents took me when I was very little which was on a 
river and it seems to me there was a large bluff we were supposed to descend 
by way of a stairway.  It also seems that there was a powerplant or dam or 
some structure there.  Does that sound at all like Burgess Falls?  I see on 
one map I have that it is now a state park?? 
>I don't think that would be the same Asher Lafever since my grandfather, Luke 
Gilliam, was born in 1885.  That Asher Lafever would have been 73 years old at 
that time. 

>Yep, the description you gave is Burgess Falls.

I haven't been able to make connections with Jim Lafever yet, however, I found 
a letter from a Karen Carpenter (address unknown) dated 12/19/05.  Perhaps you 
know her?? 
She is a descentent of Asher Lafever and her chart shows 2 Ashers, one being 
the grandson of the other.  I will try to show part of her chart integrated 
with part of mine to show our relationship: 
                                      Abraham (b.1750 d. 1807), m. to Catherina Zink
                                                               Children included Abraham, Jr., Andrew J.
                                                                                        Elizabeth, Sarah, Jacob
                                                                                         Cathereena, and David
Of these children, Andrew J. (b.1774, PA?), m. to Nancy Ard. and had the following children:
Zachariah, b.1797, John, b.1799), Eli, b.1803, America, b. 1805, Catherine, b. 1809, Asher, b.1812, Andrew, b.1814, and James, b.1816
Here is where we evidently split off as my tree traces to the above Eli while yours evidently traces to this Asher as I will show below:
                   My tree                                                    Your tree
         Eli, b. 1803, m.Mary(Polly) Steele               Eli's brother, Asher, b. 1812, m.Ellen
                              about 1829                                                        \/
                                    \/                                                       Children's names unknown
          Children incl.Sarah, John, Frances,                                  except for Thomas Samuel
         Louis Dice, Jesse, Lee, Talitha                            who married Rachel Trobaugh         
         Mary, Jane, & Andrew                                                              \/
                           \/                                                       Children's names unknown
        Louis Dice m. Martha Pressley                               except Asher, m. to Canzada?
        Children incl. Virginia, John W.,                               Elrod          \/
        Mary, James, Samuel H., Hosea,                           Children names unknwn except
       Swen Sceva, and Jesse V.                                      James Monroe, m. toMary Dunn
                           \/                                                                         \/
         John W. was my grandfather; he                           Children unknown except Gilbert
        was born 11/18/1879, m. to                                                      \/
        Laura Crouk, had chldren Lennie                            Children unknown except Willie
        Lena, Samuel Lee, Albert, & Walter                                          \/
                           \/                                                       Children unknown except Karen
        My father was Samuel Lee, b. 1908,                       (now Karen Carpenter)
        Putnam Co.TN,m.Flossie Elllis in '31
Circumstantially, the second Asher must have been your great grandfather as 
the ages work out about right.  However, I can't explain the discrepancy 
between the names Canzada Elrod and Casada Smith.  The first names sound too 
similar to be coincidental. 
Hope this is of interest to you.

I plan on contacting Jimmy as soon as possible.  I also should get back in 
touch with Karen Carpenter if possible.......Seems I am getting more 
interested in genealogy again! 

Email from Sherrie, Majorie's daughter - September 2007

Sender: Sherrie - Swelch465@aol.com
I found your website while I was looking for some stuff about Lafevers. 
Herschel was my grandfather, I am Marjorie's daughter- my name is Sherrie. I 
met Nora a couple of times and really liked her. I don't know if this website 
is up to date but if if is, please send me the URL for your other site. It 
would be nice to hear about Lafevers sometimes. 
Sherrie sent this:

Click for larger image.

From left: Herschel, Gilliam, Charlie, Oscar, Myrtle, America, Beecher, Ada.

