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Lynda Rangeley from Corpus Christi, Texas visited us in the summer of 1998 and later sent us a very large (almost 1 megabyte) zipped GEDCOM file of names, many related to Clinton County. Click here to download it or click here for more information about Lynda.
Thanks Lynda.

J. Gary Woodward from Lansing, Kansas sent us three Microsoft word documents about his research on the Bristow Family. They are available here for you to download. I am sure Gary would appreciate any comments you would send him. There is more information about Gary on our visitors page. Also his comments on his work are below.

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From: geraldine Danvers-Glasson

Looked through your fascinating web site and how we have spread out from England. Don't know which branch I belong to, although one family tradition seems to favour Bristol yet another has France as our original home. If the latter is true we came over with William the Bastard - or Conqueror as he was more well known. Come to think of it my Mother (who is 91) says that although we lived (and I was born) in Salisbury in Wiltshire, my Father's people came from Birmingham in the Midlands (of England) but before that they came from the south east of England, which is where the County of Surrey is. I do know that the name Bristow(e) is not a very common name in England. In my local telephone directory for Hounslow in Middlesex (there's another coincidence - John B of Middlesex County) an outer London Borough , with apopulation of at least 1/2 million, there are only 25 Bristows shown. The family Coat of Arms is interesting and the colours have come out well; do you know what heraldic devices are shown (some look like sea shells) and what they signify? There's not a lot else I can tell you about the family except that here in the UK the name is unlikely to die out within the next few generations as I have two younger brothers who between them have four male offspring and I have three sons and two grandsons. Me, oh yes, I am Vernon B. I am 64 years old(but good with it) I was a Chartered Architect but not now (the recession in the early 90s did for me) but I make a reasonable living selling wine and I like to think I know a lot more about it than 95% of the population. My address : 22 Harvesters Close, Isleworth,Middlesex, TW77PP.

From: Paddy Page


My name is Paddy, my moms whole family is from Albany, Kentucky and I dont know anything about them. How can I get information?

My moms name was Betty Jo Brown born Feb. 14,1942

Her father was Ira Lilburn Brown

I think her moms name was Pearl Elizabeth Brown or Vera Elizabeth Bell im not sure which. When my mom was seven which I believe would have been 1949? they were involved in a terrible accident in Albany which killed my grandmother and three of the kids in the car were injured my mom, her older sister Neta Lou, her younger sister Judith Sue and my Grandpa Ira Lilburn Brown.

My grandpa died on April 15, 1985 hes buried at the Pine Grove Cemetary? do you know where that is?

my mom has been gone for such a long time and I never knew anything about her life. And I wonder and I am sad.

If you know anything anything at all I would be so grateful for any information. They had a large family and maybe you went to school with them. They were all from Albany since forever I dont remember her ever mentioning anywhere else. The older kids were Neta Lou Brown, Junior which I guess would be Ira Lilburn Brown Junior, Larry Max Brown. A little girl named Patsy who died when she was five before my mom was born. My grandpa lived on Rural Route # 3 and his sister lived across the street I cant remeber her name. My grandpa had lots of siblings sisters named Lillian, Nell, and Cordie, and a brother I met once named Buddy.

Before my mom died I found a scratch piece of paper with her family tree scribbled on it. Some of the names are Hansford Connor, Darcus Brown, Loren Brown, Green Brown (im not kidding) Wes Brown, Mary Guffey, Will Bell, Martha Snow, Champ Guffey, Shice Guffey, and Marvin Bell next to his name it says born 1880 Wayne County Postmaster Clinton 1910.

Please help me
God Bless You,
Paddy Page

From: Wanda Jackson, Kokomo, IN

My grandfathers name is John Oliver York, lived and died in the Cartwright, Ky area he was related to the Conner family and I am working on the family tree and would like some information if you know any of the family.

Grandpas name :John Oliver, grandmas name was Matilda (Malone) York, children of theirs were Willie, Roscoe, Jim, Thee, Walter, Nancy Ora, Franis Pearl, Clifton. I am the daughter of Clifton and he was married to Lillie Ermon Neal , daughter of Perry Neal all of Albany do you have any information on the family of the Yorks and the relation ship to the Conner family.

From: Dale Harguess.

Hi Duane,

I was thrilled when I found your web page. I have traced my family back 5 generations of Bristows and one of the oldest one only gives his birth as in Kentucky. When I saw your sight and it said you are related to Bristows from Kentucky I was hoping for a connection.

The oldest record I have is of a John Bristow, born 27 Feb 1785. I don't know if he was born in Kentucky or Virginia. He was married to a Rachel Howel and had 10 children (I've noticed that these old folks had a lot of kids). His children were:
James D. Bristow B: 9 Dec 1806
Thomas H. Bristow B: 20 Feb 1809
William Bristow B: 18 Jan 1811
Rebecca Bristow B: 28 Dec 1813
John M. Bristow B: 16 Feb 1817
William W. Bristow B: 7 Nov 1817
Elijah Bristow B: 22 June 1820
Elizabeth G.D.P. B: 8 May 1823
Zeralda Bristow B: 6 Dec 1825
Merilda Bristow B: 14 Sept 1828

This is the oldest list I have, of the ancestors above I am related to Thomas H.Bristow.

From: Dee White.


I ran across your web site and really enjoyed it. Especially since I think we might be distantly related. My mother was Mildred Roy, grandfather Leven Powell Hurt, great grandfather George W. Hurt who married Felicia Ann Bristow. Both George and Felicia were born in Clinton Co., KY. Felicia's parents were Thomas B. Bristow and Martha Davis. Thomas's parents were William Bristow Jr. and Martha Beck.

If you think we are related, as I do, let me know and I will be happy to supply you with what information on the family I have. I did find a site on Bristow's that takes that line back to 1477 on the Goodloe line, however, I haven't verified any of that information as yet. If you're interested, let me know. I must warn you tho that I don't have anything on the net as yet. I've just got it on my other computer so it takes me a little time to type it on this one, but will be very happy to share. Hope to hear from you soon.

From: Lynda Rangeley.

Hello Duane,

In preparation for a Williams Family reunion in Albany this coming June, we have placed a site on the web and linked to your site since some of the same families are mentioned on your pages.

From: John Leggett


With great enthusiasm, I read your email to Duane Bristow posted on his "Old Kentucky Home Page". I too am related to Elijah Bristow by way of his son Abel who had a daughter Alice (Cornelius) who had a daughter Fannie (who became an ordained minister in the early 1900s) and married the Reverend John Franklin Leggett who led several churches in Southern Oregon and also taught briefly at Johnson Bible College near Knoxville, Tennessee. They had one son, Manley Leggett (my Father), a school principal who passed away in May 2001.

In the attic of my parents home in Coos Bay, Oregon, I found portraits of Elijah and Susannah Bristow and carefully brought them home with me to Dallas, Texas. I also found some of the religious writings of both John and Fannie along with photos and books they had with them at Eugene Bible University in the early 1900s.

In researching the connection, I twice visited Pleasant Hill, Oregon in 2001. In addition to the pleasure of attending a Sunday service at the Pleasant Hill Church (established by Elijah Bristow), I also found that my grandparents (John and Fannie), great grandparents (Alice and Lewis Cornelius) and great, great, great grandparents (Elijah and Susannah) are all buried in the Pleasant Hill Cemetery on land donated by Elijah Bristow. My wife Hilva and I also were delighted to discover the Bristow State Park and the Historical Marker -- we had no idea those were there. Finding more and more about the Bristow Family connection has been a awesome blessing to my family as we share the stories of what we have found -- all within the last seven months!

Anyway, I wanted to wish you spiritual encouragement! We would also be pleased to learn where you reside and how your ministry is coming along.

Your brother in Christ,
John Franklin Leggett, II
Flower Mound, Texas

From: Gwen Winters

My grandmother, Virginia Brister (Wiley and Selma Brister-Frank and Frankie Neuman Brister-William Th and mary ann Brister-william and martha ann Brister-Samual and Rosannah Nolan Brister-Thomson Bristow and maryann Nancy hockaday Bristow-Jedediah and catherine Thompson Bristow-John and Mary goodloe carter bristow)I found your site very useful and educating to locate some of my own family history on my grandmothers side. Please keep up the good work! And thank you so much for all the enriched history of the Bristow history.

From: Tine Peyton Martin Sr.

I would sure apppreciate being subscribed to any and all information on the BRISTOW line. I am the great-great Grandson of Ansel Hall Bristow and Armicinda Milles Bristow. The great-great-great Grandson of The Rev. Jasper Bristow and Clarrisa Powell Bristow. My project now is overseeing the grave of Margaret Powell Bristow who is buried near me in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Greenwood, Indiana. She must have moved here with her son Peyton, I haven't much on him yet. Anyone wanting a picture of her tomestone please let me know, I would be glad to send them one. I recently joined The Bristow Family Association, but havent heard anything yet. Thanks for your time, I am sure hooked on this Bristow genealogy.

From: Larry Morris

I'm a "distant" relative of Elijah Bristow. My grandmother was Dorthy Baughman and I'm guessing Polly was her aunt. I remember growing up with an Aunt Polly. She was blind in one eye if I remember correctly. I'll pass this along to my father as he is much more in tune to the Bristow connection in our heritage. My grandfather , Lloyd Morris, migrated from Little Rock, Arkansas during the early years of the depression.

It was interesting finding your page. I stumbled across a reference to Elijah last night as I was looking through a historical church page. The church that was built on land he donated is still being used today. It's the oldest church in use in Oregon.

I'm a 43 year old pastor-in-training. I quit my corporate job several years ago and am working with the poor and needy. Big change, but I also know that I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing. It's interesting to see the spiritual roots in the Bristow family.

My Dad has a very interesting series of documents that you might be interested in copies of. One of Elijah's sons was pious, while another was off seeking fortune in the silver mines of Idaho. THe good son sent letters off regularly and used a new fangled invention called carbon paper. It is an interesting reflection of what was going on in the family at that time and how it affected Suzannah.

From: Becky Lewis-Mason


I am Becky Lewis-Mason. The reason that I am writing this letter is that I have the Bristow name in my ancestry. My Grandmothers maiden name was Bristow. She was born, raised, and lived out all of her years in Independence Kentucky.

The last one of the Bristows in that particular family was a male child named John Orrick Bristow, who never married or had any children. The Bristows were fairly well to do in this little area.

Just wondering if you might know of or if you are in that family of Bristows? Not a very ordinary name in these parts and so yours caught my eye as soon as I came to the site. Then when you were right in Kentucky, I just had to wonder if you were part of the same Bristows.

Thank you for the site I love it, and Make it a great day !!!!!!!!

From: Barbara Westerfield Hilyerd - Henderson, KY

Hello Duane,

I just saw your web page for the first time. It is quite interesting. I went to the link for the Bristow family by Barb Dicken. I wonder, do you know how to contact her?. I see that she has my 2great-grandfather, Rev. Jasper Bristow, listed as Joseph. a mistake that was written one Bristow book and has been repeated by others.

Apparently, the beginning of this error was in a Shelby County, KY marriage book where his name was mistakenly listed as *Joseph*. However, a lady who lived in Shelby County and who did extensive research for Mrs. Emma Dunn Mastin of Daviess County in 1934, found the *original marriage bond and permission slip* on which his name, spelled Jesper, was written twice.

William Elliott gave his consent on 10 June 1807 to the marriage of his daughter Clarissa to Jasper Bristow.

She quoted the permission slip thus:"Sir- Please grant liscesn for my daughter Clary to be maryed unto Jesper Bristow-this given under my hand. 10 June 1807 William Elliott Signed Jesper Bristow William Elliott"

I have worked in genealogy since I did a school paper in the 1950's and have found Jasper's name appears in many legal and church records, spelled either Jesper or Jasper , but I have not found *any other record* that gives my ancestor's name as Joseph. Obviously, it was a mistake by the clerk who copied the record into the marriage book.

I haven't had time to read all of the records which you have on your website so I don't know if you have the following. You probably have it, but I thought that I would send it just in case you don't. (I have a photocopy of the original.):

"Know ye that we Thomas Bristow Peyton Bristow Henry Bristow and James Atwood of the County of Preble and State of Ohio and Jasper Bristow of Shelby County and Sary Bristow widow of Benj. Bristow Deceased and her children James Bristow, Joseph Lewis John Harres (sic -signed as Harris) Sarah Bristow Jun and Samuel Bristow heirs of Benjamin Bristow Do all being Legal heirs of William Bristow Deceased have made Constituted Ordained and appointed Jeames Bristow our true and Lawfull attorney for us and in our names to sell make Deed, of Conveyance to all Lands in which we have any claim lying in Patrick County and State of Virginia and settle and transmit all our Business lying in s'd Patrick County Collect Debts give Receipts &c. . . this ninth day of January in the year of our Lord on thousand eight hundred and fifteen."

Those who signed were Thomas Bristow, Peyton Bristow, James Atwood, Henry Bristow, JESPER Bristow, Sarah Bristow, Joseph Lewis, John Harris, Sary Bristow, and Samuel Bristow. (all actual signatures, not x's) ( It was certified in Preble Co.OH in Jan of 1815, in Shelby Co., KY March 1817, and in Patrick Co., VA in Oct. 1817.) Margaret had sold her rights to Richard Massey in Patrick Co, Va., Deed Bk 1, page 286, Apr. 22, 1795. She had also bought land in her own name from Joseph STREET in Patrick Co., VA, Deed B 1, page 170 Feb 6, 1794 which stayed on the tax records until 1818.

The heirs sold their shares of this land and also their shares of Margaret's land.

Another power of attorney from Nathan Culver, Wm Bristow, Leven Bristow and Nancy Bristow (of Cumberland Co. KY) to James Bristow had already been given on July 20, 1814.

Later James sold their shares of that land , but when he signed the deed, apparently, he did not sign the names of Sarah and her children. The names on the deeds to both Richard Massey and Elisha Packwood in 1817 are: William, Thomas, James, Peyton, Leven, Jasper and Henry Bristow and Nathan Culver and James Atwood . I wonder if that signifies a different relationship for Benjamin. They do not say HOW they were heirs of William, so it could have been something other than children, although it seems likely that they were his children, and various books have assumed that.

I have numerous legal records about the family from VA, KY, and other states but you probably have them, too. Some of them make it appear that William might have been a son of a Benjamin Bristow.

Mra. Emma Dunn Mastin. Emma was court stenographer in Daviess County, KY and did a lot of research in the old Daviess county record, including copying the marriage records from 1815-1865, which were published by West Central Kentucky Family Research Assn, She was a descendant of Rev. Jasper Bristow, so she worked on the Bristow line from about 1918 until she became blin, and even later with the help of others. Here is some more information from her records, part of which have been photocopied,bound and placed in the Kentucky Room at the Owensboro-Daviess county library.

I can't vouch for the informantion which Mrs. Lindsay got from the tax lists, but what she wrote differs from what someone sent to your website, particularly in regard to the listing in 1788 (see below) of a BENJAMIN BRISTOW as the father of William. I hope someone who has access to the actual tax records or a microfilm, rather than a book about them, can check on this to see if the 1788 tax list actually says that Benjamin was his father. Also, someone wrote that the deed from Joseph Street was to *Martha* Bristow. I have a photocopy of the deed from Patrick county, VA Deed book 1, page 170, made 26 Feb. 1794, and recorded 24 April 1794, for 50 acres on the waters of Goblingtown Creek. It is from Joseph Street to *Margaret* Bristow, whose name is mentioned several times in the deed, not Martha.

Excerpts from a letter to Mrs. Mastin from "Mrs. James R. Lindsay, GENEOLOGICAL RESEARCH 308 Gilmour Courtway, RICHMOND 21, VIRGINIA 1 August 1962"

"As proved by the tax records of Henry County Benjamin Bristow was the father of William Bristow. In 1785 Benjamin conveyed 52 acres of land to William and it is noted on the tax records that he received the land from his father. Also in 1785 William Bristow bought 100 acres of land in Henry County on Goblingtown Creek from William Bayse. The tax records of Patrick County for the year 1794 show William Bristow to be deceased, and the 100 acres is charged to him. In 1795 Margaret Bristow conveyed this 100 acres to Richard Massey. I believe Margaret Bristow had no right to convey this land as William Bristow left no will and she had only a third interest in the estate. This is born out by the fact that the heirs of William Bristow deeded this land to Richard Massey as shown by the photostat I sent you. The heirs of William Bristow also sold the 50 acres which Margaret Bristow bought in 1794 of Joseph Street.... I found William Bristow of Henry County on the personal property tax lists of that county as early as 1783. These personal property taxes are proof of residence in a county. "

(Note inserted by Barbara Hilyerd: If she was William's wife wouldn't she have had a right to sell HER interest in the estate? James and Thomas Bristow were two of the witnesses to Margaret's x. Finally, the other heirs sold their share by their attorney, their brother James, 9 Sept. 1817 to clear the title for Richard Massey.. After Margaret sold her share the 100 acres in William's name disappeared from the tax roll in 1795. Did it appear under Richard Massey's name? Meanwhile, another? William Bristow had bought 50 acres from Zaphaniah Tennison in 1794 and it appeared on the 1795 tax roll. In 1798 William and his wife Martha sold 50 acres, so, apparently, Margaret's 50 acres was the only Bristow land left on the tax rolls.

