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War of the Minds - Computer Questions

When an MS-DOS computer is first turned on it begins reading the hard disk drive by reading the master record located at track 0, head 0, sector 1 or, if reading a floppy disk, it reads the boot record there. The master record contains the Disk Partition Table which contains the location of the boot record. The boot record begins with a three byte jump instruction which allows room in the following bytes for the 8 byte system name and the BIOS Parameter Block. What essential information is contained in the BIOS Parameter Block?
In MS-DOS assembly language programming a NEAR procedure call pushes how many bytes onto the stack? (Hint: It pushes the current IP.) How does a FAR call differ?
What is a hash table?
If a string is located and defined in BASIC by means of a three byte pointer, what is the maximum number of bytes in the string?
This question is a nostalgic question for those in on the beginning of the computer age. In Crowther and Woods' "Colossal Cave Adventure" written in the early 1970s the first problem after entering the cave is the huge green fierce snake which blocks the passageway. How does one get past the snake?
In hexidecimal format what is the sum of 1234h and ABCDh? What is the product of 2Ah and 2?
A recent article in the New York Times listed six major computer languages still in general use. They are Cobol, Basic, Pascal, C, C++, and Java. I was surprised that this list did not include the so-called science language or engineer's language. What language is this?
The title of this web page is "War of the Minds". Its URL is http://www.kyphilom.com/duane/warmind.html. If you type that URL into your web browser you may get access to this page on the WWW. Or you may get a message, "failed DNS lookup" or something similiar. If you do get such a message you may still be able to access the page by typing the URL as
What do the following terms mean? What could be the cause of the message "failed DNS lookup" and why would you still be able to access the page by using the second form of the address?
In regard to the FAT what are lost clusters and what are cross linked clusters?
In the original IBM-PC and the IBM-PC XT, IRQ 2 was unused and IRQ 3 was used by COM1. In the AT or 386 class PC, IRQ 2 was said to be cascaded. What does this mean and why was it done?

If a device installed in an XT and using IRQ 2 was put into an AT class machine it would work fine but it would not actually use IRQ 2. What IRQ would it use?

