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On the other hand, there's Life As It Used to Be. Well, not really. Duane and Eva's Old Kentucky Home Page combines high- tech art with homespun humor. The result is an amusing, unusually creative site with links varying from "Our Farm Photos" to "Computer Art" and SimCity 2000 city files. If you're in a rustic mood, you can check out the Forest Management Workshop Manual and Woodland Stream links. Techies will prefer to delve into Duane's descriptions of the more than 80 computer programs he's written.

I'm a mom working on a school family retreat weekend. Our theme is "Celebrating America and Americana" and I just thought I'd thank you for your old fashioned photos. I plan to use them in my decorating of the cafeteria at the camp that we will be at. It was a lot of fun checking out the internet for old photos to show the kids (and parents) pictures of times past. Thanks!

Sender: Aaron Weinstein


Until I was ten I lived on a farm. Then we moved to a small town. We had a fair size garden on big enough to raise enough vegatables to can and they would last us all year. Tomatoes, lettuce, endive, corn, etc. How I dislaked pulling weeds, but I knew I had to if I wanted a good garden. Everybody had a garden in the town,some had grape arbours, and made wine. Then you know what happened, the war broke out Dec. 7, 1941. I was thirteen years old.

In the spring of 1942 many youg men from the farms were being drafted into the Armed Forces. Only one on each farm was given a deferrement. They were put in classifaction 1-C. Necessary to stay home and raise crops for the War Effort. Then in the spring of that year our principal gave anyone who wanted to permission to work on the farms. I volunterred to work on a farm. You had to be fourteen.

When I turned seventeen I joined the Army, was stationed for a year in Japan and four years in Germany. I was facinated by the countryside. In Germany no ground is wasted. They donj't have front lawns, they farm right up to the house.

I'm retired today from the Postal Service. I was an electronic thchnician and helped install automated equipment. Been retired now for thirteen years.

I found your web site because I typed in History of Farming in American and your name came up and I clicked on it. I'm, still interested in farming, though I would find it very difficult to milk a cow, plow a field with a horse pulling the plow, and a multitude of others labors necessary to run a farm.

Most of the farms that existed when I was young are now subburbs, and housing developements. I sure miss being able to work on a farm.

Sincerely yours,

Sender: John G. Parisi

I enjoyed your web site and found some common interests. I am a forester, also, from Syracuse class of 1953. My forestry career was enjoyed in South Carolina and Georgia. Now retired, I spend a lot of time working with the Georgia Native Plant Society (past Pres.) Found your site while looking for information on Pawpaws.

Sender: James W. Smith

Well I have spent one hour taking some of the quizes and writing a burma shave ditty, I very seldom spend more than 15 min on any given site. You have slowed me down and that is a compliment.

I am a safety manager in Shawnee, Oklahoma. I was born in 1947 and I have five children, four sons, one daughter, one tired wife.

My interests are bibliophile, writing, contests, trivia, religion, art, all ologies, people, journalism, photography, time, physics.

Sender: Garry Souders


Found your site while looking for density values for early and latewood for cherry.

Am graduate of Colorado State Univ. in Forest Management some time ago. Been a while since I thought about these questions, and I must say, each question brings back memories of classroom study. Some answers I know right off, some are buried in my brain. Fun none-the-less. Thanks.

Sender: Lyn Kertesz

Hello Duane and Eva,

I thought you might be interested to know that I am going to use your web site for my class of six and seven year olds in Reading, England. Unfortunately we won't be able to use the computer directly this year due to technical hitches, but I have downloaded some useful information, and next year I hope to use the web site directly with the children.

In a couple of weeks my class will be visiting a farm a few miles from Reading, in Bradfield. Rushall Farm is used a lot by local schools for Science, Geography and History projects. We will be hoping to see a lamb born and find out about the care of sheep. Then we will be taking a walk in the woods and looking for signs of Spring.

I want to tell the children about your farm because it has many similarities to Rushall Farm. It is a similar size and has a large area of managed woodland.It is used mainly to raise sheep, but also has cattle and pigs sometimes, mainly for the children to see. It also grows crops; hay and wheat and some barley.

It will be interesting to compare the two farms and the way they are used and also the trees, plants and wild life on them. There are enough similarities for the children to recognise and enough differences for them to notice.

Thank you for your entertaining pages. I hope you like the use we will be making of them.

Sender: Fiona Fox (Miss)

Enjoyed seeing your wonderful site. Your great grandfather delivered my husband, Gene Massengale, Jan 29, 1935 in Zula. His family always referred to him as "Doc Bristow". Many of the people in the ledger are his family. "Jack" Massengale was his father and W. H. was his uncle, etc. This past summer I transcribed Gene's sisters writings she made in the 1980's into a booklet entitled "From Happy Top Forward" by Lucille Kennedy, and one section particularly will be intereting to you.

"Where do babies come from? Saddlebags, of course"

Back then we didn't know anything about sex. When Mom split her dress on each side and wore Dad's old shirts, we knew there would be a baby soon, but we still thought that the doctor brought it. They would send us kids to a neighbors when it was time for the baby to be born. The night my brother Gene was born, they sent us kids to Harson Lees'. We met Doc Bristow on the road and when we got to the Lees' we told them that we met Doc and he had a little baby in his saddle pockets.

Duane, from your list of patients, I can see that Harson Lee was probably Harrison Lee. I have come across a lot of unique pronounciations(sp?) in doing the genealogy on Gene's line. We have our own unique customs in Texas, too.

Also, Tom Massengale who was interviewed for the "Texas to Kentucky trip" was a first cousin and lived most all of his life just 10 miles from where we live in TX. He died about 4-5 years ago and was the son of W. H. I have used that story many times in hopes of getting 4th graders interested in their family history. My husband left KY at 16 and went to IN to stay with his sister, Lucille for about a year before going into the service. He made a career of the military and was the Air Force recruiter here when I met and married him in 1975. I was born & reared within 30 miles of here.

Sender: Natalie Massengale

Dear Duane and Eva

I discovered your wonderful site this morning when I was researching a management question for a course that I am undertaking: Outline your understanding of management by objectives and key result areas. I have had a few textbooks on the subjects but couldn't quite get my head around MBO until I read your stuff. Thanks heaps and I am going to now look at all the other interesting info on your website. You have a lovely family too!
Best wishes.
Maxine Zerafa
Newcastle, Australia

Sender: Maxine Zerafa

Hello Duane and Eva:

I was checking around and ran into the site. Impressed by what I saw as an enormous amount of work, I ventured a presumption that you really care. I just wanted to drop you a quick note and let you know that there are Kentuckians who are interested in protection of the environment and would love to see all avenues of sustainable, non-intensive, forestry explored. You are obviously motivated by a strong land ethic and respect for forest communities. Economics, regrettably, is the key to forest management policy and practices and until public awareness reaches a critical mass, nothing will change. Until that time, exposing the horror stories about land abuse is probably the most effective tool to bring about interest in the subject. I respect your writing and the efforts you have put forth. Keep on with it.

Sender: Michael Campbell - Morehead, Ky.

My name is David, and I am only a "youngster" of forty two years. My mother passed away two years ago. One of the many blessings she left me with was a love of times past. She was a great collecter of dolls and antiques. She grew up on a cotton farm in the center of Texas.
I love the "Old Radio" programs, and recently was listening to some of Burns and Allen. On that show they had Lever Brothers Swan Soap commercials. They were promoting the sending in of a dime to get your own Swan Soap Baby picture. I was hoping that I might see sometime what those looked like. Lo and Behold, here was your wonderful website!
Thank you very much.