I also have a photocopy of the deed for 50 acres more or less from William's heirs to Elijah Packwood in 1817. The land description does *not* seem to match that of Joseph Street to Margaret Bristow. The mention of a Gray's line was the only thing they seemed to have in common. However, some of the measurements and marker trees seem to match those in my photocopy of the 22 Mar. 1785 deed in Henry county deed book 4, pp. 326-327 from Benjamin Bristow to William Bristow. Although I am not sure that it is the same land, it seems likely that it is. I am not sure if anyone has checked the tax records after 1818 to see if Margaret was still on the list. Why would they sell land which Margaret had bought as William's heirs when Margaret was still alive? Now, back to Mrs. Lindsey's letter.)

"Henry County (Va) Land Tax
1787 - Benjamin Bristow 100 acres
1788 - Benjamin Bristow 52 acres -William Bristow ( of his father) 52 acres
1789 - William Bristow 52 acres (of Benjamin Bristow)- Benjamin Bristow 52 acres
1790 - Benjamin Bristow 52 acres- William Bristow (of B.Bristow) 52 acres
William Bristow ( of Bayse) 100 acres

Patrick County (Va) Land Tax
1791 Benjamin Bristow to William Adams 52 acres - William Bristow ( of B. Bristow) 52 acres - William Bristow ( of William Bayse) 100 acres
1792 William Bristow (of Benj.) 52 acres - William Bristow (of Bayse) 100 acres
1793 William Bristow (of Benj) 52 acres - William Bristow (of Wm Bayse) 100 acres
1794 William Bristow, deceased, 100 acres-William Bristow, deceased, 100 acres, Margaret Bristow 50 acres
(sic -- she might have made a typo because another listing of the same tax list sent to Mrs. Mastin by Ann Waller Reddy of Richmond, VA had: 'Margaret Bristow 52 acres, William Bristow dcsd 52 acres, William Bristow 100 acres')
1795 William Bristow 52 acres- William Bristow 50 acres- Margaret Bristow 50 acres
1796 Margaret Bristow ( of Joseph Street) 50 acres - William Bristow 50 acres.
1797 Margaret Bristow (of J. Street) 50 acres - William Bristow 50 acres
1798 Margaret Bristow ( of J. Street ) 50 acres - William Bristow 50 acres
1799 Margaret Bristow ( of Street) 50 acres
1800 Margaret 50 acres This 50 acres is charged on the land tax of Patrick County until 1818"

From: Mona Bochat

My husband is a descendant of Rev. James C. Bristow, one of the founding citizens of Middle Verde, AZ. He was also supposedly the first Baptist minister to preach in AZ. He was married to Luranda Caroline Smith. He came to Arizona in a covered wagon and was followed soon after by a daughter, Martha Ellen Ralston and her husband, John William Ralston of Humansville, MO. Their daughter, Eva Lyn, was my husband's grandmother.

I have been amazed at the information gathered on the Bristows! The Historical Society of Camp Verde, AZ also has quite a bit on the Bristows too. I have a picture on our web page of the Rev. James C. Bristow also.

Thank you for the Bristow website! It is a true labor of love for your family!

From: EUssery - Liz

Subject: George Bristo, 1840 Russell County Census & other Bristows

Hello Duane.. I love the site and try to keep up with it as much as possible. It is very informative, well except on the line that James Morgan and I are trying to research. So, I'm asking for any help possible.

While trying to determine the parentage of Prudence Jane Bristo who married Nathaniel Morgan Jr. on 21 Dec. 1848 in Adair County, KY, I found a George Bristo in the 1840 Russell County census and Frances (McGlasson) Bristo in the 1850 & 1860 Russell County census as a widow. However, I have been unable to locate George in any other census in the area prior to 1840. He is listed as between 50 and 60 in 1840 and due to his age, I would expect that if he had been living in the area, he would have been included in a census prior to that time.

The known children of the widow Frances are Susan who married Phillip Jessee 27 May 1851, Nancy Frances m. George Back 12 August 1855, John H. married Elizabeth Lucinda Keaton 20 Sept. 1859, Mary Ann Bristo born abt. 1843 and George A. Bristo b. abt. 1844. In the 1840 census there is also an older son, between 10-15, who is not identified on any other census and one unidentified daughter, believed to be my ancestor, Prudence Jane Bristo.

I have tried every angle I can think of to identify this George. Based on the census records, his birth would have been 1780-1790. Can you or any of your readers help me identify this gentleman?

Also, I notice that your records indicate that Tabitha, daughter of Leven & Nancy Irwin married a 'SLAPP". She actually married Wiatt Stapp as his second wife on 2 August 1865. Wiatt and his first wife, Fannie Darnal, are my gg grandparents.

Any help you can give would be most appreciated!!

Again, thank you for this great site.

From: Jerry Rogers

Duane, Still looking at your website, Great Work! Need help with more family's, their names are:
Francis Cyphers Father possibily Ranson Cyphers Mother, Catherine, Francis m. James Sutton Hunter. Don't know where married, but ended up in Van Alstyne Tx.

Also seeking info on James Neathery's parents. Anybody with info on William Hunter 1 and wife
Charity Loftus ???

From: Connie Parrigin

I have just finished looking at your site. Very interesting information. I have a question for you. Do you have any information on the Parrigins? I seem to be stuck. I am mainly looking for information on Clarence Parrigin. He was married to Armenda Riddles. They had one son Jessie Marvin. They had three daughters, Leether, Vinnie, and Alve. I know that Jessie(b: Jan 22, 1915) married Sallie Gibbons Edwards Dec. 23, 1934. They had eight. They moved to Indiana some time after 1939. I would appreciate any information that you have. I have gotten the Early Times in Clinton County Volume II. Thanks.

From: Bob Grooms

Hi Duane,

I enjoyed your website. It shows a lot of thought and creativity.

I was looking for some information on Albany, Kentucky. I am searching for more information on my gr.gr.gr. grandparents, John and Saranda Groom. They lived in Albany from about 1820 to 1870, where they owned a tavern.

From: Wendy Bristow

Dear Mr. Bristow,

Several months ago I discovered your wonderful site, however, my husband's line is connected to the Cecil County, Maryland area and the majority of listings that I find come from Virginia and Kentucky. Do you have any hints for where I could look for the relatives of Richard Bristow (b. abt. 1791) and his wife Ann Robinson. They are buried at Wesley Chapel on Old Elk Neck Rd., Elkton, MD.

Several years back Andrew Bristow corresponded with me and ststed that we were in no way connected to the Virginia Bristows, but I haven't found any other direction to look at this point.

I would really appreciate any information that you could provide.

From: Malcolm W. Bristow

My name is Bristow. family origins in Yorkshire England. I now live in Lancashire, Bolton and am a Justice of the Peace, and a Minister in the Church of England. I am interested in contacting and hearing from any other Bristows in any part of the World

From: Andrea Healy

If anyone has information on Elizabeth Bristow and James Hendricks please email me. I know they were m. in Ill. I know they came to Oregon in 1848 where they were met by Elizabeth's father Elijah. I am looking for more information on James. I need to know who his parents and siblings were. I believe he may have had a brother Caswell Hendricks (my gggGrandfather). Caswell came to OR with Elizabeth and James. He and James had a DLC next to each other in what is now Pleasant Hill. I have a copy of James estate but there is no mention of Caswell. I would appreciate any help available. Thank You.

From: John Temple Bristow

Duane, I was doing a vanity search on the internet, to see who is currently selling my books and what comments might be found, when I ran across your web page. Very impressive!

I did a genealogy study for my father a few years ago, so much of what you had written or copied was familiar to me. (Looked up some more of the family information while at the history museum in Frankfort, KY, last fall, but not much there that was not already forwarded to me by Andrew Bristow in MD some years back.)

You mentioned the Elijah Bristow family of Pleasant Hill, OR. There is a whole Bristow cemetery located there. (Kind of spooky, looking at all those tombstones with one's own surname.) And Oregon has created an Elijah Bristow State Park, the largest one in the state.

Anyway, thanks again for your extensive work.

From: James Morgan

Duane, I am researching my great-grandmother, Prudence Jesse Bristow. She married Nathaniel Morgan, Jr. in Adair Cty, KY in 1848, and from census records I judge she was born about 1828. I cannot find her in any of the Bristow records I have seen (mostly from M.E. Bristow in the old Tyler's Quarterlies). Is there any such name in your records? Or, is there a Frances Bristow who was a widow in Russell Cty. KY in 1850? I think you are from a different Bristow branch than the one I have been tracing, because you mention things the others don't. Would appreciate hearing from you (and, I am not the only one searching).

From: Jim

I am researching family history on my grandfather ARCHIE BRISTOW, my great grandfather SAMUEL DAVID BRISTOW, and great-great grandfather JAMES HENRY BRISTOW, said to have come from around Hopkins County, and Madisonville, Kentucky back in the 1800's. Can you give me any direction to aim for in this research? I have ARCHIE BRISTOW having died in France WW1 January 26, 1919, SAMUEL DAVID BRISTOW, Judge in Vacaville, California 1900-1918, and he was married to a Magaret Wolcott of Yakes County New York. Any leads from there will be appreciated.

From: James Morgan

Hi to all, just thought I better clear something up. I don't care what the answer is, I am just trying to fog through what is there and come up with the most plausible story. You seem to think that Leven is the son of a William Bristow, yet Barbara, you have a different William than the others. Jedediah Bristow's son William was born in 1758 according to Kent County church records and that is who you seem to be linking with. The research of M.E. Bristow and others has Leven (the one born about 1783) as the son of William's son Benjamin and in comparing their stuff to yours I cannot come to the same conclusion you have. I just don't see the Leven Bristow of KY in 1840-1870 as being the son of a William (whether Jedediah's son or John's son). That story of J.C. Bristow's is compelling that William, Jr. and Leven were brothers, but I wonder if he was a little confused about the terminology. In short, I am trying mightily to come up with a convincing story, one way or the other and solicit your help. And, with all this I still haven't found my Prudence Jesse Bristow anywhere. Ira, where did you get the name of Elizabeth as one of Leven's daughters? Working together, perhaps we can resolve this. Ok?? Thanks, Jim

From: Louise Everett

my family are the gibbons,hopkins,branham, of albany. can you help me find the gibbons cem can you look at the old school record now?

From: J. Gary Woodward


Please find attached a 10-page document I typed out on Word. You may want to run it through your printer, or you may prefer to save it, either on a floppy disc or on your hard-drive. It pretty well explains, and offers documented proof of, how I think William Bristow (1747-1792/3), who married Margaret Powell, was connected to the Bristow family of Middlesex Co., Virginia.

I thought maybe you like to have a copy of the attached file, titled "A Chronological Account of the Bristows of Virginia." This is my latest project, but it is not yet completed. I am presently working on an Index to go along with it and will insert missing items along the way. You may want to run it through your printer, but it is about 35 pages long in normal format, so you may prefer to download it either on a floppy disc or on your hard drive. This is a different approach to researching our ancestry, but I think it helps explain much better some of the mysteries or traditions passed down in our family, such as the one about "John Bristow ran away from home in Middlesex County, at age 16, in 1737, and went to live with friends or near relatives in or near Stafford County. Julia J. Bristow ("Bristow-Douglas"), John Walton ("The Bristows In American Government"), Joseph Little Bristow (U. S. Senator from Kansas), and M. E. Bristow all speculated about the above mentioned John Bristow, but none of them ever offered proof, at least not that I know of. My chronology does offer evidence that supports my contention that this John was the eldest son of Nicholas and Mary (Gardner) Bristow and that he went to live with his Uncle Thomas Bristow, in Prince William County, after his father died and his mother married again. I also contend and I feel the chronology supports the hypothesis that William Bristow (born 1747), who married Margaret Powell, was a son of the above named John. Please let me know that this message and attachment gets through to you and that it is in readable form. Sometimes, these things get bent all out of shape when they are sent through the internet. I would also appreciate hearing your opinion, regarding my ideas about the above connections.

From: Tom Lafever

As you can see my last name is Lafever and I am interested in finding more out about my family tree. Please send me a note. I would like ask you a few questions. Thank you and look forward to hearing from you.

From: J. Gary Woodward

I have spent a number of years researching the Bristows of Virginia and many of their descendants. I have studied the works of others, such as Woolley, Walton, M. E. Bristow, etc., but have come up with a theory or two, based on factual evidence, that none of them ever discovered. I corresponded with Andrew M. Bristow, of Bel Air, Maryland, about 15-20 years ago, and he thought at least one of my ideas was plausible. I would gladly share my ideas with you and any other researcher who might be interested. By the way, I am a descendant of William and Margaret (Powell) Bristow. Please contact me.

I saw your reply to Mary Diane Hull, RE; the wives of John Bristow. He did have only two wifes- (1) Michal Nichols and (2) Mary Carter. However, Mary Carter's maiden name was Goodloe; she was a daughter of George and Mary Goodloe and the widow of William Carter.

Thank you for providing this avenue of communication with other Bristow researchers. I am descended from Peyton and Mary (Price) Bristow; Peyton was a brother to Duane's Levin. I have been working on proof that William Bristow (b. 1747) was a grandson of Nicholas and Mary (Gardner) Bristow.

From: Jim Harlan - Indianapolis, Indiana

I was looking at your web page. and believe we may have a common connection. I am looking for information on John Thomas Harlan b. 1883 d. 29 Jan 1954 who married Ada E. Griffin b. 1 Mar 1886 and died 02 May 1968.
My grandparents are Luther Harlan Sr. b. 4 Nov 1911 d. 4 Feb 1984 married 1 Nov 1930. to Ruby Ermon Lawson b. 17 Aug 1912 d. 3 Nov 1981.

---------- Reply -----------

You are my wife, Eva's, first cousin once removed. I think your father is Luther Harlan, Jr. known as Junior Harlan. He is Eva's first cousin. Eva's father, Arthur Harlan, was a brother to your grandfather, Luther Harlan.

The parents of John Thomas Harlan were
George Washington Harlan and Martha Bowman

The parents of Ada Griffin were
John H. Griffin and Mary Lee.

---------- Reply -----------

I can send you a gedcom of my line to the Present. I do not have much information on my line. I have spent the last 10 years working on my mom's line, and have some of her lines back to the 1600 and 1500's even one line back to 990. However, Dad's line has been my main problem.

I have George Washington Harlan(d) being born about 1861 with wife Martha P Bowman born about 1863. They were married 29 Sep 1878 in Clay Co., TN. I only have 2 children listed for them, Louisa J. born 1880 and John Thoms born abt 1883. Would you happen to have anymore info on them.

I believe Martha P. Bowman's parents were Ozias Denton Bowman born 1842 Van Burien Co., TN and Louisa J. Copass. Ozias was married 4 times. I have no more information on this marriage. I did find a gedcom with Martha P. Bowman born 1864 listing her line back to William Carol Bowman born 1817 Van Burien Co. TN who married Nancy Denton born 1826 White Co., TN.

I am still trying to find out who the parents of George Washington Harlan are? They could be George W. Harlan born 20 Feb 1818 died 30 Mar 1884 married 14 Nov 1840 in Monroe Co., Ky to Elizabeth R. Lawrence born 21 Sep 1822. That line has George W. Harlan born 11 Nov 1860 and his grandparents would be John Harlan born 1801 married Elizabeth Oneal.

If you have anymore info on the parents of John H. Griffin and Mary E. Lee, I could use a little help there too.

From: Tim Morrison - Merrill, Michigan

We came across your website after searching for some of our relatives. We are looking for Nancy Rebecca Bristow who married John F. Guthrie. They are my great-grandparents and would have been born in the mid-to late 1800's possibly in Clinton Co. If you know anything about them, please e-mail me.

---------- Reply -----------


                    The Book of Family Trees of

                    Bristow, Nancy Rebecca (Guthrie)

                    and her Ancestors

        from the SFHR database of Duane Bristow 11-27-1999

  *** NOTE: number of children refers to number of children in the
        database, not to actual number of children.


   1 Bristow, Nancy Rebecca (Guthrie) 1852 [1]
   2 Bristow, Ballard 1817 [2]
   3 Stockton, Mariah (Bristow) 1813 [3]
   4 Bristow, Leven 1783 [4]
   5 Irwin, Nancy (Bristow) 1792 [5]
   6 Bristow, William 1758 [8]
   7 Powell, Margaret (Bristow) 1750 [9]
   8 Irwin, John ---- [10]
   9 Bristow, Jedediah 1713 [16]
  10 Elinor ---- [17]
  11 Powell, William ---- [18]
  12 Peyton, Eleanor (Powell) ---- [19]
  13 Bristow, John 1649 [32]
  14 Carter, Mary (Bristow) ---- [33]
  15 Powell, William ---- [36]
  16 Lane, Elizabeth (Powell) ---- [37]
  17 Peyton, Valentine ---- [38]
  18 Linton, Frances (Peyton) ---- [39]
  19 Lane, George, Jr. ---- [74]
  20 De La Fountaine, Denise ---- [75]
  21 Linton, Moses ---- [78]
  22 Barton, Margaret (Linton) ---- [79]
 Bristow, Nancy Rebecca (Guthrie),  1852/09/24 to 1934/07/24  female  [1] 

 Bristow, Ballard,  1817/05/27 to 1903/04/06  male  [2] 3 Children
     Lived near Five Springs in Clinton County Kentucky

 Stockton, Mariah (Bristow),  1813/12/06 to 1890/04/26  female  [3] 3 Children
     Housewife ?

