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Old Pictures

Here are some old pictures we found for those of our web visitors who are interested in this kind of thing.

Also see Old Photos of Jackson and Breathitt County Kentucky and Hazard Kentucky & Perry County: A Photographic History

Guardian Angel
Guardian Angel

Double Cola - Spring 1950

This is one of a set of four pictures from a 1950 calendar, one for each of the four seasons. We will try to add the other three to this page soon.

Ads from "Progressive Farmer" magazine - December 1954

55 Chevy
'55 Chevy

55 Ford Tractor
'55 Ford Tractor

Christmas Toys 1954 Santa
Christmas 1954

Cover of Progressive Farmer
Christmas Morning at Grandma's House

See our mystery picture - babies in a shoe
and World War II Posters
Look on this page for more old pictures to be added later.

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Your pictures brought back great memories of my childhood in Nelson County ,Ky. I was born in 1952, lived on a 250 acre farm and remember looking at that Western Auto ad and wishing for the doll! Thanks for a great site.

Sender: JARD98@aol.com

Liked the pictures that you have on the web. Job well done!!! We have forgotten how things have changed over the years.


Sender: HBG1@aloha.net

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