Sender: Mr. David Tate - Sacramento, CA

Thank you for a really lovely computer site.
I was looking up Kentucky, the music, towns, newspapers, schools, just all sorts of things, and found YOU!!!
It's my lucky day!!
I hope you continue to add to your site, little by little.
I am in Sacramento, California, and it is sure flat here.
It is a very pretty town, just trees everywhere, but flat.
If you stand up on a chair, it is higher elevation.
Today is my birthday.
I was born 1-21-41 and feel 12 most days.!
I work at the library and love it!!!
Hope you are having a fine day.

Sender: Phyllis

I remember the Swan Babies pictures. My mother ordered them when I was very young. As I remember, she sent wrappers from the soap and received the posters. Somehow they got lost and I have always wanted to replace them. The one I remember is of the babies sliding off the swan's back and there was lots of bubbles. If you know where I could find copies of these pictures at a reasonable price, please contact me. Thanks for hosting the web site. Maybe I can find a piece of my past.

Sender: Joan Cox

We just wanted to write to thank you for the great photos that you provide on your website. My daughter was in need of photos for a report, showing a field of growing tobacco plants. You wouldn't believe how few photos are available. Thank goodness, we found your website. The pics were perfect and her report was a success!

Sender: Bridget & Hannah Crews - Fernando Beach, Florida

Dear Duane and Eva, I have just looked at pictures of your home and I am very jealous. My family and I live in Chicago, yes, Chicago. Yuck is all I can say about that. My husband is a firefighter, so we have to live in the city. My grandmother had a farm in Lynx Ohio, (appalachia Ohio). I miss it so badly, thats why I look at sites like yours. You have a breathtaking view in your back yard. Enjoy it always. Thanks for welcoming others into your world.

Sender: Nikki

Beautiful, incomparable----old memories, dimmed, but never forgotten. When I was in high school, [Springfield High, Springfield, Ohio, 1939] senior, I memorized "The Highwayman". It was fairly easy then, but going over it today, and printing it, made me wonder why in the world I volunteered to do it. Worst of all, after a flawless deliver, I heard only this from the teacher, "that was fine, now class......."
Anyway, I love your site, have forwarded it to friends.

Sender: Stan Curl - Dayton, OH

What a beautifully done site! I stumbled on your site while looking for forestry links. Impressive job!

Sender: Dennie Kirtley - Lexington, KY

I really enjoy visiting your site because of my ties to Clinton Co KY. I'm interested in genealogy and most of my mother's families were in Clinton and the surrounding area-her mother was an Andrews (related to Ella Andrews Nunn) other lines were Winfrey, Wells, Stailey, Jones, Cargile, Cooper. Between them all, I'm probably related to most the county. I really enjoy the pictures on your site of the farm-would love to see more of all areas of the county. Also love the stories of life in Albany and of the days gone by Keep up the good work-always looking for more tales of life in the bygone days!

Sender: Barbara Brinkley

Dear Friends:

What a lovely home page. I could feel the love over the lines. A lot of love is experienced there. My husband and I built a house on Lake Bistineau in North Louisiana about 8 years ago. We love living here. It is so peaceful and serene. We do have neighbors but it's definitely not like living in town. We are gradually getting things as we want. I try to get a new flower bed each year. We would love to have one of the little pond gardens like you have. We have 2 sons and 5 grandchildren we love dearly. We love to all get together here and do as often as possible. I just wanted you to know that I enjoyed and appreciated your home page. May God continue to bless you and your family.

Sender: Kay Johnson

Hi Duane and Eva,

My name is Lisa O'Connor. I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how much I have enjoyed your website. I live in Winter Haven, Florida, but for the first 20 years of my life I lived in Monticello, Kentucky. I graduated from Monticello High School in 1981. I can remember cruising Albany on Friday night, circling Smitty's, etc. That was in the early '80's. I met my husband in 1992. He was from Florida, so that's how we ended up here. As it turned out, he had an aunt and uncle who lived in Albany. Their names were John and Jean Cummings. They have both since passed away.

All of my family still lives in Kentucky. My dad lives in Monticello, and my brother is a pharmacist at CVS drugstore in Somerset. I really miss them alot. I spent last Christmas in Ky. My father had surgery for colon cancer and I took leave from work to come up and help him recover. After about 2 weeks, my husband and kids joined me there for Christmas. Scott, 17 and Ashley, who will be 15 next month, really enjoyed the snow!

This is the third time I have written you tonight. Twice I accidently clicked it off and it disappeared. I hope I didn't send you 3 versions of the same thing by accident! Anyway, thanks for a great site! I really get homesick, and thanks to websites like yours, I can get a little taste of Kentucky once in awhile!

Sender: Lisa O'Connor

My name is Cindy my husband and I own a farm in central Mississippi. We grow cotton, soybeans, and corn. We have 100 head of cattle, horses, a border collie name Molly, and a five year daughter. I was bored with house cleaning chores and sat down at the computer and look up farm life. LOL!!!! I enjoyed the pictures on your web site. My husband and I went to Bowling Green Kentucky and bought a truck. What little I have been in Kentucky was beautiful!!!!
Thanks for sharing!!!!

Sender: Cindy

Thank you for the lovely pictures. The country is a great break from the 9 to 5 city.

Sender: Victoria A. Moore

Thank you for putting both Chief Seattle speeches on one page. As a novelist I am doing research on the environmental movement for my next book, and also have a smattering of knowledge about the native Americans. Who could read both speeches and not see that the 1854 version is the voice of an Indian, while the Hollywood version is just that?

I had heard rumblings about this subject, and when I found a quote from Chief Seattle in a copy of Arizona Highways magazine, I had to see for myself who was being quoted. The quote was from the Hollywood version. No surprise there.

Thanks again


Sender: Daniel F. Huettner

Greetings Sojourner Truth enthusiasts! I'm Detine Bowers. I'm a modern day Sojourner, and I teach the course "Sojourner Truth." Since studying African American rhetoric as professor of Communication, and traveling the underground railroad in 1993, and visiting Sojourner Truth's grave in Battle Creek, Michigan, I have been a Sojourner Truth enthusiast!

I've taught courses on Sojourner Truth in Wisconsin, developed the course at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

I'm looking to establish a traveling Sojourner Truth interactive educational forum....

So happy to hear of your work that I've noticed on the Web.

Sender: Detine L. Bowers, PhD

Hi Duane,

Just stumbled across your site, and I am going to mention it in my Free weekly newsletter, the Albooktross Web-foot News, which promotes my electronic bookstore. To subscribe to the FREE weekly newsletter, send any e-mail to albooktross-subscribe@yahoogroups.com. I think my newsletter readers will enjoy the trip down memory lane!

Have your thought of compiling an e-book of Burma Shave slogans?! I would list if for sale for you! Check out my e-bookstore at http://www.albooktross.com and click on Author Info for well, author info.

Sender: Peggy


just read your website. I stumbled upon it because a mate of mine from work was trying to find the words to "Wichita Lineman". That song is very popular here in Australia.

I actually found your Year to Year diary very interesting. It's great to learn how people are living on the other side of the world. Your lifestyle seems very different to mine. You don't seem to take things for granted. Australians are very lucky to live in a country with a great climate, living conditions, lifestyle etc...Sometimes we take it for granted. Admittedly I am not religious but I find your attitude towards life exceptional. You seem to be very loyal. That's a great quality to have.

All the best.

Sender: Daniel Winkel

I found your site this morning! Took a short time to glance over it. Your pictures are great!

