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Hello from South TX,

I have been working on my genealogy for about 3 years and am still gathering information. I have just returned from a trip to KY and neighboring states and last Saturday visited your web page of Country Doctor.

One of my great aunts was the wife of Dr. Sam Bristow. Have you researched your family history? I would appreciate hearing from you concerning dates and any items we might exchange, if you would be so kind.

Sender: Anne Bruton Fitzpatrick


I just visited your web page after a friend sent the URL for your music page. I want to say thank you for providing such a wonderful assortment of midi files. You have found some very beautiful arrangements.

Sender: Rosie
The Ramblin' Rose

That is one of the neatest sites I have ever landed in from cyberspace

I had a Running Bear midi file on my desk-top and decided to go in search of the origins of the song -- one of my favorites for years

Into the genies and working all thru some of these state - KY/TN/IL/ and just about everywhere as my lines spread out from New England

Keep up the good work -- I'm sending your URL to many others to enjoy also..Now back to traveling your pages -- what I refer to as 'great armchair travel'

It truly is a great family area, and as a bonus, you have a lovely wife and family.

After 43 years in New England and the mid-West - on the IL/Wi line, I had sworn off ever wanting to see snow again, but it was so cool to sit here in the south in the 100 degrees plus heat and watch the gentle snowfall in your pages.

Sender: Mimi Taylor

I enjoyed the music ever so much...thank-you!!!!GOD BLESS!!!!!

Sender: Carol Teague

I am from the web page www.taipansauces.com. After browsing threw your web page I have to say I love your grad pictures

Sender: Joanna


Sender: Raj Narayan

thanx for a much giving site on the net. Not used to those well edited forestry sites and the personal touch of the private pages..

Sender: Peter Guenther - 55 year old forester from Denmark

Your page is somewhat similar in intent to my People page -- like you I include John Lennon, Asimov, and van Gogh. I too admire Sadat and King, except I wanted to choose people who made a difference to me personally. I think Roberto Clemente would fit both your page and mine.

You can visit my humble effort at http://homepages.go.com/~chconweb/index.html. Thanks.

Sender: CHCollins

Thank you for your midi site.

Your Midi's are the best on the web I have found yet.
I feel guilty for downloading so many, but they are all irresistible. You have taken a lot of time to put this site together. You must have made a lot of people very happy with your creation.

My wife and I love them all.

Thank you........

Sender: Kieron Bhattacharjee

Hi Duane and Eva,

My husband and I had a bet. I said that Sam Cooke sang "Under the Boardwalk". He didn't know who did, but was certain I was wrong. We did a search on the song and your awesome pages turned up. I lost and have to take my husband out for breakfast tomorrow which is fine as i wanted to go out anyhow!

I really enjoyed the photographs and Eva's recipes.

Thank you for sharing some of your life with strangers like us who were just lucky enough to find the site.

Keep up the good work and Thanks for the recipes(:D)

Sender: Beth Huntington and Tim Walker

Hi, I just wanted to say that your webpage was really helpful, as I am doing an assignment for history on North American Indians!

Sender: Rachelle

I stumbled across this page through the Cumberland River @ Rootsweb - genealogy list. Thanks for documenting your stories. The photos were great! I enjoyed reading about the phone solicitors. My personal defense against them is caller ID. If the number comes up as "unavailable", so am I.

Sender: Rhonda Syberg

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw your web page. I have family in Albany and visit there quite often. We always look forward to the Foothills Festival. I was born in Burkesville. My mother's people are all from Burkesville. I am in a hurry now to return to your page and read it all. Thanks for the fun, it made my day.

Sender: TAB

G'Day from Australia

As a Patsy Cline fan I was looking for a 'Crazy' link for my humble little web page and found yours after doing a search. I hope you won't mind me linking your page to mine.

It's a fantastic link as your site is wonderful. It must have taken you months to put it together. I am new to this web page stuff and am taking lessons from my children !! Some day I hope to take the time to develop it. I started it as a way for my rellies back home to keep up with our news in a fun way.

Your poetry and movie links include most of MY favourites too. My teachers in Ireland were big into Longfellow and Robert Frost as well as the Irish poets. The 'Road not taken' is one of my all time favourites. I have you bookmarked and will come back to visit your site often. Take care
on a wonderfully wet and windy Autumn day

This message is coming to you from 'Kenny' our beloved iMac.

Sender: The WCs"

hey! I was hunting for an online canasta game when I came across your site for Albany Canasta. I was floored! I live nearby in Burkesville! Have you found any sites to play canasta on line? I used to love to play, but havent played in years! Also, Have you ever heard of a game called Pennies, similar to Canasta. I played it in college 71-75, haven't heard of it since. Let me know if you know of any sites to play. I play spades a lot on Yahoo ladders. Thanks for your help. (I actually live at Kettle)

Sender: Kytuba aka Suzy Harris


I am finally getting caught up with "Save The Cumberland" since 1996. I got swamped and overwhelmed with all the fallout from the swim. It has been a wave of battles since then. I knew the work would start after the trip. I really want to thank you again for having the forethought for putting the information on your web site. To add something to your personal web site about somebody doing something as crazy as what I did is to be commended. It has been a big help and has been appreciated! I have looked at your site numerous times. It is very interesting, especially since you were at the forefront of website development. It sure has exploded since 96.

Happy Waterways, Vic

Sender: Julee Jones


I enjoyed your web page. I am a descendant of Albany's Elmore's and Bowlin's. My mother is an Elmore, (yes, we're kin to Jimmy the County Court Clerk, he's my 2nd cousin). My father is Buford Bowlin. I visit there often, as my brother lives there and many, many cousins. Too many to mention!

Sender: Debbie Bowlin, Bowling Green, Kentucky

I am glad I took the time to read your two stories. I thoroughly enjoyed them. My g-g grandfather, along with his parents and two siblings, came to the area of Wayne and Pulaski Cos. just before 1800 from Wythe Co., VA. His name was John Buchanan Steely, his parents were Wm. and Esther (Buchanan) Steely, and his sisters were Cynthia and Eliz. Welcher Steely, who married Solomon Turpen/Turpin. I am trying to find more, as I have very little, on John B. and am thoroughly enjoying the CR mailing list. People are so nice and so helpful! It was nice to know a little more about life in the area in the 1950's (I graduated in MO in 1950), even though that was 100 years after John B.'s sons came to MO. Thanks for your stories.

Sender: Nadine in MO

I was touched by the story of the old Indian. Some of my own ancestors lived in the deep, remote woods of Elliot County, KY in an area remote today. You could never find the homeplace, unless you knew it was there. I wondered why, they lived there since they were among the first to be in that area. They were Indian. In searching these geneology pages, I am getting an understanding. Sometimes it hurts.

Thank you for telling this old Indians story. May God bless you. May God bless us all, that these hurtful tragedies do not recur.

Thank you for your sensitive treatment.

Sender: Gene Woolly

Amazing Grace
This music was a real blessing to me tonight. Thanks and God Bless you.

Sender: Nuella Luther


Sender: richard dorn

I truly love your site.

Sender: sales@officepro.com

Just wanted to say thanks for posting the song. My kids wanted to hear it (8, 4 and 4), and it was lovely to find the lyrics and music right there for us to sing along.

Your grandchildren are adorable!

Sender: lee vail

I am truly enjoying your web page. It is so nice to know that I have friendly neighbors south of Louisville.

Sender: Kyle Hibbs (Louisville)

Just a friendly hello. I think Duane did a timber appraisal for me about 5 or 6 years ago on a farm next to the Tennessee Gas Pipeline plant for a potential court case. Glad to see the Old Ky. Home is doing well.

Greg Carnes
formerly with Chapman & Bell in Louisville, KY

Sender: Greg N. Carnes

Dear Duane,

I found your site quite interesting. I will be back many times, I am sure. I appreciate your links, also. I have had this computer since September of last year, however, I still feel like I do not know much. It is sites like yours that help.

Sender: Deborah Burns

Hi Duane,

I have just been wandering around your site and I think its great, it must have taken hours to construct.

Thanks for publishing such a site .... and living in a small town in England it looks wonderful living in such huge spaces and beautiful countryside.

Sender: Dave Everitt

I really enjoy your web page on Clinton County. My grandparents and parents were born and raised in Clinton County. I have heard a lot of stories about their growing up and tho they left and moved to Indiana, I would alter the old adage and say, "You can take the boy out of Clinton County, but you can't take Clinton County out of the boy" Keep up the good work.

Sender: Ruby H. Lowe

I have just spent the past hour, maybe more, on your website. I feel like I do when I read a good book. I hate to go. I look forward to reading about what happened to your family in '98. I feel like an old friend. A perfect way to spend a cold rainy afternoon in Indianapolis.