The QWERTY keyboard was originally designed to be inefficient so that typists could not hit the keys fast enough to cause typewriter keys to jam. What is the name of the most popular keyboard purposely designed so that the keys are arranged for maximum efficiency in typing speed?
Before the IBM-PC there were three microcomputers - the TRS-80, the Apple, and the Commodore Pet. It was felt that to sell computers one would have to be able to answer the question: "But what will it do?". So the industry looked for a killer application, a computer program that was so useful people would buy the computer just to be able to use that one program. The very first killer application had the very same initials as had the enemy American had fought ten years before and had called "Charlie". What was the name of this program and what general type of program was it?
In programming the Intel 80x86 chip, the assembly language command, "CMP AL, 07" when compiled into machine language by a compiler calls for what type of action when the resulting program is executed.
Tandy Corp. or Radio Shack began marketing one of the first microcomputers in the fall of 1977. It was the 4k TRS-80 Model I. What chip was used for the ALU of that computer?
On the Internet "http" is an abbreviation for what?
A bit mapped image in 256 colors that is 640 X 480 pixels in size takes up how many kilobytes in uncompressed format?
An MSDOS call to interrupt 10H affects what computer functions?
What does "BIOS" mean and what is its purpose?
What is the purpose of a compiler?
ASCII - 65 decimal - is what character?
How many nybbles are necessary to store the phrase, "Merry Christmas!"?
Quotation marks are not included.
WMF is to BMP as MIDI is to ---?
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Why does my fast modem connect at a slower speed and why would I set my COM port at 38.4k or higher if my modem is only 28.8k?
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DOS and the original version of Windows 95 used a 16 bit FAT in which a 2 gigabyte FAT partition used 32k clusters. Windows 95 OEM Service Release 2 supports 4k clusters on 2 gigabyte hard disk drives. What fundamental change in the OS allowed this and what are the advantages? Disadvantages?
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The maximum compression ratio for a V.42bis modem is 4:1. Does this mean that a 9600 bps modem with V.42bis can download a GIF file at 38,400 bps? Explain.
Why does the standard keyboard on an IBM-PC compatible computer have the cursor movement keys including [HOME], [END], [Pg Up], and [Pg Dn] duplicated on the numeric keypad?
Using MS-DOS 6.22 a driver is loaded in conventional memory. Use of the MEM command shows that the driver occupies 24,622 bytes. It also shows 25,155 bytes free in upper memory. Therefore you decide to load the driver in upper memory freeing space to be used by your programs. However, use of the LH command in the AUTOEXEC.BAT file to load the driver into upper memory results in an "insufficient memory" error message and the driver loads low. Why?
A week to ten days after Christmas 1987 people using the TRS-80 microcomputer and running Radio Shack's TRSDOS hard disk operating system began calling Tandy's help line because of problems with their computer. The help lines soon became swamped with calls. What problem caused this?
The Interpreted Basic for the 4k TRS-80 microcomputer Model I had very primitive graphics and the Basic graphic commands made most animation too slow for realistic movement of very many pixels at once. A high school teacher named Leo Christopherson was the first to write a game in this language using a technique to move several pixels at once producing realistic movement. Some of the games he wrote using this technique included "Android Nim", "Bee Wary", "Dueling Droids", and "Dancing Demon". What technique did he use?
Those familiar with the early days of microcomputers in the early 1980s have probably read these words:
        "You're in a hidden grove."
        "You're in a dismal swamp."
        "*DRAGON EGGS* (very rare)"
Where are these words found and who is the author?
Bruce Artwick was first known for developing what computer simulation?
If I write a TSR program that takes control of Interrupt 5 on an IBM-PC system, what will trigger the execution of my program? (This is software Interrupt 5, not IRQ 5 often used by peripherals such as the Sound Blaster.)
First developed in 1967 as a tool for learning, this computer programming language often involves the Turtle and is used, among other things, to teach elementary programming concepts to school children. What language is this?
In the fantasy town of Binary the Lord Ruler first assigned a number 1 to 8,000 to each of the 8,000 citizens. He then ordered the royal data master to construct a database using the minimum amount of memory possible to keep information on each citizen. The Lord Ruler required that for each citizen the data master be able to keep sex (male or female), hair color (red, blonde, brown, or black), weight in whole pounds (0 to 511) and eye color (blue, brown, or green). Then he realized that there were a few blind citizens of indeterminate eye color and required that they be accounted for in the database also. What is the minimum number of bytes necessary to carry out the Lord Ruler's instructions?
According to Arthur C. Clarke what event of significance to Dave Bowman happened on January 12, 1997?
What hole in Gnu-Emacs did a hacker use to obtain system manager privileges? How was the atrun program involved? What type of system was vulnerable to this type of attack?
A secretary using a courier 10 cpi font says "85 by 66".
A graphic designer using a 300 dpi scanner says "2550 by 3300".
What is the common object to which they are both referring?
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What is this?

and how did computers make study of the related branch of mathematics practical?
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What is the "public key" and "private key" required by PGP?
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A GIF graphic file has a 256 color palette. The 256 colors are chosen from over 16 million possible colors. Each pixel is mapped or indexed to one of these 256 colors. How does a "true color" graphic differ?
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13 XOR 13 = ?
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How many nybbles are necessary to store the name, "Frank Sinatra" in ASCII format? (Quotation marks are not included.)
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PEEK and POKE, programmers sometimes do. To what do these terms refer?
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Observe the following computer program. What does it do? In what language is it written?
       INPUT Y

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The following computer subroutine written in BASIC for a PC compatible computer is designed to display on the computer monitor, one screenful at a time, a text file already opened in buffer 1. It should stop when each screenful of text is displayed until a key is pressed. It should then display the next screenful of text. It should continue until either the end of the text file is reached or the [ESC] key is pressed. The subroutine below has two bugs. Please identify them? Tell their effect and how to correct them.
    1000 CLS:V=1:H=30:Z$="TEXT FILE":LOCATE V,H:PRINT Z$;
    1010 V=3:H=1:ZQ=0
    1100 WHILE NOT EOF(1) AND ZQ<>27
    1110   LINE INPUT #1,A$
    1120   LOCATE V,H:PRINT A$;
    1130   V=V+1
    1140   IF V<23 THEN GOTO 1200
    1150   X$=INKEY$:IF X$="" THEN GOTO 1150
    1152   ZQ=ASC(X$)
    1160   FOR Z=3 TO 23:LOCATE Z,H:PRINT SPACE$(80);:NEXT
    1200 WEND
    1400 CLS:RETURN

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Which of the following does not belong?
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When I began using computers I was familiar with the following terms:
        Wayne Green - 80 Micro
        Osborne 1
        David Ahl - Creative Computing
        Gary Kildall - CP/M
        Grace Hopper
        Charles Babbage
Who or what are (were) they?
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The Mandelbrot set can be thought of as an index to ________ sets. Fill in the blank. (Maybe more a math than a computer question.)
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There is a message encoded in the image below.