 Bristow, Leven,  1783/--/-- to 1873/--/--  male  [4] 7 Children
     Hatter - moved to Clinton Co. KY from VA at age 15

 Irwin, Nancy (Bristow),  1792/--/-- to ----/--/--  female  [5] One child
     Born:  Tennessee 

 Bristow, William,  1758/03/01 to 1815/--/--  male  [8] 10 Children
     Died in Patrick County, VA  may have been born in 1751
     Married:  1767/--/-- 

 Powell, Margaret (Bristow),  1750/--/-- to 1833/08/27  female  [9] 10 Children
     Born:  Loudoun County, Virginia 
     Died:  Johnson County, Indiana

 Irwin, John,  ----/--/-- to ----/--/--  male  [10] One child

 Bristow, Jedediah,  1713/08/10 to ----/--/--  male  [16] 4 Children
 2nd wife of Jedediah Bristow

 Elinor,  ----/--/-- to ----/--/--  female  [17] 3 Children

 Powell, William,  ----/--/-- to 1787/--/--  male  [18] 2 Children
     Died in Loudon County

 Peyton, Eleanor (Powell),  ----/--/-- to ----/--/--  female  [19] 2 Children

 Bristow, John,  1649/--/-- to 1716/10/13  male  [32] 11 Children
     b. Ayot, St. Lawrence, England d. Middlesex County, VA
     Married:  1711/01/08 2nd wife

 Carter, Mary (Bristow),  ----/--/-- to ----/--/--  female  [33] 3 Children
     2nd wife to John Bristow

 Powell, William, Sr.    ----/--/-- to ----/--/--  male  [36] One child

 Lane, Elizabeth (Powell),  ----/--/-- to ----/--/--  female  [37] One child

 Peyton, Valentine,  ----/--/-- to ----/--/--  male  [38] One child

 Linton, Frances (Peyton),  ----/--/-- to ----/--/--  female  [39] One child

 Lane, George, Jr.,  ----/--/-- to ----/--/--  male  [74] One child

 De La Fountaine, Denise,  ----/--/-- to ----/--/--  female  [75] One child

 Linton, Moses,  ----/--/-- to ----/--/--  male  [78] One child

 Barton, Margaret (Linton),  ----/--/-- to ----/--/--  female  [79] One child

from the SFHR database of Duane Bristow 11-27-1999

From: Bill Estheimer

Hi Duane..your page is excellent. I have a request, a vague one but you know how genealogy is...my great grandmothers name was Opal Cummings/Cummins, her father was John Cummings/Cummins who married Mousri(sp?) Ellen Bristow in the early 1800s. I believe they were tobacco farmers from kentucky, unfortunately that is all I know of them so far. If any of this sounds familiar please let me know..god bless and have a great holiday.

From: Jay L. Bristow

My name is Jay Bristow and I am descended from John Bristow, 1649 - 1716, and Michal Nichols. I have a copy of "NOTES ON THE BRISTOW FAMILY" by M. E. Bristow published in TYLER'S QUARTERLY MAGAZINE about 30 years ago, and I also have a list of all the Bristows who fought in the War For Southern Independince, both Confederate and Union members. One hundred and twenty for the Confederacy and one hundred for the Union. My branch of the family migrated to South Carolina and settled in Marlboro and Darlington Districts. My Great Great Grandfather, John Timmons, was one of the delegates to the South Carolina secession convention and voted for South Carolina to secede from the Union.

From: James Morgan

Hi, I am new to this Internet business, found your name in a Web Site listing and dearly hope we may be distantly related! I have no proof, but I believe Leven Bristow was my great-great grandfather. His father was Benjamin and Leven is supposedly Benjamin's eleventh child. My suspected great- grandmother on this side and supposed daughter of Leven was named Prudence Jesse. She married Nathaniel Morgan, Jr. in Adair County, KY in 1848. If any of this rings a bell with your family, please drop me a note! Thanks (and hoping), Jim

Duane, thanks for your quick response to my message, and, I really like what you'll have done with your family web page! Guess I should have detailed my findings a little more.
When you mentioned the name of Leven and Clinton County, it rang quite a bell with my research and I am surprised there is no link here. First, I was tracing my grandfather, Richard Morgan (for whom there is no family knowledge of any sort), when I found his apparent birth record in Cumberland County in 1861 -- parents Nathaniel Morgan, Jr. and Prudence Jesse Bristoe. Since, I have read M.E. Bristow's treatise (FTM CD 187), Mr. Walton's treatise from the Filson Club, findings of a Prothero descendant and Mr. Woolley's Bristow book. Only a single mention of a Leven is in these, and they all give a similar trail (your file from Ms. Nickels has an entirely different trail). There is no middle initial of the Benjamin involved here. Anyhoo, my research indicates that Prudence's father was Leven, as she was married in Adair County in 1848 and the only Bristow there in the 1840 census is Leven. What I have found about him (Leven) indicates he was born in Virginia about 1781, son of Benjamin (son of Edward, son of William, son of John), mother Sarah Lister. This Leven married Nancy Irwin in Adair County about 1813 and they had at least 7 children (Martha, Balard, Tabitha, Julia Ann, Prudence [my thought], Richard P. and Francis Marion). Leven's family is next found in Clinton County in 1850 and 1860. Leven is last found in 1870 living with son Balard (Albany Post Office). Surely, there has to be a connection here somewhere! Whatever, fun getting this far and hope it all leads to something. Thanks a heap.

From: Sally (Gibbins) Haven

I am trying to connect my ancestors with yours. I have Ogles and Smiths and Campbells. But the John Crow who built Old Crow Inn is either my Great-Great Grandmother's Grandfather or Great Grandfather. Rachael was a product of Benjamin Crow and Ann Gregg. Benjamin is buried in Danville, Kentucky! Rachael married Samuel Gibbins and moved to Arkansas, then to California and is buried in Yorkville, Mendocino, California. Died, 1877. My Grandmother came from the Smith line, Florence Hessa Smith who married Walter Wall Gibbins, in California. I believe she was born in Missouri. Her father was Anderson Conlee Smith, mother Sarah Elizabeth Ashby. I have a picture of Benjamin Crow's grave in Danville, Kentucky. Thanks for sharing so much of what it is like there. I had a wonderful trip through your pages. I am trying to create some pages for the web but have not published them.

Thank you so much for showing the interest in my family research by putting my information on your sight. Your sight is so interesting. One can not visit your sight without taking away some kind of inspiration as you have covered so many interests. A little more history on the Crow family, Benjamin's son John Finley Crow(e) founded Hanover College in Indiana and a very interesting story can be found on their sight. He was the brother of my Great-great-grandmother. Always hungry for information. A well fed body is satisfied, but a well fed mind wants more!

From: Wilson Huffer

Found your web page, and it interested me as my paternal grandmother was born a Bristow in Clinton County, Ky, in 1889. Her father reportedly was born in Tn, but I have no idea where, although he and my great-grandmother were married in Clinton County. Her maiden name was Vienna Long. My g-g-grandfather was James Monroe Bristow. I would appreciate any feedback if you know of a connection between your Bristows and mine.

---------- Reply -----------

Bristow, James Monroe  1833/10/29 to 1886/04/17 
son of
Bristow, Thomas 1804/12/14 to 1853/08/02
son of
Bristow, William 1771/02/05 to 1834/12/18   
Married 1796/03/30 to
Beck, Martha (Bristow) 1776/12/16 to 1842/--/--
 13 Children               
Died in Clinton County KY  
near Cartwright            
from the SFHR database of Duane Bristow 08-11-1999 06:24:35
William Bristow came to Kentucky with his younger brother,
Leven, who was my ancestor, from Virginia in 1792. 

From: Wilson Huffer

Many thanks for the information you sent to me. It has closed a lot of gaps. Downloaded your book of Family Trees, and it has given me several leads on my own ancestors.

Have you published your SFHR Database as a GEDCOM file, or otherwise? If so, I would appreciate receiving details regarding how I might obtain a copy, because from what I have seen, it is full of valuable information to anyone researching Bristows from Kentucky, especially Clinton County, and related families.

Again, thank you for the information you gave me in response to my query the other day. You can't begin to know how much it is appreciated!

---------- Reply -----------

The main thing needed to complete my SFHR genealogy computer program is to program import and export of GEDCOM files. I have meant to do that for the last few years and have always been too busy. I am now in the process of updating all my computer business systems for the year 2000. I expect I will be involved with that until the end of January. Maybe then I can complete the SFHR program and produce the GEDCOM file you ask about to put on the Internet.

From: Linda in Chattanooga

I would like to get in on the genealogy because my grandmother was born in ky, county and city unknown. Missouri Jane Shaw Shadwick born 4/10/1889 the family moved to tn rhea co i think joseph shaw was her dad and mother unknown. missouri married rube dye in rhea co tn had 8 children and my mother was her daughter. now my dad was born in also in ky juntion city ky albert and ida hughes was his parrents and ive not found anything on them. dad was born 1895. moved to tn. dont know if mother came but dad albert did he had a brother named henry albert did. thanks for any help here on either family to help find them.

From: Nelson Gabbert

I am looking for info on my grandfather, William Nelson Gabbert, and my great-grandfather, Thomas Nelson Gabbert (born Jan 14 1821 and died in Brown County Texas.

From: Juanita Cooper Johnson

Duane: Your site is fabulous! I am a descendant of Nancy Irwin's brother William. I have just downloaded your book and see that you have little information on Nancy. Was she the mother of all the chidren or just Ballard? Do you have a marriage date for Leven and Nancy? Have you attempted to research the Irwin family? We are having a terrible time trying to make sense of all the Irwin's in Cumberland and Clinton Co's....At the present time we believe Nancy to be a child of John Irwin, Sr and Elizabeth Cunningham. We have as the siblings William, Elizabeth, Francis, Margaret, and John, Jr. Do you know anything of these?

From: Dee Brister


We recently formed a Bristow Family Association and I am sending you a copy of the letter I sent our editor for the first issue of our quarterly newsletter which will come out August 1, 1999. This will give you a little history of our organization. Our web site is Bristow Web site Our charter enrollment is thru 31 March, 2000. Hope you will join us.


From the Interium President

The anchor has been hoisted, the sails set and the Bristow Family Association is underway! Welcome aboard members and fellow kin.

A little history of our organization may be in order. In an email on January 8, 1999, to Frank Bristow ( Interium First Vice-President & Chaplain), I suggested that us Brister/Bristows should pool our research efforts by forming a Bristow Association. Frank thought that was a good idea so on January 15, 1999 I sent an email to all the Brister/Bristows with whom I corresponded. I stated that we needed someone with computer smarts and organizational skills to get an organization going. I stated I was lacking in these two areas but surely someone among them could get the ball rolling. Most all agreed to our organizing but naturally they pointed to me to get us organized.

Fortunately, on 4 February, Richard Shannon, our Web Master, volunteered his computer skills along with the use of the Texas University server. A major hurdle had been overcome and now our ship was taking on cargo.

I put out a notice on the net on April 1, 1999 that we were organizing and requested those interested to meet in Austin, Texas on the 14th & 15th of May.

The organizing group met and what a great group they are! Richard Shannon again committed to be our Web Master, Bob Colson agreed to be "old money bags". His lovely wife, Mary Frances graciously agreed to be the Secretary, and Dr, Brian Brister volunteered to publish the quarterly. With a group like that anyone can be an organizer---even me!

They elected me as the Interium President and Frank Bristow as Interium First Vice-President and Chaplain. The remaining members of the Board are Jim Brister, Pamela Joy Honaker, Tom Brister, Katherine Ventrcek Morgan and Charles Bledsoe. Three members who were not at the Organizational meeting , later agreed to take on the Archivist duties. They are Joan Wolf, Bea Daily and Sharon Mulrey.

I had read a letter on Duane Bristow's web site that the town of Bristow, Indiana was celebrating it's 125th anniversary in the year 2000. After our meeting in Austin, I contacted the Chamber in Perry County, Indiana about the possibility of our meeting there. They were delighted that our ship would make Bristow it's first destination port.

So, again, welcome aboard! It will take all of us to be crewmembers on this ship. Your job is to spread the word for others to join during our charter period. Consider who you want to be the official officers and board that is to be elected in Bristow. Read our bylaws posted on the web site for the particulars of when nominations are to be in. We need volunteers to serve on the reunion committee. We need you comments and suggestions for improving our web site and quarterly . We welcome your suggestions and help.

Lets keep this ship on course and I look forward to our first port of call next century. Here is to fair skys and smooth sailing in the years to come.

Dee Brister
Interium President
Bristow Family Association

From: Tammy L. Gabbert-Giancola

Visited your web pages, very nice, can tell you put much time and effort in there. I am very interested in your page on "The Descendants Of Susannah Gabbert". Have you done any research on her family ancestry?? Susannah, according to my family tree, was my 2nd cousin 6 times removed. I know that's way out there, but I'm interested, because her ancestors are the same as mine, once you go back far enough. Thought maybe you might have information that I don't have. Would be happy to share what I have if you're interested. Thanks for your time.

Best regards,

Help me find my ancestors at the following locations:

Note: Tammy sent a Microsoft Word file in rich text format about the Gabbert family. It is available by clicking here.

From: Ken Briggs

I came across your site in my search for genealogy on the net and really appreciate what you've done. Your site has been able to clear up some gray areas in my research, especially removing the troublesome link to John Bristow of Virginia and Robert Bristow of England. I would like to subscribe to the information you will be sending out. I am linked to John through our Yockey branch. My grandfather, Charles McClellan Yockey (Smith) married Lydia Alice Mae Bristow a descendant of John.

Keep up the great work

From: Theresa Bristow

Hello Are you related to any Bristow's in Missouri?

I've started to trace my family tree starting in Williams vile Missouri. I live in St. Louis, MO. My grandfather who is in poor health and is in his last days and after he's gone I wont know too much about my family. I am 22 years old and I am also very interested to find out where my family came from. The only thing my grandfather would ever tell my father and myself is we came from the Black Hills in Arkansas. So if you know of anything or maybe give me a little direction I would appreciate it.

From: Sharon Hoffmann


What a wonderful website. Thanks so much for all your work. I am a beginning researcher with roots in Wayne and Clinton County. My ggggrandfather William Sheffield and ggggrandmother Lucinda Kindred Sheffield moved to Wayne Co. in the 1830s. Their son, my gggrandfather James M. Sheffield married Sarah S. Higginbotham from Clinton (I think in 1853; I don't have my documents with me) and they lived in Clinton, some say in the Otter Creek area. Sarah was the daughter of Catherine Higginbotham -- we don't have any idea who Catherine's parents were -- none of the loca Higginbotham researchers can place her. When Sarah was 2 years old, Catherine married a Joel Acre. I see a William Acre mentioned on your site and wonder if they were related. Their oldest daughter Lucinda Cathrine (known as Cathrine) married a James W. Clark -- again, none of the local Clark researchers seem to fit him into their lines. Cathrine's son Claud Clark had a daughter Thelma Clark Nixon who was postmaster at Ferguson for many years. I am descended from Sarah and James' son George Riley Sheffield. He was born in 1866 (according to census) or 1871 (according to him) and the story goes that he was adopted by a doctor from Bardstown who was in the area buying timber. We don't know why that would have happened -- his mother was alive and went on to have more children. He ended up on Applegate's Farm in Jefferson County, then in Louisville. His early life is a mystery to us. Do any of these names have any familiarity to you, or do you have any advice for me? Thank you for any help you can give.

From: Dorlene Thrasher Copus

Dear Duane and Eva,

I just found out about your site last week and have spent hours checking it out. I lived in south Clinton County until 1962 when we moved to New Castle for employment. I still enjoy going back and plan on visiting my brother for Memorial and during the Foothill Festival which is one of the best that I have attended.

I was very interested in knowing that Clearfork school was the first in the county. My parents and I attend Clearfork. The same 12 of my class attend all years together. the ones that did not get married and quit graduated in 1960. Some that you may know is Welby Neal, Martin Poore, Kathryn Owens Brown, McArthur Stockton. Walker ( Cug) Stockton.

I was Dorlene Thrasher and my brother David lives on the home place farm which has been in the family for over 150 years and is located on the Bates Delk road. The dead end road where the Car race track was below us. and the one where Jack Ferguson had the large oil well on his farm.

There would be three tankers go out every morning before we would get breakfast over with.

I called Jack recently and ordered vol. II for a cousin of mine and he said they are not pumping now as cost more than would get out of it.

I have both of his books and on list for third. They are the best I have found of course they mean a lot to me because they have Stockton family, Thrasher, my ex-husbands Hopkins, Griders.

I wish there were Hicks and Aaron but I guess can't have it all.

I have been able to help two lady's out recently on the Crocketts, Cross, Johnson and now the Littrell.

They didn't have anything but now have a great start. Thru the Cross the lady from Michigan found Cross Genealogy and over 15000 names. She is so thrilled.

Thru a lady in Canada I learned of a man in Ark. that was researching the same Stockton and he has over 15000 and had down to my Greatgreat grand William Henry Stockton so I wrote him and he requested information and now he has down to my grandson which is 14th generation. It looks pretty good to see files of Nola Copus and he has files of Jack Ferguson where I sent him information from Jack's book. I contacted Jack and he says that it is fine. I'm really looking forward to vol III. Maybe information on Dr. Addison Aaron which ggf of my children.

I did find mention of him in Mrs. Nunn' s book on this site.

Thanks for making your site available. I'm new to computers and am thrilled at all the things I'm able to find.

