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1998 Nobel Prizes
See the significant people and their accomplishments for 1998.
Microsoft - A Monopoly?
Can the Department of Justice make the case?
See also: ZD Net AnchorDesk: Microsoft vs. Government
Male Impotence
What can be done?
Global Climate Change
How significant is it and what must be done?
The Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence
Are we alone in the universe?
Mir Space Station
How bad is it?
The New Millennium
What does it hold in store? Will the new century be dominated by Technology
The Year 2000 Problem
Will the date problem in computer programs cause a world wide economic crisis. See some thoughts about this problem and 8 myths about the millennium bug and the Center for Millennial Studies.
Asteroids Near Earth Orbit
Is the Earth in danger?
Yes, or No. How radical is this technology and its implications?
Space Exploration
Pathfinder landing on Mars - July 4th 1996. An investment in knowledge or a waste of money? See the Questions and Answers
Dr. Carl Sagan - died December 20, 1996
He taught us about the origins of Life and the Universe.
Jacques Cousteau - died June 25, 1997
He taught us about the sea and the Life there.
Roswell, New Mexico
Did aliens really crash there?
Are Computers all they are Cracked up to be?
Read a number of contrary essays.
Science in the News
Check out the stories behind the news headlines.
Life on Mars
Maybe we're not alone? Read about the Mars Pathfinder.
Life on Other Worlds
Is ALF out there?
Galileo and Jupiter
Galileo has arrived. See what's happening.
Comet: Hale-Bopp
Coming soon: Will it be a great show?
Atomic Weapons
Photos taken soon after the atomic bomb was dropped on Nagasaki. What about the moral issues of war and of use of technology such as this in war? Is this really any different in kind than Pearl Harbor?
Melatonin - A chemical slumber switch
Is this stuff safe or not?
According to media hype, the newest magic pill to cure what ails us. How much truth here?
The Anti-Technology Message
Wonder if the Unabomber surfs the Internet?
The Final Frontier. See it now!
Windows 95
A media circus.

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Political Issues

The Prison Industry
Is it big business keeping people behind bars?
U. S. Arms Sales
To what extent do we profit from and promote arms races around the world?
Our Justice System
How fair is it?
American Indians
How is our government treating them?
Federal Grand Juries
How do they work?
Ask the politicians some Hard Questions and pay attention to their answers or lack thereof.
Health Care in America
Is it in crisis? What can we do? Is the problem greed, lack of planning and management or unrealistic expectations?
Child Protection Laws
How can we best protect our children?
Deadbeat Dads
Is there another side to the story?
Race Relations
Pulling together or pulling apart? See the African-American home page.
Native Americans
They were here first! See what Chief Seattle thought.
What place does farming and ranching have in modern society?
Reinventing Government
Can common sense be useful in government? See the Public Innovator Learning Network.
The U. S. Budget Deficit
What is it? How dangerous is it? What can be done? How Would You Spend the National Budget?
Does American need a tax cut?
What would a balanced budget mean for the states?
Over Population & Teen Age Sexual Behavior
How many other problems such as poverty, war, disease, starvation, etc. spring from this? Read this too and look for the solution.
Conservation of Wild Areas
Man must not destroy everything!
Terrorist attacks seem to be on the increase in the United States. What does this say about our society and what does it portend for the future?
Human Rights
Support the United Nation's Universal Declaration of Human Rights. See the 1997 Human Rights Report
Can it be eliminated or is it with us always?
Women's Issues
They had a conference in China.
Bioethics Issues
Advances in medicine and biological science and genetics etc. make this a significant field. For example the Right to Life and the Right to Death.
Government and Religion
Let's not mix the two! Alternate view.
Are Environmental Activists too extreme? How important is it to save the Rain Forests?
Welfare Reform
Is a woman's place with her children or in the workplace? And other Questions and discussion.
The Neighborhood
How do we make it work again?