I really enjoyed the old pictures and posters from the 40's and 50's.
Also the pictures of your family.
Keep up the good work.

Sender: JoAnn

I just love your web site! Do you have any more information on the Haag circus or know where I might find information about this? My grandfather, Charles William Skaggs, traveled with this circus until he married my grandmother, Malissa Womack, in 1892. After my grandmother died my grandfather would still walk many miles, from somewhere in Casey County to Russell County, to see the circus and the people up until the circus shut down in 1930/31.

This was told to me by my mother when I was a young child.

Thank you so much

Sender: Malissa Robertson

I enjoy doing quizzes and tests, etc. and due to the nature of my job (slow) there's plenty of time to indulge. Your quizzes are generally pretty interesting but the forestry stuff -- whew! as an amateur web site developer, I also like the straitforward layout.

Sender: Steven Skelton

Dear Duane,

I really enjoy your web site, especially because everything is explained in clear, good language. It's been an invaluable resource, especially for the links.

I am working on the Daniel Boone's web site. Although it's still under construction, it's ready to be viewed and linked to other sites.

I will be linking the Boone's to your site as soon as our Silviculture/timber section is complete. It has proven difficult to write about our timber program because of recent issues we are still dealing with.

I'm the Visual Information Specialist at the Winchester Office. I've only been here for 3 years and I had never worked for the Forest Service before. I've been learning a lot. My background is in graphics, not forestry, but I've hiked and camped in the Boone for my whole life. My father is a nature photographer, (Warren Brunner) so we saw a lot of the Daniel Boone.

Sender: Gwen Hensley
Daniel Boone National Forest

Just thought I would drop you a line to say that your web page is one of the best I've seen on the internet, period!

I'm a "newbie" Forester (with a Wildlife Management degree) working in Southeast Ohio, and I was hoping you could give me some information on the 17-year Cicada. If you know any good links on the web, or any other material I could get my hands on, I would greatly appreciate it.

Sender: Kevin Yost


Your favorites and mine overlap a lot. I, therefore, want to recommend to you the poetry of A.E.Houseman - wonderfully crafted and with interesting sentiment.

Since you include The Cremation of Sam McGee by Service, I must ask: Have you ever come across The Ballad of Yukon Jake by E.E.Paramore? It is in a wonderful anthology called Best Loved Poems of the American People. This anthology has not been out of print for the last fifty years so it's easy to get hold of.

Sender: Helen Br

Hello Duane and Eva,

I was sent an email from a lady, Lynda Rangely, suggesting that I check your site and also her own link from there, if I had an interest in Clinton Co., KY. I've been browsing around through your links and wanted to tell you what a joy it's been doing so!! What fun looking into all the different links you have.

Congratulations on your wonderful webpage!!

I've saved your site to my favorites, and hope to check back with you from time to time!! At least I can pretend I'm in Albany when I view your photos!! I love it down there and hope to someday get my husband to build us a small place there!! I try to get down there every chance I get!!

I have just been back to your site and was able to finally view your photographs. Had great fun daydreaming through all of them! What a beautiful place you have!! Sure makes me wish I was down that way. Kinda nice to be able to bring a piece of Kentucky right here to me in my own home!! I'll have to get my mother-in-law out here and let her see the pictures from down there. I know she would enjoy seeing them!

I've been snowed in since Friday and have visited your site several times. I've had more fun browsing around through there!! I've just been looking into some of the puzzles and such. Hope nobody can look through my windows and see me laughing at myself!! Thank you again for having your site on the internet! Don't know what I would've done these last few days without it!!!.... I now have my step-mother and step-sister at home on their computers looking into the same things! They're amazed at all you have to see and read!!

Sender: Toni Lowhorn

Dear Duane,

I want to thank you very much for including me on your emails. Through you I have been contacted by a group of people researching my family name Madgwick. So far they have got back to the 1400s in Southern England. This means to much to me and I've found a whole heap of 3rd cousins!

Sender: Leonie

My assignment for school was to find an interesting picture to write a short story or poem about. I searched the web without finding anything, until i stumbled upon your website. I was fascinated by this picture and i hope to see more new pictures soon. Thanks!

Sender: Sarah

Hi Duane,

I was looking for The Tennessee Waltz, and AltaVista pointed the old browser up north to Clinton County and the huge metropolis known as Albany, KY. I guess "up north" is appropriate since I live down here close to the intersection of Hwy 111 and I-40 in your neighboring state to the south.

As I said, I was only looking for that song, but wound up on a site that was full of sage (not the kind that we put in the dressing) and music. I thoroughly enjoyed the visit and will be coming back to browse some more. There is just more to it than one can properly digest in one setting.

My wife is from Byrdstown. We have some relatives in Clinton County. We even have a son, daughter-in-law, and grandson up there just off Hwy 90.

Sender: Joe Daniels

just found your page and loved it, i really like having words to the midis. great work.

Sender: Virginia


I just wanted to say thanks for the fun! I appreciate the lyrics.
Thanks, Marcie

Sender: Marcie King

I love your web site. It really has a lot to offer. Where do I find more Burma-shave jingles?

Sender: Dale Gildemeister - Tennessee

I recently found your page and was absolutely amazed at the music selection you had. It is exactly the kind of repertoire I would have. I saw your music and thought, "This could be my page!" I'll be revisiting it a lot to sample all of your music. Keep up the good work and the good taste in music!!

Sender: John Demma

Just a word to let you know how much I enjoyed your web pages, and I have book marked it so I can come back and take a better look. Thank you.

Sender: Jim Page


Your site is so terrific I don't have time to surf it all tonight. It is now sleepy time. I bookmarked it so I can read more tomorrow.

Sure glad I found it. I was searching for any new info on the web concerning the Battle of Mill Springs or my great- grandfather's Civil War book. He was wounded there and I still have roots, ancestors, and cousins in Albany, Clinton county.

If you get a chance visit my home page below and you will better understand what I am jabbering about.

Thanks and congratulations again for putting up such a useful and attractive set of web pages.

Sender: Walker Brents, Fort Worth, Texas.

This is a great website. I've really enjoyed reading and looking at all the stuff - you've obviously spent a lot of time on this site.

I'm hoping that someone out there in the Internet community can help me. I've been looking for a book entitled "Entangled Roots" by KY author Hayes Lewis. If anyone knows of a copy I can purchase (new or used), please let me know.

By the way, I did place an order from your website for a book! Great idea! :)

Sender: Pamala Wilson.


I found your website for the rules of Albany Canasta today and I am very excited about this game . I have been playing Canasta since I was a girl and have played many times with the three decks but, always knew the game as Samba now I will tell you why I am so excited about Albany Canasta. My family the Reneaus were the first settlers in Albany Kentucky in 1799, I know you have seen the Historical markers around town and probably know all of my cousin still living in Albany . Just wanted to let you know I will be looking for a site to play this version of Canasta.

Sender: Mary Catherine Moss Mabry.

Howdy, neighbor!
Well, not really... We live in Northern KY and have family in Monticello, so were pleased to find your site! Loved the pictures! Thanks for sharing your back yard!

Sender: Gleanne Kelley.

The babies in a shoe was really a joy for me. We are expecting our first grandchild any day now. We know that it will be a boy. But we'd take anything that we get because the day that my daughter and son-in-law got married they found out that he had cancer. After all the radiation and chemo. we were told that they may not be able to have a baby.. Your pictures are a real welcome to me because of the memories that it bring back to me. thanks

Sender: Pat Trent.

I must tell you that your Web page is the best I have ever seen,,,you did a realty good job.

Sender: D. Davis Harrison Ohio

I noticed that you have a link to the FNS. Could you please add the Frontier School's web site. The FNS is our parent organization. Check it out and feel free to comment.

BTW, I love the computer taglines. What a riot!

Peace & Prosperity
Heather East
Multimedia Development Coordinator
Frontier School of Midwifery & Family Nursing

Sender: Heather East


Just visited your website. Glad to know you are from Albany, Clinton County, Kentucky. I too am from there. I was born in 1951 and grew up in Albany. Moved away in 1977 to begin pastoring Baptist Churches. I now live in Brownsville, KY, where I have lived for the past 10 yrs. Great website!!!!

Sender: Jim York

duane - thank you for keeping me on your mailing list; i enjoyed talking with you and visiting your amazingly diverse website. i used some of your forestry information here at my new position at DCNR.
all the best,

Sender: Josh First

Duane found your page here the net by accident.
I am doing family history on several lines in Clinton, KY and Clay, TN and your page popped up during a search of my GGrandfather Richard M. Johnson who died near Shipley, KY in 1923.
I am planning a visit to Clinton County in October to visit some cousins I just found in Albany.
Your page really opens up some interesting things about the area. Thanks for the work you have put in to it.