What is it?

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If the numbers 16707, 18515, 17952, 20300, 8279, 19539, and 22351 are stored as two byte integers (lsb+msb) in BASIC and read as ASCII, a statement which could be a comment on a business' finances will be produced. What is that statement?
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How did Mosaic doom gopher?
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Users of Windows 95 should be prepared by making use of the ERU. What is the ERU and what does it do?
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This Internet upstart, in claiming it is "Earth's biggest bookstore", ruffled the feathers of an established bookseller. The established company then established an Internet presence and billed itself as "The World's Largest Bookseller Online". Who are these two Internet goliaths?
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An Internet Protocol address contains 32 bits.
In decimal it looks like this:
or this:
Since each of the four numbers in an IP can range from 0 to 255 a total of 256 to the 4th power (or 4,295 million) IP addresses are theoretically available.

The first example given above, is a Class B address. What is the subnet mask for this address? How many nodes are supported in a Class B network?

The second example given above, is a Class C address. What is the subnet mask for this address? How many nodes are supported in a Class C network?
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The salesman sold me a computer with a two gigabyte hard disk drive. "Huge", he said. I said I wanted to store photographs in my computer, so he sold me a high resolution scanner. He said that with that baby I could scan my 8 X 10 family photos into the computer at 600 dots per inch with millions of colors. He said I needed this equipment to get the great quality pictures I wanted. After I scanned in about twenty pictures I found that my "Huge" hard disk drive was full. I met a guy once who showed me 20 or so great looking pictures on his computer and he had them all stored on a little floppy disk. What's the difference?
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What is the output of the following program?
    A$="Bad Dog!"
    FOR Z=1 TO LEN(A$)
    NEXT Z

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What is the difference in quality and method of sound production between FM synthesis and wave table?
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Windows '95 uses the VFAT to store long file names. However, file names are still registered in the FAT in 8.3 format. So, in 8.3 format, how would a file named "Ford Escort Sales.doc" be registered?
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What's a Winsock?
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Dates entered in the format mm/dd/yy can be most compactly stored, compared and sorted in the format chr$(y)+chr$(m)+chr$(d), requiring only three bytes for storage. Since this same storage format can handle up to 255 years, it will work fine after the year 2000 if a fixed window is used to solve the Y2K computer problem and 50, or some other year near the middle of a century, is used as the break point. This means that the year for any date entered before 01/01/50 would have 100 added. What date would be indicated by each of the following:
(include the proper century in your answers.)
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An MSDOS call to interrupt 13H affects what computer functions?
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Xmodem, Ymodem, Zmodem. Which is the most efficient and allows recovery from an interrupted transmission?
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History of Computers
The Model 1 came with 4Kb RAM standard. The built in Basic, called Basic Level 1, was extremely limited. It had only 26 possible variables, labelled A-Z of course, and one and only one integer array variable, called A(). The monitor was basically an RCA TV with the tuner removed. Storage was on cassette tape. Most Model 1s were upgraded to 16Kb and Level 2 Basic. Additional expandability was gained through the Expansion Interface. This fair sized box connected to the back of the Model 1 via a short ribbon cable. The monitor then sat on top of the Expansion Interface. With an Expansion Interface, you could add additional memory, control serial devices, use two tape decks instead of just one, and control up to four floppy drives.

Identify this early microcomputer first marketed to the public in the late 1970s.
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Why would changing your Windows '95 MTU from 1500 (the default) to 576 speed up Internet performance?
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Considering HTML, how many words are between the quotations marks in the following sentence:
"There are more than thirteen words in this sentence because some, are invisible."
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My network uses BNC T type connectors with terminators at each end. I am limited to 30 nodes in a 185 meter maximum length segment. Am I using bus, ring, or star topology?
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Daughter of a famous English poet, she was enlisted to translate a description of a machine from the Italian original. She corresponded with the inventor of the machine and wrote notes on her translation describing a general purpose computer which she said could be used for music and graphics as well as for mathematical calculations. Who was she? Who was her famous father, whom she never knew? Who was the inventor of the machine? What was the machine called? When did this occur?
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Introduced in 1983 it contained a twiggy floppy disk drive and one megabyte of memory. It was a window based rather than a text based system. What was the name of this revolutionary computer and what uncommon input device did it use?
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Using an image editing program to work with a particular graphic image may involve loading the image from disk, editing it, and then saving it a number of times. When I do this I use an image format such as GIF or BMP but never JPEG. Why not?
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Convert the 15 character string "War of the Mind" to a Base 64 encoded string.
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The poem below:
        The fog comes
        on little cat feet.
        It sits looking
        over harbor and city
        on silent haunches
        and then moves on.
is encoded in this picture

