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Standing Timber Sale Contract

    This Contract entered into this______day of______, 20____, 
by and between Bristow Farms, Inc. of Albany, Kentucky, hereinafter 
called the Seller, and ____________________, hereinafter called the 
Purchaser, WITNESSETH:

1.  The Seller agrees to sell and the Purchaser agrees to buy 
for the total sum of____________dollars ($________) cash in hand 
paid under the conditions set forth in this contract all of the 
marked standing timber as described below on a contiguous area 
of approximately 30 acres located on Sewell Mountain off Highway 
350 in Clinton County, Kentucky, land owned and recorded in the 
name of Bristow Farms, Inc. 

2.  TITLE AND BOUNDARY LINES - The Seller guarantees title to 
said timber and to defend it against any and all claims.

3.  TIMBER TO BE CUT - Marked Timber - The approximately 589 
trees included in this sale are marked with two yellow paint 
spots, one breast high and one below stump level. 
The Purchaser is to cut only marked trees but if any unmarked 
trees in the sale area are inadvertedly cut then if the stump 
diameter is greater than 12 inches the Purchaser must pay the 
Seller for such trees according to the following price schedule: 
           per tree:
White Oak      $400
Black Walnut   $200
Hard Maple     $200
Cherry         $200
Red Oak        $150
Chestnut Oak   $100
White Ash      $100
Yellow Poplar  $ 80
Hickory        $ 50
Other species  $ 30

The above prices are doubled for any unmarked trees cut with
a stump diameter greater than 20 inches.

4.  EXPIRATION TIME - Unless written extension of time is herein 
provided for, and is granted, all timber shall be cut, and 
removed on or before one year after the date of this contract.

5.  THE PURCHASER - Further agrees to save harmless the Seller 
from any liability arising as the direct result of the timber 
harvesting operations; and to cut and remove said timber in 
strict accordance with the following operations.

    a.  All trees not marked shall be protected against 
        unnecessary injury in felling, skidding, or hauling 
        operations.  All stumps must be cut no more 
        than 12 inches high on the uphill side unless 
        circumstances prevent.

    b.  All existing roads and trails on the sale area and on 
        other property of the Seller over which the Buyer must 
        travel, should be kept in passable condition at all 
        times.  All roads and trails shall be left in good 
        repair at the expiration of the operation.
        All log yards and haul roads across farm fields must
        be smoothed and seeded when the harvest is completed.

    c.  Any damage caused by the Purchaser or his contractor, 
        employees, or agents, to fences or other improvements of 
        the Seller shall be repaired or paid for by the 

    d.  All treetops will be pulled into the woods area when
        felled into agricultural fields and navigable streams.

    e. All skid trails must have water bars installed properly
       as per Kentucky Division of Forestry Best Management 
       Practices when the harvest is completed.

    f. During logging and hauling all farm gates must be kept 
       closed when cattle are present which will be from the 
       month of March until the month of November.

    g. 26 trees marked as cull with a yellow paint mark at 
       the ground but no paint mark breast high must be cut.
       Purchaser may remove these trees at his discretion.

    h. All trash and machine parts, cans, bottles, old tires,
       lunch leavings and any other trash dumped on the
       property must be removed from the premises.

6.  ESCROW - Before harvesting commences the Purchaser must put 
10% of the above sale price into escrow as a deposit on 
fulfillment of the contract.  This money may either be held by 
Bristow Farms or by any local attorney accepted by the buyer and 
by Bristow Farms. If the money is held in escrow by an attorney, 
the buyer will be expected to pay all attorney and escrow fees. 

If anything on the above list is not done properly the escrow 
money may be used by the Seller to complete the job and any 
money left will then be returned to the Purchaser when harvest
is completed.

7.  THE SELLER - Agrees and grants to the Purchaser sufficient 
log yards for bulking, piling, and loading timber cut and the 
right to ingress and egress across and upon the sale area, and 
any adjacent property of the Seller, for the Purchaser, his 
contractors, agents, and employees, materials and logging and 
sawmill equipment including lumber trucks, necessary for the 
removal of the timber.  The Seller reserves the right to 
designate or approve the location of any new roads across 
cultivated fields, pastures, or other cleared lands, and areas 
for bulking, piling, and loading logs and lumber. 

    IN WITNESS THEREOF:  the parties hereto have hereunto signed 
their names in the presence of the undersigned witnesses this 
______________day of_________________, 20_____.


_______________________________  _____________________________

_______________________________  _____________________________

Notary:  Subscribed and sworn to before me, __________________

         this______day of__________________, 20________.

                                        Notary Public

My Commission Expires ________________________________________

For further information and appointment:
Phone: 606 387-5884
email: philom@webcom.com
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