From: Hobart Jarvis

Found your website interesting because some of my Jarvis ancestors lived there in the mid-1800s.I know only that Nathan is buried at Albany. Tabitha, b. 1825 m. David Grace. Nathan and John m. Sarah and Nancy, daughters of Polly Talbott and Dr. James Cole. I would appreciate any further information you care and able to share. H.A. Jarvis, 201 Tinsley St., Barbourville, KY 40906.

From: Linda M. Grider

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the web page of your story of old Clinton Co Ky. I lived in Russell Co Ky and had never read this before. I have enjoyed it very much. One thing I was wondering about, in which you may not know the answer, is do you have any references of the Surname of McGowan in Wayne Co Ky.? I had some ancestors that came into Wayne Co Ky around 1800 by the name of Lucy McGowan who married William McClendon. Other McGowans were David, John, Samuel, Margaret (Peggy) McGowan, Thomas McGowan, and Solomon McGowan. Of coarse these would have died and only their descendants you may have been acquainted with. If any of these ancestors strike a bell, please let me know.

From: Neil Bristow, Va. Beach, VA.

This is the email that was sent to me on the Samuel Bristow I was searching for. Carol Hodges is a volunteer research that looked the information up in the Christ Church records. Thought you might like it for your records. Neil Bristow

----- Original Message -----

I am trying to trace my Bristow family of Southampton County, Va back to Middlesex County. From the info I have the earliest Bristow that came to Southampton was Samuel Bristow that married Mary Clark in 1788. He was suppose to be the great grandson of John Bristow of Middlesex. I do have a listing of a Samuel Bristow born in 1756 in Middlesex. His father was Samuel Bristow born in 1730 in Middlesex. Do you have any information on Samuel Bristow (1730) father. The information on Samuel Bristow being the great grandson of John Bristow came from Andrew Bristow who did research world wide on the family around 1970 up until his death. If you can be of any help, please let me know.

---------- Reply -----------

From: Carolyn Hodges.


There is much info on the Bristow family in the book, "The Parish Register of Christ Church, Middlesex Co, VA from 1653 to 1812". I am sending the following excerpts that you probably need the most in your research:

    Samuel Son of Nicholas & Mary Bristow born March ye 27 baptized
April ye 12, 1730.
    John Son of Samuel & Mary Bristow born June 7th, 1752.
    Nicholas the Sone of Jno & Michall Bristow baptized 17th of Juen
    Anne daughter of Nicholas & Mary Bristow born April 26, baptized
May 24, 1719.
    John son of Nicholas & Mary Bristow born June ye 25 baptized July
16, 1721.
    Jemima daughter of Nicholas & Mary Bristow born January ye 30.
baptized March ye 8. 1723.
    William Son of Nicholas & Mary Bristow born November ye 2.
baptized November 12, 1726.
    Hannah daughter of Nicholas & Mary Bristow born January ye 9.
baptized February 11, 1732.

Nicholas Bristow & Mary Gardner Married June ye 27, 1717.
James Bristow & Anne Jones Married November ye 7, 1717.
James Bristow & Mary Twyman Married February ye 9. 1720.
John Bristow & Mary Carter 8 January 1711.

Nickols Bristow Dyed January 27th 1734.

Mary Gardiner daughter of Wm. & Ann Gardiner was born ye 22nd day of
September 1699.

Johannah Bristow the Daughter of Jno. & Michall Bristow baptized 9th
May 1680.
William Bristow the Sone of Jno. & Michall Bristow was baptized 29th
of October, 1682.
Michall Bristow ye Daughter of Jno. & Michall Bristow baptized 15th
February 1684/5.
Thomas Bristow Sone of Jno & Michall Bristow baptized 12th of June
Sarah the Daughter of Jno & Michall Bristow baptized 13th of March
Elizabeth ye Daughter of John & Michall Bristow baptized 6th of July

John Bristow dyed October ye 10 & was buried October ye 13. 1716.

I find no burial record or remarriage record for Michall.
Hope this is of help to you!
From: Bill Wilkerson.

Hi Duane,

Some recent notes and articles raise questions, at least in my mind, concerning Jedediah Bristow's family. Was Jedediah married three times? First to Catherine Tomson and had a child, Tompson b:1741 (Christ Church Parish register) Catherine died shortly after his birth. From St. Peters Parish register, New Kent Co., Va., two more children are listed:

Note the birth date of William - 1758
If this is the William who married Margaret Powell abt 1767, he would have been abt 9 years old!!
There was a William born in Oct 1747; (John 3, Thomas 2, John 1) who may have married Margaret Powell. The Bristow-Powell-Beck family has been well documented by Ira Nickel.

Hopefully this will elicit responses from those more knowledgeable of Jedediah's family than I am.

From: Neil E. Bristow.

I just received copies of the enclosed letters from my cousin in Illinois. His dad was born in Southampton County, VA. The letters were written to him by Andrew Bristow in 1969. Even though my uncle - Gavin Carter Bristow- died in 1978, my aunt still had these. They did help me fill in some dates and given me some leads to follow.

Click here to see: Letter 1, Letter 2, Letter 3, or Letter 4.

From: Pauline Bristow.

Hi, I found your site very interesting and informative. I am looking for info on my husband's "tree". His father was Hugh Lester Bristowe from Oakland, California. I believe his father's name was William and his mother was Anita Monk. I couldn't find anything on your site for California--of course I could have missed it but if you have anything that might help, I'd appreciate it. My husband thought his grandfather came from Bristol, England, but I am not sure that is a fact.. As a side line, I just moved from Kentucky, May 1998, after living there for five years. My daughter has married a Kentucky country boy so I will be visiting occasionally.

Keep up the good work and thank you.

From: Ira C. Nickle.

I have an update to my Bristow genealogy. This is a correction to Peyton Bristow son of William Bristow and Martha Beck:
Peyton married Elizabeth Ann (Annie) Owens a daughter of John Owens and Rosannah Mason. I have received information that they were married on 12 March 1823 in Wayne County, KY. Peyton's brother William Bristow, Jr. married Annie's sister Sarah (Sally) Owens on 13 March 1823 in Wayne County. I have not seen any proof that Peyton was married on 12 March 1823 but seems to me very possible for their daughter Martha Bristow (my ancestress) was born in 1823. She could have been born in November and December and it would work out.

From: Brenda Stewart.

Maybe you could help with my search. I am searching for my grandfather's Porter Garretts Mother's Name . His death certificate list it as Sarah Pardue and his father as Abraham Garrett. But the only record I can find of Abraham Garrett (who I know lived in Clinton County is at this location; http://www.parsonstech.com/genealogy/trees/bgarrett/garrett.htm You can find him listed under the Garrett surnames under Abraham 1921. However Betty list his wife's name as Sarah C. Pierce (second wife) and can't find any children of Abraham & Sarah. I know that Porter lived in Clinton County until the early 1900's and worked at a milling company owned by the statesmen Hull's father. My great grandmother Margaret Jane Griffen Smith and Robert Lee Smith ran a boarding house for workers of this mill in Albany and this is where my Grandfather Porter Garrett met and married my grandmother Mary "Ira" Smith. I just need to know the true name of Porter's Mother so I can link him on to Betty's Garrett's. The name on his death certificate was given by his second wife Minnie and is not thought to be accurate by the family. Any help you can give me would be appreciated. I just need that missing link at this time.

Thanks in advance. Brenda

From: Brenda Stewart.

I'm not a Clintonian, but my gr grandfather was. Clinton genweb doesn't have any census etc. on their page at all, do you suppose you could put some on your page for those of us who are not Bristows but by heritage connected to Clinton County. I love Linda's zip com but I can't seem to connect to any of my Garrett's (Abraham and Porter) from any site in Clinton County. Please let me know if there are other places to find Clinton History.

Reply from Duane:

I have listed all the sites on the Internet that I know of with the type of information you ask about. There is census information in the Clinton County Public Library.

As for me putting census information on the Internet, I do not have the time to type it in or the money to pay for the web space. However, if you, or someone else is interested in typing the information into a computer and helping to pay the Internet expenses for keeping it on the Web, I'll be glad to add it to my web site.


Do you know where any of the "John Bristow" books can be found? I would like to purchase one. I have one from our interlibrary loan program, but they would like to have it back....

Frank Bristow
Littleton, CO

Sender: Frank S. Bristow.

I live in Bristow,Indiana. In the year 2000 Bristow will celebrate 125th birthday. History books state that James, John or Newton Bristow is who Bristow was named after. In planning our celebration we would like to have more information on this person. He is thought to have been a barn builder. Bristow is in Perry county neighboring Spencer county.

Sender: Betty VanWinkle.

I am Cuthbert Bristow, Jr. AKA "Cuffy", now of Ardsley, Pa. Born in Middlesex Co. VA. in 1931. Surfing the net brought me to your awesome homepage. I am flabbergasted that anyone sharing my last name could create such an entertaining and informative site. Take a bow!

In your family heading under Bristows in American Govt., in the footnote references there is reference to letters of M.E. Bristow (M.E.= Myon Edison) my fathers 1st cousin. You may be interested to know that I am in possession of a letter written by him to my fathers brother in 1920. Among the subjects are comments about Hon. Louis Lunsford Bristow of Georgetown, Ky. (also in the footnotes) I would provide you with a copy if you desire and respond with a mailing address. I also have a copy of Gordon Wooleys John Bristow, ten generations, which is out of print. Most all the history & traditions in our distant past seems to be the same as I've read and heard it. My father is buried in the cemetery at Christ Church where our common ancestor was clerk in 1701. If you ever get to tidewater Virginia, visit the beautiful church yard and cemetery.

Sender: Cuffy Bristow.


Interesting about Catherine Holsapple. Catherine's younger sister was Juliana Holsapple Smith Clark and grandmother to my grandmother. She too spoke with a heavy german accent. She was married to James Smith down in Clinton Co.area of Kentucky. He must have died as she married Reuben Clark in about 1823 in Clinton Co. area. Then they all moved to Monroe county,IN. She died there and her son, Henry Clark moved from Monroe Co.,in about 1874/5 to Boone Co.,Ark. In 1889 he moved westward to Oklahoma Territory, but only made it to Braggs,Indian Territory, this is a little town near Muskogee.

Interestly enough some of the Clark's in Monroe Co., married some of the Gabberts.Probably cousins, this family did a lot of that too. If you go to Washington Co.,IN GenWeb Archive page you will see the information I have found about Jacob Holsapple, his parents and grandfather Holzapfel. They lived in the small town of Eschwege which was in Hesse-Kassel, not Hesse-Darmstadt. When I was in the service back in 1955 I was stationed in Frankfort, not to far away. Of course at that time I did not have this information. I have been in contact with Cindy Holsapple Boone who will publish this information. Cindy just lost her father and then her mother was hit by a car while walking and she is dead also. I feel so bad for Cindy as she is an only child.

I have been corresponding with the Archiv and they research for me and then I pay them for the information. So I am a bit protective of this information that it be correct when it is published. At this time I am working on the siblings of Jacob, by the way his name was Johann Jakob Holzapfel, and there are various ways to spell it, I suppose depending on who was writing it. Jacob was conscripted into the Erbprinz Regt. and shipped to New York area. If you go to the Hesse Webpage you can get a good bit of information about the Erbprinz Regt. Well I have had your ear for awhile and must go. But hope to hear from you,

Sender: Robert V. Woods. Ridgefield, WA

Duane, Thanks a lot for your magnificent home page. You can come to Denver anytime and make one anytime... I was looking in the Bristow article by Dr. John Walton on Politicians and Statesmen. In it he refers to James Bristow b.1752, do you have any information of his extended family? My GGgreatfather, Rev.Samuel Bristow, was with the Lincolns in Indiana and moved with them to Illinois about 1830. This is all a dark part of our Bristow search. If you would share with me any info you have would appreciate it very much.

Sender: Frank S. Bristow. Littleton, Colo.


My name is James Gabbert. I am looking into my families history and trying to find relatives in the tree. I have been able to go as far back as Charles Thomas Gabbert who is my fathers great grandpa. I know he married Rebecca Anna Thomas but have hit a block going any farther. I dont know if we are decendants from Susannah Gabbert daoughter of Michael and Elizabeth Gabbert or not but the family I know of so far came from Virginia (i think - my dad thought so ) then to missouri and then to Clay County Illinois and now is move into two parts of Illinois, Pennsylvania and parts of Missouri. if this could fit in to your findings id love to talk or see any records or info concerning the Gabberts.

Thank You and God Bless

Sender: James Gabbert

Craig, Thanks for sending your letter to all of us. Maybe we can purify our research efforts by working together. As you indicated in your message, I descend from Jedediah and wife Catherine Thompson/Tomson. Their son Thompson Bristow came to the Greensville SC area around 1786. His 10 children were all in the Mississippi area by 1816 and the spelling of the name became Brister. You will therefore find most of us Brister's in AL,MS,LA, or TX. There are some descendants of a John Brister b. 1777 Greene, PA d. 1850 Monroe, OH that are in the Monroe Ohio area that I do not have any info on. I do have the names of about 8 of Johns children that are buried there. Maybe someone in that area can let us know what family John Brister/Bristow belongs to.

There are a couple of things I need to clear up in Craigs letter. First I, Dee Brister, am a he not a she :) My real name is Delano Roosevelt Brister and I tell everyone I am a Republican so I changed it to Dee (LOL). Actually I have been Dee all my life.

The next thing we need to try to clear up is John Bristow's son, William's, wife's name. At the Clayton Library in Houston Texas I read a book "The Edward Clark Geneology 1676-1988" by Walter Burgess Smith,C.G., Picton Press, 1988. In chapter two of this book it covers the family of Margaret CLARK and William BRISTOW. So I believe her last name is not Stark as some references indicate.

You should all try to read this book because it gives quite a bit of history on the Bristow family in there.

I have also added a couple of people to this list. Diane Hull lives near Chicago and descends from Jedediah's son, James. She has been very knowledgeable about the Bristow line. The next addition is Bill Wilkerson who some of you may already know.

Diane sent me some info that I have been doing some "pondering over". In the Rappahannock County, Virginia Deeds 1656-1664, #141, Elizabeth Bowler, PCC 113 Juxon, 27 May 1663 Proved: 06 Sep 1663, by Elizabeth Coole And William Wilson

Elizabeth Bowler of Ratcliffe, Stepney, Middlesex, Widow (Note: This is apparently in England) To my brother, Hubert, that married my late husband's sister, Katherine, 10 pounds, and his two daughters, Mary and Katherine Hubert 10 pounds and 30 pounds respectively. To the brother and sister of Charles Bowler 10 pounds each. Charles Bowler, my later husband's brother's son, part of my ship "Starling"and part of my ship whereof Mr Hankin is master, and 100 pounds. To my cousin, John Bowler, who lived at Friday Street, 10 pounds, and John and William Bowler, his sons, 10 pounds each, and my cousin....Bowler, wife of the said John Bowler, my late husband's seal ring with his arms thereon to wear in rememberance of her deceased kinsman. To cousin Thomas Bowler, 10 pounds and to his son Nathaniel Bowler 20 pounds. To Allen , widow, of St.Katherine, 5 Pounds. To my sister MARGARET BRISTOW, 50 pounds. To my cousins RICHARD BRISTOW and JOHN BRISTOW, son's of my said sister, MARGARET, 5 Pounds.
To my sister Cooper's two daughters, 5 Pounds each. To my cousin Elizabeth Bubbs of Dartford, Kent, 5 Pounds. To my cousin Key's two son's 10 pounds each.
To my cousin William Wilson and Margaret, his wife, 10 pounds and wearing apparel
(three sons and two daughters) To Elizabeth, daughter of William Wilkins, 5 pounds
To John Hamersley, 10 pounds, William Hamersley, his daughter, 5 pounds. Friends, Mr Thome, Mr Ferrin of Groombridge, Mary Willoughby, William Ives, sister Sarah Bradle. To the poor of Radcliffe, 20 pounds.
To Elizabeth, daughter of Samuel Greene of Whitebone street, Mary, daughter of William Bisaker of Stepney, 10 pounds, Isaac Hart, James Clarke and his wife and son, James Clarke, 20 pounds, Mary Pitcher
To my grandchild, Thomas Coole, 100 pounds at 21. Remainder of the lease of the messuage and tenement in Ratcliffe with the yar, wharf etc, where I now dwell, to my son-in-law, Peter Coole and Elizabeth, his wife, with remainder to Charles Bowler. My wearing apparel to be divided between my sister MARGARET BRISTOW and widow Allen of St.Katherine.

Executors: my daughter, Elizabeth Coole and cousin, William Wilson.
Overseers: my friend, Mr William Goodson of Ratcliffe, and William Bisaker of Stepney.
Witnesses: Thomas Swetman, Charles Roby, Henry Michener, William Ives.

Well, This should keep us busy for a while trying to see if this is our John Bristow. Makes sense to me. Some try to link us to Robert Bristow of Gloster County and of Ayot St. Lawrence but I havent found where any of his descendants stayed in America. He was in Virginia from 1660-1680. His family lost all their American holdings in 1776 because they were British subjects.

I've rambled enough, but want us to all keep in touch.
Cousin Dee Brister of Louisiana.

Sender: Dee Brister


This is going out to several genealogists researching the Bristow family. I've been without Internet access for over a month and I'm still trying to catch up with all of the information I found there. I've pasted some of your messages below. I hope you don't mind my sharing your information with everybody. Most of these came from Gen Forum. A. Schelke sent a message to me with lots of information about the descendants of John Bristow. I only included the first generation below, so A. Schelke, I hope you'll share that with the rest of us. I think it would be great for everybody to share their Bristow information so we can all put this tree together. Oh, and we better not forget the Brister branch(es), right Dee? Dee Brister is one of John Bristow's descendants I've met on-line. I'll let her explain the name change.