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Echelon Watch
What's this top secret multi-government agency watching us all?
What about the war? And what's it like in Belgrade?
Genocide in Rwanda
Why and how did it happen?
Saddam and the Bomb
How close did he get?
Truth and Reconciliation Commission
What now for South Africa? Can they really forgive and forget?
El Nino
How will it affect the world's weather?
Nazi Assets:
Preliminary Study on U.S. and Allied Efforts to Recover and Restore Gold and Other Assets Stolen or Hidden by Germany During World War II
1997: Countdown to History--Hong Kong and Hong Kong 1997: Lives in Transition--PBS
On July 1, 1997, the British Crown Colony of Hong Kong becomes the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China. These two websites have been prepared to keep Internet users informed about the progress of the transition and the effect it is likely to have on residents of the city, the government of China, and the rest of the world. 1997: Countdown to History is provided by the South China Morning Post, Hong Kong's leading English-language daily newspaper since 1903. Drawing on the archives and daily reporting of the newspaper, this site offers users an in-depth look at the changes likely to be wrought on the residents of the city as the transition approaches. Lives in Transition takes a different tack, focusing on the impact of political change on individual lives through "Hong Kong Diaries" written by a range of residents of the city. An annotated transition timeline is also available. A production of the long-running P.O.V. series, this site offers a view of life in Hong Kong that other sites often overlook.
Also see Hong Kong 1997 Web Site Home Page
Hong Kong Newsgroup Time Magazine Special Page
CNN Site
Channel A
China's Web Site on Hong Kong
Hong Kong: A _New York Times_ Special Report
World Statesman
The state of the world - articles by world leaders.
War Crimes
See the War Crimes Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, The Simon Wiesenthal Center, Remembering the Holocaust, and Major War Criminals/Suspects.
The United Nations
How important is it in our world?
The Children of the World
We say they are important. Do we practice what we preach?
The Cambodian Genocide Program
Who says genocide ended with the Nazis?
Genocide in the 20th Century
How prevalent?
Conflicts are widespread.
An amazing experiment in democracy, free enterprise, and change. Will it succeed? See Russian culture and other Russian Links.
When will Castro fall and the Cubans in Florida return home?
Is Peace with Palestine Possible? See the Arab View
How serious is the threat from the Chemical and Biological Agents being produced there?
Revolution and extremist religious fanatics?
How long to remove the threat in the world?
The face of anarchy and the results of world food aid.
War and Anarchy. Who says man is civilized?
War in Bosnia - Crotia
Genocide, religious and ethnic intolerance, madness, Who says man is civilized?
Also see the Bosnia Home Page and CNN's Bosnia Page and ABCNEWS.com : A Beginner's Guide to the Balkans.
What are the government and the oil companies doing to the place?
What's going on there?
Can it maintain independence?

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Personal Rights & Beliefs

Criminal Law
Is it still in the hands of the states?
Capital Punishment in America
How fairly used? How many innocents executed? How much deterrent to crime?
ECHELON: America's Secret Global Surveillance Network -- Patrick S. Poole
How much are our governments spying on private citizens, organizations, and businesses?
Does a company have the right to sell your name and address or do you have a right to privacy?
Censorship of the WWW
Freedom of Speech vs. the Censors who see satan on the Internet. See also the Center for Democracy and Technology
Civil Liberties
How important are the civil liberties of the individual and minorities when opposed to the duty of the state to keep order?
Gun Control
It's the NRAs right to bare arms (or arm bears) against the rights of the rest of us to avoid being shot.
You don't have to quit, you just have to stop. Also see the Anti-Tobacco Site and Smokers Organization.
Banned Books
They don't want us to read what they don't like. It's amazing what they have banned or tried to ban.
Animal Rights
Should they have some? An alternate view.

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Human Interest and Other

U. S. Congressional Medal of Honor Citations
Read about some real heroes.
100 years of movies
Which do you think were the best movies of the twentieth century?
The Titanic
A great ship but not so unsinkable.
Natural Disasters
Watch out for Mother Nature.
Is it the dustbowl of the thirties again? What will happen to this year's grain crop, the farmers, our grain storage supply and ultimately our food supply.
The Pulitzer Prizes
They've been awarded for 1996.
Walking from Anchorage toward Buenos Aires
To raise awareness of health and safety issues of women and children.
The Running Man
He's attemping to run around the world in a little over three years.
Swimming the 696 mile length of the Cumberland River
To raise awareness of river pollution and environmental concerns.
Mad Cow Disease
Threat or hype?
Climbing Mount Everest
The adventure is reported to the Net.
Searching for the Mayas
Help Explore Mayan Civilization.
The Amazon Rain Forest
Help explore it online.
Weird News Stories
Human activities never cease to amaze!
Super Models
Or emaciated women?
Newspeak - Orwell in the 1990s
Human activities never cease to amaze!
The Olympic Torch
Follow its progress as it is carried through communities across the nation.
Cleveland's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Roll over Beethoven!
The Paranormal
It's not taken very seriously here.
James Bond Movies
They've lasted over 30 years now!
Star Trek - after 30 years
Many creative shows have given us a fresh look at social, political, and philosophical problems.
Craig Shergold
The Make-a-Wish Foundation continues to receive millions of letters because of a chain letter which won't die. Click above to learn the facts.
The Oklahoma City Bombing Trial
Another media circus. Right wing extremist idiots.
Chess on the Internet
Also see The Chess Archives and Kasparov plays Deep Blue

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