Email from Linda Greenlee, Ada's daughter - September 2007

Sender: Linda Greenlee - greenlee46@comcast.net
Linda Dilldine Greenlee #3
Carolyn June Dilldine Forsyth #3
Lisa Greenlee LaSala (Linda's daughter) #4
Sienna LaSala (Lisa's daughter) #5
Linda sent these:


Clinton County High School - 1961 to 1964

University of Kentucky - 1964 to 1966

George Foster Peabody School of Forestry - 1966 to 1968

Sender: Rick Harle - rharle@athens.net

Hi Duane,

Man, that is the most amazing web site! I have spent several hours there and don't think I have scratched the surface. You must have hundreds of hours invested in it.

Well, yup I am in Athens. I think you left school before me. I was married in Sept '68, drafted in June, '69. Sent to Asmara, Ethiopia, brought wife over. Daughter, Amy born there, she was just married the end of Aug to a good guy. She is in grad school at Portland State Univ in OR. I finished and went to grad school here in Outdoor Rec....never quite finished. Did my internship in Winder, Ga at Ft Yargo St Park. Lived for a short time with folks in Connecticut(bad idea) and job hunted. No good. No jobs.

Came back to Athens to work for a friend in his father's iron work business. I was out of money, needed to do something. In 1976 I started my own business, a car repair business. Car Craft. I took in a partner and that turned out to turn my life upside down as of about 2 years ago. Due to religion, greed, power and control issues he pushed for a split. I was afraid to go in debt at my age...almost 53 now, I sold to him and have been working there since. Bummer. Hindsight is 20/20 I know, but I never realized how much a part of me the business was. Nothing has really turned up, I have tried to be patient and hoped for some new opportunity to present itself...not yet.

I was married to my first wife for about 17 yrs, one child only. I was single about 7 yrs, been remarried for about 5 yrs. My second(and final) wife is a Jewish woman originally from NY City. She is on her second life, she just completed her master's degree in Psycho Education and is teaching at a school here for emotionally disturbed kids. She had worked at UGa as a computer graphics artist. Her folks own a Bagel Bakery in Scottsdale, AZ.

Unfortunately for me, I began having panic attacks. Actually started while I was in the Army. I went to a succession of docs, shrinks and nobody could figure out what was up. I was beginning to believe I really was crazy. I went until about 1987 until I got a proper diagnosis. Agoraphobia. Actually PTSD, not from the military but from my childhood. We both came from very dysfunctional families. I have done a lot of therapy, workshops, men's groups etc in my quest for my sanity.

I am a fan of John Bradshaw, Robert Bly, Joseph Campbell, Alice Miller and more. My wife and I actually have a good relationship. I need to work another 8-10 years, if my investments do well maybe less. I made some risky Internet plays that did well but the markets are pretty volatile now.

Kentucky Division of Forestry - 1968 to 1979

Sender: Steve Roark - rmroark@centuryinter.net

This is memory lane. Go back to the late 70s. Back to Bert T. Combs Forestry office in Pineville. You were DMA (or DAM as Florence used to call it) and I was a new forester that transferred from Madisonville. You broke me into mountain fire fighting on some God forsaken mountain in Knox County. The stars were ablaze, and so were a couple of hundred acres of forest. It was memorable.

I was not surprised when I stumbled across your web page. You were the first computer junkie I ever met. And I thought your Star Trek game was pretty neat back then. Times have changed, and looks like you've kept up with them. I haven't dove into your page much, but fully intend to. I presently am a forester for TN Division of Forestry, and presently manage a 25,000 acre forest (Chuck Swan), north of Knoxville, TN. I did move to the family farm about 10 miles south of Middlesboro, and fool with Christmas trees and cattle. Still married to Rhonda, and have one 14 year old son (Ben). I still converse with Fuller and Ken Powers on occasion.

From: Darrell Wright


I just stumbled across your site as I was looking for pertinent info on Letcher County and was pleasantly surprised to find it was you. I've often wondered of your whereabouts and wouldn't you know it, in the ether of cyberspace... I was the radio tech for the Southeastern District while you were DMA. I also saw the comments by Ken Roark and also occasionally encounter Fuller, who is also contemplating retirement (after nearly 100 yrs) I see Ken Powers and many others from the old days at Pineville, and I'm sure you'd like to dust a fire-rake off and head towards Frakes to " gut it out" for the KDF. I also remember the programming prowess you displayed when the pc's were first coming into practical use. Looks as though you've taken it up a few notches. Nice job. I am currently not 'on line' but will soon. See you on line some time.