My question to you was going to be "Are you near Cooke Spring?" But I 've answered my question. Your farm is farther south - beautiful scenery!

No, I'm not wanting to buy a farm. I am a 75 year old widow in West Tennessee. Since I have become addicted to the ancestor search, I have been to "Stockson Valley" five times - still have plenty of unanswered questions.

Just want you to know I've taken pictures of your farm - pictures that I love! Especially the view with Jacks Knob/Peak in the distance.

My late husband's ancestors George (1776-1858) and Nancy Gwinn Swope lived in that area. An early deed mentions a spring. The Gwinn Cemetery (haven't proved connection) is on the Maupin Farm.

Sender: Sara Beth Swope

Just wanted to let you know that I read your poems and stories and they are very good. I just wondered if you still write poetry and stories. You did a very good job on them. Reading them was like taking me back home, and letting me look into the some of the sights and sounds my grandparents must also have seen and heard there in Clinton County. You captured the time, seasons, scenery, and feelings ver well. Keep writing! I enjoyed them very much.

Sender: Vonda Dishman Van Ostrand

The quote you have on your site from Dostoevsky's short story "White Nights" is a quote I have been searching for, for literally a decade. I first came across the passage when I was 17 and reading a book borrowed from my friend. The story is was in a collection called "Notes from the Underground" and selected stories. I was so moved by that passage that I wrote it down (in awe) but never wrote the source. In my memory it was from Notes from the Underground, but upon reading it (and other editions, just in case) I never found it and almost lost hope. I began to think it was from a crazy dream or something. But today I entered in a sentence from the passage to search the net and your site was the ONLY one that it came up on. So I now know which book and translation I have been looking for!! Thank you!!!

Sender: Shannon Carson

I got information from your website about repairing the sound on my computer! I am in Bowling Green and thought it so cool that someone so close was able to help me out. You will definately be receiving a $5.00 check from me. If I could afford it I'd send $100.00. It was so simple to fix, and I'm so grateful. And I'm gonna be the apple of my husband's eye for a while for straightening out this dilemma. Thanks again!

Sender: Sonya Harden

Hello sir. My name is Chris Oswalt. I am a forester in West Tennessee. I want to commend you on such a wonderful and helpful website. There is enough information and links here to keep someone busy for quite a while. Thank you again, and I look forward to visiting your site in the near future.

Sender: Chris Oswalt, fellow forester

Thank you for allowing me to see some of the prettiest pictures. I am an ole country girl myself and i am still one of the few who apreciate the country living.

Sender: Kim

Thanks for the Master Mind Game! I searched for quite awhile and yours is the best I found, by far.
I'm a 13 y/o girl, and I'm doing a speech on Sojourner Truth, I didn't know much about her, so I checked out a book, but then I went to your website.. I just wanted to thank you for helping me so much! I don't know what to say but thanks.. :) I'll get an A+ for sure! ( thanks to your site! ) Well, I must be going now,
Hi, my name is Jane Partin Hoskins. I found your site while searching for Forestry. When I mentioned your site to my Dad, he said he worked with you several years ago for the Ky Division of Forestry. His name is Parrott Partin. Today, I showed your site to him & he got a big kick out of it. Especially the forest fire photos, they brought back a lot of memories for him. He said he will mention your website to Jim Winter next time he runs into him. Keep up the good work. Not only is your site very educational but has a great sense of humor. I've always been interested in Forestry because of Dad & it's a real pleasure to find folks with the same interest. Dad & Mom said to say Hello to both of you. Thanks again.

Sender: Jane Hoskins

I came upon a link to your site while researching the sale of my mother's farm property in Warsaw, (western)Ky. Quite the pleasant surprise. My parents' families are both from central and northern Ky. My immediate family didn't spend much time there growing up, but when the parents finally sent us all off on our own, college for my sister and myself, the navy for my brother, they returned to Ky and bought what they thought would be their retirement spot in Warsaw. Life threw them a few fastballs, and now, divorced, my mother is selling the property and considering a move closer to her grandchildren, my 7 month old,g/b twins, near Houston, TX. Our extended family remains mostly in the Ky, and has been for generations. A paternal uncle of mine, currently a captain on the Grand Victoria II, has done extensive genealogical research, and it does seem our family considered Ky their one and only home... I was pleased to see your inclusion of Jesse Stuart in your writer's section. My mother is a JS fan, hooked by the Jesse Stuart Foundation in Ashland, Ky, and owns many original production pieces. For their 25th anniversary, my father had a reprinting done of "Daughter of the Legend" with a dedication to my mother on the inside...Currently, I'm a stay at home mother of b/g twins. In my previous life, I taught Intro to Logic at the Univ. of Ky prior to earning my JD and MPH from the Univ. of Houston Law Center and Univ. of Texas School of Public Health, respectively. I planned on teaching ethics to medical students. After a couple of years volunteering for Junior Achievement, however, I've decided I'd prefer teaching high school students the art of thriving in today's business arena, with some freelance writing on the side to help pay the bills...My lovable monsters conspire to limit my time on-line, and I'm thankful I spent today's allotment on your site. Of what I read, I agree with many of the philosophical arguments presented, esp. re. education! !, and of what I saw, I miss those rolling hills...

Sender: Jessica Sanders Yusuf

I just wanted to let you know that your web-site helped me out a lot. I needed to do a report on Sojourner Truth and your website had everything I need to get an "A". Once again thanks a lot, and I appreciate your help.

Sender: Kristin

I wanted to comment on how much I enjoyed viewing your homepage, particularly the favorite poem section. My father died about ten years ago. I remember him on countless occasions reciting a bit of verse he had memorized as a child. Like many kids I either didn't pay attention or never asked him where that came from. After he died I spent quite a bit of time trying to track that poem down, unsuccessfully. The problem was that the part he was fond of came from the middle, and poems are indexed by their titles and first lines. We also unfortunately live in an age where many like me are not as familiar with poetry as had been my father's generation.

Low and behold I found it on your homepage. It means a great deal to me that I can reconnect to my father through Longfellow's "The Day is Done".

Thank you again.

Sender: David E. Fleenor - Lexington, KY

i needed to find pictures of Sojourner Truth For my Black History month report. I chose to do Sojourner Truth. I came to your site to find pictures of her and i found them. Thank You very much.

Sender: KINGMAXIPOO@aol.com

Excuse me, but this is black history month. You should have Maya Angelou's poem "Still i Rise".i did not see it this time that i came here, but i wish to see it when i return. Also, please send a personal copy to me.

Sender: Demetria M. Taylor

hi. i thought the poems were great! i love the one by robert frost.

Sender: Enneirda3889@aol.com

I enjoyed viewing your site. Nice images and great description of how the process works. I grew a few plants myself after picking up a few plants in Carolton, KY (about an hour east of Louisville on 42) while visiting my in-laws. It grew very well in our garden, and I harvested it when the leaves were golden. I dried it in our basement and a few weeks later settled in for a good smoke. After I stopped crying and gagging from the smoke, I realized that there is more to "making" pipe tobacco than I was aware of.

Sender: Kurt Schultz

Duane: I really enjoyed your story as it reminds me of my boyhood in the 30`s & 40`s in Monroe Co Missouri.