How is it encoded there? You may get a hint from this picture:

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Which of the following does not belong and why?
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The color palette for a 256 color BMP file is coded as follows:
        color #    R   G   B
          0        0   0   0
          1        1   1   1
          2        2   2   2
          .        .   .   .
          .        .   .   .
          .        .   .   .
         255      255 255 255
What type of color scheme will a picture from this file exhibit?
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Why would Bill feel threatened by a cute penguin and GNU?
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In 1967 Abe wrote a computer program which, in his date conversion algorithm, contained the line:
LET D(2)=28
In 1968 this program failed to work properly so Bob fixed it by adding the line:
IF Y/4=INT(Y/4) THEN LET D(2)=29
Chuck observed Bob's work and said, "Why not make it more general by adding the line:
IF Y/100=INT(Y/100) THEN LET D(2)=28"
So Chuck did.
In the year 2000 which of the three versions of the program, if any, will work properly and what computer line (in the same language as above), if any, should be added to the above three lines to make the program work properly?
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In this context which of the following does belong? (may be more than one.) Supply suitable web references.
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If this line is included in the header of an HTML document, what will be the effect?
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In hexidecimal what is the product of AA and BB?
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Which one of the following does not belong and why?
  1. ram
  2. jpeg
  3. tiff
  4. psd
  5. bmp
  6. gif
  7. dxf
  8. fpx

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What is the difference between Javascript and JAVA?
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What is 1073741824?
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Here is an algorithm to compress an unsigned integer, A. The output of the algorithm is a 4 byte string, X$.
       IF A>=256^3 THEN X$=CHR$(INT(A/256^3)):A=A-INT(A/256^3)*256^3 ELSE X$=CHR$(0)
       IF A>=256^2 THEN X$=X$+CHR$(INT(A/256^2)):A=A-INT(A/256^2)*256^2 ELSE X$=X$+CHR$(0)
       IF A>=256 THEN X$=X$+CHR$(INT(A/256)):A=A-INT(A/256)*256 ELSE X$=X$+CHR$(0)
       IF A>255 THEN IF A<255.5 THEN A=255 ELSE A=0:MID$(X$,3,1)=CHR$(ASC(RIGHT$(X$,1))+1)
What is the largest integer that can be compressed by this algorithm? Design an algorithm to uncompress this string and return the original integer.
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What will the following program print on the screen on an IBM-PC compatible computer in a DOS environment?
        PRINT CHR$(218)+CHR$(196)+CHR$(191)
        PRINT CHR$(192)+CHR$(196)+CHR$(217)

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Place the following file types in two columns with sound on the left and pictures on the right so that analogous file types are matched on the same line in descending order of relative file size. Tell in what way an audio file type from the list is analogous to the corresponding graphic file type.

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In a Windows 95/98 operating system three files of identical size will be found. They are named LOGO.SYS, LOGOS.SYS, and LOGOW.SYS. Sometimes there is a fourth file of the same size named STRTLOGO.OEM. What type of files are these? Where will they be located? What is their purpose? What technique does Windows use to simulate movement with these files?
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The computer subroutine below is designed to convert a year and julian date as set in the variables, YEAR and JULIANDATE to a conventional date format.
For instance setting the YEAR=1999 and the JULIANDATE=1 should result in the printout:
Julian date 1 of year 1999 is JANUARY 1, 1999.
What will be the output of the subroutine if the YEAR=2000 and JULIANDATE=60?
    DIM MONTH$(20),DAYS(20)
    WHILE Z$<>"END"
       READ Z$,Z
    PRINT "Julian date"+STR$(JULIANDATE)+" of year"+STR$(YEAR)+" is "+MONTH$(MONTH)+STR$(JD)+","+STR$(YEAR)+"."

