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Standing Timber Sale Results

The timber did not sell by bids.  There was little interest among local buyers 
in bidding, probably because they were not accustomed to timber cruises, 
estimates and bid sales.  It is more common in the area for timber buyers to 
simply approach a landowner and make an offer based on a guess by the buyer as 
to an amount that they are sure will make them a profit. 

The few bids received were too low and were rejected.  I approached a team of 
local loggers with whom I had done business in the past.  When they expressed 
interest in a logging job, I gave them three choices.  They could pay me 
$57,000 for the standing timber,  I would pay them $150.00 per mbf for logging 
and hauling the timber to local buyers within a 50 mile radius, or I would pay 
them 30% of the sales price of the logs for logging and hauling.  They chose 
the 30% option.  They logged the area from February to July. 

The logs were yarded near the sale area and buyers were asked to bid on the 
logs.  They were sold to a total of five different local sawmills.  The totals 

Timber Sales                                  bd. ft   dollars  $/mbf
                                             169,970    81,611.95  480

My cruise estimate                           160,000    80,000     500

@ 150/mbf                                               25,496 logging
@ 30%                                                   24,484 logging
@ $57,000                                               24,612 logging

70%                                                     57,128 stumpage

589 trees   298 bd. ft. per tree   $138.56 per tree

Then we estimated that we had only cut over about 32 acres so I marked trees 
on an additional 8 acres or so and the loggers logged that at a price of $150 
per mbf:

Timber Sales                                  bd. ft   dollars  $/mbf
subtotal                                      28,551     12,103.49   424

Totals                                       198,341     93,715.44   472

150/mbf logging                                           4,282.65
stumpage                                                  7,820.84

40 acres
695 trees 
198,341 board feet
$93,715 total
$64,949  stumpage

17.4 trees /acre
4,958 bd. ft./acre
285 bd.ft./tree

$472 per mbf total
$327 per mbf stumpage
$135 per tree total
$93.45 per tree stumpage
$1,624/acre stumpage

For further information:
Phone: 606 387-5884
email: duane@kyphilom.com
Timber Sale
Click here for Timber Sale Bid Information
Click here for Timber Sale Contract
Click here for a photo of the Timber Sale area

Bristow Farms, Inc. Timber Management Program

Bristow Farms owns about 450 acres of mixed hardwood timberland. The general management plan is to selectively harvest timber from 40 to 45 acres every five years and to use a cutting cycle of 50 years meaning that each area harvested would be scheduled for harvest again after 50 years.

In practice there were three harvests since we have owned the farm, in 1963, 1973 and 1983, over the entire woodland. These harvests were high grades in the sense that only larger trees were harvested and smaller trees were not selected to remove to improve the remaining woodland. In general these harvests included only trees with a stump diameter 22 inches or larger.

In 1993 a 40 acre cutting area was harvested which also included only larger trees harvested.

In 2000 a 50 year old southern pine plantation of 16 acres was clearcut due to an infestation of southern pine beetle. Another ten acres of storm damaged red cedar was harvested and a number of larger mature hardwood trees were harvested from fencerows and edges of fields.

In 2007 a 40 acre cutting area was marked for selective harvest and the results of that are on this and other related web pages. In this harvest the goal was to select economically mature crop trees which had reached a point of diminishing returns as far as growth and expected economic yield and to cut additional trees which were either defective or which were expected to compete with selected crop trees which would be harvestable in 30 to 50 more years.

Criteria for selecting crop trees for harvest were generally to select those from desirable timber species which were at least 22 inches dbh and those from intermediate value species which were at least 18 inches dbh and all marketable trees of undesirable timber species as well as defective, cull, and overcrowded trees of whatever species.

Below are pictures of the area harvested in 2007.

Click on any picture below for a larger version.

This group of pictures are as the area looked before harvest. This was about 24 years after any timber had been cut in this area.

This group of pictures are as the area looked 3 years after the 2007 harvest.

This group of pictures are current pictures of a harvest now taking place on an adjacent landowner's land adjoining the selective harvest above. This is basically a clearcut even though the loggers told the landowner it would not be a clearcut because they would only cut down to a 12 inch stump.

These are estimates of the results of the clear cut harvest above:
(when this timber harvest took place log prices were about 10% lower than the previous harvest four years before.)
40 acres
2000 trees 
320,000 board feet
$96,000 total
$68,000  stumpage
50 trees /acre
8,000 bd. ft./acre
160 bd.ft./tree
$300 per mbf total
$212 per mbf stumpage
$48 per tree total
$34 per tree stumpage
$1,700/acre stumpage

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