Eva Bristow - Medical History

Eva Bristow


Eva Bristow
73 Old Cowan School Road
Albany, KY 42602
606 387-5884 & 606 306-3521

Date Of Birth: 11-09-1946
Sex: female
Height: 5' 3"

Spouse: Duane Bristow
email: duane@kyphilom.com

Medical History

2 children born in 1970 and 1977 by c-section (appendix removed.)

Intolerant to Codeine.

lumpectomy, radiation and chemotherapy in 2004 for breast cancer - left breast
(indicator lymph nodes removed.)

both sisters and an aunt died of breast cancer
3 brothers died from lung cancer due to smoking
1 brother still living ten years older than Eva
mother died of heart and HBP problems in 1966 at age 58
father died in 1983 of heart problems and pneumonia at age 77

Two knee replacements in 2007 and 2010