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Trying to run a DOS program under Windows may cause an error message, "FCB not available." What does this mean and how can one get the program to execute?
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What will be the result of running this program on an MSDOS computer system if Drive A is a floppy disk drive with a formatted floppy disk with 730,112 bytes free and containing no files?
   FOR Z=1 TO 200
          PRINT #1,FL$

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Storage of files on my hard disk drive is more efficient than before because I am using Windows '98 with FAT32. I understand that I can increase capacity even more with DriveSpace3. Is this true? How does DriveSpace3 work to increase disk capacity?
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If an Int 16h function 1 is performed on an MS-DOS computer system, how does one interpret the results returned in the AH and AL registers?
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He invented http and html and is considered the father of the www?
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<b><p>What is wrong with this HTML segment?</b></p>
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*.txt, *.html, *.uue, *.exe, *.gif, *.mid, *.bmp
Which should be transmitted over the internet as a binary file? What is a binary file?
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Why does the standard keyboard on an IBM-PC compatible computer have the cursor movement keys including [HOME], [END], [Pg Up], and [Pg Dn] duplicated on the numeric keypad?
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        If binary 00010000 equals
        10 hexadecimal equals
        16 decimal
        What is the product of
        binary 00100001 and
        binary 00000101?
        Please give the answer in 
        binary, hex, and decimal.

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What is this?

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The BASIC computer program below opens a file with record length 36 bytes. It then writes 18 numbers into the file buffer in the 2 byte integer format (lsb+msb) and prints the buffer contents to the screen. What message is printed on the computer screen?
   DIM A$(20)
   OPEN "R",1,"temp.txt",36
   FIELD 1, 2 AS A$(1),2 AS A$(2),2 AS A$(3),2 AS A$(4),2 AS A$(5),2 AS A$(6),2 AS A$(7),2 AS A$(8),2 AS A$(9),2 AS A$(10),2 AS A$(11),2 AS A$(12),2 AS A$(13),2 AS A$(14),2 AS A$(15),2 AS A$(16),2 AS A$(17),2 AS A$(18)
   FIELD 1, 36 AS A99$
   PRINT A99$
   DATA 28505,8309,25975,25970,24864,26400,28527 
   DATA 8292,24941,8302,26691,29281,25964,8307,25427,30056,31340,8225

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With a given monitor and video card, if we increase the screen resolution, what effect will this have on the vertical refresh rate?
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In the picture of a motherboard below identify each type of slots labeled 1, 2, and 3.

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Please explain the difference between embedding an object and linking to an object and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each.
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MUD, MOO, MUSH. What are these?
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Why use UDF rather than ISO 9660?
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Specifically, what is this?
21AA:0100 B409          MOV     AH,09           ;display string of characters
21AA:0102 BA1701        MOV     DX,0117         ;point to string                
21AA:0105 CD21          INT     21              ;do it                  
21AA:0107 B401          MOV     AH,01           ;keyboard input function        
21AA:0109 CD21          INT     21              ;do it                          
21AA:010B B44C          MOV     AH,4C           ;exit function                  
21AA:010D 2C30          SUB     AL,30           ;convert to number
21AA:010F 7EF6          JLE     0107            ;jump to 107 if < "1"        
21AA:0111 3C09          CMP     AL,09           ;compare to "9"                 
21AA:0113 7FF2          JG      0107            ;jump to 107 if greater     
21AA:0115 CD21          INT     21              ;do exit                        

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If I record my mp3 music files on a CDR recordable CD as data files I can get about 240 files per CD. If I play these on my computer with an mp3 player they will play beautiful music for about ten hours. However, if I record these same files on the same CD as music to be played with a CD player I can only get about 1/10 as many which will play for about one hour. Why the difference?
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Specifically, what is MMX technology?
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What is the purpose of the command: "AT &F L3 E1 V1 &C1 &D2 X4"? Specifically what does it do?
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What does the program below do and what is the name of the algorithm demonstrated?
    FOR Z=1 TO 10
    WHILE N>0
       FOR Z=1 TO 9
           IF A%(Z)<A%(Z+1) THEN SWAP A%(Z),A%(Z+1):N=N+1
    FOR Z=1 TO 10
       PRINT A%(Z)

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The program fragment below can be used to encode one string of characters, A, by use of another "key" string of characters, B. The encoded string of characters is then printed out. What will be the printout of this particular set of strings of characters?
     FOR Z=1 TO LEN(A$)
     PRINT A$

