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See the Specials for items we have selected for you. We think these are the type of merchandise items that will appeal to our web visitors. As this web site has grown over the years with more pages and more visitors we find that it takes increasing amounts of time and money to maintain it. These sales help us to recover a part of our costs.

If you are a repeat visitor to our web site, we would appreciate it if you would look at our new feedback page and answer our questionnaire.

Shopping Guides

  1. All-Internet Shopping Directory
  2. Yahoo Shopping Guide
  3. The Shopper - A Guide to Malls
  4. Whats4Sale: Comparison Shopping Resources

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  1. Excite Product Finder
  2. Shopfind
  3. RoboShopper
  4. Bottom Dollar: Price comparisons on books, CDs, software, hardware, toys, and movies.
  5. PriceScan: Your Unbiased Guide to the Lowest Prices on Books, Computers, ...
  6. Price Watch(tm) - Street Price Search Engine


  1. World Wide Mall
  2. IMall
  3. The Branch Mall
  4. Awesome Mall of the Internet
  5. Malls of Canada
  6. Hall of Malls
  7. Super Malls of Canada
  8. Virtual Reality Mall
  9. Downtown Anywhere

Music, Video, Books, Art

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Duane and Eva's Old Kentucky Book Store
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Old Kentucky Video Store
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Barewalls.com Old Kentucky Poster Art Store

  1. CDNOW - The CD Store
  2. Jazz Central Station
  3. AllBooks4Less.com
  4. Tunes.com
  5. Music Boulevard
  6. Sun Records
  7. Best Video
  8. MediaMart - CD ROM and Video Sales
  10. Blockbuster Homepage
  11. Moviepriceguide.com: buy cheap DVD movies, videos for sale

Auctions and Classifieds Online

  1. TradeOut.com - The business-to-business exchange for excess inventory and idle assets
  2. DealTime.com: Let Us Deal With It
  3. Excite Classifieds
  4. Classified Ads
  5. IRS auctions
  6. eBay Auction Classifieds - buy and sell at auction
  7. Amazon.com Auctions
  8. Welcome to ONSALE Online Auction Supersite!
  9. Mercata - Group Buying Power - reverse auction
  10. First Auction
  11. BidFind - Find web auctions
  12. Classifieds2000 - the Internet Classifieds


  1. AutoWeb
  2. Edmund's Automobile Buyer's Guide
  3. Kelley Blue Book Used Car Guide
  4. Consumers Car Club - Cars and trucks: research, buying, finance, insurance, maintenance, classifieds, inspection, and fun.
  5. Dealer Net - Auto purchases
  6. CARveat Emptor
  7. Autobytel.com - Changing the way America buys cars


  1. NetGrocer - buy groceries online
  2. Netmarket
  3. Hometown Favorites On-line shopping for candies, condiments and everyday food items from back home
  4. eToys - the Internet's Biggest Toy Store!
  5. L.L. Bean
  6. Eddie Bauer Online Store
  7. Haggle Zone - Bargain for the lowest prices.
  8. Computer Shopper
  9. Service Merchandise
  10. Wal-Mart & Sam's Club
  11. Kmart
  12. Sears, Roebuck and Co. and Wish Book
  14. Andy's Garage Sale
  15. Egghead.com | Onsale.com
  16. FTD
  17. Virtual Flowers
  18. Domestications Print - ArtSelect
  19. "Furniture, Furniture, Furniture and even more Furniture!"
  20. Good Vibrations - adult books, videos, & accessories


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12 Angry Men
Courtney B. Vance, Ossie Davis
Apollo 13
Tom Hanks
Apollo 13: Collector's Edition/DVD/Snap Case
Tom Hanks / Widescreen
Madonna, Antonio Banderas / Widescreen
Immortal Beloved
Gary Oldman
The Shawshank Redemption
Tim Robbins, Morgan Freeman
Schindler's List
Liam Neeson, Ralph Fiennes / Widescreen
The Hunt for Red October
Sean Connery / Widescreen
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
Harrison Ford
The Longest Day
John Wayne
Medicine Man
Sean Connery
Murder on the Orient Express
Lauren Bacall
Chariots of the Gods
Eric Von Daniken, Erich Von Daniken
The Gods Must Be Crazy 2

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