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Judge Eddie C. Lovelace

is Trial Judge of the Year

Judge Eddie C. Lovelace of the 40th Judicial Circuit in Kentucky consisting of Clinton, Wayne and Russell Counties has received an award given by the Kentucky Academy of Trial Attorneys. He was named the Trial Judge of the Year in receiving the Henry V. Pennington Award in honor of the late Judge Pennington of Danville in Boyle County. The award was presented Friday, October 13, 1995 in Lexington, Kentucky. The award, given annually, is seldom given to a judge, like Lovelace, in their initial term.

Criteria for the award include the types of cases tried, the conduct of the judge in court and the record of the judge's decisions on appeal. Judge Lovelace has tried a number of unusual or controversial cases including:

Judge Lovelace has one of the best records in the state of having his cases upheld by higher courts.

Judge Lovelace has practiced law in Albany since the early 1960's and before being elected Circuit Judge four years ago had served over two decades as the Commonwealth's Attorney for the District.

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