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What's New on Duane's WEB Site - 1997

Site opened July 24, 1995

As this site grows the new items added will be listed here for the benefit of those who are interested enough to revisit occasionally to look for new information. We would appreciate any comments about the site or suggestions for additions or changes. Also, please let us know where you learned of the site.

If you are interested in receiving occasional mailings (about once a month) telling you about new stuff on this site send email to oldky@kyphilom.com with the word "subscribe" in the subject and body.

Major Items added December 28, 1997

Burma Shave Jingles - A new Winner - Brian Buckner

Computers - Weekly Windows '95 wallpaper - Free download - eggblue

Major Items added December 21, 1997

Burma Shave Jingles - A new Winner - Courtney Devine

Christmas Card '97 - 120k jpg

Computers - Weekly Windows '95 wallpaper - Free download - snow4

War of the Minds - in answer to questions in the current battle these links to American Chestnut sites and to the Falklands-Malvinas war were added:

Surfing - Homework and Math - HyperStat - Statistics Text Online

Major Items added December 18, 1997

The Art Gallery - drawings by Russell Flowers.

Surfing - Shopping on the Net - Consumer Product Ratings Reports

Major Items added December 16, 1997

Surfing - Jobs on the Net - BridgePath Employment, Jobs, and Internships for Students and Recent Graduates

Computers - Weekly Windows '95 wallpaper - Free download - hst

Burma Shave Jingles - A new Winner - Karma Wilson

Forestry Link - Forest World

Major Items added December 9, 1997

Computer and Internet Questions answered here.

Major Items added December 7, 1997

family - A few new stories were added to PawPaw's Stories

Computers - Weekly Windows '95 wallpaper - Free download - ice

Burma Shave Jingles - A new Winner - Dalanne Wilson

Life - Philosophy

Surfing - Art on the WWW - PHOTOVAULT-Loving Images about the Great Mystery

Comments on Current Items in the News - Titanic Online, Virtual Titanic

Humor - Jzine - Stories, Jokes, and Fun Stuff

War of the Minds - Link to Trivial Net!

New Links added December 3, 1997

Comments on Current Items in the News

Civil War in the West

Surfing - General Surfing

Surfing - Kentucky

Surfing - Potpourri

Surfing - Shopping on the Net

Surfing - Kid's & Family Pages - Children's Services -- Launch Pad
Surfing - Homework - Homework Sites
Keeping Current on the Net - On The Edge with Michael Finley
Surfing - Outdoors and Gardening Net Information Resources - Ithaca Gardens
Life - Philosophy - New Utopia Home Page
Christmas - Christmas Links
Surfing - Duane's Top 20 Web Picks - Calvin and Hobbes' Magical World
Surfing - History - World History : HyperHistory - Time Line
Surfing - Books and Book Sellers - Barnes and Noble - The World's Largest Bookseller Online
Surfing - Money on the Net - CPI Calculation Machine - Compare Consumer Price Index
Surfing - Art on the WWW - Art Crimes - graffiti

Surfing - Literature on the WWW


Major items added December 1, 1997

Computers - Weekly Windows '95 wallpaper - Free download - snowtree

Burma Shave Jingles - A new Winner - Steve Piper

Major items added November 16, 1997

Computers - Weekly Windows '95 wallpaper - Free download - eggbluec

Life - Philosophy - Comparative Religion

Surfing - Law - Internet Legal Practice Newsletter

Surfing - Internet - Internet Tutorials

Surfing - General Surfing - Pathfinder Network Guide

Surfing - Medical Resources - Drug Information - USP

Surfing - Homework - PUMAS - real world examples of math applications

Life - SimElite Club Homepage

Surfing - Asia

Major items added November 8, 1997

Computers - Weekly Windows '95 wallpaper - Free download - Castle2

Surfing - Outdoors and Gardening Net Information Resources - Seiwa-en - Japanese Garden

Surfing - Potpourri - A World Of Tea

Surfing - Money on the Net - Discount Stock and Commodity Brokers

Surfing - Potpourri - National Museum of the American Indian at the Smithsonian

Major items added November 3, 1997

Surfing - Literature on the WWW

Keeping Current on the Net - Science Friday

Surfing - Medical Resources - OncoLink: A University of Pennsylvania Cancer Center Resource

Surfing - Photography on the WWW - New York Institute of Photography

Surfing - Potpourri - The British Monarchy

Major items added October 30, 1997

Computers - Weekly Windows '95 wallpaper - Free download - Blueback

Major items added October 26, 1997

From our Poetry Page
                   The Mysterious Night
                     by Duane Bristow
                     October 31, 1962
        The corn is in the shock.
        The punkin's in the shed.
        The lonely night wind blows away the day,
        And summer.
        It is cold.
        It will frost tonight.
        The cows low in the barn.
        All is silent,
        Save for the rustling of dead fall leaves.
        It is a cold light the lonely moon spreads upon the scene.
        It is a warm light from the home spreading out.
        It is HALLOWEEN!