Sender: William C. Johnson - Fairbanks, Alaska

Found your web site for my father. It is a great collection of posters. My dad is interested in buying some old posters- especially the 5 Solomon brothers. Do you know if there are any repos out there or any source for selling them??? Thanks

Sender: Barb McDonald

Thank you, thank you. I'm always looking around for good quality midis. Here it is at almost 2 a.m. and I've been on your page forever. I got sidetracked from looking for anything about the mountains of Eastern Kentucky. I can't believe the music I found on your page.

"Stranger on the Shore" was my all time favorite when I was 15 and being 51 now, I never expected to find it anywhere in any form. That and "Mariah" are wonderful songs. What a lovely gift your page gave me.

I have found your site to be incredible. Being from a tiny little town in Letcher County as a child, I still hold the mountains dear after being away all these years.

Come visit my humble little page. I 'm just learning computers but do have fun.

I'll be back often.

Bless you, Trish

Sender: Trish Good

I would like to know if someone knows about 4 decks of cards being played at once in Canasta.

Sender: Nel Lefebvre

Thanks for the page. I think its really cool. There's some songs I've always wanted the music for. Now I've got it. Thanks

Sender: Josh Drummond

I was searching for info on KERA when I stumbled across your web page. There are so many interesting links I had to bookmark it so I can come back to it. I just thought I'd drop you a note and say hi from another Kentuckian. My wife and I are both from Somerset and we drive through Albany on our way back and forth from Nashville where I work as a computer systems administrator.

Sender: David Sears

Thank you to the Bristow family for sharing their unique and warm life. I must say I felt like an interloper, as if I were sitting on your porch watching the passing and stirrings of your family. What a gift you all have to put people there. Leaving the web page was like setting down a novel and then finding your mind wondering what the characters are doing now. Thank you again. Continued success and many blessing to you all.

Sender: Linda Scalet

Hi Duane..

Just to let you know that I'm still around and kicking..and enjoy your newsletters..

Keep them coming..I don't spend as much time on the internet as I did before...

Think your site is great and I still don't know how you do it..I now have a better computer with a svga monitor and a little more speed and memory so I can take a look at the graphics..You have a great looking family and I know they are proud of their father.

Sender: Pete Zavorskas

Dear Duane and Eva,

Leon Felkins has nominated your page for membership in the Polymath Society International. I think you have done a wonderful job!

Sender: Tom Lacey, curator

I'm interested to know where in Ecclesiasties you found this quote?
         Go eat your bread in gladness 
         and drink your wine in joy, 
         for your action was long ago 
         approved by God! 

Sender: bb1159@messiah.edu

Reply from Duane:

Chapter 9, verse 7

Thanks for the poem texts. Our 5th grader needed the text of The Charge of the Light Brigade, and our search engine found your page. Your listing of poems is a great resource.

Sender: Ralph Berger, Orinda, California

We {Lisa and Dana} wanted to say that your page is really cool. Especially the page on Lake Cumberland! Only, most of those pictures aren't really what Lake Cumberland looks like!!! {Believe me...Dana has been there!!! She knows!!!} Well, keep up the good work!!!

Sender: Lisa and Dana

Reply from Duane:

The fact that in the series of pictures only the first two are actually on or near Lake Cumberland is stated under the second picture in the series but since you are the second visitor to miss that and write me about it, I will repeat that statement on the main Lake Cumberland page.

The rest of the pictures in the series are just computer generated lake pictures that we thought our visitors might enjoy seeing.

Thanx for having such a great web page!!!! It had all the poems I needed, and I'm sure i'll get an A for presenting one of these poems for my class!!!!

Sender: OnyxNSmoki@aol.com

I am so excited to find "Mountain Whippoorwill" here.

One of the professors where I worked had heard this at camp when he was much younger. He loved it. One couselor had recited it annually, but this professor had had no luck in finding it.

I was having no luck at finding it, either. I had exhausted all the local libraries when it finally dawned on me to try the internet.

Thanks for bringing back some memories to this professor and making some new ones for me.

Sender: Cindy Eiger

Hello Duane. I happened across your web page and thought I would let you know that I saw it. My mom grew up in Albany, and that is why I was searching for a page from somebody there. Her name is Marilyn Logsdon, but it used to be Marilyn Flowers. My grandparents, Sam and Odene Flowers, still live in Albany, as do my Aunt Devonda and Uncle David. If you get this message and have time to reply, please do so. I will ask my mom if she knew you. I think that would be pretty interesting if she did. I will have to let her know about your page.

Sender: Robyn Michelle Logsdon

I like your website.

I know you're fighting an uphill battle to get these matters disussed without the polemics on both sides.

I don't know much about education or the debates within, but you're website was a good place to start for me.

I hope some good comes of it.

Sender: Colin Dodd

I came across some of the essays in the Philosophy section of the Life section of your section of the web, and was inclined to make a reference to them on my own web page. If I could have your permission, I'd like to have a link to some of your essays.

I also want to comment on that essay about Intelligence, after browsing through some more of your documents. I'm sure it's quite old, and that you've most likely forgotten most about it [?], but about the line where you questioned if that was a view shared by say, artists (etc.). I found it quite agreeable... and I do think it's a fine definition for 'intelligence', despite what field you come from.

Sender: HymnWriter

Reply from Duane:
I would appreciate the URL of your homepage so I could take a look.

From: HymnWriter

It's an amateur, personal web page, that I've worked on off-and-on, with little, or no, traffic. I'm looking to start improving on it, aesthetic-wise, and am trying to beef-up my HTML (funny thing to say about such a simplistic language), and at least include stylescripts with it in the future. But for now, it remains the usual, childish, mundane it has been for the last several months:

We thoroughly enjoyed your pictures of Lake Cumberland. We have such a special interest in this lake, due to the fact that my mother was raised at the foot of Piney Woods. The R.L. Dickerson farm.

We would like to know where the shots of Cumberland, after the 76 Falls, were taken. We have never seen this part of Cumberland, although we have spent many boating trips on the lake. We would like to visit some of these places. We both feel that Cumberland is the most beautiful lake we have visited.

Sender: Eddie and Barb Vincent

Reply from Duane:

I'm sorry if my pictures were misleading. The picture of '76 falls is the only one of the series actually taken on Lake Cumberland. There is a statement to that effect at the bottom of the '76 falls picture. I got carried away with the rippling water effect and used the computer to create the other pictures. The picture on the Lake Cumberland page is actually the Kentucky River rather than Lake Cumberland. Some of the other rippling water pictures are scenes from China and various other places. Most of the "lakes" do not really exist but are computer creations.


This web site shows much time invested in gathering info and love for your homeland. I am very impressed.

My family has some property in the piney woods area that I am gathering info on. The area is across the lake from the Grider Hill Dock. It's the land that sits behind the Brumley cemetery, Approx. 180 acres. I am interested in some photos of the area. What would be interesting to see is perhaps aerial views of that land that I can compare to a computer solid model that I created using a USGS contour map.

Anyway, all the information that I can gather about the area will be helpful.

Sender: Christopher Cook

The poem by Edna St. Vincent Millay --

        My candle burns at both ends;
          It will not last the night;
        But ah, my foes, and oh, my friends--
          It gives a lovely light!
is, I believe, entitled "First Fig," not "My Candle."

Published in 1920 in the collection A Few Figs from Thistles. See her Collected Poems (NY: Harper, 1956)

Thanks for your collection.

Sender: EAZ13

I was so touched by your writings and the vividness of your poetry. I am just starting to explore my creative side and your work highly interests me because I can feel all your emotions and almost experience all your journeys. What a wonderful gift the written word is and makes me so very grateful that there are so many talented people coming from all walks of life and backgrounds..if life experience makes us more seasoned ..then I say..Bring it on!"

Thank you for being somewhat of an inspiration and for sharing a small part of yourself with others.

Sender: Mrs. Angelena Short

Please accept my compliments on a truly outstanding forestry page.

Sender: Clark Boyer

Subscribe. I just found your website and like it very much. I'm a consulting forester in western Massachusetts.

Sender: Karl Davies

Hello from Florida,

I graduated from Clinton County High School in 1987 (a year before David) and I have since been living in Florida (currently Tallahassee). I was looking through search engines to see who was on the Web from Albany. I found your page and it's quite a resource for people interested in Albany and Clinton County.

I have a home page. It is not near the site you have but it works for now.

Thanks, and great site!

