By Duane Bristow - Philom

for lovers of learning

A liberal arts graduate course for college graduates who want to learn more about the nature of the world they live in and about life and who want to develop a plan for living life.


  1. A Summary of my Beliefs
  2. Developing a Life Plan - A person's approach to his life.
  3. Humans and their Future - by Duane Bristow
  4. Questionaries by Duane Bristow
  5. History and Science and Philosophy
    Essays and thoughts about history and science and philosophy developed over the last forty years.
  6. Duane Bristow's Legacy and the Future
  7. Scientific Discoveries and Technological Inventions of Man
  8. The World According to Roie!
  9. Fear
  10. Monitor and Control - How our government does it!
  11. World Views
  12. Time is a Puzzle
  13. Brain Droppings
  14. Diet and Health - research by Duane Bristow including sugars, carbs, gluten, fatty acids, and cholestrol.
  15. Education - Ideas and Principles
  16. Perspectives
  17. Jack of Many Trades - my Life
    Duane Bristow's Life Book
  18. Nature - Pantheism
  19. Pictorial History of Man

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