Surfing - Kentucky

Surfing - General - Britannica Internet Guide

Surfing - Kid's & Family Pages - Lullabies and Other Songs for Children

Surfing - MarketPlace - Home Path - Internet Resources for Home Buyers

Surfing - Politics - The Interfaith Alliance

Life - Philosophy

Surfing - Potpourri - George Rarey's World War II Air Force Cartoon Journals

Surfing - Literature on the WWW

Major items added October 23, 1997

War of the Minds

We have a winner of War III
Soumen Nandy - has accumulated 520 points.

Surfing - Duane's Top 20 Web Picks

Note: It is time for you to check out our special holiday pages. They are always popular this time of year.

Burma Shave Jingles - A new Winner - Norm Burnett.

Major items added October 19, 1997

Surfing - Education - Wired schools: It takes a village

Surfing - Places - Travel -

  1. Grand Canyon River Running
  2. Pennsylvania Dutch Country Welcome Center
  3. Yellowstone Journal Online

Surfing - Homework - More Mathematical Web Sites and Mathematical Snippets

Surfing - Potpourri - Greatest Films

Surfing - Law FindLaw - Legal Minds

Life - Philosophy - Stephen Hawking's Universe

Major items added October 16, 1997

Surfing - Places - Travel - Biltmore Estate

Surfing - Potpourri - Automotive Learning On-line

Comments on Current Items in the News - Super Models or emaciated women?

Major items added October 13, 1997

People to People - A Visit to Eastern Kentucky

Major items added October 12, 1997

Surfing - Gardening and Outdoors - The Flowerbase - pictures of over 7,000 flowers

Family - More Old Pictures found in old houses, etc.

Sympathy - October 11, 1997

We were informed today that Leigh Ann Honeycutt, daughter of one of our long time web visitors, Joseph D. Bristow, passed away quietly at 2:30 this morning. Leigh Ann had been ill for a number of months and Joseph had kept us informed by email as he and his wife, Sally Ann, made numerous trips to the home of Leigh Ann and her husband to be with her and to help out in times when she had to be hospitalized and have treatments. Eva and I would like to express our heartfelt sympathy to Joseph and his family.

Major items added October 4, 1997

Forestry - The Virtual Foliage Home Page!

Surfing - Medical Resources - Internet Mental Health

Surfing - General Surfing - List 2000

Life - Philosophy - Chaos Home Page and Chaos at Maryland and Sean Reed's Fractal Resource Page

Surfing - South Central Kentucky and North Central Tennessee - The Osbornes of Cabin Hollow - Somerset, Kentucky - Bed & Breakfast Inns ONLINE

Surfing - Parent's Pages - Educational Software - Welcome from The Mining Company

Surfing - Potpourri - Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles

Major items added September 28, 1997

Surfing - Homework - Internet School Library Media Center

Major items added September 26, 1997

Some new links on the WWW:
Life - Philosophy

Major items added September 21, 1997

Family - The Bristows in American Government - finished
and Bristow Coat of Arms put on Web.
Some new links to interesting sites on the WWW

Surfing - Science - Eric W. Weisstein - Astronomy & math and Mars Pathfinder Mission
Surfing - Homework - The Math Forum Home Page and John Lye's Course and Source Page
Surfing - History - PBS History Web Site.
Computers - Fractint Homepage - A fractal generating computer program by the Stone Soup Group
Life - Comments on Current Issues in the News - The SETI Institute - Search for other Life in the Universe
Forestry - All trees by species - Tree Identification and Shiitake Mushroom Production and Marketing

Major items added September 20, 1997

Family - The Bristows in American Government

A Web Site for you to check September 13, 1997

Blue Ridge Country Archives - Appalachian Stories

Major items added September 6, 1997

Surfing - Art on the WWW - European Old Master Painting Gallery
Surfing - Art on the WWW - CJFA- Carol Jackson's Fine Art- A Virtual Art Museum
Surfing - Literature on the WWW - Mythology
Surfing - Science - The Window to the Universe
Surfing - Entertainment - World Village
Surfing - Entertainment - ClassicGames.com - Play board games with others on the Internet

A Few Web Sites for you to check September 6, 1997

Mother Teresa 1910 - 1997

Diana, Princess of Wales

Our Children, Our Cities, Our Future

Major items added August 27, 1997

Surfing - News - BACKGROUND BRIEFING - on Current news items.
Surfing - references - Dave's Math Tables
Surfing - Science - Evolution

Major items added August 24, 1997

Family - A mystery picture?