Sender: Juanita Baker

Hi Duane and Eva,
My name is Mary and my husband is John. You don't know us, but I have spent most of the day on your family pages. I couldn't break away. Many interesting things, receipes etc. Loved the pictures of your family and all the information. We also have a very close family life with seven children and number 13 grandchild arriving end of March. I plan to make some of Eva's receipe's very soon. We were blessed with all of our children making it to our home for Christmas for first time in several years. You must have spent many long hours making your web site. (Don't know if that is the correct lingo or not). I am not too swift on the computer, but love it! John, my husband belongs to the Elks Lodge and we also belong to another club which keeps us busy. We sit for our grandchildren often. Had three this past weekend. Just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed reading about you and your family. Thank you for entertaining me today. I will be returning to read more of your pages tomorrow. What a talented person you are.

Sender: Mary Vanderploeg

I hardly know where to start. I also had a .pps file that was drove me crazy trying to open it.

I have a laptop with so much pre-installed stuff, I dared not load office 2000 just to have PowerPoint to view a file! (Compaq Presario 1685) I almost did until I saw the version (small business) I purchased didn't even have PowerPoint.

A friend how to make file association, even when extension is not listed. Too much for me. After 3 days, I did an extention search with Copernic.

That's how I found your site. I went straight to Microsoft's site and downloaded the viewer.

I know I will use your services again. I'll even spring for the contribution part. LOL

Thank You Kindly,
A Grateful 51 year old,

P.S. I just love Web, and people like you make it easier are never too old to learn new stuff if you really want to.

Sender: JBlandford

Duane, a very interesting site. I am a log and timber buyer as well as a NHLA certified lumber inspector. I have been on your site for 3 nights now, linking to other pages about forestry. The links gave me some info on consulting foresters. I work for Indiana Hardwoods, a division of Kimball International. We are attempting to return to the timber buying market, and I was trying to establish some contacts, actually re-establish contacts. Our previous timber buyers were let go a couple of years ago when it was decided to get out of timber buying. A change in management has decided to pursue the idea of timber buying again, albeit a bit late in the year..
Anyway, the site is great, although I found a couple of sites that weren't available. I also read the article you had sent in response to an article to the Courier-Journal. I have not been a full time timber buyer, but spent 3 years off and on learning from an older gentleman, who taught me the ropes, so to speak. I have seen both ends of the spectrum, from bad to good logging practices, to landowners selling for the need of money and cutting more than they needed to, to consultants doing one hell of a job marking the proper trees. I agree with the fact the public is very under educated in what constitues environmental damage. Some landowners expect their ground to remain the way it was before harvesting while others aren't quite as particular. Every landowner should be concerned but they should also not expect miracles. Unfortunately there are just enough bad loggers around to mess things up for everyone.
Again, I appreciate the site and keep up the good work.

Sender: Warren Evrard

I enjoyed your answer to the deer question. I only wish the tree huggers of this country had the same knowledge and understanding of a diversified forest as you do. Thank you.

Sender: Ray & Rhonda Isaacs

I just wanted to say that I truly enjoyed looking at the farm pictures you have available. My name is Lee Davis, and I live in Lexington, KY. and I have such a earning to have a farm of my own someday. The one picture that I liked most of all was the one where the kids are playing in the creek. That is why I want a farm, for my two kids. I think that they would enjoy so much being able to play like that in a creek, ride ATVs, fish,hunt. So, in closing, just want to say Good luck with the sale, God Bless you and hope the new year is a great one for you and your family.....

Sender: Lee Davis

Hi Duane, Just read Dreams of Another Life, it's great.

Sender: Mt. Echo News Editor

I loved your pictures they are really cool. I live on a small farm. I have 10 horses 4 dogs and lots of chickens. Mostly I have mares. two stud horses. Black and white spotted saddle horses. I have to get a scanner. your site is really awesome. It gave me lots of ideas. I live in Lewisburg Tenn. It is really nice to see some down to earth things on the web.

Sender: BigJimCountry@aol.com

How about eliminating TV altogether?

I thought this was a radical concept until I read "Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television", by Jerry Mander. The author's name sounds fake, but it's not. He used to work in PR, got into writing. Also wrote the "Great Paper Airplane Book" for Scientific American.

By the way, there are lots of parallels between your history and mine -you might have guessed some of this from my screen name. Born in 46, forestry background, heavy to inventory & technology, ten years as systems manager. Most of my time was spent in the coastal plain, rather than the mountains, however.

Interesting stuff on your website.

Sender: Terry Fethe

Truly enjoy this page. I was laughing so loud that my friend just had to find out why...now we are sharing this page. Thanks for the laughs!

Sender: Connie

I don't as a general rule make comments about a site I go into...but yours DESERVES my Comments!! I love this area for the beauty and tranquility and peacefulness it brings to me. I enjoy looking at information on the area and sometimes I have ppl I meet from different parts of the country who want to know what it's like where I'm from. Well..I had been looking at different sites to show what the area offered and I stumbled upon this one! Needless to say....I put it in my files so I can have easy access to it if I need to send it to someone who wants to know more about it now. Keep up the good work and THANKS!

Sender: Anthony Hammond - Somerset

I just wanted to formally thank you for providing the works of my two favorite poets Henry Wadworth Longfellow (who is a relative of mine) and Edgar Allen Poe, who is my inspiration. Thanks again!

Sender: Tammy from Minnesota

Hi! I'm a 53-year-old woman from Japan. I'm very happy to find out your very nice and plentiful website. Though I am not from Kentucky, I have been very much interested in life in U.S.A, especially rural life. I myself live in a little bit big city, but my parents come from countryside. Kentucky reminds me of the song ' My old Kentucky Home, Good-Night' by Stephen C. Foster which I learned when I was a student. Maybe Foster's songs sound old but I like their warm-hearted mood. Aren't the songs by Foster sung now? In your website I enjoyed the poems including my favorite 'Stopping by woods on a Snowy Evening' by Robert Frost. By the way is Quilting popular among women in Kentucky? It will be a joy for me to read your writing slowly about your life, poems, anything else Thank you for everything you did for the wonderful website!

Sender: Takako from Japan


I just finished reading PawPaw's Stories and looking at some of the pictures of your farm. The stories sound so much like something my Dad would get a good kick out of. It sounds so much like something he would say. I sent the story page to him. I think people from KY have a special sense of humor, and I just love it.

I hadn't read the whole page before I sent it to him,,,then I noticed there was a Partin mentioned. My Dad IS a Partin. Is that spooky?

Just thought I'd let you know how much I enjoyed your web pages.

Sender: Gail Garrett

Just wanted to say I loved the poems.


I wanted to write to you & let you know that you have a very interesting family & a GREAT web page. You have really put A LOT of work in to it. I am in the computer business & I have built many web pages, so I know how much work you have put into it. You and your family have a beautiful piece of land. You are living my dream life. I would love to live in KY. I enjoyed every page of your web site. I have put it in my favorite places & I show it to all my friends. I always tell them that I wish that I could live there. Hehehe! :o) Thanks again for sharing your family & your home. I REALLY liked it.

Sender: Jim Moore

My name is Liz Tigue and I teach Conservation at Rochester High School in Michigan. A large part of our class is about forestry and I have the kids do a forest survey. The info in this site is great and is the kind of thing we cover. Ill pass on the address for the kids to look at.

