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Philosophy Links on the Net

Most Interesting Links

  1. Philosophy News Service - Updated daily - PhilosophyNews.com
  2. The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
  3. Blupete's Homepage!
  4. Great Thinkers and Visionaries on the Net
  5. Ziniewicz Philosophy Page
  6. Dictionary of Philosophy of Mind - Main Page
  7. PERL.COM - 2nd State of the Onion
  8. d i s i n f o r m a t i o n
  9. Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy Table of Contents
  10. EDGE: To Arrive At The EDGE of The World's Knowledge
  11. Thinking Man's Minefield
  12. Cultronix - essays - philosophy

Ethics and Lifestyle, Religion, Politics, Economics

  1. Why do I hunt?
  2. Ethical hunting: Is there such a thing?, ENN Features -- 8/19/99
  3. Will Baker a discussion on the meaning of life
  4. Trinity International University Theology Website
  5. Buy Health, Not Health Care
  6. The Ethical Spectacle - Net Zine
  7. A Rational Life - Leon Felkins
  8. Astrolabe: Ethical Navigations through Virtual Technologies
  9. Global Issues That Affect Everyone
  10. Meme Central
  11. Infidels on the Net
  12. Deathnet - Right to Die page
  13. End of Life - From NPR
  14. The Global Village - with links to the philosophy of the Internet
  15. Yahoo Personal Philosophy section
  16. Huston Smith - The Psychology of Religious Experience
  17. Shen's Teahouse *Culture*Zen*Sex*Medicine*Women*Stories & Tales* - by Shen Jee, a Chinese Lady in Taiwan
  18. Loving More Magazine - Polyamory and New Models for Relationships and Liberated Christians Home Page
  19. Family Tree and Group Marriage Alliance Home Page
  20. Robert's Naturism Hub Page
  21. Religious Tolerance, Ontario Consultants on:
  22. New Utopia Home Page
  23. Victory City: The City of the Future
  24. Ethics Updates Home Page
  25. Supply-Side University
  26. The Official Paul Krugman Web Page - Economics Articles
  27. Prostitution Issues: PENet - Prostitutes Education Network
  28. The Talk.Origins Archive: Exploring the creation/evolution controversy
  29. Jhuger - Mock Religion with Rev. Jim Huger, Heretic
  30. The Skeptic's Dictionary Home Page
  31. Yahoo! Social Science:Political Science:Political Theory
  32. Academic Info: Religion - Main Index
  33. David D. Friedman's Home Page - Libertarian Writing, Law, Economics
  34. Hundred Mountain Home Page - Buddhism
  35. Buddhist Meditation and Depth Psychology
  36. Ship of Fools Central
  37. VAGUEpolitix -- The information you need. . . the attitude you crave.
  38. The Talk.Origins Archive: Home Page - Evolution vs. Creationism
  39. Introduction to Islam
  40. Religion and the Founding of the American Republic (Library of Congress Exhibition)

Metaphysics and Cosmology

  1. Science Links
  2. Modern Relativity
  3. Evolution and Philosophy: a Revolution IN Philosophy.
  4. Life In The Universe Website
  5. Stephen Hawking's Home Page and Stephen Hawking's Lecture - The Beginning of Time
  6. The Stephen Hawking Page with links to some of his lectures
  7. Stephen Hawking's Universe
  8. Stephen Hawking's Universe: Strange Stuff Explained
  9. Chaos Home Page and Chaos at Maryland
  10. Ian's Cosmic Matters Page
  11. Dave Slaven's Home Page!
  12. The Second Law of Thermodynamics
  13. Fowler's Physics Applets
  14. Galileo and Einstein Home Page
  15. The Wholeness of the World - Ontological philosophy - a new way of doing philosophy - one that works
  16. Index to Spinoza's Philosophy
  17. Pantheism a Religion for All
  18. PANTHEISM: Scientific pantheism and pantheist history
  19. New Scientist Planet Science: New Scientist's guide to the Quantum World
  20. Many-Worlds FAQ
  21. Exploring A Many Worlds Universe
  22. Usenet Relativity FAQ
  23. Physics FAQ
  24. Many Worlds Theory FAQ
  25. Flatland
  26. Welcome to Divergent Matter Homepage
  27. Yahoo! Science:Mathematics:Chaos
  28. ISEP
  29. Cosmythology: Was the Universe Designed to Produce Us?
  30. Internal and External Causal Explanations of the Universe


  1. Ideonomy - The Science of Ideas
  2. Logic
  3. School of Wisdom: Home Page

Other Links

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