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If I designate my hard disk drive, C, on my Windows '98 computer as a shared network resource, I will have to give it a resource name such as "C". I can, of course, give it any name I choose such as "Master" or "Marketing" or "Mary". I might even add a $ sign to the end of the resource name as in "C$". If I do this what will be the effect?
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Not too long ago it was necessary to connect two computers in a LAN. The two computers were in two different buildings about 250 feet apart. I ran a twisted pair cable through an underground pipe to connect the network cards on the two computers. I also ran a 12/3 electrical cable between the two buildings so that I could plug the computer in one building into the electrical system of the other building. Why did I not just plug that computer into an electrical outlet of that building instead of running an extra electric cable?
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What is the status of the RSA patent? What is the RSA patent?
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For what might I use my cmf and voc files? Specifically what type of files are these?
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In 1969, a Columbus, Ohio insurance company purchased a mainframe computer that was more powerful than needed. The company leased the excess capacity to other companies. This evolved into what service?
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Who, in the mid 1970s, first used the term "Information Superhighway" to describe what we now call the internet?
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If I have a 35mm color photographic negative so that the negative image is 35mm X 2/3 of 35mm and I scan it into my computer in 24 bit color using the maximum resolution of my scanner which is 1200 dpi X 1200 dpi and I then print the resulting bmp file on my printer at 300 dpi what size will the print be in inches and how many bytes will the resulting bmp file require on my hard disk drive?
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Joe has two computers connected in a network with a ten foot long crossover cable. Working late one night he decides to move one computer to a location fifteen feet from the other computer. Unfortunately his network cable will not now reach from the other computer. Joe searches the office and cannot find a cable longer than ten feet. However, he does find that there is a package of five ten foot crossover cables and a package of five standard network cable couplers in a closet. Can Joe connect his computers so that they will be able to network using these items without rewiring any of them? If so, specifically what items will he finally use to connect the computers? If he cannot connect the computers, why not?
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The three file systems commonly used under Windows platforms are FAT (file allocation table), FAT32 (32-bit file allocation table) and NTfs (NT File System). How do these systems differ and what characteristics of the FAT (not FAT32) file system limits it to 2GB partitions?
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If I have an Ultra ATA/100 IDE hard disk drive, how many conductors must I have in my hard disk cable for maximum performance?
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If I sit down at my computer and using a word processor begin writing a text document with this first line:
#VRML V1.0 ascii
What type of document am I writing? What is its purpose? How is it to be used? What type of program is necessary to use it?
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I found a Windows '98 program furnished as a part of Windows '98 by Microsoft that gave me this list of tools I could use to fix, maintain, optimize and tweak Windows '98:
    DirectX Diagnostic Tool     
    Windows Report Tool         
    Update Wizard Uninstall     
    System File Checker         
    Signature Verification Tool 
    Registry Checker            
    Automatic Skip Driver Agent 
    Dr. Watson                  
    System Configuration Utility
    Version Conflict Manager    
Where did I find this list?
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I may want to include some of the symbols below in a Microsoft Word file? Where can I find these symbols for that purpose?

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A 24 bit image is composed of the following three colors in RGB format:
255,0,0 and 255,255,255 and 0,0,255.
What are these colors?
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Which one of these does not belong and what are the rest?
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There are a number of programs and methods to let me convert my midi music file to an MP3 file to play on my MP3 player or to burn onto a CD. However, I cannot convert my MP3 sound files to midi files. Why not?
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What is the ascii sum of the bytes in the character string, "Easter"?
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Please order the computers below by date of introduction:
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A CPU can schedule transfers from and to peripherals by polling or by use of interrupts. Discuss each method in terms of advantages and disadvantages.
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Identify the company which manufactured each of the following computers:
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If I have text data to store in a file I can create a random access file with 80 byte records and store the data one line per record so that I can recall any record and display it on one line of the screen. It might make more sense though to create 82 byte records in the random access file and put ASCII character 13 in the 81st byte and ASCII character 10 in the 82nd byte of each record. If I did this I would probably also fill the last record of the file with ASCII character 26. Why would it make sense to set up the file this way?
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What do the column headings, 1, 2, 3, and 4, in the following table indicate?
        1        2       3        4
        -        -       -        -
        1        3       7       15
        2        5      11
        4        6      13
        8        9      14