Sender: Liz Tigue

I just found your site today. You have a lot of interesting things to read about. I will be back when I get more time. This was just a quick "lookover". I found this site while I was looking to see if Clinton County had their newspaper online. I wanted to suggest someone starting a Hwy. 90 yardsale like the 127 yardsales. I dont know how to go about giving someone the idea to start the planning. I would start it but I dont live on Hwy. 90. Just thought it would be a good idea. My name is Teresa Humphrey, everybody calls me Jody. I am married to Alan Humphrey, owner of Humphrey Oil and Gas, Inc. in Cumberland County, KY. We have 2 children, Brandi age 27 months and April, age 7 months. I am a stay at home mom. My husband is from Cumberland County but I'm from Clinton Co., the little part out on Hegira ridge where the lake separated us from the rest of the county. My dad's family is all from Clinton County. My parents are Lorene Thrasher and the late Hershel B. Thrasher. Grandpa and Grandma the late Reed and Maggie Thrasher. My uncles in Clinton Co. are Robert (Bob) Thrasher, Raymond and Cordell. The others are in Indiana. Oh well. I'll not bore you any longer. Any ideas about the possible Hwy. 90 yardsale?

Sender: Teresa (Thrasher) Humphrey

I just loved your web page I spent a very enjoyable hour .Thank you very much.

Sender: Troy Wanda


Congratulations on writing such a great tutorial on accounting basics. While I do own a small business I have always left accounting to my accountant. But I never understand even basic terms like chart of accounts. But the real reason that I read this tutorial is because I am on a freelance writing project where I need to document an accounting component of a large commercial lending application. Even though it is loan accounting, I needed the basics first. Now I am a lot clearer about what I am trying to do.

Thanks again for writing such a great document.

Sender: Tom Cooper
Alchemy, Inc.

I really appreciated your page on Albany. i was doing a search on my surname, when I couldn't find anything I figured I'd try searching the city and see if I could find a records location. If my memory serves me right the clinton county court house went up in flames probably in late 60 or very earlly 70s. I believe many records were lost.

My grandfather was Robert David Booher, he was married to Lena Witham(SP?) their children were: Rollin Booher Rual Booher Delmer RD Booher (my father) James(Welby/Bear) Booher Viney Booher Gracy Booher

Any info you have would be appreciated, or if you can direct me to where I might locate death and marriage records I would appreciate it.

a thousand thanks for your page.

a later message after my reply.


Just a note to let you know that I contacted Eva Booher. She was able to provide me a family line back to Germany. After all these years never knowing anything beyond my grandfather, and with my father and his brothers passing, I never knew I would be so lucky as to visit your web page. In addition I am so excited about knowing another relative. Eva is providing me with a couple books that is going to help finish my search. Many thanks to you and to Eva.

"What a small worl we live in"

Robert D. Booher
Indianapolis IN

Sender: Bob Booher

Did a search on local web sites at kentucky.com for the word "genealogy" and came across your web site. looks like you're living the good life down there in Clinton Co.

we used to camp on Dale Hollow at Obey River Campgrounds, over on the Tenn side. love the area, but I was sad to learn that the old boat dock there near the Obey campground is no longer there. that beautiful little family restaurant with cedar walls, and walls crammed with photos of patrons and fishermen, has been replaced by a big, fancy, restaurant. every changes, I guess.

a fellow I worked with up until recently, grew up in Clinton. You can see David Burke at this URL:
his father was a dentist or doctor in Clinton for many years. David would be 51 or 52..

take a look at my web site at:
I've got some old yearbooks out there for Frankfort.

Sender: Brian Harney - Frankfort, KY


I absolutely love your website! I am from Cynthiana, Kentucky (30+ miles north of Lexington), but have lived in Sioux Falls, South Dakota for 3 1/2 years. You remind me very much of my uncle, who is from Perry County.

I am an E-Business major at Colorado Technical University, currently just working towards the ASEB, while persuing four certifications on the side. I appreciate your down-to-earth perspective of things - realizing that behind all the glitz and glory we are all just humans and nothing more - while at the same time approaching everyday life in scientifical fashion.

I read your family-related postings, really wish my family could be like your family, in the sense of experiencing genuine closeness and celebrating holidays in traditional fashion, rather than family members trying to out-do one another by showing that he or she has accomplished more in the past year than everyone else (this is OUR Christmas tradition?...hmmm)

So far your website is the only "true" Kentucky-related website I can find. All the other sites are just technical versions of leeches, sucking the blood from OTHER websites, and supporting their content on the basis of providing more links than other websites. By the way have you noticed how many websites make the claim "we are the first bla bla bla" or the "world's first bla bla bla" statement? Boy, they sure must have a lot of time in coming up with the research positively support such claims. Well, the only other two ways I can think of in which they would have ALL the evidence to support those claims is by: a) the www consortium is, by way of conspiracy, teaming up with those websites to research every web site in the world (actually not possible); or b) God is spending too much time at the computer, working over-time to support those sites.

Sender: Thomas Whalen


I just happened to find your site while I was looking for some forestry information (soil types). It was great, with such a helpful set of "links".

Thanks for the effort you put into it. Its fun to run across someone who thinks about the "meaning of life".

Sender: David Adcock

Hi Duane,

I visit your site often and particularly enjoy your writing and poetry. I recently created a site and hope you will want to put a link to it. My site contains a free online novel and poetry. I, too, grew up in Clinton County. I graduated from Clinton County High School in 1961.

Thank you very much.

Sender: Ira Griffin Hughes

Loved your statement about the chessmen all go back in to the same bag. Death is the great equalizer. I have said that to myself for many years. I like the way you think.

I found out about your site from a Joseph Campbell board discussing Chief Seattle. I teach 6th grade out here in California and I plan on reading them the document before they are dismissed for the year.

Sender: Dan Mac Donald - Vallejo, CA

Thank you for the web page.  It was so funny, I laughed out loud...
..really loud...
..really, really loud...
..for a long time...
..and actually hooted at the stuff to the British housing agency...
..and had tears in my eyes when company came to the door

Just wanted to say thanks :), for making my day more interesting.

- Wreck :)

Sender: Allysun321@aol.com

Your pictures brought back great memories of my childhood in Nelson County ,Ky. I was born in 1952, lived on a 250 acre farm and remember looking at that Western Auto ad and wishing for the doll! Thanks for a great site.

Sender: JARD98@aol.com

Duane and Eva,

I stumbled into your site after doing a search for some of Lord Byron's poetry... 'lo and behold - a collection of some of my all-time favourite poems.

You guys have great taste!

Thanks for sharing ;)

Warm wishes,

MY family and I are planning to visit Lake Cumberland in August of this year. We will rent a houseboat and enjoy the view. These pictures were so beautiful. I was looking for just pictures of the lake, I had no clue what it looked like, than I found this site. Not knowing what it was, I chose it, and found these pics. I am pleased. I will tell others about this site. Thank you very much.

Sender: Shannon

My name is Maarten van Zielst and I live in Seminole, Texas. (West Texas) I really enjoyed going through your webpages about tobacco farming. Very fascinating. I have never seen a tobacco plant before. Someday I hope to travel to an area were they grow tobacco and see it firsthand.

Sender: Maarten van Zielst

Thanks, I love this site. My great grandparents lived in Clinton County, Kentucky. I never had the opportunity of meeting them, and haven't been able to find any information on either of them. This area is dear to me.

Sender: Faye Pryor

I am a higher education instructor who welcomes your opinions on this matter. I would like to link my online course (Introduction to Business Enterprise) to your site. May I have your permission to do so? If you would like any additional information, please feel free to contact me via email. Thanks you for your time, and frankly, for your realism.

Sender: Yanine C. Neault
Florida Metropolitan University
Tampa, Florida

I came across your web site while looking for something else! The best part of barking up ones family tree is seeing what falls out. Be it hanging by a rope at the neck or it hits the ground running! Your site is very fine and a pleasure to visit. I was looking up the TALBOTT family tree and need all the help I can get. I have used your site to e-mail Hobart Jarvis and Eva Booher. Thanks again and I would be happy to hear from any of your good neighbors.

