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On October 9, 2020 I had a mini stroke and spent a couple of days in the hospital under observation. That was the only time I had been hospitalized in my life except for an episode with poison ivy when I was a child. I had also had cataract surgery in both eyes as an outpatient in 2008.

As a 73 year old man that experience made real to me the idea of my own mortality. I had already prepared documents with information about my financial and cultural legacies in anticipation of my eventual death. I am now writing documents about my perception of my physical and mental health condition here. I will also write another document called "social.htm" about my perceptions of my family and friends, my social life.

This overview of my physical and mental health is intended to be presented to my health care providers in hopes that it will contain information helpful to them in making medical recommendations to me and in hopes that they will review my perceptions and help me to correct any wrong ideas about my health that I may have.

Physically I have led a vigorous life, much of which was in the outdoors primarily in farming and forestry. I have been strong and gotten a lot of physical exercise including being a runner as a child and a worker as an adult. I have had an active sexual life and enjoyed my life although in the last few years I have developed erectile dysfunction probably as a side effect of diabetes or of the medications I take.

Mentally I have also led a good life getting a number of academic honors in college and working for almost forty years as a computer consultant and programmer and doing a lot of research and writing about science, history, philosophy, forestry, genealogy and a number of other subjects. It is true that my work in computers did decrease the physical activity in my life so that in the years from about 1965 to about 2010 my weight went from about 130 pounds to about 260 pounds. However, a program of diet changes to a lower carb diet and increased exercise after my retirement brought my weight down to between 180 and 190 pounds from 2010 to 2016, after which it was pretty stable. From 2010 to 2017 I walked 2 miles about every other day. In the winter of 2019-2020 due to my farm truck being out of commission for two weeks I walked on the farm about 40 miles in those two weeks or about 3 miles per day.

I have found that after I reached the age of 70 in 2017, I have been a little less alert mentally and my reactions to environmental stimuli have seemed to me a little slower although still exceeding those of others my age.

As to my family history, my grandparents and great grandparents mostly lived into their 80s and 90s except for my maternal grandmother who died at 72 due to being overweight and diabetic and my fraternal grandfather who died young due to complications from an automobile accident. My dad died at age 55 due to lung cancer caused by a lifetime of heavy smoking and my mother died at 72 due to complications from diabetes and multiple sclerosis.

I have been a type 2 diabetic since about age 50 to 55. My blood sugar usually runs from about 130 to 210 except immediately after meals and my 30 day sugar usually runs around 7.2 varying from 6.6 to 7.8. I have had no complications from my diabetes except that my doctor keeps an eye on my kidney function because my urine micro albumin runs high and my eGFR runs from 42 to 78 usually being around 50. The diabetes has also caused more frequent urination which, I think, is common in diabetics.

I take medication for both high blood pressure and for high cholesterol but although the blood pressure often runs slightly high for a diabetic the cholesterol and triglycerides are almost always well within accepted values on my quarterly lab tests.

My doctor has had me taking low doses of iron and vitamin B12 for the last two or three years because she says my levels on my blood tests have been slightly low. On my own I have been taking a fish oil capsule daily in hopes that that may improve my omega 3 levels but this is probably just my reaction to urban rumors found in public publications without basis in fact.

After my episode with TIA (mini stroke) I realized that a couple of times, once in early 2020 and once about a week after my release from the hospital I had experiences that I thought were just episodes of falling into a deep sleep and awakening but I now wonder if they could be related to the stroke.

In the first I awakened in mid afternoon after unexpectedly falling asleep and I was completely disoriented for maybe a minute or so before I knew who I was or where I was and what day it was. In the second instance I was watching a computer screen and I think I fell asleep for less than 30 seconds and when I awoke I was not only disoriented as before for about 30 seconds but I also awoke with the sensation that my back was hot as if someone was holding a heat lamp on it or I was backed up to a hot stove even though I know the temperature of my back was perfectly normal.

In my October 9, 2020 mini stroke, also known as transient ischemic attack (TIA), my symptoms were:
Headache, dizziness, loss of memory, continuous asking what is wrong, dysphasia, decreased consciousness, passing out.