Keilan McWhorter
Formerly of Albany

P.S. If you see my Dad, Keith McWhorter, let him know I found your site.

Sender: Keilan McWhorter

I've enjoyed your web site this year. Where do you find the time to keep up with it? Please continue your monthly announcements by e-mail.

Best wishes for the Holidays to you and your family! Dick Ridge

Sender: Dick Ridge

It was nice to see Albany on the NET. I'll recommend the stories to my friends to show where I grew up. Keep up the good work.

Sender: Kyle Cole

Thanks for all the wonderful pictures, that will be put to good use this Christmas...

Happy Holidays!!!

Sender: John Arellano

Enjoyed your Christmas page very much -- my compliments! I've added an Internet version of my Christmas card this year, which is a poem plus a photo of a great sunset over the creek from our house.

Sender: Susan Godman Rager

I am originally from Byrdstown and know what you mean by stifling to live in small town with few people to discuss ideas. My cousins still live in Albany, Jackie and Jeff Flowers and Cue and Richard Matthews. Enjoyed your pages and bookmarked them to check out some of your links.

Sender: Marion Moore

I think "Wonder Years" should be high on your list of TV shows.

found your site by looking for Burma-Shave - I have made some BS signs for our customers to enjoy on the way up to our "out of the way" or "destination" restaurant.

Enjoyed your "down home" site!

Sender: Richard Kingdon

I can't tell you how i stumbled upon your page, but have just begun to explore it, and am delighted. I started with your stories, and it brought back memories of some of my family's stories.

Just wanted to say thanks for sharing.

Charlie - Mississippi

Sender: Charles Heath

Informative web-site. I found the forestry links quite helpful as I am now working on a new web-site for use in my Environmental Justice seminar at West Virginia University.

I grew up in Western Kentucky, own a farm there, and look forward to coming home one of these days.

Thanks for all your efforts.

Jim Elkins
Professor of Law 
West Virginia University

Sender: James R. Elkins

Beautiful Page! THANKS .........

Sender: John Fentress

Thank you for making your artwork available. I had to design a bulletin insert for our church. Every year, we participate in the Christmas Angel program through the county department of human services. The insert instructs gift buyers on how to fill out the gift cards, when to bring gifts back to the church, etc. We provide gifts for 175-plus kids a year, so it's a big logistical undertaking and the insert gives the instructions so our minister doesn't have to take time out of the service to explain the process. I needed artwork to replace a piece that was lost when a computer went down since last Christmas. Your artwork really helped make the piece.

Again, thank you for your very special site.

Sender: Owen Taylor
St. Peter's By-the-Lake Episcopal Church
Brandon, Miss.

Liked the pictures that you have on the web. Job well done!!! We have forgotten how things have changed over the years.


Sender: HBG1@aloha.net

I know that designing and running a web page can be very time consuming and difficult. Running a web game must be incredibly more involved. I want to take the time to say thank you for your efforts in keeping this game fun and interesting for me, and I'm sure, many others.

The effort is appreciated and respected:)

Sender: Jeff Coleman

Dear Duane:

Thank you for the permission to publish the article about the Massengale in our Family Tree Journal, Hamilton County Genealogy Society. Our next journal will come out Dec. 4, 1997.

I sure like your homepage. It is really neat.

I have family in Greensburg, KY. The Arnett family. The old Arnett house is still standing in Greensburg. The house was built in the early 1800s. This is where all of my mother's family came from. We have been up there to visit. Thanks again for the article.

Sender: Carlian Massingill Pittman

Thank you for an enjoyable visit to your site.

I am going to share this picture with my parents as I feel I have seen it before as a child.

Again thank you for your efforts and lovely website

Sender: airspares

Thanks. I really liked reading this poetry!

Sender: BecaRose83@aol.com

Hi Duane and Eva,

I would just like to thank you for having this website... I think you are doing great work. This is only my first visit... but I'm so thankful that someone cared enough to put all this information on the web.

Thanks a million!!

Sender: Jonas Lasky

I just wanted to tell you how great it was to find your website. I am in Texas and was surfing the web to find anything on Albany, KY. My mother and father were born and raised in Albany. Charley Lawson and Delta Norris, Lawson. They moved to Indiana where I was born in 1947. My father died when I was five. My mother didn't drive so we (my brother Jerry Lawson) didn't get to go to Kentucky or really get to know our relatives there. We did go there 17 years ago just before moving to Friendwood, TX where we now live. It is such a pleasure to see your site and read all about the place that brings to life the stories that my mother has told us about.

Keep up the good work. I hope that you add more to the site and more of the old pictures.

Sender: Patricia Thompson

You have the best Thanksgiving website on the net!!! I should know I have seen them all.

Sender: ANDEWI@aol.com



from gary in louisville,

its been a while since I logged onto your site, and I'm sorry that I dont have as much time to spend here today.

I still think your site is great. I've been down to your area about 3 times this summer and enjoy it always.

Hopefully, can get back down there in october or november when maybe the smallmouth are biting real good in the lakes.

best wishes as always,

gary in louisville

Sender: Gary Davidson


I am an English teacher at South Webster High School in South Webster, Ohio. I truly enjoyed your page of poetry. Keep up the good work!

Sender: Judy Ellsesser

This is an extremely good resource for students in high schools and colleges. Thank you and keep up the good work. It is really appreciated. Keep me informed if this page moves to another location.

Best regards,

Charles Remedios

Sender: Charles Remedios

I sent out a search on "Creelsboro" and your site was the only one listed. Creelsboro was a steamboat port on the Cumberland River (as you mentioned. We stopped there today and looked at some of the abandoned buildings. It is now a very, very quiet little town. I saw a short piece about it on "Kentucky Life" on PBS but forgot a lot of the details. Do you have any suggestions on where we can go to get more info on Creelsboro?

Sender: Donna & Bruce

Had a chance to quickly browse your page last night - loved it, and I am a complete freak for contests. We are in the process of moving 2 blocks away to Main Street -a better location with parking, so as soon as we are out of this horrid mess I plan to spend time on your site. Thought it was terrific. Best regards.

Sender: Diana Turnbull
Woodland Park Bookstore
516 East High Street
Lexington, KY 40502

Yours is the kind of family farm I am trying to put in a page of international family farms. Visit my home page. I will put a link to your farm next time I upload. I am looking forward to visiting your site many times.

Sender: Harold Eddleman, Ph.D.

Indiana Biolab micropropagates virus-free sweetpotato, strawberry, raspberry, and blackberry which have outyielded certified plants three-fold. Our website includes extensive science project and farm information. It has links to 50 family farms around the world.


I'm sitting in the kitchen looking at information on Albany Kentucky and found your e-mail address. Albany is a long way from where I live in Okinawa, Japan; but it looks pretty nice from the photos you show.

Sender: Buckeye

I stumbled across your site because of my fun memories of the Burma Shave signs. When I saw the link to 'Purpose of life', I chose to read it with some trepidation because I feared a sermon about religion and such. Instead I found a reasoned statement with no religious overtones, and I enjoyed reading it.

Thank you. It is my opinion that, had the founding fathers of our country known what a monster they were creating with the 'Freedom of Religion' part of the Constitution, they would have omitted it.

Sender: John Wheeler

I am an Icelandic food historian. I want to know wherefrom you got the recipe of the Icelandic Christmas cake. To day is a warm and wonderful sommer day here in Reykjavmk. Best wishes to you.

Interests: Philosophy, Family, Humor

Sender: Hallgerpur Gmsladsttir

I really enjoyed your colorful pictures.

You might say I'm your neighbor here in Barren County.

I'll refer your web site to my students at Red Cross Elem. for their keypals this fall. The pictures of your farm and tobacco production (that's the way I remember it when I was growing up) are good ways of showing students around the world what it is like here in south central KY.

I was surfing through the web for lesson ideas for an Agr/Environment unit I am to write for University of KY.

Thanks again,
Joy :)

Sender: Joy

Oh wow, I can't believe I found you while just surfing the net. I live on Long Island in New York but I am originally from Kentucky. My mother, Eva Sloan, is from Albany and I spent every summer until I was grown in Albany. My favorite part of your web site was your essay on growing up in the 50s in Albany. What fond memories that brought back.

My mother still owns a house in Albany and if I could find my address book I'd tell you the address :) But I'm sure you know it. It's the white house right across from the jail. It's next door to my cousin Glenn Ray Sloan. There used to be an old machine shop right across the street where the church is now. And the new jail used to be a very scary (at least to me) old building that bats would fly over at night as we sat out on the front porch.

The house belonged to my aunt, Grace Sloan. She and my uncle, Hansford Sloan, lived there. My Aunt Grace worked at restaurant at Grider's Dock and at my cousin Opal's restaurant in town. I also think I remember your father's laundrymat.

