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In order to get a reasonable price, and satisfactory results upon completion of the harvesting, there are some fundamental procedures to follow. After devoting his land for years to growing a crop of trees, the forest owner often sells to the first buyer who comes along. Using the steps listed below will often result in higher returns and help prevent disappointments.

  1. Have a second reason for making a sale
    such as mature trees or converting the land to another use. Too many sales are intiated by a purchaser and the owner is "railroaded" into a quick sale.
  2. Choose the type of sale which best meets your objective of land ownership or woodland management
    Know what the area will look like when harvesting is completed. Each type of sale has advantages and disadvantages - if in doubt, discuss the matter with a professional forester. Some common types of sales are:
    a)selective- designating only mature trees and others which should by removed for the benefit of the woodland (usually involves someone marking the trees to be sold).
    b)boundary or cutting rights- the owner waives all restrictions on trees to be harvested.
    c)diameter limit- all trees larger than a designated size are sold.
  3. Determine volume to be sold
    Know how many board feet of each kind of tree is involved in the sale.
  4. Determine value of the timber
    Consult with your local forester, agricultural workers, neighbors, and others who have made recent sales.
  5. Advertise to timber buyers in a several-county area
    A list of buyers is maintained by all forestry agencies.
  6. A sales contract covering terms of sale and restrictions desired
    (A copy of a sample contract is in the Appendix).
  7. Consider the possibility of harvesting and marketing your own timber crop.
    This procedure will allow the owner to sell his own labor and control how his woodland will look after harvesting is completed. Shop with several buyers for the best offers.

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