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Potpourri - Interesting Web Sites

  1. Guide to Animal Sounds on the Net
  2. The Urban Legend Magazine - Humor
  3. Welcome to Dime Novels
  4. The House on the Web
  5. The British Monarchy
  6. National Museum of the American Indian at the Smithsonian
  7. World Wide Raccoon Web
  8. The Museum of Unnatural Mystery Homepage
  9. National Gemstones. - spectacular gifs of stones in the Smithsonian Gem and Mineral Collection.
  10. UT CT facility - geology pictures
  11. The Victorian Web
  12. The Rainbow Family
  13. Firewalkers Page
  14. Parascope - Weird Happenings and conspiracies around the world
  15. Greatest Films
  16. captivated - bud carson (my fare city)
  17. The Waiter's Revenge
  18. The Ice Sculpture Photo Gallery
  19. NYCabbie Home Page
  20. Post Cards from Mallorca
  21. Water Towers of the World
  22. The Household Cyclopedia - 1881
  23. Museum of Menstruation and Women's Health
  24. Shared Vision - Community Bridge Project
  25. Stefan Landsberger's Chinese Propaganda Poster Pages
  26. Aint No Way to Go - Strange death stories
  27. Alternative Info - Survivalist Links
  28. The Death Clock - a little unsettling.
  29. Gopher Jewels
  30. T E X T F I L E S
  31. Infrequently Asked Questions
  32. World Sexual Records
  33. Sex Reporter: All Sex News, All The Time
  34. Gallery of Crime
  35. Ad*Access - over 7,000 advertisements 1911-1955
  36. Disgruntled Housewife: Your Guide to Modern Living & Intersex Relationships
  37. ((water))

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