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In a Windows 98 operating system where will we find the winipcfg program and for what is it used?
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In order of use:
  1. Microsoft Internet Explorer
  2. Netscape
Web Browsers!
What's the third browser on this list, said to be the "Fastest Web Browser on Earth."
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The recent Sircam virus selects a file at random from an infected computer and appends it to the virus which is then emailed as an attachment to a random email address found on the infected computer. I have received 30 or 40 of these emails. At first I simply deleted them as I do all unknown or unsolicited email. Then I thought it might be interesting to look at some of the files sent from infected computers. I found an employment contract between a church in Lexington, Kentucky and its minister, an order for over $42,000 worth of construction equipment, and a love poem. Then I quit wasting my time and went back to deleting the emails. Most people are either ignorant of email viruses and open them, infecting their computer, or are very scared of viruses and will not touch them but delete them immediately. How was I able to look at the content of a virus infected email attachment without infecting my computer? Your answer does not require the specific program used (you wouldn't know that), but simply a discussion of how a virus infects computers and how it can be examined and analyzed.
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I have a Microsoft network consisting of three computers, two running Windows 3.11 and one running Windows 95. I decide to expand the network by adding two new computers running Windows 98 SE with the network cards, drivers, etc. already installed by the manufacturer. When I plug the new computers into the five port network hub used by the system and restart everything, I find that the two new computers can see each other on the network but cannot see the older computers and the older computers can still see each other but cannot see the new computers. What must I do to get all five computers to recognize each other on the network properly?
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It is based on a map of a cave in Kentucky
The magic word is "xyzzy"
"You are in a twisty maze of passageways, all alike"
It is a successor to Wumpus
What is it and what can you tell me about it?
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I perform three logical operations on the following pairs of numbers with the results below:
  number pair    17, 42             42, 18
   operator      result             result
    1                0                 2
    2               59                58
    3               59                56
What logical operators am I using?
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Which one of the following does not belong and why?
  1. MOV AX,09
  2. MOV DX,0117
  3. INT 21
  4. SUB AL,30
  5. LET DX=6
  6. JLE 0107
  7. CMP AL,09
  8. JG 0107

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A computer magazine said that, due to fusion, dll hell would freeze over in whistler. What in the world did they mean?
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What type of data am I storing?
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The BASIC computer program below opens a file with record length 36 bytes. It then writes 18 numbers into the file buffer in the 2 byte integer format (lsb+msb) and prints the buffer contents to the screen. What message is printed on the computer screen?
   DIM A$(20)
   OPEN "R",1,"temp.txt",36
   FIELD 1, 2 AS A$(1),2 AS A$(2),2 AS A$(3),2 AS A$(4),2 AS A$(5),2 AS A$(6),2 AS A$(7),2 AS A$(8),2 AS A$(9),2 AS A$(10),2 AS A$(11),2 AS A$(12),2 AS A$(13),2 AS A$(14),2 AS A$(15),2 AS A$(16),2 AS A$(17),2 AS A$(18)
   FIELD 1, 36 AS A99$
   PRINT A99$
   DATA 25933,29298,8313,26691,26994,29811,24941,8307,28257
   DATA 8292,24904,28784,8313,25934,8311,25945,29281,8225

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What is this?

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avi is to mpeg as bmp is to jpeg as wav is to what?
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MPEG is an abbreviation for what? What technique does MPEG use to compress video? Name two competing video compression standards?
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Recently I started my computer and it froze after displaying the manufacturer's logo screen. A customer service representative said to try pressing "delete" to enter the setup screen but when I did this a message, "Entering Setup", appeared on the screen but the system went no farther. Next I tried using a floppy boot disk with no better results. Am I most likely to repair this computer by replacing the hard disk drive, the motherboard and memory chips, the power supply, the floppy disk drive, or the CDROM drive? Why do you think so?
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If I want to play an MPEG-4 video with my Windows Media Player, what codec will I need? What is a codec?
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Name the sons of Atrus and Catherine. Where do we find their story?
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Below is a partial list of commands available in Windows XP. How do we get this complete list from within Windows XP and how are these commands accessed?
ASSOC    Displays or modifies file extension associations.
AT       Schedules commands and programs to run on a computer.
ATTRIB   Displays or changes file attributes.
BREAK    Sets or clears extended CTRL+C checking.
CACLS    Displays or modifies access control lists (ACLs) of files.
CALL     Calls one batch program from another.
CD       Displays the name of or changes the current directory.
CHCP     Displays or sets the active code page number.
CHDIR    Displays the name of or changes the current directory.
CHKDSK   Checks a disk and displays a status report.
CHKNTFS  Displays or modifies the checking of disk at boot time.
CLS      Clears the screen.