Sender: Tom or Mary Barr


You have an interesting concept of life 'in general'. Your website is very interesting...and I'm still looking.

I'm a writer.. adult short stories, children's stories, poems, etc...and in the last couple of years have turned to songwriting. Since I sing..and write and have taken courses in both...I found this to be the way the wind has blown me, now my family is grown.

I will continue to explore your pages...thank you for the opportunity.

Sender: Dianne [& Charlie] Doekes

Hello Duane and Eva,

My name is Mrs. Jennifer Bachan. I live in the city of Tonanwanda, NY. Ever since I was a child I have longed for a farm and country life. I love country music and bluegrass. I have 2 sons, Nicky and Omry, ages 6 and 3. My husband of 8 years is Robert. I have been facsinated with rural life, especially Appalachia. I can't explain why except to say that I feel somehow connected to the values and culture of a people who are spiritually unwavering and family centered. You don't find that often in the "big city."

I recently caught the tail ending of an HBO documentary entitled "American Hollow." It was about an extended Appalachia family. It was like a glimpse into their everyday life. I have looked at some of your farm photos and have decided that you truly live in "Heaven." If you are interested in having an email pal from New York please email me back. I would like to have friends who live in the south, and of whom I can ask questions, as well as answer some. I look forward to hearing from you!

Sender: Mrs. Jennifer Bachan

My son wanted to get a favorite food from Kentucky saw your web sight and want to say thank you, he has to make something to take to school and picked your everythings in the soup 5th grade age ten Justin again thank you !!

Sender: P D and JC from La Habra CA.

We would like to thank you for all the information we found on this remarkable woman, Sojourner Truth. All the info we found made a wonderful report for my daughter's 4th grade class. We never knew anything about this lady but, now that we do, she will be looked up to by our family.

Sender: Bjo265@aol.com

Hey, Duane! ...I'm 75, not into current music but Stevie Wonders' version of "I Just Called to Say I Love You" really got to me ... every time I'd hear it, I'd stop what I was doing just to listen to it ... had no idea as to who was singing it nor the title ... finally this afternoon, in the supermarket it was over the PA system and I asked a very pleasant young women "who & what" ... she was very pleased to tell me ... any idea as to where I could get a copy ... CD or record? ... my wife for 45 years recently passed away and I want her to know I'm trying to call her ... Mike P.

Sender: Mike P.

Reply from Duane:

Type the following into the URL box on your web browser. It is long so if you copy it there you may have to copy it in two batches.

Well, I only got on my 'puter for a few minutes, several hours ago, but as usual got lost on your beautiful and informative sight. Your sight is a pure delight. Not my first or last visit, have made many prior visits. You are awesome, God Bless you and your family.

Sender: Sally Haven

Dear Duane & Eva;

I've just spent over an hour visiting your site. Don't want to take up your time, besides I was so moved by your site, there's not much I could write at this moment.

I'm almost 60 years old; grew up in rural Pennsylvania during the 'forty's - went to a one room schoolhouse with 6 grades and one teacher. All of your memory provoking pictures, stories - everything on your site - brought back childhood and the familiar bitter-sweet taste of nostalgia.

I've never been to Kentucky, but most of what you described sounds so much like "Spring Valley" Pa. (Except it was not near so secluded - we had The Bethlehem Iron & Steel Mills where almost every one in the valley worked - or so it seemed.)

I have never tasted water as pure and sweet as that which bubbled up, icy-cold, from the springs which hid deep within the limestone.

All I can say to you both, is Thank You! Sincerely. May God Bless you for your simple act of love, in sharing what you care about with others. And for reminding all of us to take a moment to care - and to share.

Warmest Regards;

Sender: Bob Carcopo

So pleased that I could access these poems so quickly!! Thanks..

Sender: Maukau@aol.com

Hello, I was sent to your Old Kentucky Homepage and it`s wonderful, I am also from Kentucky, 51 years in Louisville and me and my friend Randy are getting set to head down your way for alot of serious fishing, relaxing and just plain enjoying our Kentucky heritage, not to mention it`s a chance to get away from momma and the kidd-0`s for awhile, lol. Well I`ll quit rambling and close in saying, hope to hear more from you and really enjoyed your Kentucky Home on the internet......Your Kentucky Friend and Amigo Larry, aka: Chief Geronimo !!

Sender: Larry

Thank you for these wonderful recipes.
God Bless
La Quita MC
Bremerton, WA

Sender: DRMWLKER54@aol.com

I do believe that your website is one of my favorites. I love the Tennessee Waltz and have been looking for it for so long. I spend hours on your website. Thank you again.

Sender: Kathy Case

When you made your Sat. trips to town, do you remember the big white house across the street from the Methodist church. That was my grandmother's boarding house. The house burned in the summer of '69.

Her name was Ethel Phillips and she had the house built in '38. She belonged to the Methodist church and was a sixty year member of the Eastern Star.

My daughter is working on the Phillips geneology and Taylor-Anderson's of Cumberland Co. She is lkthomas on the KyGenWeb.

Sender: Doris Booher

Hi. I loved looking at your pictures of your farm. Thanks for sharing them with the rest of the world. When I looked at your pictures and read your descriptions it seemed like your family is living the life everyone else just dreams of. My husband and I just purchased 38 acres here in GA. We're not farmers tho, well anyway not yet. I do sheet metal work for a manufacturing company here in Macon and my husband is an upholsterer. I hope to grow a small vegetable garden and board a few horses once we get this place fenced and pastured, it's all wooded right now. Again thanks for your website I enjoyed it immensely.

Sender: Roxanne

thanks fer puttin' up such a cool page

Sender: Rev. Matthew Natus De Canere


What a neat thing to have for people to see.

God Bless Your Farm

Sender: Guy3939@aol.com - Memphis, Indiana

Very nice indeed, a touch of nostalgia with memory arousing glimpses into the past. Would like to invite you to visit us at http://my.treeway.com/frogonery. We are surfing the net trying to find pictures of eastern Kentucky and links to add to our page. If, you have any we could borrow or would like your site listed on ours please let us know.

Sender: The Pennington Family

I just read a lot of the information on the farm you once had for sale. The first question that comes to mind is why someone would let such a wonderful piece of property go? I feel that if I can ever get a piece of property like the one described I would never let it go. I feel our world has become a bad place (the social part of it any way). I live near Indianapolis, Indiana where everywhere I look there are subdivisions. There is basically no nature left. I live out in the country a little bit but not far enough. I am always asked what I would be if I could be anything my answer is always a farmer. Most people are boggled by my reply they always assume I would want to be a doctor or a lawyer ya know something that would make enough money so I could have that nice fancy car everyone seems to want and a huge home. But, all I really want out of life seems backward to every one else.I would love to live off the land and just wake up every morning to the world the way it was meant to be. I have been told over and over again that you don't become a farmer it is something you are just born in to.. I can't belive that or I would have to give up on all my dreams. I have probly just gave you alot more information then you ever wanted to know but, I just wanted ya to know what your little listing triggered in me.

Country girl at heart

Sender: Josh Klema

Dear Duane:

I just read your stories about Wayne County, Ky. My ggg-grandfather was Ben Adkins, Sr. (Hurt's Mill). About 15 years ago I brought my kids to the area. We couldn't find what was left of the mill but we did visit the Mt. Pisgah church. Ironically, I just found the pix I took while there in a box stored in the basement not more that three hours ago; I thought they were lost forever.