War of the Minds - The Philosophy of War of the Minds

Updates to:

Major items added August 18, 1997

The current favorite surfing site is Backwoods Home Magazine - with the history of Burma Shave Signs and other interesting Backwoods articles toward a more self sufficient lifestyle for you and your family.

Major items added August 11, 1997

I have decided to put a current favorite surfing site here periodically (once a week I hope). Some sites I find to add to my surfing pages seem to deserve special recognition because they are not well known but offer something that may be of special interest to our visitors.

The current site is Sunrise Records, a commercial site in Taiwan selling CDs of beautiful oriental music. If you have a 28.8 connection or higher and the Real Player from Real Audio, check them out. You can play the whole CD on the Web before purchase.
(Commercial sites will probably be listed here very rarely.)

In the last two monthly newsletters I sent to our subscribers I mentioned some additional favorite sites:
For the perusal of non subscribers they are:

Major items added August 9, 1997

Family - Duane and Eva after 30 years - 102k picture

Major items added August 1, 1997

War of the Minds

We have a winner of War II
Soumen Nandy - has accumulated 660 points.

Major items added July 27, 1997

Computers - Computer Literacy, Computer Skills, and Computer Use in Schools and Small Businesses.

Major items added July 24, 1997

Happy Birthday! - This site marks its second anniversary on the World Wide Web today.

Thanks to the thousands of people who have visited the site and the hundreds who have sent messages and all the new friends we've made.

Major items added July 20, 1997

Surfing - A link to the Alvin C. York Institute including a biography and diary of Sgt. Alvin C. York, WW I hero from Pall Mall, Tennessee.

Major items added July 4, 1997

Humor - Airplane Maintenance

Major items added July 2, 1997

Duane and Eva's Old Kentucky Book Store
-- Now offering bigger discounts on most titles. You'll save:
-- 30% on every hardcover (typical savings: $8.00 per book)
-- 20% on every paperback (typical savings: $3.00 per book)

Forestry - The Practice of Forestry in the mountains of Kentucky.

Major items added July 1, 1997

Forestry - Splash Dams in Kentucky at the beginning of the 20th Century

Major items added June 26, 1997

Computers - LIFEB - an improved simulation of Conway's game of Life. See the description. This is a 63K MSDOS exe file.

Major items added June 8, 1997

The Flower Page with links to literature on this site
An experimental page in background graphics, color, music, and links to poetry and other writings on this site.
I welcome comments about this page.

The Thoughts of Chief Seattle page has been revised due to a second version brought to my attention by John A. Eyon. Thanks, John. Also links to several native american sites on the web were added to this page.

Flower Picture - 19k jpeg

Major items added May 17, 1997

Community - added link to City of Albany, Kentucky, Draft Environmental Impact Statement

Surfing - Art - links to The Human Figure in Art and Photography
and links to the Norman Rockwell collection and the National Gallery of Art.

Major items added May 15, 1997

Family - Our Favorite Poems - added "If" by Rudyard Kipling and "The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost

Major items added May 10, 1997

Surfing - News - World - Hong Kong Links - check the net for the handover of Hong Kong to China in July.

Major items added April 26, 1997

Surfing - Exploring Asia - History, Culture, Travel

Major items added April 12, 1997

Family - Dr. S. W. Bristow - A Country Doctor during the Great Depression

Major items added April 1, 1997

Life - Some Thoughts on Government Service

Major items added March 29, 1997

Computers - Services provided by a Computer Consultant and VAR. - 1997

Major items added March 1, 1997

Thanks to Net Guide for giving us a 4 Star Rating

Major items added February 16, 1997

Keeping Current on the Net - Cameras on the Web

Major items added February 12, 1997

Forestry - Forest Measurements from a field forester's perspective.

Major items added February 1, 1997

A map of the area in which we live - 17k gif

Major items added January 26, 1997

Our Humor Page now has Children's Bible Knowledge Answers

Family - Year by Year with the Bristows - 1996 added.

Major items added January 19, 1997

Regulating Logging in Kentucky - an update

Major items added January 12, 1997

A description of a secluded mountain valley now has a map available.

Major items added January 5, 1997

Family - Top 20 commercial TV shows of all time - let us know your thoughts

Major items added January 1, 1997


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