My favorite thing to do in the 50s was to walk "downtown". I stopped at the place that sold live chickens. I forget the old man's name who owned the store, but he would always give me a piece of bubble gum. Then I would head on down to Chilton's 5 and 10 and spend my dollar. After that it was down to the drugstore (Dwyer's?) for a fountain coke.

My dad (who was in the Air Force and would spend a week with us during the summer) would take me to the stockyards to watch the auctions. I remember loving that place although I can't imagine why today :)

I try to get to Albany every summer or every other summer. Since my dad was in the Air Force we traveled a lot and Albany was the only real home I ever knew. I love it dearly and wouldn't be a bit surprised if we aren't related in one way or another.

Thank you so much Eva and Duane for your rememberances. What a lovely time I had this evening "visiting" with you. I bookmarked your page and intend to come back to it several times to go through the whole thing. You've done a marvelous job on it. I originally found it through the essay you wrote on censorship on the net which, by the way, I found to be extremely well-written.

Sender: Linda Allen

Hi. You have some really lovely poetry on tap. I don't know if you have a poetry links page, but if you do, please add my site, Wild Rhyme Trees.

Sender: Tom Arnone


Thank you for your description of tobacco growing. I enjoyed reading it and would appreciate it if you know of other internet sites that have information on growing and curing tobacco you would let me know. Finding information is difficult here in Massachusetts.

Sender: Ed Harper

For several years I have searched for Longfellow's "The Rainy Day".
Thanx for bringing my quest to an end.

Sender: Chock Perry

i love ur website because you pick the most perfect poems.

Sender: andrea cloninger

Hi. Just browsed through your web pages and just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed them, especially the pictures of your farm. I have a lot more to see but have to quit for now. I am in the process of setting up my own web page {with the help of my daughter} but so far it is still under construction. We are starting with my husband's WWII memoirs in New Caledonia.

Dorothy Irvin
Coos Bay, oregon

Sender: Dorothy Irvin

I was surfing the net today for my 12 year old son. He needs some poems for a language arts project he has at school.

You have a great collection of poetry and a great site!

Thanks for making it available to the web.

Sender: Abol2000@aol.com

Nice website folks. I think it goes a long way changing attitudes about us in these parts. I'm in McCreary County and appreciate your efforts.

Sender: Chuck King, Stearns/Pine Knot.

Duane and Eva,
A note here from Gary in Louisville.

Your site is great!

I get down to your Lake Cumberland area about 4 times a year. I mostly travel down there on fishing trips with my 2 boys (ages 17 and 11) and their friends.

We love boating on the cumberland river and fishing the lake. we've also camped the Kendall area and state park. On trout fishing trips, we've stayed in Burkesville. Hope to get down there before the end of June.

You all have a great place.
thanks for the entertaining web site!

Sender: Gary Davidson

is not so frequently that in few secs i'm get so much in the net, congratulations for the intelligence at your homeplace. People like you are responsable to buit a meaningfull network!!

best regards,
universidade de sao paulo at sao carlos.

Sender: Marconi


I ran across your web site a few months ago and wanted to tell you how much Judy and I have enjoyed reading about "the old homeplace". Thanks for sharing the many facets of information about your family and all that is going on in Clinton County.

Sender: Hank Chilton - Lewisville, North Carolina

Although I don't think I could ever afford a place like yours, just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed looking at the pictures. Your home is beautiful. I don't think I could ever leave something like that. I own horses and I am looking for land now. Seeing these pictures makes me excited to try and find it even faster.

Sender: publish@iwaynet.net

As a junior high English teacher , I'm always looking for material for my students. I download a lot of "stuff" for use in the classroom and I'm certainly appreciative of people like you who take the time to provide sites like this. You do a lot of my work for me by providing great literature, etc. for "surfers" to read and use. I send you a big "thank-you" from the Great White North. Keep up the work, there are a lot of us who truly dig it!!!!

Sender: David Anderson

Thanks for the great info....excellent web page!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
KY is a great place to live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sender: Rsteadman4@aol.com

Very cool site!
Keep up the good work
Interests - Humor

Sender: Gunnar Grinaker - gunnar.grinaker@global-one.no

Dear Duane Bristow,

I was delighted to find you'd put the opening of "Snowbound" at your site of Favorite Poems. I had just been thinking about that poem, having grown up in West Acton (Mass) and now living here in Buffalo--and wanting to write something about our own winter for the City Honors School's writing journal on line. (I am an elder (and) poet here so such are my useful responsibilities.) Anyhow I gave them "Barbara Freitchie" lacking all of "Snowbound" which would have taken up all their "memory" at that. Anyhow I much like the poems you note as favorites. Take care!

Sender: Robert Creeley - creeley@acsu.buffalo.edu

This is memory lane. Go back to the late 70s. Back to Bert T. Combs Forestry office in Pineville. You were DMA (or DAM as Florence used to call it) and I was a new forester that transferred from Madisonville. You broke me into mountain fire fighting on some God forsaken mountain in Knox County. The stars were ablaze, and so were a couple of hundred acres of forest. It was memorable.

I was not surprised when I stumbled across your web page. You were the first computer junkie I ever met. And I thought your Star Trek game was pretty neat back then. Times have changed, and looks like you've kept up with them. I haven't dove into your page much, but fully intend to. I presently am a forester for TN Division of Forestry, and presently manage a 25,000 acre forest (Chuck Swan), north of Knoxville, TN. I did move to the family farm about 10 miles south of Middlesboro, and fool with Christmas trees and cattle. Still married to Rhonda, and have one 14 year old son (Ben). I still converse with Fuller and Ken Powers on occasion.

Sender: Steve Roark - rmroark@centuryinter.net

It's very pretty your farm.

From Spain. I Salute.


Sender: Carlos Estevez - vetsteve@grn.es

Received in response to an end of year mailing about our web site to visitors on our mailing list. The mailing described changes in the web site during 1996.


I confess that is easy for a visitor like me (as yet to put up a website of my very own) to overlook *exactly* how much work goes into a website like yours, with the myriad topics and links.

I just want to make sure that you know how much I value your website and the "conversations" we have had over the past months. In attempting to describe to my non-surfer pals, I describe you (oh, how words fail me) as my "cyber-pal."

A very happy 1997 to you and yours,

Anne Lurie
St. George, Vermont

Sender: Anne Lurie - ALurie6171@aol.com

To Duane and Eva Bristow . . .

Merry Christmas!

I have enjoyed your web site and look forward to new adventures this coming year.

A short visit with Jack Ferguson in October yielded some interesting family history that I would not have known without your place on the net. Thanks for sharing.

Best wishes to you and yours in the coming year.

Dick Ridge

Sender: Richard A. Ridge - dridge@erols.com

I was very interested in your stories and pictures because I was born in Albany, Ky in 1926. My mother and father were also born there and together had 26 siblings, so as a child I saw lots of aunts and uncles on farms around Albany. Enjoyed the page.

As I read your other readers comments it became obvious that I had not begun to explore your site but will do so.

In the 30s my grandmother, Emma Guthrie, lived next door to Mrs. Nunn, and sometimes we spent long periods in the summer at Albany after we had moved away. Later my mother and father built another house next door to her so we saw her over a period of 40 to 50 years and she looked the same to me. I have much to look forward to because I enjoy poetry, computers, and Kentucky lore.

As so many others have said, how nice it is to run into people who only uplift and cheer the world via the internet!

I hope that the Christmas season will be all that you both want it to be.

Sender: David O. Booher, MD - dobooher@tu.infi.net

Excerpt from a message containing Christmas greetings from one of our Web Friends "down under".

What is it over there? Roast Turkey and Maple Syrup? We just BBQ a kangaroo down at the beach !

Eric (The Bandicoot) Summers.

Sender: Eric Summers - madlondo@pronet.net.au

I have just looked at your web page. It is really cool. I am also a web programmer and enjoy the composition of your page. I enjoyed your pictures thoroughly. They were the best. I am currently a junior at the University of Washington in Seattle. If you are ever in Seattle and need a baby-sitter, I am always available...I sure do love kids. I think your page shows the bond between your family. Thanks for providing a home on the web.

Sender: Danny Hart - dhartluv@u.washington.edu

Dear Duane,

I have just taken a look at your web page. It is THE BEST page I have ever seen. My roommate introduced me to it. I believe he has already emailed you expressing similiar sentiments. Anyway, I like the way that you are using the information superhighway for wholesome activities.

Sender: Craig Hammond - hammond2@u.washington.edu


You still have the greatest site..