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In a DOS window in Windows 98 or Windows ME I can use the DELTREE command to delete a subdirectory tree. This command is not available in the DOS window of Windows XP. What is the equivalent command in Windows XP DOS?
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If I want to share a single IP address among multiple network clients and I want to provide bandwidth control by keeping data out of subnets where it doesn't belong, should I use a network hub, a bridge, a switch or a router? Give an example of such a configuration.
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On a new Windows XP installation I found two files on the Windows XP installation CD which had not been used by Windows XP. I copied Nbf.sys to c:\windows\system32\drivers and I copied Netnbf.inf to c:\windows\inf, a hidden directory. Why would I do this?
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This child prodigy became interested in problems in physics and math and science in general. After studying cellular automata he became convinced that existing mathematical tools were inadequate for the studies he wanted to pursue. So he took time in the mid 1980s to invent a whole new mathematical computer language and became rich enough marketing it that he could finance his studies. In April 2002 he published the results of his studies done in seclusion at night over the last ten years. What is the name of this visionary and what is the title of the book he has just published?
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Who are these people?
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Put these computer languages in order as to the year of their introduction:
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This computing system consists of 640 supercomputers that are connected by a high- speed network (data transfer speed; 12.3 GBytes). Each supercomputer (1 node) contains eight vector processors with a peak performance of 8GFlops and a high- speed memory of 16 GBytes. The total number of processors is 5120 (8 x 640), which translates to a total of approximately 40 TFlops peak performance, and a total main memory of 10 TeraBytes. It is the world's fastest supercomputer as of mid 2002 and is approximately five times as powerful as the world's second fastest supercomputer. What and where is this powerful system? What is a TFlop?
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In programming the Intel 80x86 chip, the assembly language command, "JLE 0107" when compiled into machine language by a compiler calls for what type of action when the resulting program is executed.
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In Windows XP at the command prompt the following commands may be given:
c:\windows\NET TIME \\MASTER /SET /YES
W32tm /config /syncfromflags:MANUAL /manualpeerlist:time.windows.com,tick.usno.navy.mil
What is the purpose of each of these commands?
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What are DLL files?
What are INI files?
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LBA, ATA, Landing Zone, Int 13h. To what are we referring? Please define or describe each of these.
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This law professor at Stanford who once clerked for a Supreme Court Justice, and helped Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson with the case of "Department of Justice vs. Microsoft" will in October 2002 argue before the U. S. Supreme Court against the Sonny Bono Copyright Term Extension Act also known as the Mickey Mouse Preservation Act. He is considered a leading expert in cyberlaw and has written a couple of books on the subject. Please identify this proponent of cyber freedom and the books he authored.
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In the history of computer gaming rank these in order of appearance. Give approximate years.
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What will be the output of the following basic program if the user inputs 100 at the first prompt and 50 at the second?

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What will be the output of the following basic program?
PRINT (8 IMP 4)*(8 EQV 4)
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If the following batch file is run in the Windows XP command interpreter, what will be the final directory entered?
cd \temp
pushd \bak
cd \work

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Diskeeper is a defragmentation program. What does such a program do and why is it useful?
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If I put the following line     x.acme.com
in the file c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts
I can stop my teenage son from accessing the acme web site from my windows XP computer.
Why does this work?
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In Windows XP my user name is Duane. What is the purpose of the file I find on my computer:
"\Documents and Settings\Duane\NTUSER.DAT"?
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What are these?
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My first desktop computer, the 4k TRS-80 model I, did not have a hard disk drive. It also did not have a floppy disk drive. As a matter of fact it was simply a keyboard with 4,000 bytes of RAM memory and a connection to a modified television monitor. The first computer program I wrote for business was an accounts receivable program for a coal company. I stored this program by typing the command, "CSAVE". How was the program saved?
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Try to answer the question below.
What color is the sky on a clear day ?
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I have a hard disk drive with a capacity of 120,000,000,000 bytes. How many gigabytes is this? How many megabytes?
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How is WAP different than bluetooth?
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I am creating an array matrix for a boat dock to show houseboat reservations. They have 25 houseboats, I need to store the number of days reserved by houseboat number and by month of the year and by home state of the customer.
They want to keep up with customers from each state of the United States and to use another array element for foreign countries.
Assuming I use a two byte integer to store the number of days reserved, what is the minimum number of bytes necessary to store this array?
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"Android Nim", "Bee Wary", "Dueling Droids", and "Dancing Demon".
Who wrote these computer games and what is significant about them?
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If I have a file on my Windows XP computer named "Test.vbs", what type of file is it? How is it created? If I click on this file with my left mouse button, what program will Windows associate with this file?
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During setup Windows XP may or may not install an ACPI HAL. How is this determination made?
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If I find a file on my computer with the file extension .swf, what program should I use to open the file?
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If you had visited Alan Kay's workshop at Xerox in 1979, what might you have found there?
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What is the output of the following program?
    A$="Saddam Hussein"
    FOR Z=1 TO LEN(A$)
    NEXT Z

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What is the next character in this sequence?
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You are in a maze of twisty little passages, all alike...
Magic word 'XYZZY'
A huge green fierce snake bars the way!
With what? Your bare hands?
Who? What? When?
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As a group, what are these?
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If I must use Samba, what do you know about my network?
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What are these and what does each one do?
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