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In 2010, when I had reached the age of about 63, I decided that I had enough life experience and I had little enough life left that it was time for me to begin writing. So my writings are now made available as ebooks under the author name, Roie Philom, and as a web site. But the most complete versions are available to family and friends who are interested as a flash drive called "Start" and as a portable hard disk drive called "Legacy". After my time in this world has passed, then if anyone finds themselves reading my words, I will to a small extent come alive again in that person's mind.


  1. A Summary of my Beliefs
  2. Developing a Life Plan - A person's approach to his life.
  3. Humans and their Future - by Duane Bristow
  4. Questionaries by Duane Bristow
  5. Duane Bristow's Legacy and the Future
  6. School - by Duane Bristow
  7. Jack of Many Trades - my Life
    Duane Bristow's Life Book
    11 pages - 5 pages - 2 pages - 1 page
  8. History and Science and Philosophy
    Essays and thoughts about history and science and philosophy developed over the last forty years.


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Sculpture of Ancient Greece

Venus of Cyrene


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