Here is the first five generations I have for the Bristow family. Most of this information comes from Sharon Mulrey. Sharon is an expert on this family. Thanks again, Sharon.

1  John Bristow  b: Abt. 1649;  d: October 13, 1716 in Middlesex County, VA
.+Michal Nicholls  m: Bef. 1680
.2  Johannah Bristow  b: Abt. April 1680
.2  William Bristow  b: Abt. October 1682;  d: November 15, 1742
.....+Margaret Stark  m: December 07, 1704
.....3  Edward Bristow  b: June 04, 1709
.....3  William Bristow  b: February 02, 1712/13
.....3  Charles Bristow  b: May 17, 1718
.....3  Michal Bristow  b: July 17, 1722
.....3  Anne Bristow  b: May 04, 1725
.....3  Elizabeth Bristow  b: May 14, 1728
.2  Michal Bristow  b: Abt. February 1684/85;  d: September 10, 1716
.....+John Owen  m: October 23, 1707;  d: January 26, 1719/20
.....3  William Owen  b: November 04, 1708
.....3  Ann Owen  b: Abt. February 1709/10
.....3  Michal Owen  b: February 19, 1715/16
.....3  Elizabeth Owen  b: June 28, 1716
.2  Thomas Bristow  b: Abt. June 1687;  d: May 11, 1748
.....+Catherine Wortley  m: May 01, 1711;  d: December 26, 1741
.....3  Mary Bristow  b: May 01, 1713
.....3  John Bristow  b: November 09, 1715
.2  Elizabeth Bristow  b: Abt. June 1690;  d: February 03, 1715/16
.....+George Barwick  m: June 07, 1708;  d: April 13, 1736
.....3  George Barwick  b: September 26, 1712
.....3  Anne Barwick  b: May 30, 1714
.....3  John Barwick  b: February 22, 1714/15
.2  Sarah Bristow       b: Abt. March 1691/92
.2  Nicholas Bristow  b: Abt. June 1694
.2  James Bristow  b: in Middlesex County, VA
.....+Mary Twyman  m: February 09, 1719/20;  d: September 05, 1744
.....3  George Bristow  b: February 07, 1722/23;  d: Abt. July 1783 in Granville County, NC
.........+Mary ?
.........4  John Bristow  b: November 07, 1748 in Middlesex County, VA; d: December 11,              1820 in Marlboro County, SC
.............+Susannah Parrish  b: February 11, 1751/52;  d: July 05, 1815
.............5  William Bristow  b: October 09, 1775;  d: August 29, 1825
.................+Annestatia Fuller  m: February 22, 1798;  d: September 01, 1825
*2nd Wife of John Bristow:
.+Mary Carter  m: January 08, 1710/11
.2  Jedediah Bristow  b: August 10, 1713
.2  Mary Bristow  b: August 15, 1715
.2  Anne Bristow

How's that look? I'm sure many of you have corrections and additions to this information. My wife, Bonnie, is the 4th great-granddaughter of William Bristow and Annestatia Fuller. We sure hope you will share your information with the other descendants of John Bristow. Some of the other Bristow descendants I've already been corresponding with include Pamela Lee Cranston, Lesa T. Dyke, Wanda Fern Overacker, and Bob Steele. I look forward to hearing from you!

See ya,
Bonnie, Craig, Amy, and Chad

Posted by Dusti Ide <catsmeow@aztec.asu.edu> on August 27, 1998
In Reply to: John Bristow-Middlesex County, VA-d:1716 posted by Craig J. Larson on August 23, 1998
I am descended through John's son, James, and Mary Twyman. James and Mary's daughter, Catherine, married Thomas Chaney. Their son Jacob married Sarah Midkiff. For anyone searching this line, have information and would love to share.

Posted by Lenore Akerson <nornie@transport.com> on June 09, 1998
Researching Bristow line. Mine begins with Mary Frances Bristow (b 19 Sep 1855 in Marion Co., Iowa, md Edward Peter Lyon 27 Feb 1876 in Iowa)), her father was William Bristow (b 3 Mar 1825 in IN, md Malinda Graham 23 Oct 1845 in IN), his father was Nathaniel Bristow (b 8 Dec 1792 in KY, md Mary Tilley 18 Sep 1813 in KY), his father was Gideon Bristow (b 15 Nov 1768 in KY, md Mary Mothershead 1789 in KY), his father was James Bristow (b 28 Sep 1751 in VA, md Margaret Clopton abt 1767 in VA), his father was Jedediah Bristow (b 10 Aug 1713, md Elinor abt 1750 in VA) and his father is Joh Bristow (b abt 1649 of Middlesex, England, md Mary Goodloe 8 Jan 1711 in VA). Would like to share info with others. Thanks

From: ASchelke@aol.com
Subject: John Bristow 1649-1716
am searching my daughters married name(Bristow). The Bristows that I am trying to trace started in this country with John Bristow who was born in England abt 1649. My daughters line migrated to Ky, In and Il. The families named many of their children with names starting with J and C. The children were called JC.

Here is what I know about Bristows
Descendants of John Bristow
JOHN1 BRISTOW was born Abt. 1649 in England, and died October 10, 1716 in Saluda, Va. He married (1) MICHAL NICHOLS. He married (2) MARY GOODLOE CARTER, daughter of GEORGE GOODLOE and MARY.

Sender: Craig J Larson

I have this evening so enjoyed reading Duane's Early Times page! Rev. Isaac Denton was my direct ancestor, and the Wood family is also part of my line. How exciting to read these stories! We have been working on our genealogy and have done very well with my grandfather, William Frank Riley, of Clinton County ...all the way back to Isaac Riley's land grant for Rev war service in Byrdstown, TN, where the Rich and Riley descendants still live today. I'd be interested in any information and leads on additional information for the Rileys, Wood family, Dentons and Johnsons ... also my grandmother's line -Bertram and (sp?) Parmley. She was one of twelve children of William and Nancy (nee Parmley) Bertram in the Albany - Clear Fork communities. The stories on the Early Times page were familiar to me, as I recall my grandmother relating some of them as my grandfather's "Clinton County tales." What a treat!

My grandfather was (William) Franklin Riley. His father was William Porter Riley, whose sister Elizabeth was Cordell Hull's mother. Frank's daughter Ellen has done a great amount of work on the Riley family.

We're fortunate to have come from the same stock as the rest of the folks down in that area which straddles the KY TN line ... I always smile to myself when my Massachusetts neighbors think of us "hillbillies" as ignorant and profane. With all the Boston has to offer, Clinton and Wayne counties in KY and Pickett County TN will always stand out to me as unique pockets of culture, as literacy has always been a priority, and the unique speech patterns that have lingered through the years are the truest remaining forms of the King's English on this earth. If they only knew!

I have felt particularly blessed in times of hardship and crisis to have had the courageous women in my lineage who set the example for facing the bleakest of circumstances and the most heartbreaking of tragedies with faith and peristence. My grandmother was one of those strong women with the pioneer spirit. She was Rosa Etna Bertram, daughter of William and Nancy (Parmley) Bertram of Clear Fork - Albany, and one of twelve children. I would dearly love to hear from any of our remaining cousins in the area. We were especially close to the Fairchild family (Aunt Pearl's married name), and had many happy visits to their farm outside Monticello in times past.

Isn't technology a wonderful thing, that we can strive to re-establish contact with loved ones who are still alive and to share information about our commonality and just enjoy some good old "down home" times together regardless of the distance!

Patricia Hamlin Collins (my mother was Maggie Alma Riley, daughter of William Franklin Riley)

Sender: Patricia Hamlin Collins

Dear Duane,

Excuse my stepping into your personal site with another family. I just recently learned that my maternal grandmother, Corine Mary Holsapple, was from Albany, or at least Clinton Co. She was born about 1893, married someone named Joe York (one son: John Rudolph) and then in 1913 married my grandfather in Chicago. I have no idea how she got to Chicago. The person who sent me this info also sent names and dates for her parents and grandparents as well as some of her brothers and sisters. I found them listed in census indicis and the Kentucky death index (online). Can you tell me: are there still Holsapples in Albany and Clinton County? If so, would you have perhaps a name and address I could write to in order to get more information? As I recall, she had a brother named Aaron Burr Holsapple, another named Fred, a sister named Flossie (who married someone whose name was Ashberry Poc) and a couple of others. Her father's name was Ambrose Bramlette Holsapple. If any of this rings a bell, I would be very much obliged for any help you might be able to give me.

Sender: Patrick McCann - Dallas, Texas

I was getting a bit homesick for Albany yesterday and thought I would see what I could find on the internet. I was very happy to find your web site. As I was browsing through your guest comments I came across a very familiar name, Donald York. I tried to send him a message but for some reason we are having trouble getting it through. I hope you can help us. He was searching for info on the Yorks of Clinton county.

My mother, Anna Larison (maiden name Andrew) was born and raised in Albany. Her oldest sister, Maude Andrew, married a York. I am not sure what his real name is, we always called him Uncle Thee, I am not even sure of the spelling of this since I have never seen it in writing. I have several first cousins through them, one of which is named Donald.

My mom was very excited when I told her about coming across this site. We would like any info you can give us, especially regarding the Andrews, Thomases, and Yorks, especially this Donald.

Thank you so much for the time and effort put forth in producing this site. Though my sisters and I were born and raised in Dayton, Ohio, home will always be Albany, Ky. in our hearts. It is a very special place. My grandmother and grandfather lived at the top of the hill over the 76 Falls. We spent many vacations there, and I spent the whole summer there when I was a young teen.

I was especially excited to see the picture of 76 Falls and the town of Albany when I pulled it up on the net. As a runner, I was excited to see that there is an annual race in the fall in Albany.

We will all be looking forward to receiving any other infor regarding Albany and it's people from you. Also, we appreciated the picture and notes regarding Aunt Ella. We have a copy of her first publication, but have not been able to get the other yet.

Sender: Judy Starnes

Hi Greetings from Upstate New York.

Just reading some of your information about Albany, Kentucky. I was born in Albany, Ky. My parents we E. M. Parrigin and Edna (Griffin) Parrigin. Somewhere along the way our name got changed to Parrigan. I'm the llth child of 12 Parrigan children. 7 of us are still living, the oldest one will be 85 in September.

What a small world. After finishing viewing your web site I am positive that I am a first cousin to Eva's father. My mother Edna Griffin Parrigin, Parrigan was Ada Harlan's Sister and also she was married to Ada Harlans Brother-in-Law after my father died. They were married for about 14 years. Proof of this is a tombstone in the Peolia Cemetery where we buried our mother and father you probably havn't noticed because the stone has Parrigan on it instead of Parrigin. I have been looking for Reba Dean Smith who is a daughter of Audrey and John B. Smith. Audrey was Aunt Delia Ann's daughter. Their family name was Crabtree. Reba Dean and I, were close when we were children but time and the miles between up seperated us and I lost touch. If you have any information on her I would appreciate it.

Sender: Jean Parrigan Cook

I just read your stories of early life in Clinton County and enjoyed them, but saw no names that I recognized. My mother, Mary Ethel Dalton, was born in Clinton County in 1902. Her father, James Bristow Dalton, operated a general store in Albany until moving his family to MS in 1910. He was born Feb. 6, 1876, to Lafayette Dalton and wife Elmira Norris. My grandmother was Sue Barton Pace, daughter of Henry Slaughter Pace and Mary Barton. I believe the name "James Bristow" is quite common in your ancestry, so I wondered if there could be a connection. However, I believe there was a Dr. Bristow in the area around the time my grandfather was born, so he could have been named for the doctor. Do you recognize any of these names?

Sender: Jim Nichols

I do love your web page. All the ancestors of my husband's grandfather were settled in Clinton County for 100 years. I just returned from researching in Albany myself.

My husband is descended from Nancy Bristow who married Wm Holsapple. I think Nancy is a sister of your Leven Bristow.

Other Clinton County names we are researching are Dicken (of course), Beck, Lawhorn (Lowhorn), Young, York, Snow, (Thurman, Cox, Collins in Cumberland County).

I especially enjoy the human stories on our ancestors, such as the document by Clawson Bristow. It is great. Do you have any other info (or family lore) on any of these lines?

I will gladly share info with anyone, but mostly wanted to commend you on a very enjoyable web site!!! Keep up the good work!

Sender: Barb Dicken

Hi there!

Just found your Web Site and think it is great! I enjoyed reading your life in Clinton Co. I feel I know you after reading about your Family. When I do research on the past, I know the people as well, as if I had met them. Even though I am a native Californian I know the hills of Kentucky very well. Much I learned from my husband and family and from my searching of records. We have met so many nice people and cousins we never knew. I feel all my work has been very rewarding.

We are in Clinton and Cumberland Co.'s each May over the Memorial Day week end there is a Booher Reunion at the Lake. I started it 5 years ago and we do have a crowd of around 150-200. Join us some time! My husband was born in Burkesville, Ky. and his Grandma was a Talbot-Hopkins of Clinton Co. I have done 15 years of research on those families and have put together a Booher Cookbook and a Book on the Booher Family, which is in the Library of Congress, that I am proud of.

Last year we met Mr. Ferguson, his family married into the Booher Family. I got his Vol 2 Book and was hoping to be able to find Vol 1 which is out of print. If by chance you would come across one, some day, please think of me I would like it for my files. There is alot of information in it on our Hopkins and Talbott line.

I bet you know Lola and Opal Talbott, we went to see them last year, they are in my husbands line, and are school teachers, Lola showed us the restored Hopkins School House where she taught. We also went to the Old Hopkins farm where the graveyard is. Sue Parrigan and her husband took us there. She is a Booher and comes to the reunions.

Hope to see you one day so we can have a good chat, you told the same stories my husband tells about the Circus coming to town and the old theaters. Burkesville and Albany grew up together.

Sender: Eva Booher
Santa Monica, Ca.

I stopped by your site and saw something on Maupins. Do you know anything about the Maupins who settled Clinton Co? I am looking for any and all Maupin info. Thanks.

Sender: Mary Carr

I found the material on Judge Eddie Lovelace very interesting. Thanks for posting it. Do you have any background on the Judge, like where he was born, how are his parents, etc.? My maiden name is Loveless and was born in Prince George's County, Maryland. There is a Judge Loveless there also and wondered if they were related. Any information you can give me on him will be greatly appreciated.


James H. LOVELESS b 1792 & Sarah Ann MANGUN>George Levi LOVELESS b 1848 & Matilda Ann THOMAS> James Albert LOVELESS b 1873 & Josephine Helen SMITH> James Wilmer LOVELESS b 1904 & Anastasia MORAN> (ME) Peggy Ann LOVELESS b 1936. All MD

Sender: Duane & Peggy

Hello.. I just wanted to thank you for putting together such an easy to read.... user friendly website about the Bristow family...
I have just started researching my Bristow line... and i THINK (not sure yet) that I found a match on your website..
Can you please just answer one question... you have a William Bristow Jr. who married a Martha Beck.. 13 children listed.. do you know more information about these children listed???
My great great great grandmother, Margaret Bristow Smith was born 1813 and died 1852.. so the dates match perfectly.. Just wondering if you know any spouses of these children listed... and left them off for lack of space??? I just wondered if I could get a little more verification before I got too excited.. Thank you again..

Sender: Michele Norton, Cuyahoga Heights, Ohio

Reply from Duane:
The only information I have is Margaret Bristow, born March 8, 1813, died August 13, 1852 married Reece Bowen Smith.

See the descendents of Margaret Bristow submitted by Michele Norton.

I have visited your site several times and was glad to know I can correspond with other Bristows. My ancestor has been eluding me for about 10 years. I corresponded with Andrew Bristow many years ago and he too had no definate lead for the parents of my John Bristow - born in Ky. Mar. 16, 1819, married Lucinda Harding (dau. of Noah and Mary (Kerr) Harding), in Hendricks Co. In. Oct. 13, 1842. He moved to Clinton County Indiana about 1845 and died on April 14, 1877. His children: Euclid, Marcellus, Louisa, Caroline, Melvin, Jasper, and Noah Lincoln. Noah is my line. Some of Marcellus' family can be found in the 1910 census of Anadarko, Ok. My grandfather and some of his siblings came to Gary, Indiana about 1920. Perhaps someone else can give me a clue to move backward.

Sender: Marilyn K. Van Berg


Nice Website. More information than I can absorb in one night but I thought I would throw this out for discussion.

I come from a line of Bristow's that is now mostly in Texas. I am currently in the Army stationed at Ft. Irwin, CA. I have a family history of sorts that was written in 1968 by a Bertha Amerson Bristow titled "An Historical Genealogy of the James Franklin (Frank) Bristow Family Line". Through this I can trace my ancestry fairly concretely back to a Joshua T. Bristow that was born around 1818. This writing contains US Census records from 1850, 1860 and 1870 from Newton County, MO. Each record has Joshua T. born in a different place (Georgia, Indiana & Illinois). I am hoping that you (or another member of the Bristow family) might have some concrete information on the ancestry of Joshua T. This writing does mention that Joshua T. was a descendant of one of five brothers who came to the US from Scotland in the early 1770's but also mentions the John Bristow of Middlesex, VA. I am unable at this point to tie all this together to form a direct link above Joshua T.