Anyway, I enjoyed your stories. I'm planning a trip out there again this year now that I have done a little more geneology research. If you don't mind, I'd like to contact you again with a few questions on directions to various cemeteries, farmsteads, etc. as this trip takes shape.

Sender: Susan Sinclair

Dear Duane, I very much enjoyed your website. It was very informative. Dr. Sam doctored me quite a few times when I was a small child. He never said much. He was what I would later label a "thumping doctor." He was very good at palpating or thumping with his fingers and listening through a stethoscope. I of course, grew up in Clinton County but have lived the last 42 years in Pickett county. My brothers wife was Dr. Bristow's grand daughter.

Sender: Gayle Barber - Byrdstown, TN.

I really like this poem. It shows a lot of character. It really touched my heart.

Sender: TME7272@aol.com


I was looking for a midi of this song and your page has the best version I have found (plus lyrics).


Sender: Steve

Amei esta página. Vocês estão de parabems. Não precisa ser melhor. O que tem, basta!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Um abraço,

Sender: nana


I have just spent the last hour or so singing along to all the wonderful songs on your web page. I think you have a great site and I have bookmarked it and will tell all my friends about it. Thanks for touching a stranger's heart with a song!

(I love Puff the Magic Dragon) : )

Your musical friend,

Sender: Karen Anway - Fayetteville, North Carolina.

Love your page...I'm a sorta-retired newspaperman and I just had to get into the net. I like doing the layout about as well as the writing. If you can, check out http://my.voyager.net/goodpub/index%20.html
Comes out as GoodPub Daily. Like you are doing, mine is just for fun. I spent 25 years learning this stuff, from Morganthauler linotypes to my iMac, and I'm gonna run with the times. I'd appreciate any comments you have, it's just getting passed around by word of mouth, that's slow, but I'm in no rush.
Thanks for your efforts...

Sender: Richard Good

I am an old farm boy from Ohio, miss it very much. I retire in the spring and plan to to tour real farm country one more time to smell the sweet soil, and renew some memories of life on the farm when I was young. It never leaves you! Maybe I'll be able to visit Great site!!

Sender: Gary Dowler


I am Japanese name is Misono and I am written from Japan. I visited your web page tonight. The reason why I search "The end of the world"
It is my favorite song. I wanted to know that songs words. Thanks for you that you up this song to your WebPages.
Your web page is very good. I enjoyed.
Did you input Mid of that song? That is so beautiful.
I just want to tell you thankful.
Then I am sorry I do not to write English, not so good. .
If you have little time. Please visit my web page, Dune.

Sender: Misono from Yokosuka


My name is Cliff Bristow and I live in Abilene Texas. I was surfing the web tonight and thought I'd check up on the Bristow name. I enjoyed your site and thought I'd let you know of a coincedence with your family and my own. My wife's name is very similar to your granddaughter's. Hers is Carolynn Marie Bristow. I thought you might enjoy knowing this as much as I do. Keep up the great work on your sight and I hope your family has a wonderful Christmas.

Sender: Cliff Bristow

Hi Duane.

I am developing courses in Health Informatics (non-profit) for the Tasmanian Department of Health and Human Services.(Australia). I am looking for articles for students to read and discuss. I would like to refer them to yours on the Global Village. For people connected to the Internet, this is not a problem as I can just add a link to your site.

However, we do have some people in remote areas who are not on-line. I would therefore like to print your article for them to read. Is this acceptable to you?

Sender: Sue Whetton

From Duane: The answer is yes.

I'm not sure how I got to your page. I'm new @ this surfing stuff (and a bit glassy-eyed). I was looking for a friend who has an organic farm and found your page. WOW! You sure do put a lot into this. I found your home looked much like some in father's family who happen to live outside of Pineville KY (in a holler). It brought back memories though not enjoyed as much then as they are now. Thanks. Maybe I'll tune in again if I can find it. Happy Holidays:) Thanks for your efforts.
Lisa Ball Bellingham, WA.
We have a 27 month old daughter who is crazy about Mary Poppins! She watches that & Chitty Chitty Bang Bang almost every day. I was so pleased that you had the words to Feed the Birds. She trys to sing that song all the time. It is soooo cute. I'm wondering if you know where I can get the words to the rest of the songs from Mary Poppins and from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. I was surfing & found you. I think your page is wonderful and you have obviously spent countless hours creating it. Super-de-dooper (as "Barney") would say!
God Bless,
Sender: Kimberly Lamb
Just happened to come across your beautiful music. The gospel music touched the bottom of my heart. It really made me feel whole again. As I was listening to the music., I was singing along. It has done so much for me in the last hour. Thanks for such a beautiful site. I have saved this site on my files so I can visit more often. Its so suprising how much better these songs can make a person feel so good deep down.

Sender: Karen

Thank you for taking the time to place the music and other things on the net. I am using it to teach my students who have learning handicaps and are generally disinterested in much of what we teach. But through the poetry unit and learning about narratives, ballads and lyrical poetry, they are becoming interested. Your site helps a lot.

I have been looking for the Ballad of Billie Jo (threw something off Tallahatchie Bridge, remember?). Do you know where I can find the words and/or the music?

Sender: Deb

Reply from Duane:

For the music check the links on my music page.

Duckydood takes requests and puts them on the Internet every two weeks. You could try requesting the music from him.

                                 Ode To Billy Joe 
    It was the third of June, another sleepy, dusty Delta day 
    I was out choppin' cotton and my brother was balin' hay 
    And at dinner time we stopped and walked back to the house to eat 
    And Mama hollered out the back door "y'all remember to wipe your feet" 
    And then she said "I got some news this mornin' from Choctaw Ridge" 
    Today Billy Joe MacAllister jumped off the Tallahatchie Bridge
    Papa said to Mama as he passed around the blackeyed peas 
    Well Billy Joe never had a lick of sense, pass the biscuits, please 
    There's five more acres in the lower forty I've got to plow 
    Mama said it was shame about Billy Joe, anyhow 
    Seems like nothin' ever comes to no good up on Choctaw Ridge 
    And now Billy Joe MacAllister's jumped off the Tallahatchie Bridge 
    Brother said he recollected when he and Tom and Billie Joe 
    Put a frog down my back at the Carroll County picture show 
    And wasn't I talkin' to him after church last Sunday night? 
    I'll have another piece-a apple pie, you know it don't seem right 
    I saw him at the sawmill yesterday on Choctaw Ridge 
    And now ya tell me Billie Joe's jumped off the Tallahatchie Bridge 
    Mama said to me "Child, what's happened to your appetite?" 
    I've been cookin' all morning and you haven't touched a single bite 
    That nice young preacher, Brother Taylor, dropped by today 
    Said he'd be pleased to have dinner on Sunday, oh, by the way 
    He said he saw a girl that looked a lot like you up on Choctaw Ridge 
    And she and Billy Joe was throwing somethin' off the Tallahatchie Bridge 
    A year has come 'n' gone since we heard the news 'bout Billy Joe 
    Brother married Becky Thompson, they bought a store in Tupelo 
    There was a virus going 'round, Papa caught it and he died last Spring 
    And now Mama doesn't seem to wanna do much of anything 
    And me, I spend a lot of time pickin' flowers up on Choctaw Ridge 
    And drop them into the muddy water off the Tallahatchie Bridge 

I very much enjoyed the music section of your web page. Thank you.