From: Charles Maynard - Forest Management Chief - Florida Division of Forestry

Hi Duane, just wanted to say hello. I checked your site to get the latest on what's happening to forestry in Kentucky. Boy, was I impressed!! You've got a great web page, and I got some really good info. Hope you keep up the good work.

From: Greg Webb - District Forester - Elizabethtown - Kentucky Division of Forestry


Just pulled out my picture of the Southeastern District personnel taken in 1972. No one in the picture is working there any longer. In fact, I am the only one that is still with the Division. ( Should that tell me something?) I would like to see some of those guys again. I think Hannie Day was the last one I ran into. I get back to Pineville when we are mobilized. I am the Operations Section Chief for the night shift. If you get over this direction, stop by, I would enjoy talking to you.

Sender: Jane Hoskins - gjaneh@kih.net

Hi, my name is Jane Partin Hoskins. I found your site while searching for Forestry. When I mentioned your site to my Dad, he said he worked with you several years ago for the Ky Division of Forestry. His name is Parrott Partin. Today, I showed your site to him & he got a big kick out of it. Especially the forest fire photos, they brought back a lot of memories for him. He said he will mention your website to Jim Winter next time he runs into him. Keep up the good work. Not only is your site very educational but has a great sense of humor. I've always been interested in Forestry because of Dad & it's a real pleasure to find folks with the same interest. Dad & Mom said to say Hello to both of you. Thanks again.

Sender: Cathy Skinner - skinnerc@adelphia.net

Hi Duane and Eva

I thought I would drop a note to you --- Mike is not yet home from work and we are leaving in a bit for the Blue and Gold Banquet in town....Devin is now 11 and leaving Cub Scouts (at last!) I've been checking out your website --- impressive. We just lately got high speed access through Adelphia and so our technology interface changed dramatically....I will show the site to Mike this weekend....am also going to scan you some photos when I get a chance....Anyway, yes this is Cathy Skinner getting in touch after --- the usual lapse of what ??three years? We are fine here. Colin is 18 now and graduated last year; he is working construction full time and doing his theater work at night--- we are not sure about college but are waiting for him to say when he is ready. He is happy and we are happy to get some "house" money from him; he loves the family truck (really his baby) more than us....Zoe is transitioning - as usual--- 25 now and visiting in Mexico this month; she is due home in mid march; came home for xmas as she had quite her job doing skut work in international development. She was accepted in the graduate school at American University in DC but postponed her entry and now it looks like she won't go anytime soon--- yah! But they are great kids, although still seeking their niches....Mike is hanging in there with Penn Evergreen and really likes his work but the market - as you know - is bad; we are hoping he can retire to consulting in about 15 years or less...he seems more relaxed these days. He and I took an anniversary cruise -- so decadent--- in January....I have " gone to the house" as they say; I left my teaching job at Tech to write full time; of course, I am not writing full time but am dealing with the house and travel interests; my mother died in february of last year after a long and sad old age. I am just now able to feel some joy - well I suppose her death and the Towers nightmare really set me back--- but I am sure you all felt similar angst....anyway, we are doing well - clean bills of health. I am doing yoga three times a week and that practice is a god send. Mike is looking good; his legs are still in great shape! He does cruise timber but is more inclined to send the young folks out there..... I am getting ready for my usual spring break trip- I'll be flying to england on the 7th to spend two days in Canterbury and then my travelmate sally and I will ferry over to Belgium where we will spend two days each in Bruges and Brussels (Zoe my globetrotting daughter says I will love Belgium and the chocolate,baby!) We will end our trip in london doing some shows---fun stuff. I am so committed to traveling as much as I can. Mike enjoys traveling too but would just as soon cut fire wood.....well will run now and maybe we can think about getting you guys together before too long.....

Best from Cathy and Mike

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