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A Message to My Children on Father's Day

By John C. Schenkenfelder
2333 Village Drive
Louisville, KY 40205
email: john.schenkenfelder@painewebber.com
Father's Day - 1999
Printed in the Courier Journal

Savor your youth for it is a time when life is fresh and each new experience arouses wonder. Do not squander time even though you believe you will live forever for you never know when you will be called. Live with passion but do not become blinded by it. At the same time, remember that the heart is sometimes wiser than the head.

Keep preoccupied with a profession whatever it might be. It will guard you from mischief. But do not be afraid to try new things. Above all, do not become a slave to your duties. Many a rich man has died poor in spirit caused by the chains of his debts.

Keep your thoughts honest, and your actions will follow accordingly. Protect your good name. One's reputation is a most sacred asset. Exercise both your mind and body. Both will suffer from disuse.

Do not be tempted by materials of this world. Enjoy them but do not collect them with obession. Attachment will often disappoint.

Keep your perspective and rely on family and friends when your spirit is diminished. Pray, for there is certainly a greater power than we know on this tiny planet. Look within for strength. Understand that you alone must find your own truth. But do not forget that great wisdom can be found in others.

Read and study throughout your life. Your education will continue until the day that you die. There is a lesson to be learned in every moment we live. Be aware and discover it. Focus your life on happiness and you will find it. Set your course for misery and you will arrive there as well.

Nurture a positive attitude. Find good in everything around you. Believe in luck, and it will find its way to you. Prepare and you will never want for confidence.

Never speak ill of another, but do not be afraid to speak your mind when it is necessary to correct a wrong.

Find happiness but don't expect every task to bring joy. Test yourself and welcome challenge. This will make you stronger and wiser. Remember your good fortune and share. Live in the present but never forget a journey still lies ahead. Learn from the past but do not allow it to prejudice you.

Never forget for a moment that you, and everything that is a product of nature, have grown out of God's blessing. Above all practice simplicity, compassion and patience. Peace.

Printed by permission of the author

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