And I agree with you 100% on the issue of Religion/Government/Education.

There is too much hate in this world now dealing with people trying to force their views on other people...

I went to Catholic schools..Got a decent education in religion but I am really disturbed the way the Catholic church does so little to tackle the problems of today. (I was raised Catholic).

Keep up the good work.


Sender: Pete Zavorskas - pete606@cris.com

Duane, I'm really impressed with your complete "old Kentucky home page" - from soup to nuts. A labor of love.

Sender: Derrick/Diane Brown - dbrown@ewol.com

You have very cute and adorable grandkids. You are very lucky. The family photos were a good idea.

Sender: Stenson Somers - z_somerssa@titan.sfasu.edu

Dear WebMaster,

Your page really sucks, and need BIG updating and some thought (at least more of it)!

Just a comment!

Sender: Anonymous

Comment from Duane: As proven by this message the internet has finally become user friendly and democratic enough that anyone can use the web and email. No intelligence required.

Felicitation pour cette page
Tres interessante
Je vais la recommander a tous mes amis
Keep on the good work
Rookies like me need people like you!

Sender: Gendron Claude - gendclae@videotron.ca

Hadn't read anything about raising tobacco in years....Brought back many memories some bad some good.....


Sender: Scott - shup@concentric.net

While looking for "Thanatopsis" to use in a speech I ran across your informative page. You are to be congratulated. Keeping-up a page takes work and dedication, and not many people will give either one for nothing.

Thank you,

Julio Girsn-Mai - Landowner - Computers - Farming

Sender: Julio Girsn-Mai - mayla@infovia.com.gt

Hi Mr. Bristow!

I am about 11 years older than your oldest son. Married with 3 children. They are Teresa age 8, Kevin age 5, and David age 2 mos. David was born on your granddaughter, Maria's first birthday (July 29, 1996).

I like your Family Album. You have a nice looking family. I browsed some of your webpage. Keep up the good work. I found your page in Pagehost AtoZ.

If interested, we have a webpage also, find us at http://www.gader.net/

Have a great day!

in California

Sender: Cynthia - akg@mail.ccnet.com

What a wonderful selection of poetry! I thoroughly enjoyed it. Will you be making additions to this collection? If so, may I suggest some Shakespeare?

Sender: Rena Pan - emper@gdi.net

Dear Folks:

Thanks for the opportunity to share your existence and thoughts. As an avid AOL user, I was surfing for the text to "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening" Yup-You've got it! Being nosey, I kept exploring. I'll be visiting you folks frequently and trying to discern more about you through your website. I've added your URL to my favorite sites. Anyhow, a cursory tour motivates me to say "Well done". See you soon,

Sender: Catherine Ortega - CAT162gate@AOL.com


It took me until very late in the night to read all about you (and yours). What a history you have.

Now about me. (as you asked)

  1. I'm retired, since 1986, from ESystems in Dallas. They were bought several months ago by Raytheon.
  2. What do I do now? My computer and the stock market are my main interests. My wife, Pat, still substitutes (k thru 6). I have tried to talk her out of it for the last seven years, to no avail.
  3. Every morning I have coffee and doughnuts at the local Kroger store with about six to fifteen cronies. They are retired insurance executives, steel executives, marble people, engineers, physicists, doctors...but no lawyers.


Sender: Fred Grisak - frg@onramp.net

Hello! Just found your page from a link on BobaWorld and just had to say Thanks! Made this Ole Briar proud. Very impressive. I left Lexington in '82 for Austin, Texas. Still don't know why and still hate it.

I'm a newbie at this computer stuff, don't know what I'm doing but having great fun doing it. Good luck to you and yours and keep up the great work.

My page - Shorttimer

Sender: Mike Bromley - shorttimer@geocities.com

I happened upon your page and enjoyed the philosophical essays. I recently retired and live on a small farm in Tenn. which I dearly love. It appears that you are leaving your "real" farm (mine is not so serious).

Your views on government are particularly interesting in that you seem to have a balanced view of the liberal and conservative factions. So do I -- which is that they are all driven by self interest, not yours or mine.

Best of luck to you and your family.

My page - A Rational Life

Sender: Leon Felkins - leonf@perspicuity.net

I love your page(s). Thank you so much for the link to Papa's page!


Sender: Loretta Gale - loretta@infobytes.com

I found your homepage and information delightful. Why are you selling your farm? This is the type of thing my wife and I are looking for. We are tired of the rat race in Atlanta.

I think you have a wonderful family and are quite lucky. My wife and I are looking to start a family and move into a more laid back lifestyle. If you know of any other property similiar to yours that may not have quite as much acreage, would you kindly let me know where to look? Once again, the farm is simply beautiful. Best of everything to you and your family.

Sender: Chuck Catlett - ccatlett@edi.gatech.edu

Subject: I'm Supposed to be Working...
But I'm enjoying browsing your web page instead. I live in Hodgenville, Ky and am a telecommuter. Ten years ago, who would have thought of it? I dial into the account in Houston and modem the finished work back to Maryland, from whence my "electronic paycheck" to the local bank emerges. Since I'm sort of a homebody by nature anyway, this all works out really well. The wardrobe costs are certainly minimal (Wal-Mart) and I don't have to waste two hours a day driving to and from Louisville anymore. My neighbors think I'm eccentric and some have told me that we soon will all have invisible generic bar codes stamped on our foreheads as identification for when we shop at Houchen's, as a result of all this computer stuff. What can I say, other than "Uh huh..." :-D

At any rate, I digress as usual. Your thread on telephones in general kind of got me going. More later, on intrusive sales people (even with an unlisted number) and other annoyances of modern life.

I think I'll go feed Dennis, my 16-year-old cat (How long _do_ they live, anyway?) so he'll stop sniveling on the front porch. He knows where my office is and presses his nose into the screen and stares at me until I relent. The screen has a permanent nose impression in it...


Sender: Cathy Harned - ccharned@ne.infi.net

To the Family:

I am so impressed by the amount of information your family has been able to preserve in writing and in will. There's not enough words to express how amazed I am. Where I come from, family is everything. You would most definitely be the unthrown in my country. Keep your history alive, so others don't forget their deeds. Later...

Sender: che@gladstone.uoregon.edu

Thank you for a thoroughly enjoyable morning/afternoon getting acquainted with the myriad nooks and crannies of your site! Especially enjoyed your pawpaw stories and letter to burglars. What a hoot!

I work at a software development company (mostly client/server Windows95 back office applications for law firms) in Richardson (greater Dallas) Texas. I initially got on the web to look for instructions on pouring concrete for a driveway for my father-in-law down in Boerne, Texas. Somehow, I ended up here and have spent the last several hours in my office just pouring over your site. I'll admit, at first I was intrigued as to why anyone would want to open up their families photo album and personal revelations to the entire world, or why they would think anyone would care. But your warmth, unassuming nature, and just plain ol' down-home friendliness was compelling and refreshing. Much of the allure for me is your lifestyle on such a beautiful farm in what is perhaps one of the most beautiful places in this country (IMHO). I grew up in Cincinnati and as a child made many trips with my family to the Lake Cumberland area.

Someday, if we could ever put it all together, my wife and I would like to find the escape hatch to this rat race and live a rural lifestyle in such a place like you wake up to. But I digress. I just wanted to thank you for a pleasant morning.

Sender: Don Navaro - donn@ctinc.com

I wish I could afford to buy or lease your farm -- what a beautiful place! My husband and I actually want to find a place to raise sheep for wool; we'd like eventually to do a business where we can provide wool to handspinners and knitters in any state from raw fleece to handspun and dyed yarn.

Your page is a pleasure to surf around in, and it's pretty rare to find a page so recently updated!

Sender: Chris Holland - cholla01@farinon.harris.com

Hi Duane:

Interesting page, a personal page with lots of different interests. The page is quite personal and has so much content, so diversified, that it is a challenge not to be interested in something you are showing! From links to web reviewers to poetry and thoughts, you cover the gambit.

The page is quite thorough and really touches on something I love, the me to you, person to person aspect of the Web. This is clearly your viewpoint of the Web and a fascinating one; I get the sense of many interests here that would take a long time to explore. Lots of content.

I thought the high school pictures was a particulary good use of personalization; tying in the memories with the current.

All in all, I think you do a great job of creating a unique Web site with a personal flavor.

The Web Letter:
Learn How To Jumpstart Your Web Site

Sender: Michael Declan Dunn - dunn@writething.com

Duane & Eva,

I found your site through a search on the net, I was looking for information on Albany & Clinton Co.

My family was from there a long time ago. (Mom born in 1918).

I've told her about it and she thinks it's wonderful.

Good luck getting other people on the net there locally.

