Ripples in the Force

By Woodsman

copyright 2011 by Roie Philom

Roie Philom's fantasy about cruising timber and finding a secluded retreat and how life could be if not for the weird beliefs and mores of our society.
This book contains sex, violence, fantasy, history, computer programming, philosophy and forest mensuration among a few other things. If you don't want to read about any of these things then please don't read it. Otherwise enjoy!

The theme and the name of this book is "Ripples in the Force". A ripple is caused by a life existing in the cosmic force. How many ripples in the force can you find in this book? What can you say about the effect of each of these ripples on the force? Who do you find to be the most interesting character? Why? What questions of ethics, morality, and social behavior are brought up in this book?

Roie Philom

This book is a work of fiction and the characters, places and events were, very simply, imagined in my head. However, my imagination is influenced by people, events and places in my life and historical people, events and places of which I am aware. The book includes information from research I did on the internet about the history of the area in which it takes place. So, in that way, it can be considered historical fiction. Much of the information is historically accurate but the principal characters and places are fictional.