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In 2010, when I had reached the age of about 63, I decided that I had enough life experience and I had little enough life left that it was time for me to begin writing. So my writings are now made available as ebooks under the author name, Roie Philom, and as a web site. But the most complete versions are available to family and friends who are interested as a flash drive called "Start" and as a portable hard disk drive called "Legacy". After my time in this world has passed, then if anyone finds themselves reading my words, I will to a small extent come alive again in that person's mind.


  1. A Summary of my Beliefs
  2. Developing a Life Plan - A person's approach to his life.
  3. Humans and their Future - by Duane Bristow
  4. Questionaries by Duane Bristow
  5. Duane Bristow's Legacy and the Future
  6. Grandpa Tell Me
  7. Are we Woke?
  8. School - by Duane Bristow
  9. Jack of Many Trades - my Life
    Duane Bristow's Life Book
  10. History and Science and Philosophy
    Essays and thoughts about history and science and philosophy developed over the last forty years.
  11. Scientific Discoveries and Technological Inventions of Man
  12. The World According to Roie!
  13. Fear
  14. Monitor and Control - How our government does it!
  15. Six Worlds on Earth
  16. World Views
  17. Time is a Puzzle
  18. Brain Droppings
  19. Stages of Life
  20. Diet and Health - research by Duane Bristow including sugars, carbs, gluten, fatty acids, and cholestrol.
  21. Education - Ideas and Principles
  22. This is It! as is This
  23. Daily Life in a Historical Context
  24. The History and the Culture of Clinton County Kentucky
  25. Humor, Puzzles, Games, and Mind Teasers
    Stories, legal cases collected by a judge, and other humor collected over the last twenty five years as well as some mental puzzles.
  26. Poetry
    Original poems and favorite poetry from the public domain.
  27. Our Cabin and My Early Morning Ritual
  28. Photography - my world.
  29. Photography - My Autumn Photos
  30. Photography - my family
  31. Duane & Eva Bristow
  32. Perspectives
  33. Victoria
  34. Caroline
  35. Forestry and Accounting
    Essays and thoughts about forestry developed over the last forty years and an introduction to double entry bookkeeping.
  36. Ripples in the Force - A Fantasy
    Roie Philom's fantasy about cruising timber and finding a secluded retreat and how life could be. This book contains sex, violence, fantasy, history, computer programming, philosophy and forest mensuration among a few other things. If you don't want to read about any of these things then please don't read it. Otherwise enjoy!
  37. Striking at the Root of Evil - a call for reform of political campaigns and the influence of money on government.
  38. Is the World Stupid or Am I?
  39. ----------------------------------------------------------
  40. The Wild Riders of the First Kentucky Cavalry
    written in 1894 by Eastham Tarrant and now in the public domain. This is a historical account of a cavalry unit in the Civil War written by the members of the unit about 30 years after the end of the war.
  41. ------------------Games------------------------------------
    1. Go
      The oriental board game of strategically placing stones.
    2. Stratego Setups
      Basic piece setups for the board game of stratego.
    3. Stratego Strategy
      How to play stratego wisely.
  42. ----------------------------------------------------------
  43. Family, History, Community
  44. Computers
  45. Culture, Art, Media Collections
  46. War of the Minds
  47. Twitter and Tweets
  48. Found on the Internet
    1. History
      1. A Short History of the World by H. G. Wells
      2. The History of Herodotus - Vol. I and The History of Herodotus - Vol. II
      3. Captured By The Indians
        Reminiscences of Pioneer Life in Minnesota.
        By Minnie Buce Carrigan.
        The Dakota War of 1862.
    2. Philosophy
      1. Shattering the Sacred Myths - evolutionary metaphysics.
      2. Big Dummies Guide to Religion, Philosophy, and Ethics
      3. Quotes from Alan Watts
      4. God is Not Great
        excerpts by Christopher Hitchens
      5. 20 Reasons to Abandon Christianity
        excerpts by Chaz Bufe
      6. Eternalism
      7. Happiness
        A discussion of happiness of nations and of the Gross National Happiness of Bhutan and several happiness questionaires.
      8. Excerpts from "How to Win Friends and Influence People
        PDF version of whole book
      9. Weighing the End of Life - from The NY Times by Louise Aronson
      10. End of Life Care - The Conversation and Karen Boudreau's letter
      11. Edge - 2012 - What is your Favorite Deep, Elegant, or Beautiful Explanation?
      12. Bargaining
      13. Alternative Marriage Styles - Swingers
      14. Quotes from Richard Dawkins
    3. Science
      1. Euclid's Elements
      2. A Universe Not Made for Us - video
      3. Relativity of Wrong by Issac Asimov
      4. The Fine Structure Constant
      5. A Brief History of Clocks
      6. The Nature of Time
      7. Biocapacity
      8. Pseudo-science
        Pseudo-science pdf
      9. The Boy with the Incredible Brain - videos - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,
      10. Interview about "Sex at Dawn: The Prehistoric Origins of Modern Sexuality" by Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jethá
      11. The Worst Mistake of the Human Race by Jared Diamond
      12. Life Expectancy in the Paleolithic by Ron Hoggan, Ed. D.
      13. Sexual Behavior in Pre Contact Hawaii by Milton Diamond, PH.D.
      14. Global sex: sexuality and sexual practices around the world by JUDITH MACKAY
      15. Nisa: The Life and Words of a !Kung Woman by Marjorie Shostak
    4. Politics and Economics
      1. Invasion of the Data Snatchers - from The NY Times by Bill Keller
      2. A Great Debate - from The NY Times by Gary Gutting
      3. What's Wrong With Inequality? - Gary Gutting
      4. The U.S. behaves nothing like a democracy - by Noam Chomsky.
      5. Why Police Lie Under Oath - from The NY Times by Michelle Alexander
      6. Democracy - from Global Issues
      7. The Federal Budget Rescaled by Terry Tao
      8. Americans Want to Live in a More Equal Country
      9. A Future Worth Living
        by Chaz Bufe.
      10. The Republican Brain
      11. The Oligarchy
        "The Quiet Coup" by Simon Johnson in "The Atlantic" May 2009 and articles from "Rolling Stone" by Matt Taibbi.
      12. Who Rules America
        The Bohemian Grove
        The Links
        Four Networks
        The Corporate Community
        The Ford Foundation
        Growth Coalition Theory
      13. Inside Job - videos - 1, 2
        The financial crisis beginning in 2008.
      14. Taxes - by Warren Buffett & Steven Rattner
      15. Tax Wealth not Income
      16. Distribution of Wealth
      17. Distribution of Income
    5. Literature
      1. Great Expectations
        by Charles Dickens - 1867
      2. The Machine Stops
        by E. M. Forster - 1909
      3. The Woman Haters
        by Joseph C. Lincoln - 1911


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