Any information that you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

Sender: Burke & Kim Bristow

i find your web site very wholesome, and interesting.
my father and grandfather were from KY. i think around harrodsburg? [not sure] both are dead now. do you know of any McELROY's down there?

i do know my dads 1st cousin was stanley lee mcelroy, a retired ibm exec. actually he retired as the assistant to the president of ibm in new york about 20 years ago, now lives in CA.

as for me i am a poor old [54] international truck salesman in PA.

Sender: jim mcelroy - PA.

Just found this web site through a distant relative with whom I recently became acquainted via the internet! I am a Bristow and am interested in obtaining more info on my family. My line begins with Mary Frances Bristow (b 19 Sep 1855 in IA) her father was William Bristow (b 3 Mar 1825 in IN) his father was Nathaniel Bristow (b 8 Dec 1792 in KY) his father was Gideon Bristow (b 15 Nov 1768 in KY) his father was James Bristow (b 28 Sep 1751 in VA, md to Margaret Clopton) his father was Jedediah Bristow (b abt 1713 in VA, md Elionr), and his father was John Bristow (b abt 1649 of Middlesex, England, md to Mary Goodloe. Would like to find out more about these people.

Sender: Lenore Akerson

Duane, I have just visited your very interesting web site and wanted to let you know how I fit into the limbs of the BRISTOW tree. I am Dee Brister , a retired army helicopter and fixed wing pilot. I grew up in Central Louisiana and currently in Woodworth, Louisiana.

I have been doing Brister research for quite a few years and have about 6000 decendants in my computer. I decend from John, Jedediah, Thompson, Benjamin, William, Jesse, Wiley, Clayton to me. I primarily use PAF for family records however I also have Family Treemaker. I prefer PAF. My e-mail is deebrister@aol.com. Although You show there were 8 children of Thomson and Nancy Hockaday, there were 10 children. You show the 10 by name . There is another researcher in Natchez, MS. Dr. CC Miller, a decendant of George that also has a lot of Brister history. Looking forward to hearing from you-----
Cuz' Dee Brister.

Sender: Dee Brister

Hi Bristows....injoyed reading all the querry's for the Bristow family.......and now i have one....my Great Grandmother was Eliza Bristow born around 1868(birthplace unknown) left Tennessee around 1880 for Cabin Creek Arkansas (johnson county) married wm Henry Cagle in 1884 johnson co Ar ..died before 1900. they had 2 Daughters....Fannie Mae & Nora Cagle.......have you heard of these Bristows?

Sender: Pat garrett

Hi Duane, I have received a number of notes since I posted one to your page. It tells me that many people are monitoring it. I enjoy helping others find their ancestors and/or their descendents.

I am researching the following Bristow families in hopes of finding the ancestors of Peter W Bristow:

    Name          DOB        Marriage to            My data base
    John         1649    Michal Nickols/Mary Carter   extensive
    Robert       1701    Elizabeth Lawson             very small
    William      1747    Margaret Powell              medium
    George D     1782    Johanna Mathews              medium
    Leroy        1788    Nancy Darnel                 medium
    Sidnor       1793    ?                            medium
    William      1808    Catherine?/Ann Hayes         medium
    Richard H    1810    Mary Proctor                 medium
    Peter W      1823    Lucy Ann Soles               large
    Thomas B     1824    ?                            very small

I answer every email that I receive! If I have any info I will be happy to share it.

Sender: Bill Wilkerson

I am a Bristow and read with great interest your family history. Mine are from the Virginia side and I am becoming discouraged about tracing back very far. I have gotten back as far as my gggrandfather in the early 1800's.

My gggrandparents were Mary Proctor and Richard Bristow. They were married in 1833. My ggrandfather was Robert Healy Bristow b. 1843, married to Elizabeth Ann Mason on 2/20/1843, and he fought in the Civil War. My grandfather was Raymond Jones Bristow, b. 1876 and married to Maggie Blanche Lewis in 1892. They lived on the Piankitank River in Gloucester County, Virginia until my father, Raymond Hayes Bristow, turned 21 and they moved to Baltimore.

Sender: Audrey H. Yzaguirre

I came across your site by accident while searching the internet for anything to do with Madgwick. I am interested in tracing or getting in touch with other Madgwicks, especially those with roots in Preston Park/Brighton,East Sussex. Uk.

Sender: Leonie Madgwick Vejjajiva

My name is Brandon Bristow. I live in San Angelo, TX. I don't know if we are of any relation or not but I thought that your web site is very interesting. Maybe we are in some way related. My fathers name is Wayne Bristow who grew up in Ackerly, TX. just north of Big Spring were he lives now. My grandfater's name is Joshua Vernon Bristow.

Sender: Brandon Bristow

Your web page is fantastic! My husband is a descendant of Nancy Bristow who married William Holsapple. Are William Bristow and Elijah Bristow related? If so How?

Sender: Barb Dicken

Reply from Duane:

                    Bristow, Nancy (Holsapple)
                    and her Ancestors
        from the SFHR database of Duane Bristow 02-27-1998
   1 Bristow, Nancy (Holsapple) 1811 [1]
   2 Bristow, William 1771 [2]
   3 Beck, Martha (Bristow) 1776 [3]
   4 Bristow, William 1758 [4]
   5 Powell, Margaret (Bristow) 1750 [5]
   6 Beck, Paul Sr. ---- [6]
   7 Lewis, Martha (Beck) ---- [7]
   8 Bristow, Jedediah 1713 [8]
   9 Elinor ---- [9]
  10 Powell, William ---- [10]
  11 Peyton, Eleanor (Powell) ---- [11]
  12 Bristow, John 1649 [16]
  13 Carter, Mary (Bristow) ---- [17]
  14 Powell, William ---- [20]
  15 Lane, Elizabeth (Powell) ---- [21]
  16 Peyton, Valentine ---- [22]
  17 Linton, Frances (Peyton) ---- [23]
  18 Lane, George, Jr. ---- [42]
  19 De La Fountaine, Denise ---- [43]
  20 Linton, Moses ---- [46]
  21 Barton, Margaret (Linton) ---- [47]

John Bristow # 12, great, great grandfather of Nancy Bristow Holsapple, was also an ancestor of Elijah Bristow, Oregon pioneer. See The Bristows in American Government.

Hi Duane,

My Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandfather was Samuel Bristow who was born in Franklin County, Kentucky in 1798. We have a newspaper clipping of the death of his son Demos Bristow. In it, was told that Demos grandfather was an early pioneer of Kentucky; but did not give his name.

I've tried to get back that far to see if we could connect with someone that would know of Samuel Bristow's father.

Sender: Linda Van Cleave

Reply from Duane:

                    The Book of Family Trees of 
                    Bristow, Samuel 
                    and his Ancestors 
        from the SFHR database of Duane Bristow 02-01-1998 
   1 Bristow, Samuel 1798 [1] 
   2 Bristow, Benjamin W. 1770 [2]   - father 
   3 Miles, Sarah ---- [3] - mother 
   4 Bristow, William 1758 [4] - paternal grandfather 
   5 Powell, Margaret (Bristow) 1750 [5] - paternal grandmother 
   6 Miles, Samuel ---- [6] - maternal grandfather 
   7 James, Sarah (Miles) ---- [7] - maternal grandmother 
   8 Bristow, Jedediah 1713 [8]           ....  etc. ...... 
   9 Elinor ---- [9] 
  10 Powell, William ---- [10] 
  11 Peyton, Eleanor (Powell) ---- [11] 
  12 Bristow, John 1649 [16] 
  13 Carter, Mary (Bristow) ---- [17] 
  14 Powell, William ---- [20] 
  15 Lane, Elizabeth (Powell) ---- [21] 
  16 Peyton, Valentine ---- [22] 
  17 Linton, Frances (Peyton) ---- [23] 
  18 Lane, George, Jr. ---- [42] 
  19 De La Fountaine, Denise ---- [43] 
  20 Linton, Moses ---- [46] 
  21 Barton, Margaret (Linton) ---- [47] 
 Bristow, Samuel,  1798/--/-- to 1868/--/--  male  [1] 
     moved to Indiana, then to Illinois where he died 
 Bristow, Benjamin W.,  1770/--/-- to 1834/12/18  male  [2] 8 Children 
     Lived at Cartwright in Clinton County KY 
     Married:  1789/12/07 Franklin County Virginia 
 Miles, Sarah,  ----/--/-- to ----/--/--  female  [3] 8 Children 
 Bristow, William,  1758/03/01 to 1815/--/--  male  [4] 10 Children 
     Died in Patrick County, VA  may have been born in 1751 
     Married:  1767/--/-- 
 Powell, Margaret (Bristow),  1750/--/-- to 1833/08/27  female  [5] 10 
     Born:  Loudoun County, Virginia 
     Died:  Johnson County, Indiana 
 Miles, Samuel,  ----/--/-- to ----/--/--  male  [6] One child 
 James, Sarah (Miles),  ----/--/-- to ----/--/--  female  [7] One child 
 Bristow, Jedediah,  1713/08/10 to ----/--/--  male  [8] 4 Children 
 2nd wife of Jedediah Bristow 
 Elinor,  ----/--/-- to ----/--/--  female  [9] 3 Children 
 Powell, William,  ----/--/-- to 1787/--/--  male  [10] 2 Children 
     Died in Loudon County 
 Peyton, Eleanor (Powell),  ----/--/-- to ----/--/--  female  [11] 2 Children 
 Bristow, John,  1649/--/-- to 1716/10/13  male  [16] 11 Children 
     b. Ayot, St. Lawrence, England d. Middlesex County, VA 
     Married:  1711/01/08 2nd wife 
 Carter, Mary (Bristow),  ----/--/-- to ----/--/--  female  [17] 3 Children 
     2nd wife to John Bristow 
 Powell, William, Sr.    ----/--/-- to ----/--/--  male  [20] One child 
 Lane, Elizabeth (Powell),  ----/--/-- to ----/--/--  female  [21] One child 
 Peyton, Valentine,  ----/--/-- to ----/--/--  male  [22] One child 
 Linton, Frances (Peyton),  ----/--/-- to ----/--/--  female  [23] One child 
 Lane, George, Jr.,  ----/--/-- to ----/--/--  male  [42] One child 
 De La Fountaine, Denise,  ----/--/-- to ----/--/--  female  [43] One child 
 Linton, Moses,  ----/--/-- to ----/--/--  male  [46] One child 
 Barton, Margaret (Linton),  ----/--/-- to ----/--/--  female  [47] One child 
from the SFHR database of Duane Bristow 02-01-1998 10:50:23   Page - 1 - 

Note: number of children indicated does not mean total number of children but only the number that are recorded in my database.

Hi Duane, what a wonderful site!

I noticed some questions concerning Andrew Bristow and thought I would respond. Andrew died in 1987 but did donate some of his work to The Virginia Historical Society. They will copy it for a nominal fee.

In your research, or any of your readers, have you encountered a Peter W Bristow? He was my grandfather born abt 1823, was killed during the war. I found him in the 1860 VA census but nothing earlier. I have most of his descendents.

Thanks and keep up the good work.

Sender: Bill Wilkerson.

The following is from a family record of the LEWIS family in Southampton County, VA compiled by Smyth O. Lewis June 30, 1990:

William Jackson Lewis, born 1827, baptized October 1878 Black Creek Baptist Church, died January 1898, parents John Fancis Lewis, Sr. & Catherine Wade, wife Mary Williams, born 1832, baptized October 1878 Black Creek Baptist Church, died October 1897, married 24 November 1853, Celebration at the residence of Mrs. M. A. R. Hart (Southampton County, Virginia, Marriage register 1750-1853, U.S. Census 1850 page 301, 1860 page 96, & 1880 page 148, Birth register 1853-1870 page 39 & 55 also date 11-1-1868)

Martha Alice Lewis, born 20 Oct. 1865, Southampton Co., Va., died 5 Feb. 1939, buried in the graveyard at her home in Southampton Co., Va., parents -William Jackson Lewis & Mary Williams, husband James Clark Bristow, born 21 March 1861, Southampton Co., Va., died 4 June 1932, buried in the graveyard on his farm, parents James S. Bristow & Sarah (unknown), married 24 March 1887, home of the bride's parents. (Southampton Co., Va. Marriage Register, Book 6, page 178, Birth Register 1853, Jas C. Bristow. U.S. Census, 1800 page 148, 1900 page 26, 1910 page 52.)

I will be doing more research as soon as I can schedule a visit to the Southampton County Courthouse. The marriage record I furnished on 1-4-97 will be documented with book name & page and any other record I can find. The list was from notes my cousin had obtained from viewing the records. I also will be contacting the church mentioned above. This church is still active and I believe one of the oldest in Southampton County. The above is that of my grandfather's (Schuyler Clark Bristow) parents and his mother's parents. I will furnish more later.

Sender: Neil E. Bristow, RA.

I have been gathering additional family information on the Bristow family in Southampton County, VA.. From meeting with a cousin today I was able to get the records he had gathered from the Southampton County courthouse records on marriages. The Bristow listed are:

Samuel Bristow married Mary Clark  around 1788
                              married Sallie Clark

*James S. Bristow married Sallie Clark Mar. 24, 1887 (not the same Clark
as above)
                               *  married Sarah ? (I believe this was the
first wife) mother of James Clark Bristow

*James Clark Bristow (born Mar. 21, 1861) married Martha Alice lewis(born
Oct. 20, 1865) Mar. 24, 1887
parents of Bride - William jackson Lewis & Mary Williams

Benjamin Bristow married Dianah Sumerell - 1803

William Bristow married Polly Babb - Jan. 2, 1796

Richard A. Bristow married Mary Lou Burgess - 1868

John Bristow married Dianah Bailey 1803

William Bristow married Elizabeth Babb 1811

John Bristow married Sally Hunt 1816

Benjamin B. Bristow married Ida ?  3 children - Louisa Bristow(Drewry?
spelling) not sure of married name, but this could be the last name on
August 20, 1899 letter sent to you. other two children's  name unknown at
this time.
Items marked with * are direct known lineage of my family.

The above information was furnished from research don by Berkley B. Bristow, Jr., grandson of James Clark Bristow. he is doing more research and I'll send more later.

I do have a question from the Bristow family in Oregon. Based on the 1899 letter from Matida Bristow Cook, to a Drewry? in Ivor, VA.. Does anyone have letters from that time frame to any Bristows in Ivor of Southampton County, VA?

Also, I would like to know if any other Bristows have trouble with people misspelling our last name. I've had it spelled without a W. I've had it spelled with an E, L, & K. I've even had it spelled with a N added after the W. What really bothers me is when they have my company name correct (Neil E. Bristow Architect) but misspell my personal name. No wonder our name has changed over the years.

Enjoy your web site

Sender: Neil E. Bristow, RA.

What a web page you started!

My grandfather, William Bristow, (b ?, d 1926) came from High Wycomb England about 1900(?) with two small children from a first marriage. His wife had died. He was a bookkeeper by trade in the Textile industry and his avocation was choirmaster at the (Episcipal Church) in High Wycomb, a close suburb of London, near Slough. His name was not spelled with the "E" at the end. He added it when he got Naturalized. I believe it is taken after the OLDE English spelling of words. He used it to differentiate. There are still family members in England in High Wycomb I believe since one of his children Amy Yarnell communicated with them till WW2. He married a lady named Florence Burhouse and she bore him two children. One was William Henry Bristowe (b. 1905; d 1989); the other Florence Bristowe. Florence died a spinster. Naturally, William Henry. was my Father. My grandfather continued to do accounting for a textile mill in west Philadelphia. I married Cecelia Dabose and have three children David Mark Bristowe(b5-30-65 ), Kevin David Bristowe(b12-18-67) and Mark William Bristowe(b4-29-70). The history goes on.

My question to you is do you have information about the family tree in High Wycomb???? I would like to find out more about it. I know I can visit there ( I actually did but had no time) and look in the church records. But that's a long journey.

Thank you again on behalf of us Bristowes for your time

Sender: William Warren Bristowe, Ph.D.

Dear Mr. Bristow,

My name is Neil E. Bristow. I live in Va. Beach, Va.. I've decided to trace the Bristow branch of my family and I found your web site on the internet. It was very good. I found some correspondence you had with a Mr. Andrew M. Bristow and wanted to know if you have a current address for him. I believe he is the person who met with my grandfather over twenty-five years ago and gathered information on the Bristow family that settled in Southampton County, Virginia near Franklin, Va.. From what I do know my great grand father was named James Clark Bristow and his wife's name was Alice Lewis. I just started this about a week ago, so I'm just getting started. I do have a copy of a letter that I found when we broke up my grand father's estate that was written from a Matilda Cook telling information on one branch of the Bristow family that settled in Oregon in 1845. The letter is dated August 20, 1899. I'm not sure which branch of the Bristow family this is. If you would like a copy of this letter send a number to me and I will fax it to you or send me an address and I'll mail you a copy. If you have any information on my branch of the family, please let me know. From what I know about the Bristow family, the first Bristow came to Southampton County before the Civil War based upon what my grandparents told me.

Sender: Neil E. Bristow, RA.

Hi Duane,

We're Bristows from Cumberland County, Tennessee wondering if you have any information on our ancestor, John Bristow from Buncombe County, North Carolina. He was living during the Revolutionary War, and afterwards migrated to Tennessee. We're trying to trace his line back before North Carolina. Do you think he's any relation to the John Bristow from Middlesex County, Virginia? If you have any leads or information, we'd love to hear from you.

