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Duane's Top Pages

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We are now serving about 2000 pages and 4000 pictures to an average of 1000 to 1200 visitors per day seven days a week or about 30,000 to 35,000 visitors per month.

Top Ten Pages chosen by our Visitors

Viewed by 5 to 50 people per day

Shopping on the Net with Duane & Eva
Stores, Malls, Shopping Helpers and Guides, Books, Videos, Music, Autos, Auctions, Classifieds
  1. War of the Minds and Burma Shave Jingles - Internet Contests
  2. Our Favorite Poems and Poetry by Duane
  3. Puzzles, Games, and Mind Teasers for the very intelligent and Albany Canasta
  4. Humor Page
  5. Forestry and Forest Management Workshop Manual
  6. Family and Eva's Page including our favorite recipes
  7. Descriptions of over 80 Computer Programs I have written. and Computer questions.
  8. Farm for Sale and Our Farm Photos and Farm Photos page 2 - Tobacco and Even more farm pictures.
  9. Learn About Lake Cumberland.
  10. Fan Mail received for this WWW site and Genealogy Email received

Other Top Pages in our Opinion

This site contains over 500 pages and over 500 pictures. We feel we have some very interesting pages that are sometimes missed by our visitors. Here are a few examples.
  1. Old Pictures found in old houses, etc. and World War II posters
  2. Early Times in Clinton County - stories from the past
  3. Resume - Offer me a job or a business deal.
  4. The State of Forest Conservation in Kentucky
  5. Forest Measurements from a field forester's perspective.
  6. The Practice of Forestry in the mountains of Kentucky and Timber Growth and Marketing
  7. Dr. S. W. Bristow - A Country Doctor during the Great Depression
  8. Murl Conner - A Clinton County War Hero
  9. John Bristow's will 1716
  10. Kentucky Law Cases
  11. Buying and selling cattle in southern Kentucky near Tennessee
  12. Thoughts on Life on the Internet and other Thoughts.
  13. People to People - How to be an active participant on this Internet site
  14. Purpose of Life and of this site
  15. Our Family Home
  16. Our Family Photos or Photos page 2
  17. A letter to Burglars in my House
  18. PawPaw's Stories
  19. The Global Village
  20. Life according to Duane

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