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Forest Management Workshop Manual

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Values of Woodland
  3. Acquiring Woodland
  4. Woodland Inventory-Land
  5. Woodland Inventory-Timber
  6. The Management Plan
  7. Finances and Accounting
  8. Forestry Incentives Program
  9. Growing Trees
  10. Timber Sales
  11. Logging Roads
  12. Specialty Products
  13. Professional Help
  14. Responsibilities of Land Ownership


  1. Land Value Increases
  2. Value of Woodland
  3. Woodland Maps
  4. Mountain Site Classification
  5. Major Timber Species Checklist
  6. Tree Value Table
  7. Potential Yield Per Fully Stocked Acre
  8. Trees Per Acre By Spacing
  9. Annual Payment On Debt
  10. Tax Example
  11. Timber Sales
  12. Sample Timber Sale Contract
  13. Planting Trees
  14. Timber Stand Improvement
  15. Bibliography
  16. Forest Management Goals Worksheet
  17. Forest Management Ownership Worksheet
  18. Forest Inventory Worksheet
  19. Use of Credit Worksheet
  20. Professional Assistance Worksheet

NOTE: This manual was written in the mid 1970s and some information may be outdated.

NOTE: This entire manual - is available in (71K) zipped format. All HTML documents.

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