John T. and Kim Bristow

Sender: Tom Bristow.

Reply from Duane:

About 20 years ago I worked with a forester named Dewey Brock from Cumberland County. He told me about a very old woman named Bristow who lived in a cove Southeast of Crossville (grassy cove?). I met to look her up some time but never got around to it. I assume that she was probably a relative of yours.

I probably can help you with tracing John Bristow from Buncombe County, NC. I have a photocopy of a publication, "John Bristow, Middlesex County, Virginia and Descendents through Ten Generations", published by Vantage Press in 1969. It lists a number of John Bristows descended from that John Bristow. For instance John Bristow, born June 25th 1771 and died in 1801 served in the Revolutionary War as a Cavalryman, member of Captain Thomas Baytop's Gloucester County Militia. He was the son of Nicholas and grandson of John Bristow. His wife was named Elizabeth and he had 3 or possibly 4 sons.

If you haven't already done so, see The Bristows in American Government.

Hi Duane

The following poem was written by my great grandfather Lowell Everette Bristow (28 Aug 1859 - 19 April-1936) for his first wife Katie Mills. I don't have anything on her and I don't believe they had any children.

        If Words Could All My Wishes Say
        Oh! How My Tongue Would Talk Away
        I Wish This Day And Many More
        Might One Dear Katie, His Blessings Pour;
        May Health, Wealth, Love and Peace
        With Each Succeeding Year Increase
        And Oh, The Last, Come When It May
        Be Unto Thee A Happy Day!

The following is in reference to the letter from Mary Diane Hull on John Bristow:
I have John Bristow as being born about 1649 and he had a wife named Mary Goodlow or Goodloe, no record of any children by her. I also have the same as you on Jedediah, Mary and Ann as being the children of John B. and Mary Carter.

Sender: Bruce Evans.

Hi Duane

Back again. My great,great grand father Pleasant L. Bristow, 1833-31 Dec 1862, was killed at Parkers Crossing, TN during the Civil War. No one seems to know where he is buried. Do you have any info on the burial sites of the Bristows or maybe one of your contributing Bristows has some info. He was with the 122 Illinois Infantry.

Great page you have here, glad I stumbled across it


Sender: Bruce Evans.

My name is Bruce Evans and I am a descendant of the Bristows. I am just starting to work on the Bristow family tree. I did a quick glance at your letter, but as yet I have not really studied it.

I did find a couple of things that differ from what I have.

        1. Zilphia Etna Bristow was a twin but not to Lafayette. 
She had a twin brother but he was still born.  Elijah Lafayette 
was born two years before Zilphia on 2 Jan 1832 and died 21 May 

        2. Right now I am a little confused (who isn't when they 
get to doing trees!) What I am getting some of my info from is a 
genealogy chart assembled by a W.G.Corbitt of Portland, OR and 
sent to a Mrs. Chamber's from Paul L. Bristow dated 4 Sept 1942. 

        3. At the bottom of the chart the following is added to it.

Dear Mrs Chambers, 
Have endeavored to make a connected record of Elijah Lafayette 
Bristow and descendents to date and hope it will be what you 
wanted. I feel it is a botched up job as the later dates were 
taken from memory. Yes, I remember my grandfather Elijah 
Bristow. He was about 6 ft tall and would weigh about 130 or 140 
lbs. I have his picture in our family album. was very sorry to 
hear of Frank's ilness......... 

                                yours truly
                                         Paul L. Bristow (Sept 4, 1942.)

I have a binder of articles, birth dates, etc that I copied from an aunt of mine who recently passed away and I am trying to get it all sorted out. If you have info you would like to share or questions to ask of me just drop me a email.

Sender: Harlen B. Evans.

ROBERT BRISTOW of the parish of Gabriel Fenchurch, London, Merchant. Will 20 September 1700; proved 29 November 1707. To be interred in the family burying ground in Tabernacle Alley belonging to the parish of Gabriel Fenchurch or in burying ground in or near Bunhill Fields. To poore of Brinstead, County Southampton, where I was born, L.10; to poore of Micheldever in said county, L.5. Executors to pay to loving wife in case she survive and not other-wise L.4000 as by marriage agreement as in recognizance in Court of Common Pleas as Westminster 24 November 1680 in lieu of her third as a Freeman's Widow of London; also to wife a neclace of pearls, diamond ring, and gold watch presented her before marriage. To my daughter-in-law, Catherine Bristow, widow of my dear son Robert Bristow lately deceased, L.1000 in trust for my granddaughter Avarilla Madgwick, wife of William Madgwick of London, Merchant, or to Avarilla's children if she die, and said Avarilla to release personal estate for pretence to custom of London,etc. To my granddaughter Katherine Baily L.500 at 21, and in case of her father Arthur Baily Esq'r pay to said Avarilla Madgwick L.500 and discharge her real estate of L.500 part of L.1000 payable in right of her mother late his wife, then to said Katherine Baily L.500 more, she to release as other granddaughter is directed to. To William Blanchard and John Blanchard, sons of my sister Jane Blanchard, L.20 each. Release to John Stevens son of sister Alice (sic) Stephens two bonds of L.95. To Ann Blanchard, Widow,relict of nephew Thomas Blanchard, L.20. To my six granddaughters the daughters of my said son Robert Bristow, deceased, viz; Katherine,Avarilla,Elizabeth,Anne,Frances and Rebecca Bristow L.1000 each at 21, etc. To William Bristow all my land in the parish of St. Mary Overeys in the Burrough of Southwark purchased of Mr. John Lorain, being the Talbott Inn and other houses leased at L.240 per annum, and in default of issue of said William Bristow to my grandson John Bristow, then to my grandson Robert Bristow To grandson John Bristow, youngest son of said son Robert Bristow, lands at Brittlewell in Hundred of Rocheford, Essex, lately purchased of Thomas Werg, Esq'r, being the Moiety of Mannor of Earls Hall and Lordshipp of Brittlewell and Farm lett to William Ferrys, and Rectory lett to Thomas Short, all of L.180 per annum, other Moiety whereof belongs to Mr. John Chambers, and also 120 acres in parish of East Wood Bury, Hundred of Rocheford, of annual value of L.30, in default of issue of John, to grandsons William and Robert. To my grandson Robert lands and all money and debts owing to me in Virginia, in default of issue the same to my William Bristow, in default, to my grandson John Bristow. To my daughter-in-law Katherine Bristow, the said William Madgwick, and Benjamin Woolley of Mortlack Gent all the lands in the hundred of Rocheford, Essex, which I purchased of the Right Honorable Daniel Earle of Nottingham, in trust for my grandson Robert Bristow with remainder as aforesaid. My daughter-in-law Katherine Bristow, to be executrix until she marry or the said Robert, William, and John Bristow are 21, then they are to be executors with granddaughter Katherine Bristow. Residue of estate other than in Virginia to 6 granddaughters children of Robert Bristow. If any except Robert claim under custom of London, legacies to be void. If Robert claim, said claim to be charged of of his legacy. To my wife and daughter-in-law L.20 each for mourning. To my said son-in-law Arthur Baily and said William Madgwick L.10 ditto. To each of my servants L.5 ditto. Codicil, 3 April, 1707. Whereas I have bought the Mano of Havering in Parish of Homechurch, Essex, and several Farms in Essex from John Woolley, merchant, to my daughter-in-law Katherine Bristow and Lawrence Hatsell of London, Scrivener, in trust for the nine children of my said daughter-in-law, the same , to be sold and the money to be equally divided among the same nine children of my said daughter Bristow by Mr. Robert Bristow, my son, her husband,deceased. Witnesses to both will and codicil. Edward Northey, William Lang, Ja: Gibbon. Proved 21 March 1743/4 by John Bristow, Esquire, one of the grand-sons and surviving executors. reserving to other surviving executors William Bristow and Katherine Bristow, grant to Katherine Bristow Widow expiring by reason of said John Bristow attaining age of 21.
Poley, 275.

In Burke's Landed Gentry, edition of 1847, is a pedigree of the family to which the testator belonged. It states that Robert Bristow,Esq., second son of Robert Bristow, Esq., of Ayot, St.Lawrence, Hertfordshire, was born in 1643 and settled in Virginia, about 1660 (as stated in Byshes Visitation of Herts.,1669). In Virginia he purchased in 1663, and following years, various estates in the counties of Lancaster, Gloucester, and Prince William (which was then Stafford). He married in Virginia, Avarilla, daughter of Major Curtis. Returning to England about 1680, he became a merchant in London, and acquired a considerable fortune, and purchased estates in London and elsewhere. His only son Robert Bristow, Esq., associated with him in business, was also very successful, and bought property in Sussex and Essex. He was M.P. for Winchelsea in the Parliaments of 1698 and 1700. The family seems to have been one of considerable wealth and social standing.

This account is borne out by our records. Robert Bristow received the following grants: (1) One thousand acres on Fleet's Bay, Lancaster county, formerly granted to Humphrey Tabb by patent, March 22, 1654, and by Thomas Tabb, son and heir of the said Humphrey, assigned to Phillip Mallory, and by said Mallory assigned to Bristow and Edmund Welsh, who sold his share to Bristow, September 29,1663; (2) 398 acres in Gloucester, on North River, in Mockjack Bay, and adjoining the lands of Harris, Thomas Morris, Major Curtis, and Mr. Richard Young-288 acres, part thereof was formerly granted to Mrs. Avarilla Curtis April 4,1661 (being part of a grant of 410 acres), and by the said Avarilla assigned to "the said Mr.Bristow's husband" (evidently "Mr. Bristow, her husband," is meant); October 25, 1665; (3) 184 acres in Gloucester, on Ware River, adjoining his own land and that of Harris, May 7,1666. After his return to England he became a partner with Brent and others, about 1689 in the purchase of 30,000 acres in Stafford, now in Prince William, which remained in the possession of the family until the Revolution, when it was confiscated.

Robert Bristow evidently returned to England about 1677. In the report of the Bacon's Rebellion Commissioners on the sufferers in that insurrection, made October 15, 1677, they say "Major Robert Bristow, a Gentleman of goo estate and an Eminent sufferer in his stock, Provision, Armes, Ammunition, Mr'chts Goods & considerable Quantitys of Strong Liquors, as also in his person by being kept a prisoner until Bacon's death and after, he hath had a general knowledge of most passages relating the the late unhappy Troubles, and is able not only to justify most Particulars of our Narrative, But also is a person very fitt & necessary to be examined to divers particulars in the generall & personall Grievances. Being a man of good understanding in the Virginia affaires and one of Integrity and moderacion, soe that hee might be sent where there shall bee occasion & use of him in any of the aforesaid affaires being now an Inhabitant in Tower Street, London, Agt. Barking Church."

Robert Bristow married Avarilla, daughter of Major Thomas Curtis, of Gloucester, and Avarilla, his wife. They also had a daughter, Sarah Curtis, born in Ware Parish, Gloucester, August 16, 1657, who married first, William Halfhide, and secondly, Richard Perrot, of Middlesex county.

Sender: Mary Diane Hull.

I've just learned that one of my elusive ancestors, Jane A. Bristow, born 1810 in Kentucky, is the daughter of Henry Clay and Peggy Bristow. Do you have any information on this family or have any suggestions as to where I could/should start researching? I'd love to know where they lived, who their parents were, etc. Thanks very much.

Sender: Linda Eaton.

Reply from Duane:

Henry Bristow, born 1779 in Virginia married Peggy Patterson in Adair County Kentucky, March 22, 1804.

Henry was the son of William Bristow, born 1758 and Margaret Powell, born 1750.

Peggy Patterson was the daughter of Samuel Patterson.

William Bristow was the son of Jedediah Bristow, born 1713 and Elinor -----

Margaret Powell was the daughter of William Powell and Eleanor Peyton.

Henry Bristow was a brother to my great-great-great-great grandfather, Leven Bristow, born 1783.

From Linda:

Thank you so much for the information on Henry Bristow. This is so wonderful! If you have any interest in Henry's daughter Jane and her descendants, please let me know.

Hi Duane,

I'm still plugging away and getting more and more every day. I really need any info you have on children of John Bristow and Mary Carter.

I'm corresponding with a member of the Seale family, connection at Ann Bristow and this is what he sent me.

Robert Bristow, Sr. b. abt. 1625, England Gabriel, London, m. abt. 1650, Avarilla Curtis, b. abt. 1625, England (Daughter Of Robert (or Thomas) Curtis. Robert died 20 Sept. 1706

  1. Robert Bristow, Jr. b. abt. 1643, London, England, m. Catherine??. Robert Died 29 Aug. 1706.
    1. John Bristow b. about 1672, England
      1. abt. 1700 Michal Nicholls, b. abt 1653, Middlesex Co. Va., d. BEF 1711, Middlesex Co. Va.
      2. Mary Carter, (daughter of William Carter and Penelope??)
      3. 8 Jan. 1715/16 Mary Goodlow or Goodloe.
      John died 10 Oct. 1716 Middlesex Co. Va.
      His Sister, Avarilla Bristow married William Wagstaffe (who remarried later).
      1. James Bristow (Son of John and Michal) b. abt. 1678
      2. Johannah Bristow (Daughter of John and Michal) b.9 May 1680
      3. William Bristow (Son of John and Michal) b. 29 Oct 1682 Va.
      4. Thomas Bristow ( Son of John and Michal) b. 12 June 1687 Va.
      5. Michall Bristow (Daughter of John and Michal) b. 15 Feb. 1683/84
      6. Elizabeth Bristow (Daughter of John and Michal) b. 6 July 1690, Va.
      7. Nicholas Bristow (Son of John and Michal) b. 17 June 1694, d. 27 Jan. 1733/34
      8. Sarah Bristow (Daughter of John and Michal) b. 13 Mar. 1691/92
      9. Anne Bristow (Daughter of John and Michal) b. 1701 Middlesex Co. Va.
        m. 25 Dec. 1720 in Middlesex Co. Va. Anthony Seale II b. 1695 King George Co., Va. (son of Anthony Seale and ?? Hughes. d. 15 Oct. 1781, Prince William Co. Va.
        Anne died Dec. 1781 Prince William Co.
      10. Jedediah Bristow (Son of John and Mary Goodlow) b. 10 Aug. 1713 Middlesex Co. Va.
      11. Mary Bristow (Daughter of John and Mary Goodlow) b. 15 Aug 1715 Middlesex Co. Va.
      12. Ann Bristow (Daughter of JOhn and Mary Goodlow) b. abt 1717
    2. Robert Bristow
    3. Katherine Bristow
    4. Avarilla Bristow
    5. Elizabeth Bristow
    6. Anne Bristow
    7. Frances Bristow
    8. William Bristow
    9. Rebecca Bristow
  2. Thomas Bristow
  3. Timothy Bristow
  4. Richard Bristow
I took some liberties with the spelling of Avarilla, in that some are spelled Averilla, but in his will Robert Bristow spells it with an a. I have the will and a quote from Burke's Landed Gentry that's really interesting.

Thanks for being there when I started and giving me encouragement.

Sender: Mary Diane Hull.

Reply from Duane:

See The Bristows in American Government.

The information you forwarded from the Seale family member does not fully agree with the information I have mentioned above. Also some of the information you sent is internally inconsistent.

I do not have John Bristow as having a third wife, Mary Goodlow. I have his three children Jedediah, Mary, and Ann as being the children of his second wife, Mary Carter.

You have John Bristow born in 1672 (I have 1649). You list his first child as being born in 1678 when John would have been six years old and by your dates he would have had four children by the time he was fifteen. You also have him with a child, Jedediah, born of Mary Goodlow in 1713 but you do not have him marrying Mary Goodlow until 1715, possible but unlikely.

At any rate check the web pages I mentioned above as I get a chance to get it on the Internet, forward that information to Seale or just give them the Internet reference and see if all this information can be reconciled.

Reply from Duane to a request by Diane for more information on Archibald Bristow:

He was the son of James and the grandson of Jedediah Bristow.

He was born the 17th February 1772, in Dinwiddie County, Virginia. Died August 1846. He was a Baptist Minister. Married Philadelphia Bourne of Jessamine County, Kentucky, in 1799. She was born tbe 10th January 1778, and died the 8th July 1829. Archibald served in the War of 1812. His Honorable Discharge reads:

    "I do certify that Archibald Bristow served as a Private in my 
    Volunteer Company of Mountcd Riflemen from the 13th day of 
    Septr. last Until the 18th Instant (inclusive) on an expedition 
    to Ft. Defiance and is tbis day Discharged-and I do testify that 
    he Discharged his duty in Every Instant with the utmost 
    promptitude Alacrity Manly finness and prowess for which he has 
    my Grateful Thanks. October 18th 1812." 
                                       (Signed) J. Clark, Capt.
                                       L.B. Col Johnson, Rt. M.R.M."
Archibald and Philadelphia were the parents of twelve children:
1.      AMERICA-no record of date of birth.
2.      AGNES-no record of date of birth.
3.      JOHN-no record of date of birth.
4.      FRANCIS MARION-born the 11th August 1804.
5.      SARAH GLOVER (SALLIE), born the 29th October 1806. 
        Adopted by her uncle John.
6.      VIRGINIA-no record of birth. Was adopted by her uncle John.
7.      CAROLINE-born in 1810.
8.      JAMES HERVEY-born in 1813.
9.      BENJAMIN FRANKLIN-born in 1815.
10.     JEROME ZACHEUS-no record of date birth.
11.     ELIZA ANN-no record of date of birth.
12.     PHILADELPHIA-born the 3d November 1822.

