Christopher Michael Bristow - Medical Status
December 11, 2018

Chris Bristow
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Christopher Michael Bristow
73 Old Cowan School Road
Albany, KY 42602
606 387-4002 cell 606 306-1101

Date Of Birth:12-13-1977
Sex: male
Height: 5' 11"


Blood type - O positive


Open heart surgery at age 3 months - pulmonary stenosis.
pediatric cardiologist - Dr. Jacqueline Noonan
University of Kentucky - Albert B. Chandler Medical Center

Jacqueline Anne Noonan is a pediatric cardiologist best known for her 
characterization of a genetic disorder now called Noonan syndrome. She was 
also the original describer of hypoplastic left heart syndrome. 


Noonan was born October 28, 1928 in Burlington, Vermont. She studied chemistry 
at Albertus Magnus College, medicine at the University of Vermont, and became 
certified in her field in Boston in 1956. She subsequently began work at the 
University of Iowa. As their first pediatric cardiologist, she noticed that 
children with a rare type of heart defect called pulmonary valve stenosis 
often had a characteristic physical appearance with short stature, webbed 
neck, wide-spaced eyes, and low-set ears. She presented her first paper on the 
subject in 1963, and after several more papers and recognition, the condition 
was officially named Noonan syndrome in 1971. Dr. Noonan moved on to the 
fledgling University of Kentucky medical school in 1961, where she served for 
over forty years. An endowed chair in pediatric research has been established 
in her name, and while she semi-retired as of 2007, she was still working at 
age 85 as of February 2014. 

In December 2018, Chris is a 41 year old male with a height of 5' 11" and a weight of 355 pounds.

Chris has a history of congenital pulmonary stenosis having had open heart surgery which included a pulmonary valvulotomy and closure of a patent foramen ovale on March 14, 1978 when Chris was 3 months old.

On the recommendation of Dr. Noonan, Chris has been seen by cardiologists at various places where he has lived all his life. Dr. Noonan said that since Chris had his valve removed at such a young age, he might have to have subsequent surgeries as he grew to keep the pulmonary valve opening working properly.

No cardiologists recommended further surgery until late 2017. At that time Dr. Andrew R. Leventhal, cardiologist at the University of Kentucky ordered an echo and an MRI and recommended that Chris have surgery to install a pulmonary valve because he said there was backflow into the heart due to the lack of a pulmonary valve which would act as a check valve.

In March 2018, almost exactly 40 years since the original surgery, Chris and his father met with a cardiac surgeon, Dr. James A. Quintessenza, at the University of Kentucky to plan the surgery recommended by Dr. Leventhal. After 3 heart tests at the University including a pulmonary function test, an ultrasound and a chest X-ray. Dr. Q recommended that the heart surgery be postponed as long as possible in hopes that Chris could lose weight below his present 355 pounds and in anticipation that advances in heart surgery techniques could enable the valve to be installed without open heart surgery. Dr. Q said that, although he could do the surgery now, he did not feel that it was an urgent procedure and that it might be a safer procedure in the future.

After Dr. Q called Dr. Leventhal and discussed his concerns with him they agreed that Chris would be monitored every six months and the surgery would be postponed as long as his medical condition did not deteriorate.

Six months later, during a follow-up visit in September 2018, Dr. Leventhal said that Chris' medical condition had not deteriorated but it had not improved either and he recommended, once again that Chris have the surgery done within the next year.

Chris' medical records from his visit with Dr. Levental lists:

Diagnoses and Problems

Sleep Apnea - uses CPAP
Trouble sleeping
Shortness of breath
High Cholesterol
Obsessive compulsive disorder
Bipolar disorder or Intermittent Explosive Disorder
Anti-social personality disorder


                                                          2017    2017   2017   2018    2018   2018            
                                                         01/10   09/25  11/22  02/23   07/10  11/12            
Weight (should be 180)                                    370     370           363     355    355             
Blood Pressure                                                  130/80                                         
Glucose       should be 60-105                            114    104     106    101     106    110             
Alk Phos      should be 38-126                             29     32      38     32      30     35             
Lithium       should be 0.6 to 1.4                               0.5            0.9    0.8                     
HGB           should be 14.0 to 18.0                            13.6    13.8   13.8    14.1   13.5             
HCT           should be 42.0 to 52.0                            40.6    41.3   40.2    41.3   40.2             
Cholesterol   total should below 200 HDL+LDL+trigly/5     150    150     105    91     114    122              
       LDL    bad should be below 100                     108    120     66     48      73     85              
       HDL    good  should be >=40                         30     29     29     26      28     25              
              ratio should be <5.0      total/HDL         5.0    5.2     3.6    3.5    4.1     4.9             
              ratio should be <4.0      LDL/HDL           3.6    4.1     2.3    1.8    2.6     3.4             
triglycerides should be < 150                             107     89     85     84      64     79              
Creat         should be 0.6-1.2                                         0.9     0.8    0.6    0.6              

Sleep Studies:

Cardiology Records from University of Kentucky beginning December 1917:
Dr. Andrew R. Leventhal, Cardiologist


Family Doctor:
Robert Flowers, Jr., DO
333 Keen St.
Burkesville, KY 42717
(270) 864-3371        
Dr. Andrew R. Leventhal, Cardiologist
800 Rose St.
Lexington, Kentucky  40536
(859) 323-0295

Adanta Group Clinton County Mental Health Center
101 Adanta Circle
Albany, KY  42602
(606) 387-7635
Counselor:  Delena Briggs

Dr. Cuneyt Tegin, Psychiatrist
University of Louisville Physicians
401 E. Chestnut St.
Suite 610
Louisville, KY  40202
502 588-4450

Dr. Steven Tallent, DDS
108 Plaza Drive
Albany, KY  42602
(606) 557-1023


Shearer Drug
Albany, Ky  42602
606 387-6616


Hydrochlorothiazide            50 MG      1 PER DAY                 HBP
Norvasc (Amlodipine Besylate)  10 MG      1 PER DAY                 HBP
Lisinopril                      5 MG      1 PER DAY                 HBP
Lithium Carbonate             300 MG      4 PER DAY                 Bipolor Disorder
Latuda                         20 MG      1 PER DAY                 Bipolar Disorder
Fluoxetine HCL (Prozac)        30 mg      1 PER DAY                 Depression
Lipitor                        10 mg      1 PER DAY                 Cholesterol
buspirone                       5 mg      1 per day as needed       anxiety
trazodone hcl                  50 mg      1 to 2 at bedtime         sleep
multi-vitamin                             1 per day

aspirin                        81 mg      1 per day                 heart

amoxicillin for dental visits