Sender: Patricia Ferguson


Ed Vasser has a website devoted to the logging railroads of Kentucky. He and I are currently working on a book to be sold as a fundraiser for the Red River Historical Society, dealing with the logging railroads that operated along the Red River in Powell and Wolfe Counties. If this would fit into your site somewhere, feel free to establish a link. The address is:

Ed also has a site for his model logging railroad. The address for it is:

We are seeking information on all logging railroads that operated in the state, as we hope to do a book covering the rest of the state later. Any information that you have would be appreciated on this aspect of Kentucky's history.

You have a great site with a ton of information. Thanks.

Sender: Thom Placier

Just thought it kind of neat when my husband showed me your web page this morning. He ran across it by accident. So I thought we'd write a few lines to let you know there is another Duane & Eva out here!!!!!

We live in Lake Charles Louisiana and have been HAPPILY married for thirteen and a half years, and are proud parents of four BEAUTIFUL children!!!!!


Duane & Eva Dunaway

Sender: Eva Dunaway

I have enjoyed everything. Very refreshing. I especially enjoyed the old pictures and of the farm.

Sender: Mac0207@aol.com

this is an excellent website filled with top notch facts and great media.

Sender: Maureen Robertson

The Old Crow Inn is what attracted me to your sight, but there are many aspects of interest and feel if someone is not impressed with your sight, they don't have any interests.

I used to clog on a performance team and at the time, I hadn't thought about my ancestors and the great possibility that they did this many years ago, as it was done a lot in the appalachian region and elsewhere. It is part of our American Heritage and I realized I was carrying on part of our history! I have now retired my shoes!

I am very interested in any information that is found about the Old Crow Inn, as it was my ancestors who built it.

I live in Sacramento, California, I am the mother of 3 children and 11 beautiful grandchildren.

I have been a Cosmetologist for 25 years in the same shop!
I am addicted to Geneology!
I love Eva's Recipes!

Thank you so much for your sight, which is an awesome one and my very favorite on the net!

Sender: Sally Haven
Also see Sally's entry on our visitors page.

This is quite a website! Clean, fast to load, fun...

Not to mention, you've got a poem I've been looking for for 25 years! A mimeograph of Adam was given my older sister by her High School English Teacher. I fell in love with it, had certain lines that just "stuck"...but that faded mimeograph went away in a move somewhere, and I forgot the poet's name! I've searched every poetry book I could find for years looking for it. Finally called the local library on a whim, and the research librarian (having more time and patience than I) found your site through a search for..."common dust".


Thanks so much, and I've bookmarked the site for lots of further exploration.

Sender: Jane Fancher
See her website at www.sff.net/people/JSFancher

This web page has been one of my favorites for quite awhile.It's one of the best things KY has too offer to the world and I had to link it from my home page.
home=Powell County,Ky
interests=scrollsawing.internet.listening to Coast To Coast with Art Bell on the radio ( yaaaawnn,late night stuff ).Reading about " Things That Go Bump In The Night "

Sender: Mitch Patrick
Also see Mitch's entry on our visitors page.


I am enjoying your page and all the poems. I wonder if you could help me.

I am searching for an old poem my Mom remembers about a small boy and his grandmother playing hide and seek. It ends with:
She couldn't go running and hiding, and the boy no more could he,
For she was old and crippled, and he had a twisted knee.

If you have ever heard of this, or know who wrote it and where I can get a copy I would be very grateful.

Sender: Cindy

I came upon your homepage by accident, but now have it bookmarked. What a pleasure to view the photos of you and your family, and your farm. I've worked for McDonnell Douglas/Boeing in St. Louis for thirty-seven years and have become very tired of the treadmill--your pages have provided a form of relaxation. Thank you for your efforts.

Sender: Jack Smith

Thanks for the music.
It's great!!!

Sender: Krisnawati

I cannot ever remember laughing so long and so hard. It certainly was a refreshing treat after being secluded in my home due to the tropical storm Floyd. Thanks and I will be visiting your site for more rib tickling humor.

Sender: Urafm@aol.com

What a great page! I stopped by looking for midis - went thru phone solicitors, etc. But I'll have to come back! You have too much!!

Sender: Jim and Linda Stienstra


I just got finished looking at your web page. How interesting it is. The reason that it interests me so, is that both my families from my paternal side of the family are from Albany, Kentucky.

My fathers paternal grandfather was Johah Guffey. My fathers maternal grandfather was Miller Guffey. Anyway, as you probably can guess, my grandmother, Audrey Guffey, was a Guffey, and married a Guffey. My father's name is Cecil C Guffey. My Grandfather's name was Cecil L.

Anyway, what I would like to ask you, is this. My greatgrandfather Jonah, used to own a watermill, and I am told, that before he died, he sold it to a museum in the area. I am looking to find where this museum would be located. I was told that it could be in Edmonton, Ky or in the Walnut Grove or Clinton County Historical Society. However, I am having a difficult time finding any information on the subject. This is how I found your web site.

I suppose what I am asking, is that if you have any information about this, or where I could find it, I would appreciate it, if you emailed me with some information.

I am sorry. I have not even introduced myself. My name is Arden Atkins. The daughter of Cecil C Guffey and Paula Rae Stamper Guffey Thomas from New Castle, Indiana. I now live in Frewsburg, NY but visit often. On one of my travels, I would someday like to visit the watermill that was once in my family.

I really appreciate your help in this.

Sender: Arden Atkins


My name is Ana Paula Karruz. I am Brasilian. I am afraid my English is not so good. I love The X-Files series. I've heard "Twilight Time" during an episody of The X-Files. Then I decided to search its lyrics on web, and I got! Thank you.

Sender: Ana Paula Karruz

Our church in Harrah, Oklahoma, has just bought a multimedia AV system to project hymn lyrics, announcements, sermon notes, etc. We often use beautiful photos of God's creation as a background using Power Point.

Could we have your permission to download and use your farm photos for this purpose only? It would be a very nice contribution to our services. If not, thanks anyhow for allowing me to view them on the Internet.

Sender: Judith Puckett

From Duane: The answer is yes.

Hi, Just wanted to say I came across your Amazing Grace Midi and I Loved it! My Husband plays Drums for a Band called Still Human and we have been putting their new CD's in Mp3 Format on www.mp3.com/stillhuman Our favorite song is their version of Amazing Grace. I thought maybe you would like to hear it. It gives me goosebumps everytime I hear it.

Take Care,
In Christ

Sender: Sue

I was enjoying your Civil War in the West website, and thought you might take interest in our new website for the Battle for the Bridge Historic Preserve in Munfordville, Kentucky. The site offers detailed information on the battle, including maps, as well as similar information on the other two battles that took place on the same field, the Battle of Rowletts Station, and the "Battle of Green River Crossing." It also covers the war-long Union occupation of Munfordville in some depth, as well as the role of the U.S. Colored Troops stationed here.

We hope you find it of interest.

Sender: Tres Seymour
Battle for the Bridge Historic Preserve

I LOVE your website. Terrific! Best regards and keep up the great work.

Sender: Diana Turnbull
Woodland Park Bookstore
3460 Milam Lane Lexington, KY 40502

Hi Duane & Eva!

I'm a 17-year-old girl from Germany. We, my family and me, live next to Hamburg in Schleswig Holstein. I'm very intersted in Kentucky because I'm going to stay there for the next 10 months. I take part at a Student Exchange Program and yesterday I got the information of my organisation that I am placed in Kentucky in Leitchfield. I'm very happy and I'm looking forward to stay with my host-family. I think I'll have a nice time because they have the same interests like me.

Because of that I think your page will help me to learn something about this state and the people who are living in it.

I hope my English is not too terrible.


Sender: Katy

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