Hi Duane

My name is John Blair Bristow. I live at 85007 Kensington Drive, Pleasant hill, Oregon. My home lies about a mile west of the Pioneer Cemetery in which most of the pioneer Bristows are buried and several Gabberts. Another researcher of the Bristows has just E-mailed the html of your home page to me and I am taking this opportunity to establish contact. I am aggressively into genealogy both on my side of the fence and that of my wife. She is also of Oregon Pioneer stock on both sides of her G-parents lines.

As you can see, in effect we live right on the genealogy hunting grounds for our families back to about 1848.

I would enjoy opening a dialogue with you in order to exchange Bristow family info.

Sender: John Blair Bristow.


My name is Jared BRISTOW. Elija Bristow is my great great great great grandpa. I had an assignment in school to show a picture of my Legacy. I was here on the net anyway, so I decided to see what I could find. I looked up Oregon, and Bristow, and to my amazement, my ancestor's name actually popped up! I think it's great to know I have some relatives out there who get make their own pages and stuff (My dad barely even lets me near the computer). I just thought I write and say Hi, and thanks.

Sender: Jared Bristow.

Hello Duane and family,

I happened upon your web site this Labor Day weekend and immediately felt like I was "with family." My grandfather Jim V. Grider was born in Albany, brought to Texas at the age of 12 by his parents, John R. & Irene Hunter Grider. They settled in Grayson Co., Tx. at a place known as Pilot Grove. Apparently, this was a popular site for Kentuckians. My grandfather married Edith Neathery, Charles Sprowl Neathery was from Albany. I lived with my grandparents during the War while Daddy was away in the service and my mother was working for the Corp. of Engineers in Denison.

Among my Clinton Co. ancestors are Rev. William Cross, Elijah & Dennis Hopkins (of Mayflower pot legend), Hardin & James Williams (Rev. War brothers), Jesse Ellis, James Neathery & Rachel Grider, daughter of Old Fed, William Hunter, and probably some others that I've left off.

Reading your article of taking flowers to the cemetery every Memorial Day brought back childhood memories of doing the same thing at the little Pilot Grove Cemetery where so many of my relatives are buried. My grandmother would always let me pick as many flowers as I wanted, honeysuckle, lilacs, and whatever else was on hand. They had dinner on the grounds and everyone visited and strolled among the graves. My grandmother would explain whose grave each one was, "this was my little sister," etc. Now she and my grandfather rest there too. I only regret that I now live 500 miles away in Corpus Christi and am not able to make the annual visit.

I hope one day to be able to visit Albany and see for myself the home of so many of my ancestors. I've done genealogy for years, corresponding with Eva Conner, Jack Ferguson and Marilyn Neathery McCluen of Rockwood, Tn.

Thanks for providing the site. If there is any information I might have you would like, please let me know.


Lynda Rangeley

Sender: Lynda Rangeley.

Hi Duane, I found your home page through the WBS chatroom. I am researching Cumberland and Clinton Co Ky for Applebys, Hudsons. Norris, Smiths, Bartletts, Packwoods, Jones and others. Is the Matilda Bristow b 1868 married to Thomas B Hudson b 1862 related to your family? I enjoyed your home page. Mine is http://members.wbs.net/homepages/g/e/n/geneology1.html

Sender: Joe Dawson.

Hi Duane,

Since I began researching Bristows, on my mother's side of the family I've put together a fairly full tree of the Bristows of Northern Ireland from 1700 on. Still lots of gaps though.

I go back to your web site from time to time, and still find new things there. You have a page by Andrew Bristow that was written over 25 years ago. Andrew Bristow refers to documents that have been 'obtained' and I was wondering how I could read these. Maybe you can help me here.

In particular, a 282 page document called "The Bristows of South East England" by E.Jenkins (1935) deals with family history before 1700. Andrew Bristow also refers to Bristows in Australia, who display a coat of arms. I have a description of a coat of arms (three crescents in a diagonal bar, with an ermine background. Also a crest with a blue eagle rising out of a crescent ) I'd like to substantiate this and maybe get some pictures. Our family has a different 'crest' which is on a silver collection we have; this is simply the bust of a man, facing forward. It has often been described as a Saracens Head; but I wonder if it isn't a picture of our mutual ancestor Hamon ( who fought at the Battle of Hastings). If Andrew Bristow is still alive, can I contact him any other way than by snail mail? Do you have access to any of his info?

NOTE FROM DUANE: I have not heard from Andrew Bristow for about 20 or 25 years. I do not have much more information from him other than that I already have on the web site. He did the most extensive study of the Bristow family of anyone I know.

As a final thought, my interest in finding direct living relatives has changed to developing and maintaining a worldwide resource center for the Bristow family, not only to preserve the past, but to improve the future.

So far I look to your web site as being first and foremost in this endeavor. I hope you don't mind.

Sender: Martin Moore.

I am interested in contacting anyone who knows about the descendants of Richard Perry Bristow and Sarah Means.
J. D. Means
Route 4, Box 570
Gilmer, TX 75644

Sender: J. D. Means.

Seem to have connection to Patience Grayson and James Bristow on bristow3.txt, but am new to this. I am descended from Archibald Bristow and Philadelphia Bourne by son James Harvey Bristow,

I've got James Harvey Bristow traced back to about 1630 now to Robert Bristow, born Ayot, Hertfordshire, England. Seems Archibald Owen Bristow and Philadelphia Bourne had about 5 children, and James was one. It really feels good when you find connections.

Sad thing is that I connected with someone else who had done a chart from another of the Archibald-Philadelphia children and they didn't seem at all interested to meet a cousin about 10 times removed.

I truly enjoy doing this and look forward to meeting cousins who are working on this. We are a group of 3 cousins each working on a different line. Would appreciate any help. Thank you.

Sender: Mary Diane Hull.


I am researching the Bell and Brumley families. Just in case you know anyone who would be interested, this is what I know about them:

John Brumley
B. c.1869 in Kentucky
M. c.1916 to Nora BELL 
D. c.1928 in Watauga, Clinton County, KY

Nora was born c. 1896 in Kentucky, died c. 1927 in Watauga

The census of 1920 notes that both his parents were born in KY

Also according to the 1920 Census, they had 4 children living with them:

Vela--born in KY
Chester--born in MO
Delmar--born in MO
Syvia--born in KY (my grandmother)

They also had another daughter after 1920, Eva;  then probably around 1927, 
Nora and John had one more child.  Nora died of the childbirth compications 
and the child died shortly after. 

I have sent for the death certificate on Nora hoping they can locate it 
without the date of death. Maybe it will reveal something of interest. 

Sender: Christine Fontius.


My name is Martin Moore and I live in Vancouver,BC. I'm new to the internet and have begun searching info on my mother's family tree.
Mom is one of five sisters whose father, Laird Bristow died in the 1920's. My Aunt Truda has traced our line back to Peter and Roger Bristow who died 1705 and 1745 respectly.
I suspect that we might make a connection with your John Bristow who lived in the 1600's.
This is an interest I would like to persue; but, I still have a lot of learning to do regarding using the internet.

Thank-you for presenting a very informative web site.

Sender: Martin Moore.

Hi Duane:

Have been looking over your pages and I am very impressed. I noticed on the fan mail that a lot of the writers mention Bristows from Virginia. I am a Bristow from London England (1957) now in Canada. Is there anybody have any information on Bristow's coming from England originally. I would be interested as I am new to family tracing.

Sender: John James (Jack) Bristow.

Reply from Duane:

According to my sources John Bristow. of the 17th century, was found wandering around alone in Virginia as a 14 year old boy. He had stowed away on a ship bound from England to America. The courts put him in the custody of a local family as a sort of indentured servant until he reached the age of majority. I have a little more information about the connection between the Bristows in England and those in America but it is mostly conjecture.

Dear Duane:

I much enjoyed your web pages and have bookmarked the "old Kentucky hompage. Stumbled thru side door while in Kentucky State archives doing research on the Yorks of Clinton County. I am also doing research on Yorks who may have been in the civil war on either side. Very little is available on this (so far). My father, Donald R. York was born in Albany in 1912, son of Frank J York also of Albany. My dad came to Jacksonville, FL in 1945. My brothers and I still live in and around Jacksonville. We have regrettably lost all touch with the Yorks of Clinton County. I see many York names in the white pages and know that we are related to some of them.

As I child I spent summers with my grandparents (Frank and Irena York) on their large farm near Albany. Grandpa York eventually sold or leased this property to the Haddock family before moving to central Florida. Another relative, Leander S. York was Superintendent of Schools in Clinton County at one time. Grandpa's aunt was Elvira Beard. My father spoke frequently about "Uncle Willie". I remember going to Albany on Saturdays in the back of a wagon where grandpa would converse with his friends around the town square and grandma would shop. I believe my grandfather is buried in Albany. Essentially I am looking for someone who has the York family history.

I am a retired U.S. Army Aviator and plan to visit Albany as well as Pickett County, TN in the future. Any advice you could give on the subject or contacts you could steer me to will be much appreciated. Being new to genealogy, I am having a time of it. I have emailed a scant few Yorks in KY who are connected to the internet, but they are not related to the Yorks of Clinton County. I am sure there must be someone in Albany who might be willing to provide information.

Donald R. York

Sender: Donald R. York


I have been trying to locate a Robert E Bristow and found the following reference in your pages:

John King Bristow, born in Kentucky. I do not know the name of his first
wife. They had a son Elijah, who lives in Pleasant
Hill. Second wife, Mary - sons, John Wesley, Robert Edgar, and Philip
Harrison, all three live in Portland, Oregon. John King
was a doctor.

The Robert E. Bristow that I am looking for married Katy Clair Bristow Warren.

As a history: Elijah Bristow was a half brother of Wesley O. Bristow

Wesley O. and Sarah Cherry had 12 children

  1. Julian Ann, b Mar 6, 1835
  2. Matilda b Mar 25 1836
  3. Armilda b Oct 27 1837
  4. Emily b July 22 1839
  5. John K. b May 11 1814
  6. James Jasper b Nov 10 1842
  7. Nannie b Feb 9 1845
  8. William W. b Jan 16 1847
  9. Martha b Jul 28 1848
  10. Mary b Feb 14 1851
  11. Henry T b Sep 13, 1852
  12. George M b Feb 13 1855

I have full family listing from each of these people to approx 1928. Some notes are written in my book in my grandmothers hand.

James Jasper Bristow married Maryt E. McQuarrie Dec 18 1864 and had 4 children:

  1. Kate b Sep 23 1865
  2. Sadie b Sep 22, 1867
  3. Ora b Aug 7 1873
  4. Otis C b Jun 8, 1878

Kate Bristow married Claude Warren on March 26 1889 at Amity, Oregon (where is that?) they had two children:

  1. Hurbert S (my grandfather) born Jan 14 1890
  2. Harold E. born Sep, 3, 1891'
Claude Warren died of Scarlet Fever March 3, 1899
Kate Bristow Warren married Robert E. Bristow April 1904 and had one child:
Kathleene R. b Feb 6 1908

Kate Bristow died Nov 29 1919
Robert E Bristow died april 29, 1925.

Sender: Claude - tryon3@concentric.net

   My maternal grandmother was Grace Truman Bristow,  13th child of James
Benjamin Bristow and Nannie B. Rawlin(g)s Bristow.  James had three
brothers: Robert, Addison and Julian.  Their parents were James Saunders
Bristow and Lenora Seward. The children of James B and Nannie were:
                     Julian Rawlings Bristow
                     Lenora Cason Bristow
                     James Boswell Bristow
                     Richard Herndon Bristow
                     James Braxton Bristow
                     Ryland Witt Bristow
                     Virginia Holliday Bristow
                     Evangel Lee Bristow
                     Lou Ella Bristow
                     Isaac Addison Bristow
                     Bessie Kate Bristow
                     Nellie Bly Bristow
         and      Grace Truman Bristow  (my mother's mother.)
The story by great aunt Lee is that they lost the property "Walnut Grove"
in Middlesex Co. during reconstruction.   James died 1n 1889 leaving
small children to be raised by family.  Nannie ended her days at the
State Hospital.
         The parent of James Saunders Bristow were Benjamin E.Bristow and
Anne Saunders.
         The parents of Benjamin E.  were Benjamin Bristow and Elizabeth
         The parents of Benjamin were Edward Bristow and Elizabeth
         The parents of Edward were William Bristow and Margaret Stark
         The parents of William were John Bristow and Michall Nichols.
          William was married in 1704, which would make John about 40 at
that time so he must have been born around 1660.  This might make him the
John Bristow of the books.
          Thanks again for your time.  If any of this makes any
connections, I have some information of off shoots of this family.  
          Bob Steele                Robert Lee Steele
                                            21250 U.S.Grant Rd.
                                            Havensville, KS   66432
                                           (913) 948-3975
                                       Fax (913)948-3976

Sender: Bob Steele - steeleshaven@juno.com

I decided on a whim to do a search on my (our) last name and your site came up.

I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada but I am originally from Trenton, Ontario. My grandfather Gordon Bristow married my Grandmother Mildred Day inTrenton some fifty odd years ago. My father John Barry and his four brothers were all raised there along with two cousins myself and my sister. Two other cousins were raised in Ottawa, Ontario. My Grandfather is from Stayner, Ontario and has a sister named pearl who still resides there. I believe my line of Bristows are descended from the Yorkshire area of England.

Bristow is a fairly uncommon name up here - I was surpized to see it come up in a search. I enjoyed your site - I'll have to print some of the information out for my Dad and Grandparents to read - I'm sure they will enjoy it as well.

Thanks :)

Interests: Family, Humor, Internet

Sender: Vicki Anne Bristow - vab@genesismedia.com

I saw the letters between P. M. Bristow and J. E. Bristow. I went to high school with Tim Bristow, who is the grandson of Dr. P. M. Bristow, and I recently was back thru Stanton, Texas and saw and visited with Tim's dad, who is also P. M. Bristow, and whom we call "DOC".

See Rancho Pegaso, in the heart of the Texas hill country, home to many different species of native and exotic livestock, waterfowl, birds and wildlife.

Thanks for the kind words about my webpage (I actually have two, the other being THE BOER & MEAT GOAT INFORMATION CENTER which is general information and research data as pertains to said critters). Though I have farmed and ranched all of my life (mainly as a sideline during my professional career), I am mainly a geophysicist and have for 30 years worked extensively with computers, and have owned mainframes, to minis, and micros.

Your page is pretty sophisticated, and I wasn't surprised to see that you were a computer consultant. I also like the section on your home page that tells people what computers are, and what can be done with them.

Sender: Rodney M. Robinson - rodrobin@pegaso.com

I found your home page FANTASTIC, I came in thru the back door under (Cemetery's) noticed Bristow and Clinton Co, Ky, finally found the front door. It was exciting as my people were from Clinton Co, Ky...Sturgess - Perkins - Luttrell - Grider's. Keep up the good work, had a wonderful visit at 75 yrs of age. Again THANK YOU.

I will look forward to seeing your Genealogical program finished, really need the Gedcom, also looking forward to Jack Ferguson's Vol 3.

Do you realize you are putting Clinton Co, Ky on the map? I almost fell out of my chair when I seen Bristow Cemetery, Clinton Co, Ky

It was nice to see a picture of Jack Ferguson, you always wonder what a hard worker looks like.

Louise Beelner

Sender: beelner@usa.pipeline.com


I came across your page surfing the net and I think it is great.

About 3 years ago I accidently got interested in the genealogy of my immediate family and it has grown until I now have a 2.5 meg file in the Reunion genealogy program.

I have a pretty complete data base on the descendants of John Richard Bristow and Martha Leigh. They came to Guntown, MS from Virginia in mid 1800s. They are my great grand parents. We are descendants of John Bristow of Middlesex County, VA.

I downloaded Eva's favorite recipes for my wife, Sally Ann. I'm sure she will find them interesting and will try them out on me and our guests.

Joseph D. Bristow

Sender: joseph@worldnet.att.net


Enjoyed the page! Keep up the good work. I'm sure my mother will enjoy the zipped file I downloaded. She has done Bristow family research to the 16th century. Send me some information on the geneaology program. I didn't have time to browse the entire page tonight. I'll return soon to check out some more of your links. Take care.

Steve Bristow
Owensboro, KY

Sender: brad@netam.net

My name is Frank Bristow. I am from Warrington Pennsylvania about 30 miles north of Philadelphia. I just found your web page and am enjoying reading it. My grandfather, Walter Herbert Bristow moved from Norfolk, Virginia in 1925 to Philadelphia. His father was named Walter R. Bristow. That's about all I know. But it appears your early ancestors moved from Virginia as well, about 150 years before mine I guess.

Sender: febjr@omni.voicenet.com

Hello. I enjoyed your home page. It was wonderful reading through the text and viewing your pictures. Right now my family is sleeping. However, it will be a blast to return in the future to let my children read about you. :) Bill Bristow
Sender: graysoncscd@texoma.com
Dear Duane

was doing an internet search for Duane Miller and
came upon your page. read your family history.
nice thoughts there, reminded me of me own ancestors,
mostly buried in Weakley County, Tennessee, right
over the Kentucky border. i often think similar
thoughts about Zion Hill Cemetery, where I can look
upon the grave of my great grandfather, and wonder
what he might think if he knew one of his great
grandsons was Vice-President of the United States.
strange how that works.


Sender: mstephen@aoc.nrao.edu

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