I sure enjoyed reading your page.

Jeff Lawson
Arlington Hts, IL

Sender: Jeff Lawson - jwl@interaccess.com


Visited your page while surfing the net...thought it was an excellent job. You have so much "stuff" that I was not able to look at it all in the limited time that I had....so, I bookmarked it and will get back to it later.

Sender: Dan C. Boutwell, AICP - mprginc@flash.net

Great history lesson! Enjoyed reading it. Thanks!!

Sender: David McDowell - seadog@atl.mindspring.com

Duane and Eva,

This past Thursday I was reviewing the archives of the Lexington Herald Leader and went over to the Internet via CompuServe looking for Albany, KY references.

My curiosity was perked by your Old Kentucky Home Page. Probably because you live and (I presume) make a living in Albany. I enjoyed your essay on the benefits of the World Wide Web.

My early visits to Albany (at the time I lived in Rhode Island), were largely summer vacations (duty visits) to my maternal grandparents and other assorted relatives. The old family home is now the Flower Shop on Water Street. In the '40s tall trees and a lily pond graced the front yard along with a porch swing on which I spent hours watching the parade of farm commerce go by. My grandparents door was always open to family and friends, and hardly a day went by without someone dropping over for the noon meal--at one time cooked on a wood stove.

An uncle and his wife had a men's store (later a line of women's cloths were added) on the square and a great uncle ran the general store on the opposite side of the square (now a vacant lot). A hotel was also in the family at one time. From these local businesses as well as other associations throughout the area I had the unique opportunity to observe a culture I tended to take for granted without appreciation for the hardships many endured. I wish my parents had taken time to explain the uniqueness of the area--perhaps they too took the old home area for granted and failed to appreciate the culture. I did suffer through some long Baptist sermons--long before Albany Baptist built it's pleasant air conditioned sanctuary. I visited the Wolf Creek Dam site during its construction, fished the waters around the area, watched Grider Hill Dock being developed, etc. . . .

So, why am I sending you an E-mail? Because I am curious about why you settled in Albany given your education and employment skills which, I assume, are more suited to the technology centers of more urban areas. Are you the ultimate in telecommuting? In my area of Fredericksburg, VA, we have several telecommuting centers for people whose jobs are based in Northern Virginia. It's great that today's technology permits such arrangements.

Me? I left the field of education (I was a Dean of Student Services at a Community College) 17 years ago for human resources administration with our local health system (some 2600 employees). Our kids (2) are through college (at least at the bachelors level), married and gainfully employed (thank goodness), and occasionally my wife and I think of retirement. On rare occasions we detour through Albany, and at some point I will divest my interest of a few acres of land in Albany and in Clinton Country.

I would be interested in acquiring Jack Ferguson's book? Can you help? And, did Ferguson own a market and farm implement store?

Dick Ridge--Fredericksburg, Virginia

Sender: Richard A. Ridge - dridge@erols.com


Surfing for a Lake Cumberland page I came across yours. You've developed a nice site.

My wife and I own a cabin and several plots of land on Cumberland Point southwest of Nancy and have enjoyed the lake and area for years. So much so that we will semi-retire there in about seven years.

Since we have a cabin there we spend as much time as we can, even though we are (currently) Ohioans and live six hours north, near Toledo. We normally spend a good deal of July there.

Anyway, it's nice to see some Lake Cumberland pages. My page references the lake and you can visit it at: http://www.wcnet.org/~bsmith and my wife's at: http://www.cba.bgsu.edu/amis/facstaff/csmith

Bob Smith
Bowling Green, OH

Sender: Robert J. Smith - bsmith@wcnet.org

Hi - I just wanted to let you know that I think you have a great home page.. I was just looking around to see what is in the Corbin, KY area (I am from Cleveland OH). We planned our vacation in Corbin via the internet. It's cool. Thanks for the great pictures of your house. Sometimes the internet is so cold - you know not personal. I loved looking at what you had out there. Have a great day.

Sender: Cliff Thompson - jeepman1@ix.netcom.com

Congrats on your homepage award! Keep up the good work. Drop a line if you have a free web moment.

Sender: Rudy Thomas - RThomas@msmail.berea.k12.ky.us

I had a poetry assignment due and as usual I waited til the last minute but your page really helped me out, Thanks =]

Sender: Mrs Rebecca F Morogua - qlmn24a@prodigy.com

Hi, Duane!

Although I do not have a web page of my own yet,(perhaps for my 50th on 8/1??), I am tempted to make your page my Netscape starting point. To paraphrase, all I needed to know, I learned on Duane's home page.

Even if I never get to move to Kentucky, as we hope, I'll keep your home page near and dear. (I, too, plan to use your page as example of what's good, dynamic, and vital on the Internet.)

Oh, BTW, my husband and I own majority interest in "Vermont Business Magazine." If the magazine should ever do article on Internet vis-a-vis censorship, I would appreciate it if the editor could get your permission to quote from your essay, or contact you for input, on the subject of censorship. (Would that our magazine's writers could even hope to approach your writing skill!)


  1. am Secretary on Board on Directors, Green Mountain Audubon Society, Huntington, Vermont
  2. have 3 acres +- of Christmas Trees in "backyard" (Balsam Fir, Scotch Pine, Blue Spruce, White Spruce, and my favorites -- and now speciality -- Douglas Fir). We bought the trees with the house; fortunately, I do not depend on making a profit on them. I don't know about Kentucky, but, in Vermont, Christmas Trees are everywhere!
  3. also graduated in 1968, Michigan State University, BA in English Lit.

Sender: Anne Lurie - alurie6171@aol.com

Hi Duane --

I found the concept of the tour very intriguing. The notion of multiple levels of rings makes sense, especially in the context of providing more and more detailed levels of information as you enter the smaller, outlying circles.

BTW, I enjoyed reading your thoughts on the Web as a publishing medium.

Sender: Eric Tilton - tilt@cs.cmu.edu

My name is Stan Myrick. I lived in Byrdstown, Tn. for six years leaving when I was age 19, a year after graduation. I left for Jackson, Tn. for job opportunities.

I found your site by searching for Byrdstown and I think I was well rewarded. You have one cool site and I have it bookmarked. The site contains some mega information and Clinton Co. should be thankful.

I used to visit Albany, Ky a great deal due, in no small part, to the fact I was dating a girl from Albany at that time. This enriched my life to some of the natural beauty of Ky. including Seventy-six Falls among other natural sites. Also Albany has some cool social events and activities such as the October Festival and The Twin Dragons Kung-fu Academy.

I'm very happy to have found a site to someplace I hold very close to my heart. And what a Web site it is! Congratulations and thanks.

Sender: Stan Myrick rathmore@usit.net

I just wanted to let you know that I am very impressed with your page and also very entertained. I will be a frequent visitor and will encourage others to do so.

Sender: Don Bethel montbank@skn.net


I'm also a forester. I work for the Missouri Department of Conservation. I went to school at Virginia Tech and often miss those Appalachian hardwood forests.

I got your canasta rules, my husband and I enjoy regular canasta. We gave the basic game with option #1 a try this evening and had pretty good luck with it. It seems like a combination of gin- rummy and regular canasta. This made the strategy different and more complex than plain canasta!

I'd like to try out your College of the Mind if possible.

Sender: Susan Troxel smtroxel@vax2.rain.gen.mo.us
Millersburg, MO

Certainly are right 'bout most I see here. Worth the surf on in my good sir.

25 yr old.
Electrical Engineer

Sender: John M. Schramm shnool@mail.microserve.net

Greetings from the sunny Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. I hope you don't mind, I use your page to show people/friends, what's GOOD about the InterNet. Nice page! Thanks.

Sender: Eric Summers madlondo@pronet.net.au

I really enjoyed browsing your homepage. It is really well done and is one of the best I have run across. You seem to have a little something for everyone.

I like poetry (if it rhymes). If you like poetry you might check out my home page "POEMS FOR POEM HATERS".

Sender: Chuck Sullivan chucksully@gnn.com

Took a look at your page...not too shabby! I'll add it to the Showcase, when I have a chance.

Visit The Dogpatch

Sender: Mary Jo Sminkey toshntaz@netrail.net
Member of the HTML Writer's Guild

Congratulations on being named as one of April's Top Ten best Real Estate related WEB sites by the International Real Estate Directory (IRED.COM, Inc.).

As a recipient of the April award, your site listing has been placed in the Top Ten category on IRED as a link to your WEB address. The TOP TEN on IRED is considered a premium advertising page due to the heavy traffic it receives, and thus your WEB site should experience a significant increase in the number of visitors over the next few weeks.