Dr. El-Naggar, who was the neurosurgeon consultant with the hospitalist during my recent hospitalization, says I have a 50% stenosis of the left(?) carotid artery but no surgery is indicated as long as the stenosis is less than 60%. He recommended that I begin taking a blood thinner, Eliquis, and increase the dosage of my Lipitor for cholesterol from 20 to 80 mg. He also recommended that I have a CTA, computerized tomography andiography, of the head and neck every six months to monitor blood vessel conditions. He seems to think that my stroke could have been caused by a bit of cholesterol plaque breaking free in my blood vessels and traveling to my brain where it temporarily blocked blood flow or by a blood clot forming and doing the same thing. Dr. Allison Cherry, my primary care physician, later prescribed ASPIRIN/Dipyridam ER rather than Eliquis to try to prevent blood clots. She said that the echo showed that I have global hypokinesis which, I understand, is a weakening of the heart, perhaps caused by arterial blockages.

On December 7, 2020, I met with Dr. Saleh, cardiologist. He said that my weakened heart could be caused by arterial blockages or by atrial fibrillation. He said to start taking 6.25 mg carvidelol twice per day to strengthen the heart and to start a daily blood pressure diary and to have a heart stress test and a home sleep study and to wear a heart monitor for a month.

For the last 20 or 30 years I have known that I have a weakened abdominal wall (hernia) and that doctors hear a faint murmer or gallop when they listen to my heart and doctors have said they sometimes hear me wheezing. I also have tinnitus. These conditions have caused me no problem. I still lift rocks and chunks of wood and feed bags weighing up to a hundred pounds.

My teeth have been generally healthy with a few cavities filled and one tooth pulled.

For all of my life except about 20 years I have lived on our family farm. The household water supply comes from a spring flowing from a limestone cavern. The water is hard water with a high count of coliform bacteria and some E. coli. I assume that I have an immunity to these bacteria since they have caused no problems that I know of.

I have never used tobacco products and have had no lung or breathing problems although I have been exposed to quite a bit of wood smoke due to heating with wood and cooking over campfires and fighting forest fires.

Next of Kin and legal authority

Next of Kin: (allowed access to medical information.) Living Will? - no

Power of Attorney - no


Roy Duane Bristow
73 Old Cowan School Road
Albany, KY 42602
606 387-5884

Date Of Birth: 8-29-1947
Sex: male
Height: 5' 10"

Spouse: Eva Bristow

Medical History

Cataract Surgery both eyes - 2008.

1 sister still living two years younger than Roy Duane
She has had lymphoma and lupus.
Mother died of MS & diabetes in 1994 at age 72
Father died in 1975 at age 55 of lung cancer due to smoking


Medicare & Medicare Supplement
7YR8-N38-CA42 - Aug. 2012
Humana supplement H57369580

Diagnoses and Problems

pre skin cancer growths on face and neck frozen off occasionally
ED - perhaps caused by diabetes medications
Low carb diet may cause excessive ketones.

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    Family Doctor:
    Allison Cherry, MD - Internist
    Somerset Internal Medicine
    10 Tower Circle
    Somerset, KY  42503
    (606) 678-4288
    Optometrist:                           Dentist:               
    Dr. Gary Upchurch, OD                  Lake Pointe Dental Care
    Associates in Eye Care                 Ricky L. Farmer, DMD   
    127 Foothills Ave, Ste 3               133 East Ridge Lane    
    Albany, KY 42602                       Somerset, KY  42501    
    (606) 387-5612                         (606) 677-0505         
    Gastroenterologist:                    Cardiologist:             
    Dr. Benjamin Bryson                    Dr. Khaled Saleh, MD, FACC
    56 Tower Circle                        347 Bogle St.
    Somerset, KY  42502                    Somerset, KY  42503       
    (606) 677-2913 or 677-1793             (606) 451-9448


    Clinton County Pharmacy
    Albany, Ky  42602
    606 387-0222
    JANUMET XR                50/1000 MG      1 TWICE PER DAY           Diabetes
    GLIPIZIDE XL                  5.0 MG      1 PER DAY                 Diabetes
    LIPITOR (Atorvastatin)         80 MG      1 PER DAY                 cholesterol
    LOSARTAN                      100 MG      1 PER DAY                 HBP
    ASPIRIN/Dipyridam ER       25/200 MG      1 TWICE PER DAY           heart
    CARVEDILOL                   6.25 MG      1 TWICE PER DAY           heart
    FISH OIL                      1200 UNITS  1 PER DAY                 Omega 3
    Hepatitis A shot                 12-06-2018 and 10-22-2019
    FLU SHOT                         11-18-2020
    PNEUMONIA SHOT                   11-8-2012
    PCV13 PNEUMONIA SHOT             10-24-2017
    SHINGLES SHOT                    MAY 2008