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Visitors from Istanbul

April 1999

Tuna and Mesude Özyürekoglu

After four years on the Internet we have made many friends from around the world. Eva and I were honored when the couple from Turkey pictured above visited us this spring.

Mesude is a forest engineer and the director of the Belgrade Forest in Istanbul. This forest is within a special conservation program and a research area for Istanbul University Faculty of Forestry. She also has a master's degree and is studying in a doctorate program in forestry law in Istanbul University.

Tuna is an orthopedic surgeon at a hospital in Instanbul. He came to Kentucky to study hand surgery at the Kleinert Institute in Louisville.

While they were here they got to see a Kentucky farm and learn about some of the forest species in Appalachian hardwood forests. We also took them to Lake Cumberland for a look at watershed management in Kentucky.

Eva with Tuna and Mesude at Lake Cumberland

Duane and Eva with Mesude and Tuna

Presents from Turkey

Turkish Coffee Set

Turkish Delights


lokum2.jpg (34350 bytes)

The original treat westerners call Turkish Delight is a type of candy made with cornstarch, syrup, flavoring and various other ingredients such as nuts and dried fruits. It was created by an Ottoman chef anxious to please the reigning Sultan.

The Ottoman court provided ample opportunity for creativity in the kitchen, as many were eager to please the Sultan and gain promotion. Contemporary menus offer Turkish Delight and several, equally delicious confections of Ottoman origin, some with pleasantly sensual names such as "lady's thigh," "beauty's lips" and "lady's navel."

"Stare Bead" To ward off evil

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