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A Tour of the Site

This tour will show you the high lights of this site. It only includes about 1/3 of the more than 300 pages on the site. Be sure to explore in detail when you find a place that interests you.

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A new feature we are experimenting with is a tour of the site. With over 300 pages on the site and growing we felt this would be helpful to our visitors. Actually there are several tours, each from a few to many pages in length. You just follow the next page/previous page links and the tour will take you around in a circle to where you began. But there will be links to other sub tours of the site that you may branch onto as you go. Because of this linking system it is possible to view most of the major pages by following tour links.

The tour of this site is set up with multiple circular links as shown in the diagram above. These are at various levels of detail with the smaller rings deeper within the site having more detailed content. The tour links are indicated as in the set of links immediately above this. The words in the center, "WELCOME TOUR" in this case, give the name of the particular tour ring. The links labeled "Previous Page" and "Next Page" continue that particular tour in either a forward or backward direction. Any other links on the left or right side take the visitor to another tour ring. On a sub tour at a lower level than the main tour, the name of the tour in the center is a link back up one level.

NOTE: The diagram is only a sample. The entire tour is much larger than that shown in the diagram.

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