Our review staff picks the top ten sites each month from the thousands of real estate locations on the world wide web. Their criteria for choosing a site includes the best use of graphics; the best use of the internet medium to convey information; ease of use by the visitor; and the best overall presentation.

Best Regards,

Dick Brown
Director of Marketing

Sender: Dick Brown dick@ired.com

IRED had this to say about us!

650 acre beef cattle, tobacco, and timber farm, Albany, KY
This for sale by owner farm is just the beginning of a captivating tour of the owners' wealth of interests and generosity of spirit. This site is as complex and perhaps more diverse than IRED itself.
Duane's and Eva's Old Kentucky Home
We had so much fun on the farm we just had to visit the house as well.


Hi Duane and Eva,

Like your ancestor Peyton, I am from Indiana. Dropped into your page from The Line, I like to visit a couple of folks on the line every evening. Better than television!

Hey you guys sure looked good in high school -- still do. And Duane...that was some tie.

I enjoyed your family stuff, particular the description of your home. Cleverly constructed.

As for your politics, well, guys, I am 42 and this coming election will be the first time I ever vote Republican. *Sigh* I used to believe almost everything you do but now I think I was wrong. Oh well.

Had fun at your house and see you on The Line!

Sender: Jae Berry jaelb@holli.com

Home Page

Great home page. I sell real estate in Florence, KY., northern part of the state. I appreciate your ad on your farm. I was raised on a farm. Wish you best of luck, anything I can do, please call Mike Parker at 1-800-356-4530. Have a great day!

Sender: Mike Parker mrmike@eos.eos.net

I just wanted to take the time to tell you, in case you haven't found out already, that you have a kick ass web site! I particularly enjoyed the humor about phone solicitors and the note to burglars.

Sender: Sean Ahern sahern@ix.netcom.com

I really like your family stuff. Nice to read about fellow human beings.

When do you sleep?

John Mahoney

Log Cabin Chronicles - Features, fiction, opinion, photography, and much more from the Lake Memphremagog region on the Vermont/Quebec border.

Sender: jmahoney@sover.net

Not only is your farm appropriate for IRED, but it is wonderful...in fact, it is the best individual property listing I have seen that I did not do myself!

This is a wonderful, complex and fascinating site. Thank you.

Becky Swann, Editor, IRED 817/481-4677

IRED International Real Estate Directory & News

Sender: becky@onramp.net

Just a quick note to tell you I find your web page most refreshing! I've added a HOT LINK to your page from my page.

....I discovered your page just last week on a search engine..and caught the section on Lake Cumberland first...my wife and I are looking for a cheap piece of land on the lake (without cliffs if possible)....a place to get away from up here in Covington...also interested in expanding my business and the development money down there caught my attention.

Bob Pullman

Sender: pullman@iac.net

Hello Duane and Eva

I recently joined the end of the line (around the world) and am now working my way along the line as I get the time. It will take me a long time if I spend as long on other people's sites as I did yours!

I like the map with pictorial links to individual pages and the variety of topics, especially the humourous writings and quiz (I am a quiz fan and do the weekly Osiris one regularly). I am looking forward to trying out some of the scrumptious sounding desert recipes and have bookmarked that page! I'm also going to subscribe to your mailing list.

Best wishes

Kris Green

Sender: keg@greenhse.netkonect.co.uk


First of all I want to say that I am quite impressed with your home page. Looks like it took a lot of work. I happened upon it while searching for info on Lake Cumberland & Green River Lake.

I would like to take my family (wife & 2 sons, 15 & 12) on a house boat vacation. From what I hear, the country is just georgeous. Both sons are passionate fishermen.

Dennis C. Wells

Sender: denwells@ix.netcom.com

Hi Duane,

I'm the Ann of the Ann & Thor mentioned on your homepage. Thor told me about it & I had to jump on the web & check it out. Your page is SUPER! Keep up the good work ... you must be putting in an incredible amount of hours on it ... it truely shows :-) I'm honored to be a part of it. Take care & maybe we'll one day bump into each other out there on the web!


Sender: ams1@lehigh.edu

Dear Mr. Bristow,

I'm writing you from Italy first to thank you because I found your site very very helpful to me for my graduation thesis, which I'm working on now and which is about the language of advertising. I had the chance to get to know about Burma Shave; I read every single slogan you uploaded on your site and now I'm writing about those.

What I wanted to know is whether Burma Shave still exists or not and what kind of products it makes.

Here in Italy, nobody has never heard about Burma Shave.

Sincerely, Manuela Pagliacci

Sender: manuela@paglia.dsnet.it

What an EXCELLENT piece...

It thoroughly refutes the thought that all the internet means to some people is a place to downnload gifs and indulge in tawdry liaisons.

The danger is that with the passage of CDA, the sites in the US will become a backwater, isolated from the rest of the world for precisely the same reasons you were cut off by the presence of a skinhead page on your server... no one will be willing to take the chance to run afoul of OUR laws... so they just won't come here.

Job well done.. let's hope some news organization picks up on your links and tells the truth about the value of this virtual community.

Sender: steeldream@earthlink.net



I just finished reading your essay and I just wanted you to know that I totally concur with everything you said.

Josh Lucas

Sender: jlucas@cyberg8t.com

I just visited your web site--very impressive taste in poems!

William Hiller

Sender: 102521.275@compuserve.com

Hi Duane...I wanted to tell you I love your stuff and agree with you on almost everything.

We live in Leavenworth, Kansas and my husband and I have three beautiful, wonderful, outrageous children. Connie is the oldest and she is just now getting used to being 4-years old. Zachary and Kala are twins, and they just turned one in September. My husband runs a business out of our home. He is a jack-of-all trades with computers. He sells them, repairs them, programs them...you name it. He also attempts to keep the chaos down around here during the day with the kids which he is in charge of during the day. My only request is that they are alive when I get home! I work as a civil servent for the federal government (cringe). I'm the SA on a Unisys 5000 (which should have been given a decent burial years ago). But, we manage to limp along with it. My husband and I are both frequent users of the Internet. After the kids go to bed at night we each retire to our own computers for a couple of hours of peace and quiet. Our 4-year old is already wanting her own computer so she can join mom and dad in the evenings (when she SHOULD be asleep).

Thanks for the quality page you have put up for us surfers...and thank you also for the quality family you have. The world needs more of you!

Karen Malbrough

Sender: lw0241@kc.grapevine.com

I've found your home page through Nerd World Category Tree. I've just started to take a look to some of your page (they are so many!!). Great job!!! They are very interesting!!

I'm an Italian visitor. My home E-Mail is: gigi@xtreme.it




I am trying to find out some information on a tree for my neighbor and came across your pages. First, let me congradulate you on your pages they gave me a lot of information, its' good there are places where Kentuckian's can be on equal footing with the rest of the world.

Sender: rburton@eastky.com

I think you have THE best site on the Internet...

I spend a lot of time on the net...since retiring from the Railroad.

Your parents must be real proud of you.

There is no greater feeling than watching your children grow up to be decent caring parents.

Thank you and your parents for such a great educational site I have gotten more common sense info here than any other site.

Thank You

Sender: Pete Zavorskas - pete606@cris.com


You have a great home page. Where did you find all of the time to create it? By my estimates, you only have a couple of months out of the year to work on it full time, and farming is an all consuming profession. anyway, good job, and thanks again for posting "Science and the Environment" as one of your cool sites.

John Quackenboss

Sender: voyage@tmn.com

I was showing off the wonderful world of the Internet to my brother who is visiting from CA and who is a non-believer in the online faith. I picked your homepage out at random from the Netizens page just to show him what is out there. It sort of a crap shoot when you do that and often you're greeted by nonsense and drivel. However your homepage was thought provoking and enjoyable. I especially liked the 18th century Will and the other historical documents. Your political and philosophical opinions show that you're a thinking individual, devoid of the usual annoying dogmatism that often prevails on the WWW. My brother liked your letter to the burglars, and may write his own since he's been victimized in the same way.

He was sufficiently impressed by your page and some of the others we discovered that he may finally spring for an internet account. I'm glad I found your homepage and I look forward to returning to it in the future.

Sender: irac@interactive.net

I clocked in on Eva's page. Recipes sure look good! I'll have to exchange some with her.
Your page is really growing -- quite a living, breathing, family history. I think your motivation for doing all that is cool.

I've been using your DOS screen saver with the quotes.... we've been having some laughs with it.

I downloaded one of your SimCity files, called something like, Mega4. I've never even got to Arcos. Bit more practice, I guess. Do you have any tips?

I also downloaded your CTF maps... amazing! I wouldn't have the patience to do that.

Sender: wl967@freenet.victoria.bc.ca

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